Talking Lynx



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    Dinnertime is upon us.

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    1. Brigitte Saunders

      These cats are complaining about the slow food service at this establishment. LOL!

    2. Kim Smith

      Wow! This is amazing to watch. They almost sound like huskies that talk. Roarw roarw roarw!

    3. Cathy Silva

      Love that! All together now…. That’s so cute and you can even pick out whose voice is who’s!🤣♥️

    4. Gamakichi

      0:32 "ugh oh god" says the lynx

      1. Relaxinjo Ronaldinho

        Yeah, i heard that the first time too. :)

      2. InTheLifeOf Cyn

        Right at the beginning you can hear him say “hurry up” 🥴😅

      3. yamagata takahiro

        @Adam no one asking

      4. Adam

        One bite from them are more dangerous then rattlesnake I believe u have 10 min get to hospital for instant death....

    5. t r

      Leave it to the husky and lynx to have deep meaning conversation about the wildlife

    6. giacomo b

      wonderful creatures wow! we need lynx here in italy too (hehe) :P

    7. Sarah Picha

      in a weird way very cute sounds

    8. Vivian Vigil

      They're ADORABLE💖💖🐱😸😺😾😹😿🙀😼😽😻😾🐱

    9. Nilesh Bhagat

      Just imagine u are walking back to your home it's 1:00 am midnight and suddenly u hear these voices behind your back. That would really be a scariest situation

      1. cazcat

        No kidding! I would puma pants! (See what I did there lol)

    10. justjohnny05

      they are so so happy🤣

    11. Margaret Roberts

      Great Video! Love it!

    12. Chirag Raju


    13. Kellisa George

      They sound like my class when the teacher gives homework on the first/last day of school lmao

    14. StrangeR DangeR

      I fk lost it at the "Wuh wuh wuuuhooohh!"😂

    15. Kyrojon Fallen

      Sounds like they are singing.

      1. Nilesh Bhagat

        Nah bro ,they sound more like a possessed old man

    16. 3rd world victim #YOUVEBEENLIEDTO

      They sound like the souls of the damned!

      1. bburgundy

        Yes, they do.

    17. cheeseman the 2nd

      0:32 "oh god" lol, they sound like L4D zombies

    18. CatDaddy69

      They sound constipated

    19. Lior Kravitz

      0:08 "oh yeah"

    20. Dave Griffith

      One of them sounds like Roger the alien.

    21. ElFuetazo🔥

      They sound like THE DEMONDS OF THE EXORCIST MOVIE😳😳😳😳

    22. Rexroots Kitesurfing

      Luv felines

    23. larry robinson

      Can I get a ten speed?

    24. Daniel yt

      0:38 talk saying lynx "what is that on"

    25. anisa fatima

      They're saying they want to be out of the enclosure

    26. Victoria Jones

      Wow they sound amazing ....but they also sound crazy .. demonised exorsist cat with long beard.

    27. ZL F

      "OY VEY "

    28. Atropus Arbaalish

      Kities are saying, oy vey...

      1. ZL F


    29. cat wotiy Wolfy

      Is talking

    30. Steve Morgan

      Translated ;HUNGRY.

    31. RespectMyNerdz

      Let us out of here

    32. bburgundy

      Creepy sh*t.

    33. 됴리당됴리