The minecraft life | Defenseless Ravager | VERY SAD STORY 😥 | Minecraft animation



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    Hello to all. My name is ZomBo, nice to meet you.

    Your favorite minecraft hero in a cartoon. These are very funny stories of Minecraft heroes.

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    Thank you so much for watching my video animation.

    The Minecraft Life of Zomma & ZomBo

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    1. Lena Kołata

      😭😭😭 wzruszyłam się

    2. Ravager minecraft

      I felt sorry for the parent of the little ruiner I burst into tears.

    3. _Emmitt Plays_

      I knew there was a reason why I have always hated iron golem’s in the villagers and I figured out the source

    4. klei YT

      Sad, But I Am Still Spawning (Testing) Iron Golems To Them

    5. A K I R A

      I love this Animation it make me cry... I know that Ravager is bad in Minecraft but in this story no.

    6. maicol pro

      no porque son asi es solo una madre que protege a su hijo chiquito lloro muchooooooo 🤧🤧🤧🤧😩😓😓😓😩😩😣😣😖😖 tiene que aser vengansa

    7. Maria Leidiane

      Muito triste 😢😢

    8. *-_DeerFlower_-*

      I love the part where the villager helps the baby ravager :’) and the ending had me crying

    9. Rui Perera

      Até hoje eu esperei por um filme do Minecraft mas parece que o governo não vai deixar e por isso eu agradeço a vocês que produziram essa obra-prima estão divulgando

    10. Daniel Roy

      That's sad

    11. RayGameplay

      This animation is very good zombo sad but happy ending thanks.

    12. Pamplona Ricky

      So sad 😭

    13. Мадам Везет

      Какой бедный Какая грустная история,,,,, 😭😭😭😭😭😫😓😱😭😭😱😓😫😭😱😓😫🤧

    14. BoticBee19

      This animation gave me a new idea for a new ravenger type mob: enraged/hell ravenger. High speed, high agility, medium damage, very high health, tamable: yes, difficulty to tame: high breedable: yes

    15. GFOAT

      i cry on this video since baby ravager's mom left him😥

    16. Priscila uana Silva

      Depois que ele fugiu para a floresta ele achou uma uma outra igual ele e fez um casal

    17. Tanishq Jajal

      it would be great if there was a ravager who would protect villages alongside the iron golem

    18. vera Lúcia Gomes

      I thought in the end that the vilage was going to fall from happiness

    19. Blackaraus

      Animation minecraft in defenseless ravager: Normal

    20. Victory  Winner

      I love it :)))