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    1. IWer

      Also it is mecha mortis highlight😅

    2. Time64 BS个

      Finally bro ❤🥹🔥

    3. Mkla Kgjs

      Loved Your Playing❤💛🔥

    4. Marcelo David Pérez Hernández xd

      Brutal 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️

    5. clearzyy


    6. Junny BS


    7. Cheesey X Hacker

      Road to 500 subs! Your contents are so great! Loved it!

    8. Everton Craft

      the dream of any player who plays without a team is to fall with a mortis with this skill kkkk

    9. Joe Afif

      Nice playing

    10. 윤돌

      모티스 정말 잘하시네요!

    11. 송민

      와! 센즈!!

    12. Revenge


    13. FieryPhoenixXD


    14. Mohammed saad Tola

      You r too underrated

    15. Abdullah Asaf Bayram

      You are so good bro

    16. Shadow Reflect

      Ayo did you also practice aiming? And how do you dribble so fast?

    17. Fonder Fox

      Hi,You are one of the best player in Brawl Stars

    18. いちごちゃん様

      上手いじゃん頑張れよ!じゃあな!ჱ̒ ー̀֊ー́ )𝒀𝑬𝑺

    19. 윤돌

      구독 눌렀습니당 ~