Squid Game floor is lava challange! 😱

German Spidey

German Spidey

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    1. German Spidey

      New Spider-Man in REAL LIFE Parkour (floor is lava) Challange! can i do that? kzsection.info/green/bejne/sKFmbaBtpoGbY68.html

      1. Elsy Garcia


      2. Lauro Jimenez

        @Kliman 2020 I yo u

      3. shivsakti prem bhakti


      4. Xurshida Turdaliyeva


      5. Salm Ali يا حسين عباس

        @محمود عصام 😘😍😭

    2. rat

      If the floor was lava why can the guard walk on it?

      1. Jaciane Oliveira

        OI você quer ser minha amiga

    3. Coming Soon

      These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎖

    4. Rick Deez

      When spider man first tries to step on the thing when entering His other foot already touched the floor Either the guard is blind Or those masks suck ass

    5. Ninja pro

      When he was walking on the wood. Idk why he was walking like that

    6. I actually have content

      Okay, we see Spiderman 💯

    7. roblox player


    8. ♡_Myxa_♡

      This reminds me of minecraft Parkour it's exactly the same

    9. Ninja pro

      And his ass is getting fired.the Spider-Man stepped in the floor at the start

    10. Desmond Threats

      Did you see how he did that so easily:>

      1. Jagdeep Sharma

        L ex appllppo shrewd tk

    11. Isadora Silva pinheiro Isadora

      Eu gostei faz mais Por favor

    12. Duy anh V


    13. johnkenneth terado


    14. Sehri Sert


    15. Jo Johnsi

      Squid game 😀😀

      1. Fabrice Strub


    16. Yhen rivero


    17. john hot

      I love you man and that the way you do your vids

      1. Carla Di mauro

        Ma sta aperta

    18. Акуша Сервис


    19. Horror Family

      WowwW super 🛑🛑🛑🛑

    20. SunnyIDIOT_

      We are on our house and the kids are doing to help with the mee❤️💙🕷️

      1. Sevak Exoyan

        @Николай Волков толосоощушалвлашоуосожсдп

      2. Николай Волков


      3. Николай Волков

        Ропмбп ммсмиии

      4. Qosi Qosi


    21. Bowl of Rice

      Ah yes, i vividly remember when spiderman was being watched by a guard with a fortnite nerf gun

    22. Satyam Kumar 3B

      We need more

    23. twaysyi naung


    24. 張宣


    25. Sam Racing

      Wow where did they get that costume It’s from the squid game

      1. Cream`Puff

        You Don't Know What Amazon Or Buying Is.

    26. Luciana Ahumada


    27. Marat Marat


    28. Humaira Muneer


    29. Rudra Kadu

      Amazing 😘😍

    30. fahaad

      Video giving giving hundred lights super fantastic your video at putting share and comment you only my best friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spider-Man I love you Spider-Man

      1. Sarah Biondo De Moraes

        wwiiwjwwjwjwjjwiwuwiwiwiwuuwjwjjwwju s. skddksksmensenneejkeskjjdhhhhhhh h///*/#)*(#(#+ jsssjznnsk내ㅐㄴ재ㅐ맺마ㅓ 비맘머ㅏㅏㅁ맘마마남ㄴ 미ㅏ마ㅏㄴ재제너나 묘나ㅏ너너내ㅔㅔ나 ㅔㅐㅐㅐ9ㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐ9ㅐ009ㅐㅐㅐㅐ9ㅐ998ㅑ8ㅏㅏ09ㅐㅐㅔㅐㅐㅐㅐ9999아우캉ㅇㅇ,ㅔ,,ㅐ냐냐쟈더 ㅐ999ㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅐㅐㅐ990ㅠㅠ ㅍㅍㅊㅊ

      2. Sarah Biondo De Moraes


      3. Brijbhushan narvaria


    31. Charina Elaine Dela Cruz


    32. Αντωνια Τολιου

      spider-mαn challange!😂

    33. 𓅓Murilo𓅓

      Só eu q pensei no Nathan drake do Uncharted?

    34. Titin Kurniasih


    35. Quoi Le

      Wow, the floor is lava, but soldiers walk so naturally🤨🤔🤔

    36. Irene Navarro


    37. Miryam Reyna


    38. Amar Khoda

      love you spider man

    39. JJ DaMiniMe

      That looks fun

      1. Kani Kamal


    40. Hashmatullah Doulatzai

      The SquidGame floor is lava that is good very good

    41. Ram Chettri


    42. Nooer Al


    43. TR45H_Pr0TaTO

      Imagine season 2 is confirmed and this is one of the games

      1. Mohammad Idrees

        That may be harddd

      2. siti asiah


    44. Charina Elaine Dela Cruz


    45. Merpanoreys

      Omg😱😇 parkour Floor is Lava Spiderman😇

    46. Spider-Man Real Life


      1. Margarita Baxshyan


    47. Sujith Prasanna

      good I love you spiderman

    48. Jorge Gerónimo

      What an awesome person and also agile

      1. Micaela Diaz


      2. Aml Nawaiseh


    49. seo_san

      When marvel nerf spider man

    50. Aj gamers ☠️

      Real spider man can do this in seconds.. Bruuhhhhh... He can climb walls. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜

    51. Amanda G


    52. Arcangel fabian Basto poot

      Nice work dude you did amazing also you , re a great day and also you have a good time

    53. Rayyan Gan


    54. Виктория Медведева

      Ха. Ха. Ха🤣

    55. marvie ordanza


    56. Fireinc

      Funny how all of us wants to make a short which has something to do with squidgame. But when mr beast makes a recreation of squidgame he gets backlash

      1. Immunity Gaming

        Hold on, spiderman appeared in squid game? Could you name the episode?

      2. سعد البديدي


    57. Ana Vieira


    58. Feyzi Onul


    59. Atma Fatma


    60. Norma Araceli Ramírez Zarate

      Más bien no tiene que tocar el piso 😛😃

    61. Toto Gang

      Then how the guard is walking on lava😅

      1. Insane Gamer

        Isne sahi time pe sahi gaana or sahi trend chizz li hai video m spider man viral jara hai to spidy ko bhi lel liya isme

      2. Alaa stories


    62. Siti Hawa Mahmod


    63. Touy Bouppha




    65. Malyuun isn

      Its the shoes for me lol!

    66. Rafaella Farina

      Vc foi mas rapido que aquela ves que vc tinha que fujir do coringa

    67. Sivagami Sivagami

      𝒞𝒽𝒾 𝓃𝒶𝓁𝒶


      But how pink guard is walking on lava

    69. Gabriela Cordova



      Well done

    71. Zakiah Jusoh


    72. bcvbb hyui


    73. trap nation 2.0

      Costume never changes skill 🔥

      1. nishu devi

        Jvjhgvggggvvhhhvcch ejknlmvvh

    74. migdalia gonzalez


    75. Trần Thu Ngân


    76. Shruti Sharma


    77. Dung Thanh


    78. Agnes Obosin

      Wow!😍so cool 😎😍😍😍

    79. Maryam Alnoobi


    80. m21aljenaid


    81. Valentina González


    82. Jenny Alabat


      1. Anu k ksend nampar Anu k k


      2. Amina Kassaoui

        Tip ti fidi go up ccjvk kc

    83. Daniela Gamarra


    84. Manognya Kallepalli

      He is the real spider man

    85. mother mothet


    86. Daisy Flor Secolles


    87. Gino the beast

      Wow that was just nice

    88. Thuỷ Hà


    89. George Ng


    90. Neneta Delicano

      Video 📷

    91. Pok Le


      1. First First


    92. Maki Slam


    93. Diyanah Roslanni


    94. Josiane Ribeiro


    95. Chi Thêu Chương




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    97. Sander Alden Watiwat

      Squid games✓

    98. AshEdits

      I can do that too