This is MADDNESS 😳😱

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    Trained professionals still making me nervous 😱😅 (via Orabecboris/IG)

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    1. Куандык Копбаев

      Очень опасно... Кажется, ну какие-то десять метров.. Под льдиной, при низкой температуре, теряется дух, цель и мотивация, учащается серцебиение, появляется паника, пловец опытный но человеческии фактор... Не пытайтесь повторить, это вам говорит, тот кто поплыл по течению в Каспийском море, чуть не унесло течением в холодное море, чем дальше холоднее.

    2. Mike Tyson

      I literally held my breath longer than him then apologized to my brain right after for stop breathing for too long

      1. Maberik Instink


    3. Luiz Martins

      Que fôlego que tem este cara.......parabéns👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


      Szacunek ,że koleś nie spanikował 🤯

    5. Артур Валеев

      Осталось 2 метра до выхода, там стоит человек и этого человека 100% видел пловец. Постанова 400%.

    6. carri7

      There's no end to the show. It's in me right now

    7. IMS Photography

      I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣😂😂😂 Heaven is the goal 😂

    8. Clips **Just Clips**

      Respect to the guy that slipped trying to tun across the ice 🧊

    9. Vijay Pallikonda

      😂😂 Again he will never swim in ice water... lesson he learned

    10. Antarah Ibn Shaddad

      Buddy slipped on the ice 😂

      1. Dhruv Adhikari


      2. Maria Navisha

        @Dwyane Wade l

      3. victor raul

        Bi no se si podrías pasar por acá en el grupo de mí mama y el de eso y wo

      4. Hader Ahmed


      5. Qismət Əmrah


    11. maisoon moaaz

      Thanks alot I just had a nightmare that I was drowning last night this helps a lot 😫😫

    12. Isabelle Beth

      at least the friends are trying to save him instead of laughing (can’t understand other video, how the friends can laugh like a naive fool 🫤🫤)

    13. Tami Collins

      Omg I held my breath the whole damn time. Crazy stuff

    14. Sian Adrain

      Why didn’t he just turn around as soon as he noticed the other side was an ice wall?

    15. Winans Investment & Research

      Omg....who else like me held there breath the entire time they were stopping on the ice. ....madness!!!!

      1. Abhinandan Bhardwaj

        I too

      2. saroeurn ms12


    16. Hell No

      Legend says his heart is still in the moon

    17. NraugHmoob Yaj

      Wow! That was a big mistake! Glad he made a quick decision to make a U-turn for safety.

    18. Alfran Oliveira

      Existe doido para tudo nesse mundo! 😂😄

    19. The Rare Breed

      Keep knocking on the devils door long enough, sooner or later someone gonna answer

      1. Shyrh-29


      2. Paul Kessa


      3. Sanae Cheddadi


      4. Sanae Cheddadi

        @Xander Sage if

    20. José Alberto Paraguay tambini

      😂😂😂 todos tratando de romper el hielo,se cayeron de culo😅

    21. Rose Moraes

      Esse cara aí tem fôlego heim,só de ver já me deu falta de ar 👍😇🙏

    22. Maria Rodriguez

      Mi respecto adora los rectos valiente caballero ❤️💯

    23. Brittney Clay

      The dude falling on the ice tryna break it reminds me of penguins when they slip and fall on their backs 😂💀.

      1. Jasmine

        That took me out lmao LOL

    24. Chief Aborigine

      Brah literally tried jumping on his head through the ice 😂😂

      1. mgtun phyu


    25. Azmat1999

      Am I the only one that laughed when the other guy fall

    26. The Real Us

      The guys had zero tools to immediately break the ice….

    27. Nasuh BAŞKAN

      Gerçekten muhteşem bir sporcuymuş Cesaretine hayran kaldım

    28. Add on Africa 🌍

      🤣🤣🤣🤣, you people your crazy! But I enjoyed the pressure towards the end🤣🤣 And this one who fell down also made it more fun🤣🤣

    29. ReyJae_

      I died when homie slipped 💀

      1. the champion

        @SlicedBread they should had opened another hole in the middle just in case

      2. CC

        I thought he was doing WWE on the ice to break it but I guess he slipped lol

      3. charles brown

        How did you type this? Life’s trippy ☠️

      4. SlicedBread

        Good news... You can resurrect yourself, because he didn't actually slip. He jumped on the ice with all his weight to try to break an opening for the swimmer to get out

    30. Ева Шед

      Как я за него испугалась 😣 Слава богу, все хорошо 🙏🏻

    31. From the anime world

      Bro that was close he almost to die thanks goodness he's safe

      1. Fenton Browning

        This was so fake. You can see a man in another hole right in front of where he was.

      2. Q A

        No it was not that was no where near 15min he wasn’t near death

    32. Airam Miguel


    33. Cohen Coco Sauls

      You wanna tell me he is few CM away from the guy in the water and he still gets lost....LIES

    34. F

      And the Darwin Award goes to… 🙄

      1. Donna-Nia Jonathan


      2. sali sali


      3. Hani Farjo


      4. Glenn Roberts

        I love it. My sides hurt from laughing so hard!

      5. TraumaER

        @Adventure Games at least you are aware of Greg Plitt. Respect. But yeah he didn't have to be in front of the train. He could have ran outside the tracks... Another hero dead too early.

    35. AERO TECH

      Playing with nature is madness, always 😳,But lucky - Thank God

    36. cooper lol

      Lol he not doing that ever again 🤣

    37. hazel ricafort

      How can he hold he's breath for so long

    38. Tariq Charles

      Pov: your asking yourself why is he doing this in the first place

    39. Tamar .B

      "I had a dream about this when I was a little kid 😰"

      1. Dean H

        I'd drown if that was me good job he didn't panic

      2. change

        This is common dream

      3. Bruce lee

        This is sooo scary when I was child I was about to die rhen thry saved me 💔😭

      4. josephat jordan

        Big dreams😂😂

      5. Egyptian Eye

        So Don't ever walk on ice

    40. Matriealgurwl

      “I dreamed i was madness😱😨😰”

      1. Shush


      2. Hoogvliets Guillermo


    41. Augusto Faustino de Castro

      Esse nasceu de novo 🙏

    42. Мария Никифорова

      Уоа... Как опасно... Я так переживала... Слава Богу, что вышел!!! Ёлки, палки!!!

      1. Таира Гаджихалилова

        У меня чуть сердце не вышло 😫😱

    43. Satyam Singh

      This is madness Spartans : this is Sparta 😂😂

    44. Roberta Roque

      Cara maluco 😱😱😱 Eu mostrei a minha mãe e ela disse: meu deus du céu😱😱😱😱

    45. Nylah Mitchell

      I am glade he made it out alive

    46. Mickey Mouse

      😂😂😂 Its brain hack...!

    47. Daily _QURAN

      He can see the man standing in the water in front of him. Just want to fool the public.

      1. Gilbert Banaga

        @Rehna Saidalavi are you single.

      2. Rehna Saidalavi

        No. This is temporary memory loss

      3. Gilbert Banaga

        Yeah.. you explain a thing.. we do not know..

      4. D W

        His retinas 👁 started to freeze 🥶, which causes temporary blindness. So he really couldn’t see.

    48. Rattler Dad 🐍

      That guys composure under pressure is awesome 👍🏿

    49. Елена Железнова

      Как хорошо, что была страховочная веревка. Браво плавцу, что смог сосредоточится в такой непростой ситуации.

    50. Killua Lagus

      He was tied dude!!hahaha

    51. Amajoritse

      Me not breathing well cuz I’m watching this.💀💔

    52. Shaina Jasmine Orbiso

      Omg imagine you are stuck in there no one there to save you have to figure out how to go back and the land by yourself i believe you you can do it don't give up don't let yourself drowned because it's 2022 kailangan natin ng magbago 💜💜

    53. Елена Сафина

      Ффууухххх, успел выбраться, я так переживала за этого парня 👌👌👌♥️♥️♥️

    54. Галина Демчикова

      Я, тоже чуть не захлебнулась на диване!! 😀😀😀😀

    55. England English

      I believe he did it on purpose!!

    56. Ohm Pagun

      I'm dying. How do you play like this?

    57. Flo Anae

      his was just showing off that he could stay underwater for long time haha

      1. Devin Vez

        @TJ Thompson no....

      2. Caffeine & Heartbeats

        @Jones you're hilarious too lol

      3. Jones

        Right these people really believe everything they see it's hilarious

      4. TJ Thompson

        No the ice froze in front of him you can see him put his hands up in front when he was feeling around

    58. Denis Denis

      Así entrenas Para ser Soldado

    59. johnny depp fan

      This dude on top did 360 so he taught he told him to turn.

    60. Hadischa A

      Рисковал очень. Заставил переживать. Стальной парень,столько находится в ледяной воде,не каждому дано.