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    COUPLE have two wild bobcats in their home and even sleep in the same bed as them - and use the toilet. Melissa and Mick McAllister from Melissa, Texas have two pet bobcats, Gypsy and Monaco. A bobcat is an elusive wild cat found in the forests, swamps and deserts of North America. They are roughly twice the size of a domestic cat and have large paws, tufted ears and a bobbed tail.

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    Videographer / director: Adam Gray
    Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Ed Rius

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    1. Dande lion

      These cats are more civilized that human. Can't believe they choose the toilet by instinct, that is just too awesome.

      1. HC3053

        @Joerg Kirchberger Moin moin! 😉 Ja, bzw. um genau zu sein: bobcats sind die nordamerikanischen Rotluchse -> siehe z. B. den englischen Wikipedia-Artikel en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobcat von dem es auch eine deutsche Version gibt. MfG aus dem bayrischen Schwaben.

      2. Joerg Kirchberger

        @HC3053 Bobcat ist doch ein Luchs. Oder?

      3. Stefan Börjesson

        @HC3053 Yes, cats are cleanly! A friend once went out for shopping and lock the door, BUT FORGOT that the cat was inside. Coming home the cat was very uneasy, working hard to get attention, showing something.... The cat had got in need of the bathroom and couldn't get out in nature as normal during summer. What to do? The choice was the kitchen zink! There rested some "heavy production" that needed to be taken care of.....

      4. Jack Sprat

        I had a normal house cat who used the toilet instinctively. If the lid was closed, he would pee down the drain in the bath. Some cats do that. I have three indoor cats, and a catio for them, so they can go outside, if they want to. When we have very bad thunderstorms, and heavy rain, they will normally use the drain in the bath, because they don’t really want to get wet. 😂

      5. Ellie R from the Bronx

        And they see the humans use it, so they probably figure, "Hey, that's a good idea!"

    2. Hayley Brown

      As much as my immediate reaction is “I want one!” They are actually putting in the work of taking care of them properly and meeting their needs and that is so amazing. Responsible wild animal owners!

      1. Hayden Cat

        @Susan Johnston they have longer life spans in captivity

      2. Anna Kessler

        they seem rich. nice house

      3. moric

        @Susan Johnston Or they belong to professional breeders which have programs to repopulate them... and then reintroduce them in national wild parks, which are almost always guarded to prevent poachers entering the wild life areas.

      4. nigga 🏳️‍🌈⃠

        @Melissa Lantz natvies

    3. Jesse

      Training a bobcat to pee in the toilet is some next level stuff

      1. Punk I Am

        @Girl not of the world they said it in the video if you would have watched it before you guys commented 🙄

      2. Cierra Scott

        This is a very natural thing for them to automatically know to do.

      3. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

        @Janna Coyote jesus is a natural high. I live your name. Well Anna means GOD'S princess God bless you

      4. Janna Coyote

        @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound ; …and, doobies. You forgot to mention the doobies. 😁💜🌱🖖🏼🌱💜😁

      5. Homegrown jones

        u start with them in the bathroom , theyll go in the toilet , let them into the rest of the house and thell still use the toilet , i never had to but if u put them back in the bathroom theyll understand they are very smart , i wrestle with mine and he never ever draws blood hes actually gentle , within five minutes i had trained mine

    4. Karen Stein

      It’s no joke. I have a huge “normal” cat, one who has often been mistaken for a young bobcat. I came home once to find a battering ram had shattered my rear door. You could see where the thief had taken only a few steps in before leaving. (Had he taken another step, he would have seen some cash on a desk). My cat was missing. He soon returned, tired but with a definite swagger. He had defended the nest!

      1. LifeIsPrettyGood

        @David David Where your proof? Oh, wait. None.

      2. Been Rue

        I think the cat was in on it and there was a disagreement at the last moment 😋

      3. Unwatered Flower

        @David David dude relax making it seem like everyone has the same motive . It’s not like you have proof that it fake . I mean we’re you there👀?

      4. Craig Wiess

        @jayzenstyle no he was just a mean cat, when he was 6 months old shredded an uncles arm he tried to hold the cat. After that incident Monster,the cats name, would go after my uncle whenever he came over. The cat passed 8 years ago, now have 5 cats that have no murder button, can play fight with them with out a scratch. Fairly tough skin been doing my own mechanic work for 36 years and worked at a foundry.

      5. jayzenstyle

        @Craig Wiess your cat has been properly taking care of his claws then, maybe even having decent exercise and protein diet. Because I had a cat that even though he was trying to be careful while playing with humans, unfortunately his claws and arm strength is a bit too much to some people. Perhaps I just have slightly thicker skin.

    5. Lyra BloodWolf

      Amazing that they can keep two bobcats peacefully. They’re normally very solitary and highly territorial.

      1. Stormie Grace

        Bobcats may be solitary merely because it is more beneficial for them to drive out any competition that may take their resources. In the wild, another bobcat would be another mouth to feed and they eat upwards to 2 to 3 pounds of meat every day. But the cats in the video do not need to hunt for prey to fill them, so they see no reason to attempt to push out the other bobcat for resources. I just hope the cats are alive and well today as they were in the video. It seems even well respected bobcat rescues struggle with them taking on illnesses and dying. :(

      2. jason dean


      3. jayzenstyle

        The thing with cats is that they're mostly claustrophilic(having places where their back isn't vulnerable), have this weird instinctual rule about platforms of varying heights(having the first-strike advantage and social hierarchy), scratching for sharpening their tools(self-explanatory), etc. those specific little details that makes a cat feel secure and relieve that being territorial and trying to survive won't be an issue when you managed to check all those factors. Learned those from firsthand experience, and made enough mistakes here and there to know what and what not to do around cats, even wild ones. Though I'm more of a dog person, cats give me a bit more of a challenge in terms of taming them, like I'm doing a jigsaw puzzle. But it's a fun journey nonetheless, and never regretted having both cats and dogs.

      4. Crusader1815

        It's a big house, with cat trees and such. Seems like that's always the solution on the "My Cat From Hell" show. Catify the house.

      5. Alexandre Marius Jacob

        living in a home environment they don't have to worry about competition for females or safeguarding their hunting space... (so they can get along)

    6. Fabio Morandi

      Bobcats: the perfect solution when you're a cat person in need of a guard dog.

      1. Molly Attwood

        Is it friend

      2. Hold The Truth Hostage

        Wow well said

      3. All About Tha BOOBS

        @G Wiz upload the video

      4. All About Tha BOOBS

        @shockwave why you have to command them?

    7. violet_blume

      They're magnificent. I imagine if I was lucky enough to live with them, it would sometimes almost be hard to believe they're real - they're just so majestic, commanding, and beautiful. Humans are so boring compared to felines! I love that they use the toilet! You're very lucky to be able to share your lives with these amazing creatures.

    8. Amy Miller

      They are beautiful!!! Thanks for being such good bobcat parents!!❤️❤️

      1. Tony Price

        Yes they are. I love all cats - big and small.

    9. Oleg A.

      Majestic and beautiful creatures, you're doing a great job with them!

    10. Sabrina Maria Walters

      This deserves a "LOVE" button!! I'm reading Trooper,a story about a man that raised a bobcat and had him for 19 years.. I'm so envious! I love cats of every species and would be in heaven if I could raise a wild cat with love and affection, of my own. Your cats are stunningly beautiful and so so cute and funny!! Thanks for this great video!

    11. Our life in Las Vegas

      I have followed them on IG for a very long time and they have such a loving home. These ARE rescues!! They were NOT taken out of the wild and could never be reintroduced into the wild because they’ve never been there to begin with. They are super spoiled and their family loves them ♥️

      1. Our life in Las Vegas

        @Cheryl Marie what video? You would have to look back through her page to find any videos of they’re there. It’s been a year or two

      2. Cheryl Marie

        @Our life in Las Vegas Can you link that video?

      3. nucckles

        That’s the same thing the lady with Travis the chimp said then he took her face off these are wild animals not meant to be domesticated 🤦🏿‍♂️😒

      4. Our life in Las Vegas

        @Lindsay Thomson these are not from other “owners” she has clearly posted video before of where they got them from and they lived in cages before they took them in. This was 2 years ago and the bobcats are still thriving, spoiled and get all the raw meat they want. They also have an outdoor area they made for them to go outside in. She has never once advocated for anyone to try to keep these as pets…

    12. Jennifer Morgan

      I just have to say, what a beautiful home!

    13. Jack Sprat

      Wonderful story, and even though they’re basically wild animals, you’re doing the very best for them, that you can. They’re happy and healthy, and you love them, and they love you very much! It’s marvellous to see, that you also pay so much attention to their diet. You are excellent bobcat parents. I hope you have a wonderful and happy life with them for a very long time!

    14. Mark Carlson

      Thank you for posting your video; we've seen them in the wild but this was amazing and we learned a lot!

    15. Shawn Sambucci

      Those kitties are very loved and well cared for that’s for certain! 💖

    16. Annette Tully

      One important thing that wasn’t mentioned is that these two bobcats are rescues from an animal sanctuary and can not be released into the wild. These two fur babies are the luckiest bobcats to have such caring and loving humans. I have been following their story since they rescued Basil. And although it was a devastating loss when Basil got out and lost. (I still hope she comes back one day) It opened a door for two more bobcats to get rescued and care for in a loving home. It’s amazing that Melissa and Mick decided to dedicate the rest of their lives to care for them. I’m sure it’s not an easy task. Keep the ig videos streaming, Melissa. I love watching Gypsy and Monaco’s daily adventures. So happy that they love each other now.

      1. Sugar Skull Tarot

        @Maggie E Two bobcats . Stick with a regular cat. Better safe then sorry . Some animals aren't meant to be domisticated.

      2. Maggie E

        Annette Tully they shouldn’t be in a house period. These are wild animals! Why keep them inside? I know they can’t be in the wild but they deserve better than a human environment.

      3. Daijah Cotton

        @Moth Girlx oh

      4. Moth Girlx

        I was gonna say not sure they should be bought as pets otherwise

      5. Daijah Cotton

        How do you know

    17. Bedtimes D.

      I have heard from so many that you can't train cats. I have known for years cats are amazingly trainable. This couple has a fantastic understanding how the mindset of the bobcat and how it works. P.S. Now I want a bobcat too. I just don't want do the work or have the patience to make it happen.

    18. Gib H

      Owners of two Bobcats and a gorgeous beautiful home 🏡

    19. Dan Koppel

      Very cool. Love the house too. I'm wondering if they keep their claws retracted when swiping? I had a house cat that did that and also one that didn't. It's so considerate of them when they keep the claws inside their paws while play fighting.

    20. DaveFazzino

      When I adopted a Ocicat with wild tendencies I was told to bring welding gloves and a leather jacket. She was a great cat who tried very hard to be a good kitty, but you had to read her eyes. If they were big dark saucers you knew to leave some room ! We had a great time for several years and I miss her very much. The squirrels are bored now and so am I...

      1. Terra Albritton

        I read it as "wedding gloves!" I was so confused! What a blessing you were to each other. The only downside to sharing your house with an animal is the sadness of knowing we outlive them.

    21. Cosmic Cloud

      If I had the time and space I’d love to own them

    22. Terra Albritton

      This video is so therapeutic! What a lovely home and great relationship that you both share! I have a fluffy white cat in my lap right now. My husband hates her and all cats.

    23. davedaddy101

      The interview was nice but I would have loved to seen more of them interacting and playing with the Bobcat.

    24. Roberto Incutti

      Beautiful cats… Lucky owners…. Amazing to watch …. Thank you for sharing!♥️🇮🇹🇬🇧

    25. Kathy Borthwick

      I had a Bob cat as well! We logging up here BC! He moved in with us as a kitten! We knew he was a BoB cat but he was very young and we could not find his mother! He was very very gentle with me and he stayed around our camp and only came in when it was really cold! He was great and when he wanted to play my dad made me wear leather gloves and he was so loyal! He lived with us on and off for 31 yrs and passed away of old age! Timothy Tom was his name! 🕊❤️🕊

      1. JudithTheBG

        @Konig to their defense, in my country for example we speak 31 as "one and thirty" and not "thirty and one" Maybe that's the case for them as well which is why they mixed up the digits:D

      2. Justin Ward- Angelucci

        @Teija Flink he lived in the wild and wasn't domesticated.

      3. Cheryl Robinson


      4. Mr DJR

        Wicked! 👍💪

      5. Kathy Borthwick

        @Konig good point 😅

    26. Doc Tyler

      Ya'll are amazing, goes to show any animal will bond to you no matter how different you are 😁

    27. cdc3

      Makes me appreciate my Savanah. All of the fun characteristics of a wild cat in playing hard, being scratched and bitten, curiosity and and welcoming me home in a smaller, cheaper package that I can strap on my back and take her shopping, on walks, driving around and the like. Thanks for the video! Cats is cool...

    28. Rockashellar

      Beautiful kitties! Y’all live just up the road from me in McKinney! We have wild bobcat spotting often in our neighborhood. So awesome that you have taken these guys into your family! Cats of all shapes and sizes are amazing creatures. Not sure if bobcat’s would like it but check out silver vine sticks for them to chew on. It’s similar to catnip but my cats prefer it. They have it in sticks you can get for them to chew on. They might get a little trippy at first but it will relax them and send them into happy nap time. Looks like you have all the same toys my boys have. Beautiful babies! 😻

    29. Louise Cottle

      Oh my goodness you guys are so lucky to house these beautiful cats

    30. Lavish

      imagine robbing someone's house and getting attacked by two bobcats

      1. Karis Majik

        Imagine robbing someone's house and seeing two bobcats that demand cuddles

      2. Tower of Resonance

        That would be pretty damn fast

      3. Ashes To Ashes Pet Crematory

        Bobcats are not like a guard dog. Pls they might be afraid of a stranger and protect themselves but come on.

      4. Josh The Mediocre

        well no..no i can't imagine it..i would get busted because they would come home to me playing with their Bobcats..

    31. Jason Fawcett

      That is awesome, we have friends in Australia who own an care for clouded leopard's and they are so adorable bigger teeth, and far more accident prone but loving awesome pets 👍🙏

    32. ЯaraszeК

      What a beautiful home 😍 wow

    33. Msuarez

      these owners are sooo responsible i love to see it!!!

    34. J.L. Wagner

      I loved your video. And those cats are amazing, fascinating. I wish ALL 4 OF YOU THE BEST!! May you happily exist forever. Loved the window into your day to day...dream life.

    35. Raun Mackin

      Lucky guy shares his house with 2 bobcats and a cougar

      1. Derek Baker

        Lucky guy indeed.

      2. Pᴀʀᴀsᴇʟᴇɴᴇ Tᴀᴏ

        😁😁😁 my kinda life.

      3. GoonSquadNate

        Best comment here

      4. Universe

        Ha ha hahaha ha

      5. Alex Cleroux

        Well played 😆

    36. Sabrina Maria Walters

      I can't stop watching it! When you said you guys are their life,it made me cry! You've done an amazing job raising them and I'm in awe of you guys. Put more videos up!!!!

    37. Tom

      Those are two beautiful kitty cats that y’all have there.🙂👍

    38. Suzann Jones

      I love you both!! I wish this could be my life. Enjoy!

    39. Christopher Jones

      Love this channel. A caring couple with bobcats. Superb. 🐾🙌

    40. Scottish Outdoors

      Lovely people, and obviously very dedicated to looking after them. I pity the fool who tries to rob them as those two kitties look hella protective of mom and dad!

      1. James Boaz

        I pitty the fool hahahahahaahahaha ok man

    41. Angela Lee

      SOoO DANG CUTE! I wouldn't mind having a whole entire family of them beautiful babies! ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    42. edvac1 dave

      Wow!! Wonderful that the cats will be with them for many years!

    43. Elusive Light

      Lucky bobcats! And lucky guy to live with them plus a beautiful wife! 🐱🔥

    44. G.L.R Gaming

      I've got 2 of these guys also. Love them both to death. I don't know why more people don't try to own more. They are amazing animals. And yes they never bite hard on purpose. They are wild after all

    45. Andrea Callahan

      They are so cute 💜

    46. MUA Baybe

      That’s it you had me at using the toilet! I’m getting two for sure!

    47. River Savage

      The bathroom information is great to know! I figured they would be spraying all the time. The fact that they are not is awesome!

    48. John Szatkowski

      That was a really cool video! They are wild animals so, I don't know if I could trust one of these stalking me at night while sleeping. I've had house cats attack my feet when I'd roll over at night and would be bleeding pretty good. Can't imagine a Bobcat going at my feet at night!

    49. Caitlyn Coleman

      _Any particular things/talents your pet can do?_ *It's naturally potty trained*

      1. ᏗᎮᎮᏝᏋᏕ

        My cat was like that. Never pooped or peed inside the house, unless we had a litter box. Never had to clean up poop.

      2. Bruh

        ahhh! I love reddit.

      3. Bodhi Davis

        @Michael Britton also r/youngpeopleyoutube

      4. Michael Britton

        @Zachary Poore r/ihadastroke

      5. Caitlyn Coleman

        @evil entity 😂😂

    50. Shashi Venugopal

      What a beautiful couple, and beautiful kitties... 😊

    51. Mad Twc

      Not true about regular cats,one always got excited to see me walking in the door. I miss them all. These bobcats are absolutely beautiful! I would do it too💕

    52. Morgan Hayes

      they look very healthy thanks to the devotion of the owners.

    53. B White

      Awesome! Really cute! My cat is 25 lbs and thin and went from tiny to bigger than my Mainecoon over the years.

    54. Raider Richard

      I remember I encountered a bobcat in the woods it was a cool rare moment. My friend yelled mountain lion and I looked behind me and it was just a bobcat sittin on it’s butt looking at us.

      1. BlueFeral

        That same friend yelled lizard when komodo dragon coming at ya 🤡

      2. tanya9nithreus

        @Dave S You don't seem to know anything about the topic by the looks of your comment. Why don't you research "illegal exotic animal trade" and then dive into the horrifying actual truth of the matter and get educated. The exotic animal market is a dark place. Even for regular pets their market is sometimes also a very dark place in how many are traumatized and hurt severely. You should always get your pets from an animal shelter, never from the pet store to not support it. Anyone actually supporting (supporting also means buying) exotic animal trade is yet another human more interested in their own interest for these animals than what these animals (not the one you're keeping but all the ones still out suffering on the market) are actually going through themselves. You're trying to defend having exotic animals because you know it would allow you to have an exotic animal in the future and then there's nothing wrong isn't it? It's all fun and games (for you at least).

      3. angus burrowes

        @tanya9nithreus animals want one thing and thats food. They eat better then any bobcat in the world and are probably happier too lol.

    55. Cheesygamergirl121

      There gorgeous 😍 I want one 😍

    56. IndustrialBonecraft

      "Did you piss on seat again!?" "It was the cats!" "No, it wasn't - they have better aim than you!"

      1. MagZ Hill

        From what I know of male humans, the bobcats have cracked it lol

      2. Badgal Crazii


      3. GGG.PH.


      4. waya


    57. Zemog

      You can see how happy the cats are in their eyes.

    58. Az mountainRoyz

      "they love hard and they play hard " The truest statement ever. Willie our buddy has sent me to hospital twice. Not malicious just over stimmed. My family asks why have something that is so dangerous , the quick answer is mutual trust and they haven't heard him trying to purr.

    59. ghabcdef

      These two look exactly the sort who would keep two bobcats in their house.

      1. Bill Jates

        @Sergei Ivanovich Mosin yes

      2. FL Creative

        @Isntshelovely nah that ain't it.

      3. King Starscream

        @Darth Jarjar Is it fair to judge them harshly just because they're attractive and don't look like country bumpkins?

      4. tim rajak

        @x SpinDrift I. Bc MB o. P. O

    60. DragonBack

      House trained bobcats. Amazing 🤯

    61. Tania2021

      These big cats😽 are adorable🥰

    62. JustMamba

      Dogs also get excited after 2 hours of being gone. That's usually the threshold. They don't have the same sense of time as we do so 2 hours can feel like a day to them so they get super excited to see us.

    63. cosmicdust

      That house is beautiful!

    64. matt scheib

      These cats actually use the toilet. Absolutely amazing.

      1. Timote Tuivaiti

        @blaze smooth smart guy lol

      2. blaze smooth

        @Jose Melendez first u want him to get a wild instinct of wanting to pee in a pond to not share it's scent, I recommend this procedure and it will take about 200 generations but it's quite effective when accomplished

      3. Jose Melendez

        How do I get my cat to use the toilet.

      4. Duellona Boudica

        I've had house cats that prefer to use the toilet.

      5. Mark Oehler

        Now if they could get them to flush when they're done, now that would be anazing.

    65. Darryl Aoki

      Aww. They're so cute and affectionate.

    66. hani karam


    67. DGB

      Great video especially like that you both are kind to the bobcats in every way

    68. HK

      I can go to the store for 10 mins, come back and my dog is ecstatic like he didn’t just see me dogs have that kind of bond as well 😇

    69. LIL CUJO

      Mick and Melissa: a few broken bones in my hands Bobcats: Hold my beer🍺.

      1. jujasname

        Human: give my shotgun

      2. Anonymous Buyer

        Hold my boiled egg

      3. UC-17 JM

        Hold my milk

      4. Shaddia Q

        More like “Hold my animal intestines”

      5. uwu

        *oh wait, you cant lol*

    70. Persephone

      I'm usually against having exotic or wild animals as pets but this couple seems very capable of taking care of these beautiful bobcats, it's like they're living the best life for them (both the animals and the owners).

    71. Paul Caine

      Great cats having a good life.

    72. Vinny Singh

      How full of expressions Bob cats are 😃...Its just Wonderful 🐱

    73. buster dee

      As a cat lover, more cat, more love. But I have to say, that stone work is gorgeous.

    74. The Fun Food Zone

      Those two Bobcats have a better lifestyle than me! I'm SO happy for them; I'm not jealous. I love the fact that they are loved; it makes my heart melt.

    75. Hawk

      I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say these cats seem smarter than some adults 😂😂😂 Beautiful cats. We love cats, it’s no wonder my gf and me bonded so much because we are both cat lovers. Truly special animals who will steal your heart

    76. David Hogg Approves This Message

      The bobcats play exactly like my huge cat I found as a 1 week old. Just going straight in for the bite

    77. Jamie Shank

      Just reading some of the comments and getting in a good smile and a kick out of some of 'em. So... Imagine holding one of these babies up to your chest and it suddenly gets scared of a loud noise or something of the such. 🥵🐯 Cats are the best!!!

    78. Ken Moscone

      I had a bobcat that wandered on to my patio and hung out with me on the couch and would eat my dogs food and watch tv. He was very calm and let me hold him and brush him. He must have been someone’s pet he would come and go. I would get another in a heart beat

    79. Carol Diehl

      They are really beautiful ,well my great grandparents had a stuffed one in their living room.That was a long time ago in upstate Pennsylvania.

    80. In the woods with Bigfoot,  Troy Stafford

      Beautiful babies, I have a 6 year old cougar that is the biggest baby that ever was. 😍