"The Warden" - Animation vs Minecraft - Shorts Ep. 26 ( by Alan Becker ) Reversed

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    All credits goes to @Alan Becker

    Original video: kzsection.info/green/bejne/v4tnkHJuZ5yklnk.html

    Alan Becker Channel: kzsection.info

    Thanks for watching!

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    1. KING

      Im amazed on how good this looked

      1. Luhe_28

        Yes, except the bipassed distorted music😂

    2. Stevensky329 Gaming🎮

      2:33 the cartographer-villager moonwalked though...

    3. everilda solano

      0:16 mario speedrun be like

    4. FedTebv

      When its your first night in minecraft so you build a dirt hole 5:26

      1. mr goods games Nac


    5. littlekittycatbro

      Don’t worry guys, they’re just cleaning up the mess :)

    6. Minion doing rapidly fast drum solo

      6:27 spring coils in cartoons be like

      1. Red Target

        It’s like he sat on a pin but the side effects were delayed

    7. SakBlast

      0:17 me when mom says to wake up but your having a dream about sip of choccy milk

    8. Chun2us

      I like how they casually fly backwards

      1. baka


    9. karan b

      Even though it’s reversed it still looks awsome

      1. Arsyad Games

        @Jelly "it's not a mistake."✨its a masterpiece✨" ;-;

      2. Jelly

        @Arsyad Games i dont know

      3. peter_bacon


      4. Arsyad Games

        @Reversing Animation Are u his bro?

      5. Reversing Animation

        Thanks bro

    10. The ultimate, amazing, sleepy Koala

      The fight at the end in reverse makes is seem like the warden is loosing

      1. Ar-T-Hur _30-05

        More like the Warden is running away

    11. João Sousa

      So that's what happens behind the scenes while the adds play, before the video starts

      1. Lazy Guy321

        They are just rewinding and being kinding

    12. Cool Bro

      Just doesn’t look right but in real time, it does.

    13. Koneser Chleba

      6:29 it looks like they are giving him energy to jump

    14. Ar-T-Hur _30-05

      Bruh, how they run backwards 😂 that is so satisfying to see, and funny. Actually, all parts are funny in a way 😅

      1. Ar-T-Hur _30-05

        @Reversing Animation No Problem👍

      2. Reversing Animation

        Thx men! I hope you likes it!

    15. TwinPosters

      5:22 Warden: Help I'm drowning! Orange: turns back and leaves

    16. Blackkyy

      how stickman fixed everything he's done in the video

    17. Guest

      1:55 its looks like “The Second coming” is pulling notes with his candle

    18. Arthur viceversa

      I can say that this animation might even make more sense than the original "Alan Becker" sorry about that


        Wow a brazilian

    19. Ángel Ricardo Aguilar Ibarra

      2:26 CONGRATS, you complete Zelda

    20. Shades Of Grey

      Me after I'm done playing 4:29

    21. Lauren Sykes


    22. drei

      I like how they rebuild stuff

    23. Scanner 07

      when you use //undo too much

    24. 💣 Mysterion Gaming 💣

      0:00 perfection

    25. João BCxxx

      Muito incrível esse vídeo

    26. Andrei Labang

      Its like dodging and replacing the blocks

    27. ninja 007 :/

      3:05 warden placing blocks

      1. usus

        LOL IK

      2. Thana Animation

        Crazy diamonds

    28. CyberKxngz

      Bro, i feel like Warden is being defeated.. 🤣

      1. Reversing Animation

        You are right😂

    29. Khewmanwantdying

      2:25 How metal gang play music:

    30. ArNavPRoo DudE

      Warden Be Like: Why we still here, just to suffer

    31. -Driphantom-

      4:11 Yeah!!!! I got an Enchanted Notch golden apple :D

    32. Yaya A

      4:07, kinda looks like warden runnin from orange stick

    33. -Driphantom-

      8:01 The best strategy: Fly

    34. Ch3fConn0r Does Stuffz

      me in minecraft finding a mob spawner: 3:20

      1. BIOHAZARD


    35. ivanh gervacio

      The Warden Just Building 3:00 00:28

    36. Scott Cawthon (REMASTERED)

      is nobody gonna talk about the moonwalk 1:12

    37. chillz er

      The warden looks scared in reverse

    38. Runi=)

      The way that the gravity just uno reverse it XD

    39. endergamer2021

      It looks like warden is putting blocks back

    40. RealisticSmoke

      My parents: we are going at a hotel 1 day. (1 day later.) My parents: lets go get grandma out and get to our place. My parents unpacking: 4:28

    41. Florence Lozano

      2:27 ngl the song kinda cool


      3:35 Orange: follow me! Warden: NOOOO!!!!!

    43. Thailand_228 alt

      00:07 warden got knockback attack

    44. Cyberknight

      0:15 I won't give up! 1:07 he's too powerful! *gives up*

      1. Eitan Chuli


    45. Curious

      Your telling me this man gets views by reversing a video he didn’t even make? Wow gg

      1. ana paula

        @Reversing Animationsim tem um ploblema o ploblema e. ...MANGA COM LEITE

      2. Curious

        @Reversing Animation no there isn’t a problem. I’m just amazed lol

      3. Reversing Animation

        I'm just sponsoring the creator ( Alan Becker ) , any problem?

    46. Juan Fikri

      I just found your channel & it remind me of tenet

    47. Zara  *ILOVEYOUALLAH*

      That’s called *silly fight * feeling like when it’s the reverse time

    48. Shum Pak In _

      I is funny but the first fighting looks like that the orange king dude is winning And the song is ok 3:04 funny

    49. Фёдор Евгенич

      1:00 King orange: uhh hey man imma go Warden: ok *looks back and flys*

      1. [RONIC]


    50. Unlinked

      this is pure concentrated evil

    51. Samyak Borde

      I think this was funny 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. James Singley

      Ok, lets place back some blocks, mr.king guy: wheres that darn dirt block. warden:bye, old freind RAH... NEED TO PLACE BACK......... BLOCKS!Ah yes "slowly backs away" ok byeeeee. Ghost apears and then dissapears. NEVERMIND COME BACK I Want YOU! Ok fine just let me place back these items from a chest. I STILL WANT YOUUU! Ok jeez.... AAA fine bye but ill come back someday... ok "then starts placing more blocks" ima just jump a million blocks in the air. OH I FORGOT THAT DARN DIRT BLOCK! OH MAN I REMEMBER HIM. ok time to get that pesky dirt block.

    53. Norman chiu

      0:18 looks like he's flying

    54. Djãqui

      A story about betrayal...

    55. Andreia Ignacio

      Trapper's be like: 3:00

    56. Dylan Zachary Rosales

      Thats what they look like with hack modes

    57. -Driphantom-

      0:21 Now i descovered that orange can fly!!!!

      1. farid haikal

        Is backward flying

    58. Anclre

      Warden has magic lol

      1. Anclre

        Also,warden is escaping SC like Opposite Day lol

    59. Tenzo756

      6:50 orange rests THEN GOES TO HEAVEN

    60. abas gamer223

      top 10 starwars jedi 0:23

    61. Flint Impact

      5:15 6:00 second one coming: WHY ARE YOU RUNNING

    62. Andreia Ignacio

      When the thief changed his mind: 4:27

    63. Sirvo 2212

      En algunas partes pareciera que estuvieran atacando XD

      1. Sirvo 2212

        @Reversing Animation eso 😎😎😎

      2. Reversing Animation

        Indeed it is true :>

    64. Neo Agoti King GamingYt

      1:03 King orange: **Gulp** Warden: .....

    65. 阿沈哥

      OMG this is so cool!

      1. Fish ball魚丸弟


    66. Kurumi Tokisaki

      Warden can see sounds

    67. natalie overbey

      It looks like the warden dabbed 0:13 And also it seemed like the orange Stickman and warden and the others lived happily ever after

      1. Shawn Wilczynski


    68. Manuel Mikel Tirado Mateos

      when there is an error in the script

    69. Callen Xian

      WHAT HOW!? SO COOL!!!

    70. halo gaming

      Made in heaven

    71. Dexlin May Bernadas

      Thiz is so good i love how they fly

    72. Júlia Liraa

      Best Animation by Alan Becker

    73. Kenny Rolea

      Imagine scared by stick figure

    74. Plasma Gunner

      3:35 sound wave cafeteria line

    75. Teylor Sparked

      TSC: 0:10 I’m putting back the sword into the wall

    76. JoeTEM

      pvping on ice be like 6:03 - 6:13

    77. Aaronbrine

      8:18 is cool

    78. Andreia Ignacio

      Resurruction be like; 4:08

    79. Womp

      Yo warden and crown orange just got Thanos snapped

    80. -Driphantom-

      1:00 Wardem: Bah i dont want to fight with him

      1. Arsyad Games

        @-Driphantom- Yes Ig

      2. -Driphantom-

        @Arsyad Games Warden better now?

      3. Arsyad Games

        Wadrem? U spell it wrong

    81. janakiraman Sankaran

      It looks so funny

    82. Joao Miguel Mateus

      Alan Becker Faz o episódio 27

    83. Xi

      TSC is so bad at playing music the warden tried to get away by blocking him out.

    84. 타조타조


      1. Xi

        I don't, I actually play percussion instead of oscilating

    85. [RONIC]


    86. 『ñot ùr avëragę Vįper』

      0:19: Orange dude: alright imma just backwards super man style fly

      1. Фёдор Евгенич

        its King orange

    87. EZ Pro channel

      5:15 a demon being afraid

    88. peter_bacon

      very epic

    89. Bread

      0:56 king orange got saved and said aight ima head out

    90. sad animal poster

      And it's make orange to survive when you reverse it

    91. Aldegunda Feudo

      1:02 is like orange forgive him and the other surrender

    92. Josiah Kryztoper Rosales

      Bro the warden is building lol and fast when he use the golden block the king

    93. LINE BLOB

      0:39-1:01 🤣

    94. Dika Aljawahir

      0:15 i believe i can fly 0:18

    95. 廖宏閔


    96. MrHyper5 Studios

      0:36 I won’t try to fight

    97. Alim Karakuş

      Lmao it seems funi

    98. Christian Alvarez

      0: 16 when someone dies

    99. Priscilla Fonteles

      Why the war continue so good?

    100. Saji55 S