The floor is Lava Challange with the JOKER! 😱🃏

German Spidey

German Spidey

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    1. German Spidey

      New Spider-Man in REAL LIFE Parkour (floor is lava) Challange! can i do that?

    2. Gulmira Yakobava

      My respect for thanos gets higher everytime i see one of those

    3. Aditya Siva

      I am so glad Heath Ledger doesn't have to see this

    4. SkyShorts ꪜ

      Spider man:

    5. M Tuber

      Wow joker is trying soo hard to catch him 😂😂


      I'm calling Thanos......

    7. MasonSheppard

      Joker ain’t even trying!😂

    8. 혼상적인쾀비

      뭐여 조커가 스파이더맨 재롱잔치 봐주고 있는거 아녀?

    9. Rice_guy

      Joker drink fire resistance potion💀

    10. Taha Tlayje

      لما تجيب جوكر من باب الشرجي

    11. + A S Technology

      My favourite Spider-Man my favourite amazing entertainment

    12. Chrisfer nino Dizon

      You know how to parkour 😂🤦

    13. Dark Ztar

      me if i was the spider guy:just walk and dont parkour

    14. Yusup Mursodo


    15. DEDster

      This is the reason why we need a dislikes

    16. H3ARTE11A #roadto100

      When u try hiring a spiderman for a kids party be like:

    17. SamTGC

      Damn! Spidy looking good with those shoes on

    18. Rock girl

      me if i was the spider guy:just walk and dont parkour

    19. syed man

      He touched the ground

    20. Marcela Crizel