Social experiment | Would you help?!



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    1. Leila Visinia

      That’s me when someone is literally drunk and is on a f&cking cliff

    2. ✨crystal✨

      I can't believe how kind that kid was 💖😭✨

    3. Fizon Idea

      Aww the fact that he took it from them with so much confidence it’s so cute and kind 🥰

    4. Carol BOBLOX  ♥️

      Parabéns pelo seu dia ♥️

    5. Isabele luanda Vitor Negreiros

      Que menino maravilhoso 😊

    6. Blue

      These videos make me realize all the cruel and rude people in the world who just don't care.

    7. Anderson Pereira

      Bom dia família parabéns ótimo atitudes

    8. Jacob Marshall

      I love how he Yanks it out of her hand in his head he was probaly thinking what in the name of tarnation is wrong with you people youre so rude

    9. Fizon Idea

      Стоп. Я конечно не уверена, но вроде это снимали в Челнах, около «Мэрии», там ещё летом много детей этом «бассейне/фонтане» купаются. Мы с моим двоюродным братом там были, и «прятались» от жары под этой платформой, на которой всё это происходило!!

    10. Niku Niku

      ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਆ ,,❤️❤️

    11. 🐇e̶l̶l̶a̶🐇

      I'm praying for all the people who thought this was real

    12. ámbar Suárez

      good people have to be rewarded ❤️🥰

    13. Caleb Fox

      A cara da guria quando o piazinho tirou o celular dela kkkkkkkkk adorei. Muito fofo

    14. Шура Шура

      Я тебе конечно верю, разве может быть иначе...

    15. Safari Sisters world

      That little 5 year old sweet kid rescued him that is so thoughtful

    16. MiRaNda

      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la

    17. RLKE Malady

      And the kids are amazing 👏 the help they give is awesome

    18. the rich  fam

      That was so nice ❤️

    19. Johann Cariño

      I love how the stealers dont run like they are acting. if i were them i would be just zoomin away with all of those gadgets

    20. Fizon Idea

      I love the way the boy pushes the man out of the way he is so nice 😘