She Ran Out of Her Shoe, Still Won The Race!



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    Boxing champion Terence Crawford shared this video of his daughter losing her shoe during a track meet. Watch as she runs back to put her shoe on and does the unimaginable and wins the race! This is simply amazing.

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    1. FJB

      Yes !! Great job girl

      1. волк


      2. Juliet Channer


      3. CuriousCanuck

        @listein It’s true. All people have strengths and weaknesses. Black people are superior runners and singers. Other races are superior in different categories. It’s wise to refrain from bragging about it if you don’t want someone pointing out your weaknesses thereby causing unnecessary and reciprocal racism. Have a great day. 🇨🇦

      4. vonsuthoff

        ​@Accompong Bogle ... At 65 years old, I have come to realize there are saints and sinners in every skin color in the human rainbow. MLK Jr. said it best, "We should be judged one at a time by the "content of our character, and not by the color of our skin."

      5. vonsuthoff

        *It's not the size of the dog in the fight... It's the size of the fight in the dog... And this puppy was doing some serious pavement pounding! Well done!*

    2. Bernita Centeno

      Wow, that is persevence and it takes courage to put your shoe back on and not stop and to continue. She really won twice. I won too just watching her. She didn't spend a second worrying whether or not her shoe would come off again. She gets the first class 🏆. 👏 CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR YOUNG ONE. THAT WAS REMARKABLE !

    3. Clinton Benson Olomo.

      Great job child. The lesson enveloped in this event is enormous. NEVER GIVE UP!

    4. clacy06

      The part I love the most is how her folks IMMEDIATELY started to support her. No hesitation, just love and support. A lot of times people in a difficult situation already feel bad, but it’s always beautiful when people are there by your side cheering for you through it. Props to the young woman AND her loved ones. ✊🏾♥️✊🏾

    5. Cirio Parra

      She's def going to be a force to be reckoned with..💪🏾🏃‍♀️ great running form too👌🏽

    6. Wendy Sentosa

      Imagine if her shoe didn't come off - she would have reached the finish line and the others would still be halfway there 👏👏👏👏👏

      1. spanishgul22

        True oooooooooooòoooo

      2. marcia silva

        SIM kkkkk

      3. Bernita Centeno

        I think loosing her shoe was her incentive to run as fast as she could to win. Look how smoothly and quickly she put her shoe back on and didn't twice about running the race. She finished because of attitude as much as her endurance. That's a 🌟 🤩 ⭐ 🌠 💫 STAR IN THE MAKING.

      4. Effendy Panin

        I was about to say the same.


        Actually no! It's the fear and disappointment on leaving her shoes that motivated her to run even faster on the other hand the friends who went earlier relaxed because they new they left 1 behind. Opinion

    7. Hana Lewis-Rosado

      This made my day 😆 lolss my daughter did the same thing when she ran her race and still won her 🪙 metal

    8. Rosie Meeks

      My tears was of joy when you're in it too win it nothing can hold you back. Awesome she's going places in life.

    9. Mamzo Remza

      I need even half her determination and focus right now! She's great!

    10. Ronald Brown

      That was so emotional a had tears of joy watching that little girl run that was outstanding that's our future Olympic gold medalist

    11. Василий Пупкин

      Вот это воля к победе, УМНИЧКА

      1. Ahmet Sunar


    12. Magda Toledo

      A calma e a insistência da menina foi fundamental 👏👏👏👏👏

    13. Michael Rodriguez

      Damn kid's got talent. You can hear the tears of joy in the mother's voice. No doubt that's ma ma shouting😢👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🌋

    14. Joshua. A. Tetteh

      There is no way those kids could beat her in her entire life looking at how she covered up and the distance she gave them when she finished the race...Great Job Girl.💪💪🔥🔥

    15. Susan Harroun

      You killed it, Lay-Lay!! Now get your mom to buy you some new shoes! ❤✌🏻

    16. Карина Абуталипова

      Вот это супердевочка. Как бежит, как настоящая спортсменка-спринтер.

      1. Julieta Osio

        ​@Карина Абуталипова

      2. Billy Coldflower


      3. Карина Абуталипова

        @Игорь Тем ценнее победа. Бежать в обуви, которая больше на 4 размера и всех обогнать -это талант. Если с ней серьёзно заниматься, то это будет чемпионка.

      4. Игорь

        Всё дело в том что у неё обувь на четыре размера больше, обувь старшего брата . Этому видосу года два или три. Девчонке после этого забега подорили спонсоры кросовки. Африка, нищая, бедная Африка.

    17. $$$

      You know your fast when you run out your shoe! Child is going places for real.

    18. Karen

      She has a very strong running style. Good stride and powerful arms. She was always going to win.

    19. TC Mitchell jr

      Wow, Wow. Awesome, Amazing, Incredible. The Heart ❤ of a True Athlete, A True Warrior with a Determined Mind and Heart ❤ to never give up= A Winner, A True Champion 👍

    20. Balbina Valdiviezo

      Que linda deportista, a pesar de haber perdido unos minutos poniéndose su zapatilla ! Ganó! Ganó! Bravo! Es una campeona! ❤

      1. John Wright

        Lil mamma fast as hell I love her determination

      2. Людмила Малиновская

        адреналин вплеснулся!!! ))) с ботинком...!

    21. syed hussain

      Awesome baby girl!!! Love U for that kid! Stay strong!!

    22. David Pereira de Souza

      Apoio faz a diferença, parabéns!👏👏👏

    23. Cathie Bell

      That’s it girl…such proud mum ❤️

    24. Gemma D Ngirchobong

      WOW....she remind me when I was in elementary up to hight school I always #1 on all track & field category... I feel young when I watch her 👍👏👏👏😃

    25. Ednelson Borges

      Ela estava de fato preparada pra tudo e depois de um imprevisto ela sabia que precisava correr ainda mais. E foi o que ela fez. Parabéns!

    26. Louis Young

      You go girl! Well done.

    27. Àndrew

      Reminds me of my daughter like a sputnik when she was a kid unbeatable. Then she grew up... Well done girl you d bomb🎉🎉🎉🎉💯💯💯👌👌

    28. Ståle Johnsen

      That's what i call good spirit 🙌🙏

    29. Anita Ito

      Um exemplo da palavra: nunca desista, somos vencedores só de estarmos competindo!

    30. K. Lawson

      This young girl is inspiring! She could’ve gave up, feeling sorry for her self, angry, etc etc BUT she took it on the chin, shook it off, started last BUT finished FIRST‼️💪🏾💪🏾😤 #dontgiveup #dontwalkbysite

      1. Lola Byrd


    31. Maritza Marquez

      What a Great Runner! Bless her,, She will someday make it big

    32. Carrie Boone

      Unbelievable! I love it! Our next Olympic Gold Medalist in the making! Please keep encouraging her Mom! So amazing! She’s simply the best!!!🙏🏽💕🙏🏽💕🙏🏽

    33. Cikonia Niggra

      Unbelievable. One class better than other runners. The tears got to my eyes.

    34. Vitória

      Uns correm, outros nasceram para correr. 👏👏👏👏

    35. jennifer coleman

      One of the greatest comebacks of ALL TIME! Good job Lay Lay. We love you.

    36. CelishiaLarosa

      Shes destined for greatness

    37. Newmann de Carvalho

      Ela foi impressionante. E valeu o incentivo da galera.

    38. Ana paula da silva Paula

      É de arrepiar..ja aconteceu comigo so qque eu cai na curva da pista nos 4/400 e me arranhei levantei e ganhei 👏👏👏👏🙌🙌👐😍

    39. brenda comber

      Way to go sweetie look straight ahead and keep going.

    40. Dawn Finley

      I was so super proud of that little girl like she was my own daughter!!! It brought tears to my eyes!!!! Goooooooo LayLay!!!!

      1. Suzan Matias

        I get chills and tears everything I see her performance .

      2. Trust Tafara Moyo


      3. thabani ndlovu

        It's her mom or teacher motivated her, she kept praising and calling her name knowing her strength

      4. thabani ndlovu

        She never give up, she is a strong and brave little girl, I am proud of her

      5. NuestroCanalAmigo

        ​@S.Matai2c y que , lean con cuidado, laven bien los frijoles y todo lo que se coma para que no le causen vientos en la digestión porque al correr tan veloz los puede ir evacuando a mil kilómetros a la redonda y acabar con el campeonato mundial de ser el caso. He dicho!!!

    41. Amaerkoderagham Agha

      yeah, this is when you are born to run👏👏👏👏👏❤️

    42. SaRaah Sears

      When you allow the competition a head start, yet there is no competition. She will do her enemies and haters in the same HUMBLE way.

    43. The Boring Simple Life

      What a come back, future Olympian in the making 🥇

    44. Olga Sneg

      Как важна поддержка близких! И она у неё была мощная! Мои аплодисменты тебе, маленькая хрупкая и очень сильная девочка!!!! Так держать!👏👏👏🏆🥇🎉🎉🎉🎉

      1. Vera Maia


      2. Khalid Khan


    45. Patricia PetersScott

      way to go girl, woohoo!!!

    46. Kerry C

      As soon as she heard her fam cheering her on she got that instant boost of energy!!

    47. Dr Azhar

      She just gave them head start 😂🎉

    48. owlinthe treeusee

      I've had to watch this video so many times and it makes me cry every time I get so excited that is God in that child oh Glory to the most high Father in heaven God bless that little girl and your family

    49. CelishiaLarosa

      I cried watching this. This is wat u called DETERMINATION...

    50. Lúcia Moreira

      Que linda! Apesar de tudo ela venceu !!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    51. GypsyJen GypsyDogs

      She gave them a head start. 😆 Work it girl.

    52. Matt Beevers

      Mom I know you are proud of her. Brought tears to my eyes . Very courageous run.

      1. Phil.S

        Wheres Dad

    53. Amina Balde

      Je pleure de joie quand je regarde cette action d'une petite fille si merveilleuse je suis vraiment fière de toi ma Petite j'ai pas des mots pour te d'écrire ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Joel Zamora

        what's her name

      2. Rosângela Barbasa

        واہ خوبصورت

    54. Ejike Chukwuleta

      Determined spirit 💪👏

    55. Ras Judah

      Uhmm the fact that the shoes look too big from that far away speaks volumes for how fast this girl is....she ran so fast they vouldnt even flop off again 🤣🤣🤣

    56. sandra Asiegbunam

      I love this ❤❤ I ve watch it like 10 times

    57. Cherokee Henderson

      Congrats 👏, she did that

    58. Lo Wills

      She looked to her family in the crowd and got a DIFFERENT kinda energy 🙏🏾 💪🏾 I LOVE THIS CLIP❤️💙 Her father would've been PROUD 🥲 it's a good feeling knowing yo ppl are rooting for you to do good. I hope I can have tht feeling of joy as the little girl must of felt!!💙❤️💙

      1. Stop

        Are you okay. I'm just asking it just seems like you may need a little prayer or something. I hope you have the support system around you that you need I just sense that something may be wrong but I pray that it's not. I'm going to ask God to cover you as soon as angels to descend upon you and keep you safe and well God bless you. I don't know you but I care. Be blessed

      2. King67 Kingkham


      3. henry crawford

        Her father is the famous BOXER TERENCE BUD CRAWFORD

      4. Abd rahman Norazmi




    60. Liz Marss

      All I have to say is RIGHT ON. 😂

    61. Queenajb100

      I get excited every time I watch this.

    62. Tosin Rashidat

      She’s a super star

    63. Guillermo Ramos

      Lo importante NO es como se empieza lo importante es como se acaba •

      1. Jose De la hoz

        Lo importante es nunca dejar tu zapatos atrás pase lo que pase

      2. Marcelo Silva Advogado


      3. Маратбек Гаипов

        ​@chito cano Huawei Y9S

      4. Alseny Soumah


      5. Dammipi BONSA


    64. Pythagorean teacher

      I hope a talent scout is watching this video!! 👌💯

    65. B. Mack

      Amazing. You must be so proud!

    66. GODdessPatricia Strong

      OMGODdess!!! She lost her shoe and went to put it on and still won the race. She is a GODdeess, born and raised.

    67. tigist Hailemariam

      Good job ,Never give up. 👏

    68. Dorogaya Dorogaya

      Какая мама ! Так поддерживала свою девочку ,что я не знала уже за кого больше переживать! Рада за обеих ! Девочка просто грациозная быстроногая лань,СУПЕР !

    69. Justin Pell

      good job I know you guys are proud of her

    70. Dr Shadrick G. Lungu

      Simply impressive! 😂😂😂

    71. Fatima Harid

      A true meaning of life never give up.congratulation litle girl

    72. my chanel

      It's her boys supporters running aside for me❤️

    73. Febert Edouard

      What a come back!

    74. Lea Mamites

      Wow your so brave enough girl God bless you 👍❤️❤️❤️have a great day

    75. Mary Delos Reyes

      good job girl... well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    76. AK AK

      That's straight out of a movie!

    77. Лидия Абраменко

      Вот она, жажда победы! Вот она сила духа! Не растерялась, умничка! До слез рада за тебя!

    78. Heather fruits Castellano

      Waw! waw ! Waw! This brought me to tears...this is our future athlete Olympic Gold Medal holder love you bb...congrats!!! Well done!..trinidad

    79. Juan Isidro Tineo

      Que Dios las colme de muchas bendiciones, felicidades.

    80. kuku Dee

      A Champ indeed!

    81. David Sandeep

      Well.... She gave them a head start yet won.... Bravo

    82. Antoinette Ahiaku.

      I cried watching the Determination of this little girl. This message to everyone do not give up. Go on Lily go on Lily go on Lily 👏👏👏👋🥰🥰👏👏👏

      1. Mus Ess 2.0

        Same here👍

      2. Poly Mendoza

        Please watching the final race .The winner was another girl .I was watching the video a lot of times

      3. Sosobless Luke

        I cry every single time I watch this!! Amen! Do not give up!!

    83. tracy lawry

      superstar is born!! she's amazing!!!

    84. Maazi BO - Nwaafo Igbo Kajara Akaja

      A BORN CHAMPION, remains a BORN CHAMPION, against all odds!

    85. Heather Downs

      Good for you girl. Never stop being unstable baby girl!!!! XOXOX

    86. Elvia Mota

      Wow what a proud Mama. She is awesome.

    87. Maria James


    88. Slicer1475

      That young girl was raised right. She didn't sit down and give up, she picked up and persevered. Then she won because of that attitude. She's gonna do great in life with that hard work ethic and determination.

    89. Pinkey Sylvester

      Good job!!!❤girl

    90. Yashoda Yashu

      that is the spirit 👏👏👏🤗

    91. Карен Каныгин

      Она дала им фору, а потом рванула как гепард, мои аплодисменты

      1. Аскар Алматы

        если бы не обувка , она вчера ещё прибежала бы

      2. Kathryn Seymour

        Yes indeed! She ran like the wind!

      3. Pete Roz

        sooo... all I know -> the girl's name was Monica... or was it Rachel? 🤔

      4. Daniel Bitencourt

        ​@Eliane Jesus e Guepardo e não o macaco do Tarzan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Daniel Bitencourt

        ​@Teresa Rodriguez kkkk é um Guepardo e pode ser chamado de chita também. Volta para escola 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Elouise Brown

      She was running for her freedom wow she fast as hell

    93. Ann

      Wow! Can't out-run her!

    94. MaryJane Juniel

      My gyrl!!!! That shoe ain't had nothing to do with GOD given skill. 😆

    95. M

      Une petite fille très courageuse. 👍

    96. Андрей Молоков

      Девочка хороша, молодец что ни сдалась и боролась до конца!

      1. Мой Царь

        И победила 👍

      2. 늘-처음처럼

        숨은 꿈나무~

    97. Monke Man

      She just gave them a head start

    98. DJ NICK Greatest hits

      Wow she wins ❤️🙏

    99. Mary Sanchez

      Increíble nina la mamá se quedó sin voz ♥️

    100. Grandma T

      What an absolute champion That was just amazing Bravo🙏🏼🌹