The Visitor [Dream SMP]


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    dream's been punching obsidian for three months
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    1. Technoblade

      forgot to spam this mid-stream but EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE I NEED 9 MIL FOR MY EGO

      1. Aiden Kelly

        Ok so I’m confused and can someone answer my question. Can everyone on the SMP not watch each other’s streams and vids and everything when on there?

      2. tukurenkobra

        @Karis the Karrot lmfao

      3. FlamePippin

        Yaaaaaas Blood God!

      4. TheFallenCrafter

        ok we will

      5. Ethan Diehl

        Lets go got out

    2. 100million sub

      tecnoblade dont you dare die to cancer because tecnoblade never dies

    3. Jannatul Ferdous

      Technoblade is the best he is pro

    4. Sk Aahad


    5. AcePlayZ

      Name the dog halo

    6. Bernard Tanna

      Technoblade!!! Yes!!! My favourite youtuber!!! : D

    7. Mklol2010


    8. Jess_my_beloved


    9. Henry Huilgol


    10. Rania Chopra

      "is death a big deal?" "depends on the context. In regular Minecraft? no. in dsmp? Yes.

    11. tsou simon

      I like your video the most.

    12. the dragonzillas den

      Will you break dream out?

    13. Mohammed Sadiq

      Hey techno play roblox bedwars you should try it!!!

    14. ㄴ ikuu ㄱ

      I was on the live

    15. Starkeeper_Email

      *this stream was a week ago* *_H o w_*

    16. Roldan Pepito

      Sup tenchno I mean Dave😏

    17. Faded

      I feel like when techno dies he will be like “ YOOO IM DEAD”

    18. Ariana Rivas

      hai :>

    19. Sleppy

      THECNO WHY cancer

    20. dhepak sharan

      Pls help dream to come out of the prison

    21. WaterSkyGaming

      Someone make this video "Everytime Technoblade says Bro it get slower"

    22. Loren Paremorn


    23. Pinkie

      I was playing bed wars and I saw techno enter 3s

    24. Sparky_Ender

      Techno: "Oh yeah God visited btw. Anyways-"

    25. chocolate MUG zoomhex

      Techno dosent care about dream right as he comes out like he just left dream by himself

    26. MrName

      8 MILLLL

    27. ARSHDEEP Singh

      Help dream broo

    28. Mike Tyson

      When's the next stream dude

    29. Stephen - Brawl Stars

      18:40 “he was very very hung up about the fact that I gave him a free dentist appointment a few months ago” -Sun tzu, the art of war

    30. Tyren Plays

      Oml his Enderman is named after me

    31. Rex Random

      techno literally has the power to destroy L'Manburg by himself at this point

    32. ƈɦɛʀʀʏ_ ɮɛǟռ

      For those who came for the the technoblade *disappearance*, here ya go 17:12

    33. YEET YEET

      Use withers to destroy the prison

    34. mecha godzilla

      I love how quactity is just hitting techno and techno is just laughing

    35. Anime

      Next vid

    36. Anime

      Can you song sandbox

    37. Sanster

      UwU or OwO?

    38. Nathan Wilson

      The fak, I stayed up for like, 23 more minutes than I was FREAKING supposed to and now my mom will be mad at me and I get a CLIFFHANGER?! Fak. :> get noobed, im not mad ya faks

    39. Right Way BBQ

      Hello brother, I was told to come here from my subscribers.

    40. Mr. Depth Leviathan

      Theory - Techno will take Ossium the Skeleton Horse hostage like Quackity did with Carl and force him into submission before taking Quackity's 2nd Canon Life and getting him out of insanity

    41. Henry Jones

      Y is there a n on Dream’s skin

    42. Riley Dawn C

    43. Manan Tyagi

      You should see Mathew been video he has made you a real life 32 feet statue

    44. craggy_sea4

      hi techno


      Who is waiting for the next ep

    46. GeeseBurger

      I very much hope you get better Technoblade. You can beat the cancer man!

    47. SlamClam

      When it's a stream and 6 days late but it's still #3 on trending

    48. Atlantic

      So uh, do you actually have cancer?

    49. Plobmog

      But when you disconnect the pearl despawns and he was in prison when he got on so how did he get the pearl there if he was in prison?

    50. Tùng Dương

      Dream just copied you again :))

    51. becky Lopez

      Congrats on 9 million!

    52. TestingPage3726

      Dream so how's the punching going

    53. BOXI

      Leo said he is ur fan

    54. Jayleen

      Wait why did Quackity say that DREAM escaped instead of Techno?

    55. The Gaming bros


    56. works2.0

      get more on our side

    57. GamerPro08

      You denied God. Why?

      1. GamerPro08

        And, he doesn’t believe that God exists, but Dream does.

      2. GamerPro08

        Because he’s an atheist.

    58. Nathan Cook

      What a power trippy idiot lmao

    59. Kailash Mahase

      Lets gooooo

    60. XraveHudzXx

      Techno be like I have cancer lets play Minecraft and escape prison

    61. sligerd


    62. louie LOOO

      6:48 I love how dream got the achievement for eye spy in prison LMAOO

    63. Joseph Duval

      “i have a pickaxe and ill put it through your skull” that line was great

    64. Infernogenic

      No benn keeping up with dsmp and wow just wow

    65. Shirley Alexandre

      I have seen it technoblade

    66. Ranch Lego

      There’s a thing called combat logging

    67. TheCommieBirdy

      Quick question Techno, if Philza gets the flu would it be InPhilenza?

    68. Walter

      I love your content

    69. Rory Donnelly

      Fight fruitberry

    70. Tilat Shah

      Dream is in trouble awsamdud found him in the water and he is gonna fill in the water wither obsidien

    71. test

      Philza don't understand.

    72. Yugi_13

      I believe in you Technoblade and Dream

    73. Caramel Lasagna


    74. meower808

      Should have called the stream Edward Returns because clearly that is the only important thing that happened here

    75. IamNotNel_BG

      1v1 with dream

    76. Plague Doctor

      I'd love to see an invasion of the prison

    77. Sebaloo12 2021

      1:20 “Dream are you still there?” Elder guardian: I’m here !

    78. Xxranger_gamingxX

      Subscribe to techno :)

    79. foxxer

      Techno blade hope you're okay hope your cancer gets better we love you

    80. Floppa Enjoyer

      Dream cheated and all you dream stans can cry about it.

      1. Shen7272


    81. dataValis OFFICIAL


    82. EXLUK3XE

      I wish you all the best with the big C mate i really do, all the way from the UK, your a strong lad and your Ego just goes to show you will beat it, love you man, miss you

    83. Mrigaj


    84. Star pop 3737

      has he always said bro this much??

    85. Cynthia-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Techno saying startin the stream is the most comforting thing ever

      1. idk m d

        @Yeetus Deletus i just noticed the profile pic and name LMFAO WTFF

      2. Yeetus Deletus

        maybe say that when your on a different account?

    86. catking25

      I just saw something very sad I'm sorry for you

    87. lynda ericsson

      POG POG POG POG blood God technoblade the best kill

    88. Caleb Raulston

      wahdah dog doin?

    89. Natasha Tyler

      Ik a way to stop quackery and Sam

    90. lynda ericsson

      Geotechnical played you are the best KZsectionr ever seen Minecraft KZsection old I give you 10 out of 10 just everything you are the blood God good luck fighting cancel into stands no chance and just know you have you have a fan that will Neville Neville disappoint that will never betray you techno blade you all the best pog also if you can try getting warm and build into your into your organization she have more members of your request crackity in his Las Vegas place in no time also idea destroyed crackity Vegas place to place that he is dumb Las Vegas Las noches or whatever if you need any more ideas I have plenty of good ideas just simply kill Sam when you get into the prison and just take a ski cold

    91. j dog Inc

      Love it

    92. Mr.Bugado Barcelos

      Drem forever

      1. Floppa Enjoyer

        Dream cheated

    93. Lil Larson

      Ok but like why would it matter if quackity killed techno he’s got 3 lives

    94. crackedlynx

      Bell 🔔 dream punching

    95. J G

      Quackity: Im gonna kill Techno Techno: I'd like to see you try

      1. J G

        What Techno should have said

    96. ꜱʜᴀᴅᴇ

      Does anybody know how to get a sword next to your name like techno?

    97. Anthony Russo

      it actually takes 25 hours to mine one block in that cell

    98. Blooraccoon

      What the dog doing?.?.?.?🐶🦮

    99. 💛Sand star 🖤

      Dream literally can just hide in the water hole and Crouch and no one will see him so Sam will leave the door open and look for him and then he can get out