There’s fast, and then there’s Mariusz Pudzianowksi.

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    1. LILB

      All those years of helping mom with the groceries really paid off 😂😂

    2. ImmaSlapYoFace

      “That’s a 495 pound weig.. Oh it looks like he’s struggling a bit here”

    3. i_am_TimCriMM

      Thor, isn't that your son?

    4. Tanner Broyles

      “He’s now relaxing his body.”

    5. Gabriela Marciniak

      As a polish person, I'm proud to say he's from Poland. In our country, we call him "Pudzian"

    6. mike obryant

      I used to love watching this back in the day. He was always on top.

    7. Mo A

      strongest core and upperback ever. thats why he owned moving events. running up the power stairs with 500 lbs when many strongmen still struggle with that to this today.

    8. Just Gaming

      We’ve all at some point thought “yeah waddling is easier” 😂 😂😂

    9. Serrot304

      "he's struggling a little"

    10. Roman Petrov


    11. alida flus

      Me : i need to get some sleep early so i have more resting time Also Me 5 hours later : watching these shorts and stuck in the loop

    12. DavDivesIn

      That jog back was so graceful 😭 💀

    13. Anoy


    14. zeke silva

      This man is the definition of work through the pain.😂

    15. The LPN05Fan

      This is one of the coolest and smoothest Strongman perfomances I've ever seen. He really wanted to win this.

    16. Sam Tab7

      He was a super complete athlete with an unusual stamina and cardio training.

    17. Joshua Drewes

      I remember this - then SpongeBob had to inflate his arms more to win the anchor toss

    18. iMitchell666

      when mom comes home with groceries and says help with the bags.

    19. Joe Yogurt

      He was the guy that got me into Body Building and Strongman. He's my all time favorite and he deserves way more recognition.