Taking care of Mommy Long Legs || Make up transformation by One More

One More

One More

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    1. Donara Rusova

      it's so satisfying

    2. Taylor Skylar

      At first it was disgusting,but at the end it was so amazing

    3. Carlos Roblez

      Kid: Mom can I have a mommy long legs Mom: no we have a mommy long legs at home Mommy long legs at home:

      1. Shirlane Carlos


    4. ♡・chimken・♡

      Me: *sees shoes in the shower* Also me: no no that’s a crime-

    5. Rebecca Norton

      Sound effects are just✨✨✨❤️

    6. A Phuc TV

      Quá tuyệt vời❤❤

    7. Abigail Loide

      I randomly can’t stop watching this

    8. Vitor Faccio

      One more que nome lindo

    9. anime💖

      So satisfiying😆

    10. Cheng Tingyu

      So satisfying 😍😍💓💓

    11. saska tomanova

      Me: trying to understand that why does this lady have shoes on in a bath tup just why..?

    12. Paye Garcia


    13. Danielle Peek

      I am so glad to see you are doing this

      1. jiayi lu


    14. Natalie Christopher

      This is what it looks like when you don't shower for 3 years.

    15. Asma Muthhana

      them:how fake do you want this to be ? Her:yes

    16. Chantal C

      So satisfying

    17. Shane Peterman

      *teacher*kids always brush your teeth for you're going to end up like this woman *Kids*I think we have already become her

      1. Md Mahbub Hasan

        ​@Izabel Gomes santos 00

      2. Ravie Rambeo


      3. Izabel Gomes santos

        Tava muito complicado porque também tava ela tava muito feia eu esqueci que não era pequena era muito feia ela tava muito feia e aí ela de repente virou bonita né gente ai meu Deus sempre eu me esqueço ela tava feia de repente ficou bonita né gente

      4. Izabel Gomes santos

        Uma robô né quem pega essa robô né gente

    18. DaviTailsd

      so satisfiying 😃

    19. Nicole Jaimes

      ❤❤️‍🩹Awwww so nice❤❤️‍🩹

    20. ZHYgamerYTBgames


    21. Rhonda Nelson

      Rip to the woman who had to do this

      1. João Alves

        ​@Любовь Павленко0h

      2. Любовь Павленко

        Нехороший зубы чёрные 👅👅👅👅👅👅😭

    22. YURI BACCI

      So, this is what kids learn now days...

      1. Carren LAnehart

        So this is what kids learn now a, days

    23. Piquena Gordils

      My kids do a LOT!

    24. Genaro Lorenzo Molina


    25. Goofy Ahh


    26. Mary Leon


    27. Mari Santos

      Só falta a espinha limpar direito que tá mexendo toda hora

    28. Naima Castañeda

      gracias soy tufan😁😁

    29. Brandusa Ciurar

      wow is șo cute

    30. هايي


    31. Adriano Ramos De Santana

      Nossa quantos dias que ela não escova os dentes

    32. Sam Barnett

      Me: why is there flies and spiders on this person??? *looks at the title* oh-

      1. Ali Khan


    33. FroggyPixie


    34. Familia Armero Carrillo


    35. rashi gupta

      Wow!!so kind and nice 👍 l like it you are helpful with other people and friends 🌹

    36. Imii

      Incontre este vídeo en el KZsection de mí sobrino XD

    37. Irina Saavedra Mena

      Por qué haces esto es cierto o no cuando tiene granel o revienta Bueno pero al final acabó queda hermoso y es bienes y cuidados muñecos o juguetes👍

    38. İsmail Tezcan


    39. Maggie chang

      I can’t stop watching it is good cuz alll the sound

      1. Lily Birst


      2. Nicoli Haveroth

        ​@Lily Birst

      3. Lily Birst

        The sound is disgusting

      4. claudia quezada


      5. Antonia Santiago


    40. Hind Bachir sibba

      Your videos are really cool🥰

      1. PH em Dias difíceis

        Ughė sesse i:⁠-três te q ade rrt teve

      2. Mily Morales


    41. Elis Regina


    42. Savatije Antonijevic

      The sound of duck is funny 😂 but the scene is discusting when glue is out of bumbles🤮. Sorry for bad english im from serbia

    43. Lauren Stamatis

      Mommy Long legs haven't cleaned herself in a long time I kind of like 100 million 89 years

      1. Noanny Sousa


    44. cora lovers

      que. vonito🤗

    45. Anji Lara

      The pimple part gave me hibbe jebbes and nightmares💀

    46. Evelin Uguarne

      Que muñeca

    47. Mohs Jbfu


    48. Dodo Lomboto

      ewwww thank goodness that mommy is clean 👌

    49. Лина Азовских


    50. Aurelie Guichard


    51. Aleksandra Petrovic

      Pokret u ustavnom sudu isti i zato samo zube prijave i sve tako

    52. Zunilda Liriano

      Take a good bath👍👍

      1. Quốc hoàng alo

        H s​@mike ricketts plpppoppopl có 6rvyyỳhhhhyyyhyyyyhyhyỳhg,,.

      2. mike ricketts


    53. Domar Bomjen

      Love 🙂

    54. Andrea Olsiakova

      This video is asmr godd

    55. peridot

      all dreams have meanings my dreams:

      1. Nakarin Netpat


    56. Mundo da Gio 💜

      Giovanna 😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

    57. Jxst Bunny

      That’s enough yt shorts for today…

    58. Sandra Holtrop


    59. Wapakelz 2.0

      Her: Me: is the marker permanent?💀

      1. Luciana Pereira


      2. Luciana Pereira


      3. Maria Rendon


    60. Jussara Oliveira Pacheco


    61. Ashley Melton

      Kid: mom why are you so p dirty mom: go to google room right now!!

    62. Jihgo Juhlia Cuevillas


    63. ☆𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚢𝚡𝚑𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠☆

      are we not going talk about the fact she has shoes in the bathtub…

    64. Natalie Cano

      Thanks KZsection I am uncomfortable now 😃

    65. Anna Romero

      1. Vith Vannoth 9999


    66. 優子 吹越


    67. Lucy Draper


    68. Huong Le

      Is that mommy long legs?

    69. Hind Bachir sibba

      I like your videos

    70. Elitania Souza


    71. iosif Tabasoum

      MOM! YES? I don't want to eat anymore WHY? Ask Mommy Long Legs....

      1. Renu Ray


    72. Elizabeth Onasanya

      Why is she still wearing her shoes inside the bathtub

      1. ประดู่ เปาจินจง

        ​@Sussy Baka screech

      2. Star’firewcue

        Good question

      3. Malek Mohamed

        ​@Strawberry MochieOwO ف

      4. Strawberry MochieOwO

        Just why

      5. Sussy Baka screech

        Ya I just noticed that🤓

    73. Dovilė Daukšienė

      Me:*closed eyes* 1min later *opens eyes* Me:WHAT THE FU-

      1. Reynald Luces

        Hhdgghgh hhgvhjgggbgghhfhh

    74. 김정희


    75. Luciana Lima

      "how many times have you watched this video" Me: yes

      1. lidya anggraini

        ​@Rosaina Mateo oc1hwoccv1v all.ada ada eq

      2. Rosaina Mateo

        un tal tu bb z el b.

    76. İsmail Duran


    77. Ofelia Roman

      😲. Wow

    78. Анжл

      я так понимаю что это мама

    79. Mariati Ismail79

      I dint know mommy long legs have pimples

    80. Itz Gacha Nofia

      Me watching this: "eeww what even is this" *Checking the title* "AYO MOMMY LONG LEGS WT-"

      1. Alan Celi


    81. Yh Lau


    82. Adela Maldonado

      si 😁❤️

    83. Elisabeta Biliboc

      Mámi íz vjud🥰🥰🥰

    84. Daili Rucù


    85. Valentina Bichuk


    86. Bernadino Bernadino

      Bang long neck e você pode😖


      They really made her teeth that dirty just for a video?- 💀🤧

      1. Галымжан Кусаинов


    88. Daniela Hangan


    89. Oscar Rosales


      1. Kristina Ramaj

        Un tu

    90. Константин Зайцев

      Мам ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    91. Deniya Walden

      She acted like her teeth got clean lol

    92. MIMI.

      R.I.P glace 😭😭😭

    93. Autumn Anger

      Who takes a bath with shoes on 😟😟😟

    94. iris suarez


    95. Carmen Camacho Vela

      Acaso se bana con zapatos?

    96. karla S


    97. `•ɢᴏᴛʜ•´

      who takes a bath with shoes👳‍♂️

    98. Analyn Reyes


    99. Orlan Ydamchap

      А потом её продадут на органы :))))

      1. Orlan Ydamchap


      2. Sharon Javinde


    100. NehirririskoRoblox

      Biri lutfen eray vs bim yapsin