The Witch - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 21

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    This is not your ordinary Minecraft witch.

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    1. Alan Becker

      DJ always has the best commentary for these videos:

    2. Jean Starnes

      What Alan Becker has taught me:

    3. Cosmic

      The amount of creativity you put into these fighting scenes is actually insane

    4. Bobo

      This man managed to make a convincing fight scene with sugar cane, a llama and a fish. If that doesn't demonstrate how much talent he has then I don't know what would.

    5. Aphmeow 2300

      I love how for Green as a stick figure proves himself if he’s the real green, he plays the song that he played for that one episode back near the beginning of the series

    6. bogdan d

      Red's pet pig literally saved everyone multiple times throughout this series

    7. Surf vr

      This shows how good Technoblade is

    8. LINKZIN

      Man, his fights are so cool that makes me want a mod with this logics on the game ;<;

    9. MoonyCat

      Normal people: "Dogs are incredibly good at tracking scents and are great companions!"

    10. C Gillis

      This video poses a unique, philosophical message about a most serious topic; Blues addiction to netherwart got him into this mess. Don't do drugs kids, or you'll end up a piston one day

    11. Glorious

      The fact the pig got techno power from a potion though. Alan's too creative

    12. HuntingTarg

      What's interesting to me is that the main drivers of the plot and the story of this episode are: Blue, Red, and red's pig, the three characters previously portrayed as least capable and skilled.

    13. CoWorker

      Title: something super easy to understand, generally about 2 words long without any complexity whatsoever

    14. Inspector Tezuka

      Can we just appreciate how adorable they all looked when shaking their arms in excitement with purple? Not sure how Alan made stickfigures cute but he did it

    15. Terminator

      I love how the fish just goes full sicko mode with a diamond sword

    16. Meltdown - Pokevids

      Imagine fighting like this in minecraft, that would be really epic, and Alan your work is too good.

    17. thatoneXman

      words cannot describe how impressed i am with this animation. keep it up, friend!

    18. Ram Darash

      The best thing about Alan Becker is that he never upsets his viewers.