unusual things that ONLY happen in a bts vlive | SugArmyy x Kloot Box giveaway!



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    1. SugArmyy

      ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ open me for a surprise ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ . . . SugArmyy x Kloot Box giveaway! ✿ How to enter: 1. Follow Kloot Box on instagram: instagram.com/klootbox/ OR Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@theklootbox?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc 2. Subscribe to me (SugArmyy): kzsection.info/auto/ubO4mCvfVifZm4ZLTs_1Cg.html 3. Comment your favorite BTS song, along with your twitter/instagram username OR email address (so we can contact you if you win!) 💌 4. Please only enter once! ✿ Duration: June 30th~July 14th (2 weeks) ✿ 2 winners will win a Kloot Box of their customization! 💝 ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ good luck ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ Edit: it does ship worldwide ! CLOSED!!!!!

      1. isai *

        My favorite song is bulletproof eternal by bts

      2. ddeonu

        love maze @bubblyboyoung

      3. depressed:(

        Life Goes On

      4. •chxco•

        Well i only have tiktokand you tube so yeah i dont have any othere apps i would love to get one but my mom will get angry at me i now i will not win but my fav song off them is life goes on stay safe every one💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

      5. Nicole Abad

        I absolutely love mikrokosmos! It holds a special place in my heart. Every time I’m depressed and just really… not wanna be alive, mikrokosmos is there. It gives me comfort. It makes me feel safe. It kind of tells me it’s fine to cry. Even if I tell myself, it’s not okay and it’s not gonna be okay, it tells me everything is gonna be fine. 🐰@cutieeeecole 🐰

    2. Aru 🦋

      Chaos should be their second name after BTS . And i can't help but melt everytime i see Suga being cute my heart literally screams YOONGI MARRY ME

      1. Kimmii_thvᰔ

        FR THO


        @Aru 🦋 why is this so true 😭

      3. Aru 🦋

        @K-POP CANDIES OFFICIAL and yoongi be like "Girl go way i am anti-romantic 😂


        Yeah so true and one more thing is the never ending saga "YOONGI MARRY ME " 😂😭😎

      5. Victoria Hicks

        My heart wants to yell, Yoongi, Marry my granddaughter!

    3. Jordyn Nexus

      I think your editing is getting even better lmao I cackled when you put the cat conducting the orchestra next to kook ringing his wet hands out 😂💀

      1. Su Bo Bing

        Truly exceptional editing - so freakin funny !!

      2. Jennie Kim

        best of the funny edits

    4. Suzie Cave

      Jin consistently breaking into Hobi’s room has to be one of the best vlives of all time

      1. 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑀𝑒𝑒𝑡𝑠𝐸𝑣𝑖𝑙

        With his towel 😭😂

    5. Tony Santana

      Somehow you managed to make them look even more chaotic 💀💀💀 I didn't think that was possible😂😂😂

      1. Your Friendly neighborhood cat

        @Tony Santana😂thanks for replying I can see you got real creative with it nice!

      2. Tony Santana

        @Your Friendly neighborhood cat oh god, I replied you. Yt must have removed it. Noooo, your question isnt stupid at all lol. I liked the Yoonmin performance of Tony Montana, also cause Jimin mentioned it in the Carbonara Run BTS ep. And I also like Scarface. I also like Santana in glee, so I merged both and voila! Tony San

      3. Your Friendly neighborhood cat

        in the tragic circumstance if this question comes off as stupid...forgive me im sleepy...but is tony santana ur real name? its the best ever omll

      4. SugArmyy

        Somehow I did 😂😭

    6. Ride Jimin, Don’t Park Jimin (closed)

      Jin’s VLive(s) are always chaotic/have smth funny in them 😹 Especially his birthday lives 👀💗✨

      1. alan t

        So true..... He's so extra🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love him😍

    7. Yesha Amodkar

      One of the many things that I love about BTS is that no matter how famous they get , they never lose that goofy and genuineness about them . They always put a smile on my face! 💜

      1. Fusion from the Heart

        Exactly 💯💜💜💜

    8. TheDroppedCheesecake

      And this is why there will never, ever be another Bangtan - nobody does it like them 😂👏💜

    9. ✨DIYA✨

      One BTS vlive and you will be in your best mood 💜💜💜 These 7 guys can make us happy just by smiling into the camera 😊💜 11:57 Jungkook,s vlive was filled with soo much iconic moment When he suddenly fallen off the chair after hitting the high note I was like what happened (I didn't understand he was drunk😂) but man he still kept on singing and it was perfect❤❤ Great video momo✨✨ Thank you for still working hard even when you're travelling 💜💜💜

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you ! I’m glad I’m able to provide content while traveling ! 💜

    10. yehasana

      I swear this is some ultra pro max level editing skills..This makes the video more and more fun to watch..u made my day... thank you!!!

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you 😭💜

    11. Sky1a

      4:05 I honestly can’t believe he actually took a nap on his live!! Like honestly BTS is just getting even MORE chaotic 😅 and Kookie doin dishes on live and making it seem like a challenge was unbelievable 🤣

    12. Loving BTS Forever ⟭⟬ ⁷

      14:23 I agree that Jimin's footsteps is a relaxing ASMR 😊 The way BTS can act themselves on Vlive means that they feel very comfortable with ARMY 💜

    13. Jordyn Nexus

      I feel like we need a compilation of Worldwide handsome wandering around in his button up pyjamas and absolutely rocking them 😂💜💀

    14. jfishxx

      "BTS is just like you." I-I'm sorry Hobi, I don't wash my socks with shampoo and then hang them to dry on a clothes hanger near a lamp 😭 Also the Hobi vlive where he brought us to the washroom was legendary.

      1. forever we are young

        Soooo true

    15. Blarmy 8

      Jungkook was insanely cute during his recent vlive… I love when he gets dramatic and sarcastic… Omg it was so funny!! I couldn’t how many people think he was offended .. even though he was being extra the whole live and the stuff he was saying about “the snap” lol the way he sat down and flicked his hair aside… Omg I love him so much… only jeon jungkook 😂 There’s nothing better than some bts crack! They’re hilarious and weird and it’s just something I treasure about them Edit : I realize now that “there’s nothing better than bts crack” sounds a bit wrong lol but… I said what I said 🙊

      1. Su Bo Bing

        That vlive recently was so cute and funny and his singing was off the hook! So impressive ! The song for his mom gets me every time

    16. chloe

      You had me wheezing in the first half of your videos. Your edits just makes every iconic moment 10x better.

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you so much! 🥰

    17. kaj1104

      SOOOO well done 😂 I laughed so much at this. Your editing is getting to be amazing. And you made them even more chaotic!

    18. poppywales

      The edits on this is seriously funny, especially JK househusband one 😄 I was also one of the 5 million watching Tae sleep and a empty chair, I need a life 💜

    19. Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here

      Ya know, I, like many other ARMYs, don’t speak Korean….but somehow I still find their vlives very VERY entertaining😂 Your edits made them that much funnier. Was just leaving for work. Looks like it will be a good day😌🥰💜thank you!

    20. BB vistas7

      8:04 HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP!! I still go back and watch this live and try to dance with them. It's an exercise for real, but it's such a great laugh too.😂 I love every BTS member. It's crazy. They are all part of our lives for so many years. 💜

      1. BB vistas7

        @Afia Fariha You can also find the original on their VLIVE. I think it was in 2020.

      2. Erna Calaus

        @Afia Fariha search in yt for 'bts in quarantine dancing'

      3. Afia Fariha

        Where can i find this live? Can you please tell me?

    21. CG Rkive ' 77

      And this Ladies and Gentleman is the fandom I entered into 3 months ago ,, lol Oh I love them :D

      1. Erna Calaus

        Same xD

    22. EVECrowley

      This is one of the funniest compilations I’ve seen so far from SugArmyy. There’s nothing funnier than drunk Jungkook. I also saw Hobi’s vlive from LA, with Jin walking in every few minutes, in real time and it was hilarious 🤣

      1. SugArmyy

        BTS can make anything entertaining! 😂 thank you!💜

    23. 6 and 7

      I love your edits, your edits are getting better and better. I mean l have always been amazed by your edits. And now you are making it on another level.🙌 I love your intro and outro so much 🤩😍. I hope you can take enough rest. I know you are busy these days. Have a good day or night.

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you so much! 💜

    24. Drumita Dmello

      I love how Namjoon's habit is not a surprise, and you brought in all those clips🙌🤣

    25. GenHowe

      i loved this video soooo much like it shows how pure, real, clumsy and genuine they are and much more. these vlives show us their other side not just their work mode they can be themselves I love this video💜💜💜

    26. erin gray

      Can we appreciate the amount of effort that was put into this video because I enjoyed every second of it

      1. SugArmyy

        I appreciate your comment very much 🥹💜

    27. Whipped for Jeon Jungkook

      Always expect the unexpected with BTS because when it comes to their vlives they always surprise us with random & fun moments like Jungkook getting up to wash the dishes, that is so endearing and just makes me love him more!! And that's what makes them them, they are always themselves with their unique personalities which is always entertaining to watch, there can never be a dull moment xoxo ❤️💜

      1. allyes

        lol yes

    28. Rie316

      I never get tired of watching our Beautiful and Funny Bangtan Boys! They have me laughing so much my sides hurts! I Borahae BTS!😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    29. CaydeN

      I just wanna say thank you for posting today. I’ve had a really bad day today and even tho I got the notification 7 hours late it made me really happy for the first time today. Your videos always make me smile and I always get excited to watch and see what masterpiece you’ve made for ARMY today💜

      1. Jaswin Luthra

        I hope you have a good day tomorrow

      2. btsbxby

        I hope you feel better now

      3. SugArmyy

        Aww I really hope tmrw would be a better day for you 🌷💜 thank you , and I hope I can continue doing it🥰

    30. kelly batun

      Extrañaba ver este tipo de vídeos, me alegro de haber encontrado uno con una buena edición y con mucha diversión 🤣😂😂 recopilar las mejores partes no es fácil, me gusta como le das el toque divertido con los frames y otros memes! Lol

    31. susan k

      Thanks SugArmyy...another laugh-filled compilation. I've watched most of those...but all together they're SO funny. Other groups don't have chaotic vlives like our boys.... :) ... in all different locations, not just their studios. Waiting for Hobi's (or should I say Jack) next vlive.

    32. princessnikkiluv

      I just love the songs where the boys have fun performing them on stage - Go-go, Anpanman, Ma City, Telepathy... List goes on ☺️

    33. Yoongi's stand forever

      they are so very funny in their vlive.i love how they are interaction with their fans is the cutest thing ever 😅😅😄😄

    34. Yoshiki's Heart

      OMFG! The Jimin-Suga-Jin dance party is hysterical!! Since there was only 1 born dancer among them, the chaos was *LOUD*. lol

    35. Dorka Varga

      jungkook drinking wine from a mug with icecubes gets me every time i cant lmaoooo

    36. Hana Majesta

      I'll never get tired to say this, I love your editing sooo much! That was hilarious!😂 I always look forward to videos update from you, fighting!!💗💗

      1. SugArmyy

        That really makes me happy! Thank you💜

    37. Eilan Mohamed

      One of the many things that I love about BTS is that no matter how famous they get , they never lose that goofy and genuineness about them . They always put a smile on my face! 💜💜💜

    38. Gisselle Galea

      BTS' vlives are so iconic, it will never be boring that's why we love them because their personalities are awesome and their lives can attest to that. 😍💜

    39. Valkyrie Venom

      You're editing has gotten so much better over time. I about died at the "we'll be right back," and Iago's, "I'm not surprised" meme *chef's kiss* on timing💜

    40. Mamazara

      Never be the same feelings cause I've watched them all separated.. now when I see all your entire edits..Im cracked and couldnt help to stop giggling until video ends.. got my tummy almost cramps of laughing before midnight.. good job.. , Bangtan always become everyone happy Pills for free.. love them

      1. Kpopfan

        Lol same🤣

    41. Su Bo Bing

      I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants !! Great edit and great funny video! Love these guys so much! They bring so much joy and you did too with this video! Thank you!

    42. Jimin’s lost jam


    43. Sonali

      They are incredible. 🤣🤣 I love your videos they are highly appreciated!! Thanks for all the hardwork you do for us. Bunches of love for you!! 💜💜💜

    44. Susan Bergner

      Momo! Thank you for the gift of a 17:12 SugArmyy video! ARMY - Can you believe that it was only one month ago that BTS visited the White House? Since then, the chaos, drama, the music, the emotions… so much has happened! Thank you, Momo, for keeping Bangtan as our happy place - where we can both feel the feelings & laugh at the chaos. So many VLives are iconic, but Kookie’s VLive following FESTA dinner is legendary. I swear, college students in communications & PR will be studying this live in years to come. June 14: FESTA dinner truth bomb & miscommunication hits like K-T Extinction meteorite. June 15: Hybe sends our humble bunny in to set the world right. 🐰: ARMY - I love you, it’s going to be ok; lmk sing the pain away; what you lil’ weirdos want me to do dishes; ok weirdos… but wait, dishes are the most important ritual in the world; let’s get really drunk and sing some more; did I already say that I don’t really have nine mattresses on the floor of my apartment… I did…ok; Jimin isn’t here so I will fall off this chair instead. Face it, ARMY, we stan these chaotic guys to the end. 😉 Pinky swear! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    45. aysh

      the way jungkookie was scoffing like “u really think I’m that kind of guy , huh.” *HUGE ScOfF* Also the way u sped up him singing 😭😭💀 speaking of singing he said he would do dishes instead of singing but his smart ass decided to mix em up

    46. fan of the squad

      There is no group like BTS it's for this reason there vlives are special 💜

    47. MCK

      This is one of the best and most fun compilations and edits I’ve seen. 17+ min of joy! 💜

    48. Deb

      Thanks SugArmyy. I love how you always bring a new and unique perspective. So even though I’ve seen all these before they are entertaining. It feels like the bond you have with family when you remember the crazy thing your brother did on his birthday….if you get what I mean. ❤️❤️❤️

    49. mheiyguadalupe

      THEY ARE my HAPPY PILL♥️ Sooo naturally funny and humble🥹 i can watch them forever😍😭

    50. Jungkook’s Wine Mug

      I love your content. This made me laugh so much. Our boys are naturally comedic but you just add that extra something and it’s just perfect 🤩 Thank you!

    51. Ishita Sharma

      My fav BTS song is "Stay Gold". Id - isha11162 This song inspires us to love ourselves in every possible situation because our presence is itself a beautiful thing and I think that's all we all need in today's world.😊 💕💕💕

    52. Me Shreya

      *BTS VLives are such a mood !* It's all chaos and fun which doesn't have any language barrier , you can just enjoy ♥️.

    53. Summyia Niazi

      I've been watching your vids for the past few months or so and have fallen in love with your content. It was really helpful for me when I first entered the fandom so thank you for your content ❤️❤️❤️

    54. ⟬⟭ MOCHI EDITZ ⟭⟬

      The energy in their V-lives are too much and the bam at the end my jimin was beautiful 🤩 ty sugar my for another amazing video! Also you are my role model for yt so Tysm!💜💜

    55. Az

      That drunk vlive will never not be iconic. “Night apple is poison apple. But I’m *ok* cause I’m *JK* ” I cried laughing😂💜💜😂

    56. Addison Adams

      Thank you so much for your ama-Jin videos! You always put so much thought into them, I also love how you search to make new videos and try to keep away from giving us the same content, I really appreciate it ❤

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you so much 💜

    57. Kenny

      🤣😂🤣😂 I KNOW they're chaotic, I watch the VLives... and yet, here I am laughing so hard I'm crying because they are just so extra.😭💜✨️

    58. Purple 하늘

      Recently I started doing my dishes, laundry and cooking and a bit of cleaning by my self. Trust me it's always fun to do it, also Jungkook does the dishes just like me woa. 💜 Thanks to SugArmyy for this video💜

      1. Purple 하늘

        @SugArmyy I'm like shocked that I got a reply from you, my exams were going on at that time you replied and I didn't used my phone, but now that checked it I'm shocked. Thank you so much for replying 💜

      2. SugArmyy

        That’s independence!💪👏 Thank you for watching! 💜

    59. Tony Santana

      Here's to 1 million subs, I can't wait to see that! You deserve and more!💜💜💜

    60. OT7Army💜

      I love your vids BTW, I wacth them each time a new post has been released. But to be honest your vids make them look much more chaotic then they actually are, I love them for it. Keep up the good work. 😍❤️

      1. A kook


    61. No i don't serve in the army i am an ARMY

      i was expecting this from jin he is so funny and chaotic in his v live

    62. Your Every Picture

      There can never be enough window cleaners frantically scrubbing whenever Seokjinnie laughs..🤭💜🙏💜 (Jimina so cute though, obvs👑💜🙊💜)

    63. Samantha Bianchi

      This goes straight into my fav videos of yours. I laughed like crazy!

      1. SugArmyy

        That’s the best compliment ! 🥹💜

    64. graciiii

      This video made my day so much better. your editing of these clips floored me. i laughed so much! thank you sugarmyy!!🤍🤍

    65. Kathy Hussey

      Your edits give me life, I swear, they are hilarious !! Never stop making these kind of videos! NEVER ! I want "MORE" !(Oh yeah, I went there.....)lol

    66. KoreaMania

      I watched this with my sisters (I’ve watched a couple of ur videos with my sisters and it’s the same every time) we laughed so much. Honestly your videos always bring a smile to my face

    67. Bella

      You NEVER miss! Your videos are always hilarious 😂

    68. Lillian Wagwag

      thanks so much for this video.mJust shows you that they are authentic in what they show us ARMYs. And that is why we love them more. BORAHAE💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    69. Jen _TB

      I love your editing... Puts me in a great mood similar to when i watch runBTS 💜

    70. OT7Army💜

      I love your vids BTW, I wacth them each time a new post has been released. But to be honest your vids make them look much more chaotic then they actually are, I love them for it. Keep up the good work. 😍❤️

    71. armygirl

      HELP I NEED ANOTHER JIMIN LIVE NOW 😂!! ur edits are so good 😅 I never watched the full recent Tae live but i feel like this 100% sums it up

    72. Sayu- D

      They're so funny 🤣 and I love your editing btw 💜

    73. Rithika Bhuvaneswaran

      obvs praise goes to bts but THE EDITING??! WHEN IAGO CAME?!! I started wheezing a lung out you're seriously so talented

    74. Shreyaa 💜

      Aww its soo cute and funny!😂❤️ Thank you for uploading! Army will bless you 🥰🥰

    75. Lee:)

      I love these videos so much, they always give me a laugh and make me happy!

    76. Sugaaa-

      Take falling asleep in his own Vlive and the fact that he managed to maintain Millions of viewers is perfection 😭✨

      1. Brenda Miller

        not just falling asleep....deliberately taking a nap ha ha ha

    77. Ylva Heyer

      I love this newer editing you've been trying with the meme inserts 😍 it's so funny, I almost choked on air when I saw jk as a conductor😂

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you!!! 🤧💜

    78. Jeslyn Asante13

      Thank you so much for this video it was so funny!!! lol my fav bts song would probably be paradise or love maze. Those songs give off good vibes 😊

    79. KaeKae

      I don’t have a favorite bts song they’re all amazing lol💜🫰

      1. KaeKae

        Wish me luck 🍀 and ty again for this opportunity💜🫶✨

      2. KaeKae

        Yt keeps deleting my comments😭😭😭 so I will put spaces bts Kae Kae on in. Sta

      3. KaeKae

        And ty to sugarmyy and kloot box for this giveaway and this amazing opportunity💜🫶✨

      4. KaeKae

        I am subscribed to you and followed kloot box on ig and tiktok💜

    80. Callie Meyer

      I always love watching your videos! They make me so happy, your edits make me laugh so much! BTS is so chaotic and cute 💜

      1. SugArmyy

        Thank you 🥰