Tom Cruise Reacts to Slow-Mo Footage of How He Broke His Ankle | The Graham Norton Show

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    Tom Cruise, or… Tom Bruise?

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    1. Trevor Rol

      That stunt was stupid and irresponsible. You going to need some serious pain killers after that stunt.

    2. Goahead Makemyday

      IS He is still flying a cargo plane full of rubber dogdhit out of HONGKONG?

    3. Goahead Makemyday

      Shoot, Id get up and run on my broken ankle for 20 million bucks too!!

    4. evilrslade

      Rebecca Ferguson tho'

    5. Satevo

      I Just re-watched Oblivion yesterday after years and years and it's a really good movie. I love the plot. And Tom is awesome as usual. I just REALLY hope it wasn't written by L Ron Hubert. What am I saying? Of course it wasn't. It's a good story.

    6. Comicsluvr

      I've broken bones before. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it to the top of the WALL let alone run on the damned thing!

    7. Oiyo Best

      That touch on the knee tho

    8. Tom Bus

      Cruise is an absolute legend.

    9. Michael Ratliff

      I had a horrendous case of crabs once; I like Tom Cruise less than that.

    10. Mark Pomerhn

      Tom is the real deal!

    11. David Sánchez

      "I made a baby"

    12. Brittany Randazzo

      Rebecca is a little flirty lmbo

    13. Rich  Hughes

      Ouch. Sorry guys I've broke my ankle and to carry on would be a....... Mission impossible.

    14. Nish

      2:20 Henry leans in for a better look 😂😂😂

    15. Chekhov

      Keanu reeves & Tom Cruise: What is arthritis?

    16. Janett Culberson

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    18. nh fw

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    19. awpiggi

      I’m in love with this group of actors

    20. Ramza

      I made a baby LMAO

    21. k w

      He seems like he's uneducated and simple. I looked it up. High School education. Big surprise!

    22. Leo Mathlein

      No way this movie came out almost 4 years ago, im getting old man...

    23. Novak Ingood

      As a Scientologist, he was actually the best person on set to treat his broken ankle. Apparently, neither a doctor nor a medically trained professional have the skills L. Ron Hubbard's adherents have according to Tom.

    24. Saqib Jahangir

      Henry cavill moustache 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Sung Lee

      Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise deserves respect.

    26. Greg no prego

      The way that Tom got up over that ledge & finished the shot is a tribute to his physical stamina & professionalism. I've been an athlete my entire life, playing football mostly, & I cannot say that I would have been able to do what he did unless my life depended on it. . .

    27. Sandal Basotra

      I don't know how KZsection gets it. But watching this with my very own broken ancle.

    28. Ann Rodriguez

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    29. Alexa Penn

      oh god, that really hurts to watch - especially the close up. whew. it must’ve been horrible! poor guy - jees!

    30. Carlos Castanheiro

      God, Rebeca Ferguson is absolutely perfect.

    31. Coulter Gill

      It's funny that this is what injured him after his other crazier stunts

    32. Bonnie McCormack

      "I made a baby" lol

    33. yumpladukfoo

      That wasn't squeamish by a long shot.

    34. Eric Brown

      I love that they kept the original shot in the movie, complete with him limping away. What a legend.

    35. Anton Boludo

      0:38 - Was she ever turned on.

    36. RIchard Davidson

      I made a baby. lol

    37. Mister J

      If English wasn't spoken in the UK, all the stars would never be on this show. All of the Hollywood stars, the greatest of the greats, actually only ever came to a German program at the time, and that was "Wetten dass... ". Even Michael Jackson was there, who has never seen any other TV show outside of the United States. So therefore I don't know what to think of this show.

    38. MedicineMan Everything

    39. Alex Labanino

      3:20, knee 😲

    40. Evelyn Evelyn

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    41. Avidan

      I watch one video of Graham wagging the dog for U2 and now im barraged with this garbage.

    42. Alex Soriano


    43. Ricky Downhill - RDH

      Tom Cruise is F'ing nuts!! I'm under the impression he's got chest and leg armor plates on??

    44. John Hernández

      I make a baby

    45. Kanchana Kaushalya

      Ok I cried !

    46. nh fw

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    47. Away Lp

      Uh Rumble in the bronx same stunt JC no cables

    48. Lin


    49. Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!

      Wait until his adrenochrome supply, runs out.

    50. Fiveash-Art

      S hit .. that lady is fine as hell

    51. Steve Gad

      0:38 * Make sure I'm showing the maximum amount of leg.....yep....Got it!! *

    52. Imam Malaysia

      Tom took the word *Break a leg* to whole another level

    53. Jemand

      OKay this foot story is crazy, but What I can't wrap my head around is the fact that he jumps full speed onto a concrete building, braking with his body basically. How does that work?

      1. Semeyaza

        He wore padding on his chest to cushion the impact, but it's still a very big impact nontheless. ;)

    54. WhyNot

      Real story is that he was wearing too high a heel lol. Short man syndrome.

    55. Lindgren Isidro

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    56. lilchaq

      hes such a great actor

    57. Kanchana Arreerat


    58. R

      Now the movies should be named 'Mission anything is possible'

    59. AZCobraman

      Save me Xenu! Save me Oprah Winfrey!

    60. swan olsen

      2:46 #RebeccaFergusonAndtomcruise

    61. gamingnotacrime

      that's dedication and professionalism, he knows he cannot spoil that take, coz if that shot was split it wouldn't have looked as good as it is

    62. Bob R

      looks like Hyperdorsiflexed

    63. Coverage Awareness Studio

      59 today and the man still looks 30...

    64. Shaq Deisel

      Human body is amazing, if he was 10 years younger that bone would have flexed. Amazing how aging can impact bone flex. Older you are the more brittle you get.

    65. Evans Martha rose

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    66. Linda Daniel

      Can't stand these narcissist

    67. Linda Daniel

      The woman is angry because no one is talking about her

    68. Preesi

      I wonder how many Assists or Audits he had to do to find out why he broke his ankle?

    69. Ph!1thy M!1es

      That looks like the most uncomfortable seating option possible for his guests. No one ever looks comfortable. They all have to sit awkwardly. Is that on purpose or does he just have idiots for set designers?

    70. marit nordin

      Foot age from a different ankle...

    71. Mr. K

      How it would be if tom cruise and Nolan works together .The no CGI movie

    72. Blitztim

      Hitting the edge of that wall couldn't have felt good either. Was it foam?

    73. Kam Wong

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    74. ngo hung

      Tom Cruise is usually a hero in any movie. What he has been doing while acting 👏 are so wonderful. He is brave and even the first volunteer in dangerous scenes without any stuntmen

    75. 55 ostar

      This what happened went he doesn't believe in Jesus Christ our hope the man who gave his life for us all

    76. Chicago Made


    77. Benformation

      Director: Break a leg, Tom. *Tom Cruise: Anything for the movie.*

      1. Jacob Chavolla

        that wasn’t scripted

      2. Mariam


    78. Truth Teller

      Cochise Helped

    79. Erick McNerney

      Gotta respect this guy.

    80. Douglas Smith

      "...I made a baby." Hehe

    81. imagic studio

      its cruise

    82. LovelyGeisha Konichiwa

      Tom Cruise is ❤

    83. Agent Pohls024

      And for stuff like that, Tom Cruise is unique

    84. Sagat Uppercut

      This show is hilarious. I wish we had one like it in America.

    85. Panik

      I'm not surprised he got injured honestly, the safety straps were there to soften his weight vertically and not horizontally. So his momentum was still there.

      1. Bric Aaron

        I'm not at all surprised, either. I think that was a poorly-configured stunt, and I think that even a professional stuntman could possibly have done the same thing.

    86. DrZook

      Cruise is a boring, self-involved man who plays the same character in almost every film he has ever made. He demands 30 million USD for every film he appears in, while those who work for his cult, The Church of Scientology earn $20 USD per week. He is the quintessential religious hypocrite.

    87. ConfusedAnnoyed


    88. Bla bla bla Cla cla cla

      "I made a baby"

    89. Sentient Mlem

      Tom Cruise gets some flack for Scientology (deservedly so) but he genuinely seems like a nice, classy guy.

    90. bourahli abdelkader

      Hi penji!

    91. Marvin Bibb

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    92. Nicholas Major

      That's some gnarly... footage.

    93. CorranCarpenter

      I'm sorry, Tom Who ? I could only see Rebecca in this video ❤️❤️

    94. Arman Jurad

      well... is tom cruise. the "show me the money" man. off course is the best.

    95. mattnbc00

      Reminds me of Burt Lancaster in "The Train" when he injured himself. He just limped his way through the rest of the film since it was near the end, which looked realistic anyway. Amazing Athlete/Gymnast and a great actor.

    96. Murdermatics

      Tom might actually be the main character of earth.

    97. Melissa goodall

      why is everyone leaning away from him?

    98. Mister Bennett

      He may be an A-grade nutjob, but god he's an entertaining one.

    99. Kevin Smith

      Directed it too so even more pressure to keep going for the scene!

    100. Jayson Ong

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