Shopping with my mom Part4 🛒

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    1. 홍순규

      저아이 넘 귀여워 😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    2. Duglas Gonzalez

      I wish my will be like that

    3. jelly dOg

      His mom:ok the video is finished put everything back

    4. Ba Nana


    5. 홍지애


    6. idkvtx

      "Have you finished recording?"

    7. nilly is the best

      I want to be you so badly because your mom buy you a lot

    8. Jenil Nil

      I like mom this my mom is not toys for me😭🙁

    9. Oliver tree edits

      Imagine there grocery bill 😱

    10. Hala Mohmad

      انا عارفه شو راح يصير عشان هيك قلبتي الفيديو وبعدين رجعت له صرت بدي اكتب لك اياه ما اثقل دمك الولد زنخ كرهته كرهتك من وراه كنت احب تعليقاتك بس كرهتك من وراه

    11. Cengiz A


    12. Realyn Abiera

      i wish i had a mom like that 😎❣️

    13. Ada Zahra

      Love mother,

    14. Rosnah Bin hejja

      i love you miss mom like beli kan

    15. 坂本美聡


    16. 김기형

      그냥 매장을 사세요…..

    17. Prachi Mehta

      Did she buy it all??

    18. _Milka_

      But, that's was a just a dream:>

    19. Eliana Mendoza

      Hojala yo tuviera una mamá así.