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    1. @naenaefunforlife2874


    2. @emi5257

      Like si amas a tu mamá ❤️

    3. @lynnehowarth1987

      "Pikachu has entered the chat"

    4. @Indonesia...


    5. @zarinahjalaalli4623

      Me when my mom says no takis today:

    6. @tikicake5037

      Son: mom, can I bring Kirby and his friends here?

    7. @xxsplinksxx5484

      Me: ok 1 more short!

    8. @breeandbetsysworld2174

      "Drugs won't affect my child"

    9. @dove5777

      My brain: ok finally time to sleep

    10. @michi_chan9953

      Someone: "The one who moves is gay "

    11. @ameliathompson2126

      KZsection kids at 3am:

    12. @iimilkgaia1459

      POV: You were scrolling through the shorts and you find this 👁️👄👁️

    13. @veshrery_fan

      Welcome to another episode of

    14. @koribailey7477

      Wtf this is the dude who dressed up as Mickey Mouse and ate like 5 cups of pudding at one time

    15. @roxy7718

      Normal day in Ohio:

    16. @maryjospaulding7216

      Idfk why people think kid voices as audios are cute So No comment. 🥲👺

    17. @user-kk1xg5vc1c

      💛 gang

    18. @user-je2kz7hf3d

      기여워 처음에 노래

    19. @kaylaholland5539

      The bully forcing me to do this be like:

    20. @TheShabiba2010

      The hello kitty one: