wild exchanges end in submission

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    Francisco Rivera and John Lineker wild exchanges fight highlights
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    Жарияланды 25 күн бұрын

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    1. Zinat Olimov

      Вот это настоящий бой. Два мужика. RESPECT.👏👏👏

    2. Daniel Lemke

      That was just freaking nuts!!! 🤪

    3. Butcher Bundy

      😂 when all training goes out the window

      1. 714ever

        @John Reidy 😐

      2. John Reidy

        I wonder how low the intellect is for someone to voluntarily do this?

    4. z Toronto

      First 5 seconds is how mans fight in jail 🤣

    5. fahmy khawarizmi

      Some people said that every punch make them stronger and stronger. They do not realize how much the brain damage they made

    6. Jñananinja

      I knew the guy with the hawk would win

    7. Randy Stockton

      Man first flying like crazy...what a fight..

    8. muhammad danil

      Real fighter 👍👍

    9. Critical 1

      Love rogans commentary...always genuine reactions!! 👊💯

    10. Doug Wilcher

      that was nothing but a straight up street fight

    11. k1ng.k0ng

      Today they wouldve stopped it after he got droped

    12. Rolando Concepcion

      Very good fight

    13. BMTV Meditation and Sleep

      Wow! Total respect for these 2 ultimate warriors!

    14. jon L

      Those some wind wind swings

    15. Being Realistic

      Both Their Souls said "Body I got this" 💥💯

    16. My50th Burneracct

      Now that's a fight👍🏿 much respect to both warriors, win or lose!!

    17. Ricky Bobby

      The Body Will Say Stop But The Mind And Heart of A Man Wills You to Keep Fighting.

    18. RJ Lopez

      Both men are warriors. Great match!

    19. Gabriel Roldan

      A HELL OF A FIGHT !!!!

    20. Jimmy Lalhriatpuia

      I miss John Lineker #hands of stone

    21. MrRastaPasta

      When both players just start spamming hooks 😆

    22. OneDayAtAtime

      How is this fighting? Where’s the skill?

    23. pitzburg scotish

      Usually,such competitive fights would fall into a situation of punching each other and getting beaten by each other simutanously. The winner of the game depends on who can endure the beating until the last minute.This kind game can be counted for a sort of head-hugging competitions and is not comparable to the fighting situation in those martial arts movie.

      1. កុង ចន

        4f 54⁴ 4f

    24. Misael Astorga

      Que pelea es que alguien me diga

    25. Mike

      They really worked hard for their money.

    26. Matt Barrett

      2 wanderleis out there

    27. Um tree 5000

      I used to have 32 Bran clls

    28. latinpaver

      Mamalon ese si es un buen tiro😂

    29. Billy Thekid

      Nowadays that would have already been stopped as soon as he hit the ground

    30. brian foley

      I would make this my walkout music. That's some fight music

    31. SimplyЯed

      That is pure head hatred

    32. Rinaz Najim

      Kudos to the Mohawks

    33. Riduan Abdullah

      *Khabib smile* 😂

    34. Tony Tony

      Straight up throw down.

    35. Moe Zilla

      Gotdamn what a fkn WAR OMG 😲 !!!

    36. Dark Soul

      Hajime no Ippo

    37. Вадим Дрондин

      Это же Линекер, вот танк был конечно

    38. Chris V

      Too many shots but none of them bleed😲

    39. Темирсары Акпар


    40. Anshelo Paolo

      Ésto si que es una autentica pelea pareja llena de adrenalina y menos brincoteo

    41. Алексей Бочков

      Ногами нельзя что-ли? Ногой оттолкнул эту мельницу, а потом один удар на встречу. Стоит и всё на себя принимает. Чот на драки во дворе похоже, что были в детстве 😁😆

    42. Emmanuel Paul

      waste of energy. one focussed punch was enough to put opponent down.

    43. Anas Ahmad

      “I said MY MOHAWK IS BETTER!”

      1. Chris Babas


    44. Alan Ratay

      That could have went either way. I’ve got a niece like that. ✌️😜

    45. Pedro Piña


    46. Matthew Agyapong

      Damn 😂

    47. akzent

      Мозг точно находится в любом другом месте только не в голове

    48. Ty Shred

      That was fuckin insane lol

    49. Lhea Santos

      that is the real fight

    50. ✞︎𝖗𝖎𝖌𝖌𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖎

      all of the started because of an argument of who has the best mohawk.

    51. Andrei Popkov

      Настоящие воины.

    52. GINO Hernandez

      Now that's a fight

    53. Nicole Lambojon

      True warriors floyd not warrior boring

    54. Man Gurung

      Wow both great player

    55. Kike Ruiz

      El referí no paró la pelea mal trabajo

    56. Anatol Skarupa

      Да этот панк в белом, под чем то по ходу. Столько хороших пропустил и ходьбы хрен...

    57. Alex Gasso

      Rock'em Sock'em Robot!

    58. Seed Farmer

      Head injury for some crumbs called paycheck, and some self centered fans that don't care about them or their family...smh!

    59. Armando Jr Delvalle

      what a fight..mc gregor will defenitly sleep here

    60. Wayne Partridge

      That is a very good fight

    61. the beast

      That's how all ufc fights should b

    62. Luis Irmao

      Que lutaso dois guerreiro parabéns aus dois 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    63. Godla Albert


    64. jossh

      let's see who can eat more lmao

    65. Mac James

      This is how I play in ufc4

    66. Julio Cesar Gomez

      que par de huevos tienen Los dos

    67. 春日牧彦 すなわち 阿部和己

      総合格闘技が一般に根付きはじめてから30年になるが…、 現在50代・60代で後遺症に悩まされている、元選手はいないのだろうか?。

    68. Sathlas Dalarayni Dridlen Dardeldreth III

      this is what the average fight outside a gas station looks like

    69. Brian Mark Palmejar

      Hi next time please attached the link for the full episode. Anyone can see pls?

    70. Alam Nurussalam

      beast fight

    71. mim zim

      This is what happens when two girls have the same haircut

    72. Азамат

      Болезнь им обеспечено

    73. What works for me

      What great competitors and will to win!!! Heart like that is truly inspiring

    74. Mayra Turganbaeva

      и это хороший пример да для человечества ?

    75. Mark Mark

      Lineker is never in a boring fight

    76. C S

      Banger’s there 👍

    77. wise man!

      Brainless chickens picking each other!🙃😊

    78. Вадим Гладышев

      Но заруба класная

    79. Tyson Fern

      best figh ever

    80. Sadat Nur

      When the twin brother only have 0ne toy

    81. ZH H


    82. Wawan Jamur mantap bos


    83. Sáng Cao Văn

      Như máy dập liên tục kinh hoàng

    84. Safii_82 Asyifa aprilia

      woowww 👍👍👍👍👍🙏

    85. Robert N

      Yet they stop the issy fight after a few punches...

    86. parishasuprize

      welcome to the mohawk fight

    87. Cesar

      Pinchi tirote!!!

    88. zabi farzaneh


    89. nadji kernel

      Just attack no defence at all

    90. Eddie C

      Beautiful. Sheer will.

    91. Phan To

      Cư lao vào mà đâm đá như cái máy .thăng nào ra đòn mạnh và nhanh : thăng .mât sưc .kg hê tránh đòn : hâu quả là đây

    92. Jake Villaruel

      The best na laban

    93. Mio SPB

      Not sniper hahaha

    94. Efren Oloroso

      wow the best ..

    95. Bertin Fernandez larralde

      Balla dos vaya buff

    96. Artur Nazaryan


    97. Totok Budiutomo


    98. Bahtiar Robo


    99. Chuck Dimuro

      I can't make out their names and I want to see this whole fight. Can anybody fill me in please thank you

      1. Cody Last Name

        John Lineker vs Francisco Rivera.