The monster protected the little girl 😭😢 LeoNata family

LeoNata Family

LeoNata Family

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    1. t aya.


    2. Kosta the gamer chocolate

      I Like how the dad plays 2 roles in this, the monster and the uncle

      1. LelyCruz

        eu tiobeio

    3. Дарья Колмокова

      Ребёнка каждый может обидеть. А понять ребёнка может не каждый.

    4. Abby Foreman

      That is so sweet ghostface I really love it with that boy did boy was not going to pop that ball and that's what he gets for popping the ball from the little girl I'm sorry I messed it up a little bit that's not nice Alicia has more balls 💓❤️🥳😍🥰😭😭😭

    5. Lucinda Slater

      The girl is so so sweet 🤤♥️

    6. my Angela 339 Roblox

      I can't stop crying I knew friends saved me like this 😭😭😭

    7. Полина

      Попал ребёнок в машину и попал зачем-то ребёнку в Жизнь портить если машину можно купить новую А жизнь человеку портить ничего не значит

      1. Jussara Nascimento de Souza


      2. Jussara Nascimento de Souza

        @Alexis Armas ui

      3. Alexis Armas


      4. Alexis Armas

        @Mohamed Fawzyn

      5. Mohamed Fawzy

        . ‘وكو‘ر‘و دودو

    8. Simamkele Simamkele

      The monster protect little girl 😌❤️😍😍

    9. 김순자


      1. Rohan Deonarine

        The man is so bad

    10. spring

      Sad but happy ending 😢

    11. Odete Gondim

      the best way for me to be in there is to have a good day at work ❤️❤️💗💗💖💖👍👍😭😭😭😓

    12. Ines Faure

      La pauvre petit fille 😭😭😭

    13. ミニオン


      1. Memie Recabo


      2. レン🌟


    14. Alfie Wilson 6tomorow

      SUCH A BAD SIR! Good monster ❤️❤️

    15. Nazia Shakil

      Such heart warming

    16. leprikaun1

      SUCH A BAD SIR! Good monster ❤️

      1. Edirlandia Moura


      2. Violanda Di crescenzo


    17. natasha matlock

      Boy let me tell you that girl came up with the king Kong balls not the other balls were like just bouncy I’m talking straight of Godzilla here

    18. 그냥 그런 애


    19. Rasheeda Chowdhury

      Very sad ):

    20. EduArdo SCI

      Os seus vídeos 😂😂😘😘💕💕💕🙏


      That backfired just right for him

    22. Kiara Christll Solitario

      I'I can't stop crying now 😓😌

    23. Angelie Maglasang

      Never treat a person how you don’t wanna be treated treat them how you wanna be treated

    24. Tiffany Austin

      😭that’s so sad

    25. mmonwa tutu

      i am happy with the kid

      1. mmonwa tutu

        i live in Botswana where do you live

    26. чисто приколлллл ❤️

      Как грусно😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Daniel Alavez

        Jiji de tu mamá y me dijo el de mi papá 😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅

      2. Залина Имхаджиева


    27. Therese Manuela Cruz

      The man is allso good!!

    28. ЗвЁзДнЫй ВоЙн

      Я одна вспомнила демона с мячами из Клинка Рассекающих Демонов

      1. Mahesh harikantra


      2. sabi ambreen

        Yun yu I'm y

    29. 형숙 박


      1. Юля Джулетта


    30. Мистер Огонёчек

      Boy let me tell you that girl came up with the king Kong balls not the other balls were like just bouncy I’m talking straight of Godzilla here

    31. Lili Nedy

      😭😭😭sister love baby 😭😭😭😭❤️😭

    32. Futbol.

      I feel sad for the guy

    33. 도지

      ❤ ❤ 🤍 💟

    34. Cheryl Beasley

      I don't like to use the word "Monster" 👹 ESPECIALLY SINCE the person with the mask SAVED THE DAY 🤩🥳🎁💓 & gave the Beautiful Little Girl 💗 back 2 ball's to replace what her dummy father did to the ball she won at the Fair!!!!!!

      1. Pinki Das

        Hmm jg

    35. Undoy Rosales

      yo do you mean that Ghost face protected the little girl yoo that's sick bro maybe Ghost face wasn't bad after all

    36. Apple Labicane


    37. Shifa Bape


    38. Love Oppo

      So Va So Good Thank You2 So Much Brader🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍..

    39. Nezha Laaouidate

      شكر أخي العزيز 😘

    40. Kittyella

      You just got a ball and accidentally hit your car that’s all

    41. Thái Ngọc


    42. lucivaldo sampaio

      Que triste nossa que dó mas no final foi bem

    43. Matthew Williams

      The kid: ITS TIME TO CALL OUT SCREAM >:)

    44. Keng Gunn

      Lol that was funny😅😅😅😅😅

    45. Lợi Nguyễn Văn


      1. Ariel Ayala


    46. Regine Kamana

      Voilà la leçon qu'on doit lui faire

    47. The gang family

      Love you kids

    48. Joel Rosario


    49. Cheenee Raboy

      She's father is mad because of that boy

    50. qing long zhou

      its making me cry

    51. 배현정

      오배서 불쌍해

      1. Hamzaoui Doha


    52. Michelle Leon

      Estadien Eso 😭😭😭😭😭🙏

    53. Natalia Torres Castellanos 💖🥰

      Que bueno que le dieron su merecido a ese señor 😅 🤣😡🤬

      1. Angel Arreaga

        Estructura 🤩😪😪😪😪😪😪🌍😪😪

      2. Manilyn Osano


    54. Parker Wrecker

      Thats what u get for being mean to her sir

    55. Ines Chouikh


    56. Sara :)

      Y does he have a knife in his pocket.....sus

      1. NeneTom


    57. Aubri Brenya

      Man! that dad is a jerk

    58. Wah Yuni


    59. 恵理 山本


    60. Hanan Boukiij

      لمذا كل هذا الحقد 🤨🤔

    61. Liliana Cardenas


      1. Claudia Cal


    62. Skittle the Albanian man

      Why did the sir do that 😢😢

    63. ゆう


    64. Roaa Moumen


    65. Golden rockstar Bonnie

      Bro just had a knife on him?

      1. Amanpreet Sidhu


    66. 정희 서


    67. natasha matlock

      That boy who that boy who put in the girls liking the shoes you would be so pressed did he just get older and he was in that dressed cause I feel like it

      1. さとうケンジ🇺🇦

        I had a fucking stroke reading this comment

      2. Александр Подгорный


      3. Anastasia Martin

        I love this music

      4. Sokorey Ahmed


    68. Danny Moura


    69. John Henry Olympia

      Love montes❤️

      1. Ani Jr


    70. Hayk Hakopyan


    71. Guillermina Maldonado


    72. Luiza Beatriz

      Coitada da minina❤️♥️👍😿💝👻

      1. 敏子 村田


    73. Ruslan Ciobanu


    74. Roblox Ömer


    75. Kenisha Brinkley

      You shouldn’t do that to little kids it’s so sad watching her yes she spelled her cry

      1. Amadeos Kruja


    76. Glitch Dream

      Очень грустно

      1. craker ramirez


    77. Dina Valadkhani


    78. Nikeisha Wijaya




    80. Maremi Chhakchhuak

      poor girl 😭😢