VinhMC Thấy Ai Ở Bên Kia Vậy ??? 😱 Who's that ??



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    1. VinhMC TV

      Who is that outside the door ??? please Subscribe my youtube🥰🥰🥰❤️ - VinhMC Bên Kia Đó Là Ai Vậy Mọi Người ??? 😱

      1. Elsie Gonzales


      2. Amanda Lewandowski


      3. Graciela Alvarado


      4. Flowerful

        Hola :) lol love te vídeo ahora else días to?

    2. Sakura

      23:23 Hermosa elección NAUGHTYDATE.UNO los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se la Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial

    3. Огурец

      FSB: guys, fill up the car, we're leaving

    4. unamogdog

      Pov: when you hear noises in your closet

    5. Hu Tiongleong2

      这i真的是太可爱了呜呜好可爱🥹 f hr j fj s d

      1. Gà tre Bình Chánh


      2. Sung Bui shang


    6. serry ciok

      Legends says he is still outside

    7. Zoie Kiel

      Legends says he is still outside

    8. Monz Chị

      Xin vĩnh biệt cụ anh vinh=)

    9. →B.Trâm_Miner←

      Tưởng đập cửa phát vinhmc bay xa 1000 km lun chớ :))

    10. Hải Đăng Nguyễn

      Anh Vinh cute quá đi à!

    11. Conor Micheli

      I’m so excited to get together with family and friends to join in the family room and we’ll be safe

      1. minij hooi

        Sao nhieu nguoi my vay video cua vietnam ma alo

    12. Gina Erickson

      The thing im most concerned about 3that she left the spoon in the watermelon and was listening to what looked like a fridge?

      1. Karen Pancotte


    13. Sthenio Barros

      Muito bom esse daí o clipe muito bom

    14. liuyenni9


    15. NoodlySpaggettiCat

      there u go, ur now better than that person ✨✨

    16. Kei Canete

      This is a masterpiece

    17. lol

      You should of made it someone trying to rickroll you that would've been 10x scarier.

      1. blue

        Tu não é brasileiro rapaz

      2. farhana koly


      3. Karen Villablanca


    18. diana eloisa ramirez carreño

      Me encanta 😍

    19. J Bs

      Anh vinh mc đáng yêu pá😍🥰

    20. a

      expectation :820k reality :2m

    21. Liêm Lai

      Đây là vĩnh đi đòi nợ 😂😂😂

    22. Lara Lima

      Me:blocking the door with someone banging on the other side My mom:banging the door with the Chancla in her hand Me: “I’m dead”

    23. dixia xie

      Red water, haha, I really like your clip.

    24. Versatile Telecom

      Wow Ngl this an amazing animation- well done

    25. butter landings

      The fact that this video got more likes then the video on the phone😂😂 Congrats for 1.9M likes 👇

      1. wulan ch


    26. Văn Quang

      Vinh MC tanderle:)) Sao có tui là VN😂

    27. Hien Nguyen

      Anh vinh 2.1 Triệu luôn :))

    28. NDD FILM

      Anh VinhMc ơi ở bên kia có gì vậy nhìn đáng sợ vậy anh 😱😱😱

    29. Phương Lai

      Người bên kia anh Vinh ngầu vãiiiiiii


      How are those animations made?

    31. John Michael Manalang

      Fun fact:animating is hard you need the texture the movement has to not be glitch and its gonna take long

      1. The QMs Siblings

        what that song btw

    32. Joanna

      The outside door is clone evil-

    33. Fly high techno

      Imagine opening a door and found a pig with potato

    34. Grace Ocdinaria

      Killer him be like when he is fighting with herobrine: NO DAMAGE

      1. Henrijs Rubenis

        ZONE Xerox toner

    35. Thitu Nguyen

      Anh Học tiếng anh giỏi quá đi 💯

    36. Ikhsan Jati

      Well now we know he watches that type of content on tiktok

      1. Sadi Roble


    37. ▪︎drip bacon▪︎

      "Ahhhh yessss you can kill herobrine with a knife while herobrine is a god AHHHHHH YESSSSSSS PERFECT

      1. Gala Melnuchuk


      2. Özgür Bekir SONAT

        Lol ✨😩 Btw Maybe he did by an other way🤣 !

    38. Tiến Nguyễn văn

      Vinh ma cà rồng á anh Vinh quay video vào lúc 12h đêm luôn 😱😱😱

    39. margaret palomares

      Yeah who is that outside of the door 😖

    40. Vv Tt

      Smooth edit

    41. Oreoo Jamm

      My siblings when im in the bathroom💀

      1. amogusReefK¡dCapta!n

        @Rihem abdedaim too relatable

      2. Rihem abdedaim

        Me too

    42. Emily An

      FBI OPEN UP Him kill herobrine FBI: OH GOSH


      Muito bom topo demais ss

    44. sea fairy

      Me when i didn'r finsh my homework after mom come home be like:

      1. Марианна Бабина


    45. Kean Third Pinzon

      Great job I like it nice!!!!

    46. Em Perez

      That guy looks exactly like him is that his twin

    47. quiy dio

      Все в комментариях пишут(как будто это было круто) да если у вас не получается также сделать и вы завидует, завидуйте молча

    48. Maria Kendra P Bereso

      I love it!

    49. hwan's

      무섭네요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

      1. 윤희(떡상중?)


    50. Black Small


    51. watermelon • 1360 years ago

      Plot twist: he didn't killed herobrine he killed an npc

    52. Bernaldo Rosario Rumi

      Te quedó hermoso el vídeo El de afuera era VinhMCTV.EXE

    53. 永吉明日美


    54. Farida Hady

      Loved. The vid but how did herobrine die if he is a ghost?🤣🤣

      1. reynaldo pacuan

        Somebody killed herobrine😱😱😱

    55. Lucas Achacoso

      That's cool he killed literally one of the Strongest person in Minecraft

    56. VakisB

      Hey 911 "What's your emergency sir" There is a crazy man outside hitting at the door.

      1. Hiêu

        Em là học sinh lớp 3

    57. ronaldo roque



      vinhmc Chà, bạn nhận được nhiều lượt thích hơn!

    59. ♡{ğīøvännå}♡

      Nome da música pfv:(

    60. ningaplayz


    61. ☆Hello☆

      You almost have the amount wanted! Also great animation

      1. Flameypig


    62. Nguyện Ma văn

      Nhìn ngê quá à anh Vinh ơi 😖😖😖😖

    63. Như Hồng

      Anh vi ngàu và rất đẹp chai,,😍😘🥴🖖🤟👊🥰😍💕💞💓💝💖💗💘💋💋💋💋💔❣️🌺🍂💮🍁🌾🏞️⛰️🌊🌬️

    64. Taniela Lupeituu

      Herobrine:so when am I getting paid for acting dead

      1. Cookie Gamer HJ


    65. Monkey

      Me be like me hitting the fridge my friend upstairs SCREAMING LIKE A GIRL

      1. Gunamini Samarakoon


      2. احسن ابراهيم


    66. Jaswant Kaur

      That guy who's knocking on the door killed steve

    67. E-strong gaming

      He killed herobrine but had to knock at the door 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️,very powerful 👌👌

    68. Vinh Vu

      bên ngoài đó chính là vinhmc exe

    69. Kayla Markle

      He’s just trying to give you a little gift

      1. Savio Raj

        Which is dead herobrine

    70. Lankybox and aph fan sub to me if you are fan them

      *Me: I instantly subscribed because it's satisfying*

      1. Lankybox and aph fan sub to me if you are fan them

        @Camila Robles LOL i know right 😂

      2. Camila Robles

        Me too

    71. Ice

      Me knocking on the door because my brother forgot to feed my paralyzed friend for 4 weeks ( also herobrine is his friend )

    72. bofooit gojo

      FBI OPEN UP Him kill herobrine FBI: OH GOSH

    73. Mai Duong

      Hé lô anh Vinh nha

    74. Ahmad Faeyza

      The killer can just go in glass

    75. farhana koly

      I've watching for hours and its stuck in my head :)

    76. Roast_me:]

      Me when Im mad at my cousin for saying "do you have games on your phone" for the 438th time:

      1. mèo dâu tây 🍓


      2. ~.Kingdom Of The Awakend Souls.~


    77. 2955- Phan Thị Quỳnh Trang

      Ko bt vinhmc có thể đánh lại saitama hay ko???

    78. ๑GREEN_TEA๑

      *some body knock* Me:lock the door lock the door!!!

    79. pubg ali 7

      Abi sen bu kadar nasıl abone aldın be

    80. Tator Tot

      Me trying to sleep that one mosquito in my room:how about no?