Ronaldo Euro Snub Wipes BILLIONS Off Coca-Cola’s Value!

Russell Brand

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    Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of two Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at EURO 2020 caused a $4bn fall in the share price of Coca-Cola.

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    1. Russell Brand

      THE MESSAGES OFFERING CRYPTO CURRENCIES ARE NOT ME!!! Check for the blue verified tick!! I will NEVER ask for anything!! Sign up here to receive vital messages directly from me and to get your place on the ark if we can’t sort this sh*t out.

      1. Greg mallet Valentine

        Don’t necessarily directly blame coke. If they were allowed to use the REAL original soda recipe (the pop in soda pop) cocaine and a little real natural sugar, we all would be in better shape

      2. DRmEAM

        Russell is looking really well and he's a laugh. I know that's not the point of this but he's definitely becoming more attractive with age and combined with his sense of fun I'd go out with him.

      3. manny mo

        It's not just coca-cola all ads no one care about you really all they want is your money period, probably the owners don't touch it,

      4. Christine Ayres

        @AY M LOL not huge bits of plastic floating in it though

      5. AY M

        @Christine Ayres But you drink cola from plastic bottles?

    2. Dustin Poland

      Coca cola has been dropping because they are from Atlanta and they put out a paper that says white privilege and Americans had enough of that hit so they are not drinking anything that deals with coke cola, that's why I drink Gatorade

    3. Josse Cienfuegos

      Even though you might have a good point and may be right it's hard to take you serious dress like a poor slob when we all know your not wearing a girly bunn on your head . You are a public figure I think you forget that. It's just hard to take you serious sorry

    4. Dream Maker

      Wasn’t the stocks falling before the interview ?

    5. AJ Carter

      👏♥️👏👏👏👏 #rt

    6. Nikola Kosovic

      Ronaldo is worth aroun a billion, and all that money comes from advertisements, so it's hypocritical for him to do this... C'mon man, you kick a ball for a living and what a living it is.. Essentially sport is a form of entertainment, and the money the players get via their clubs and tournaments are all from advertisements. Sport attracts a lot of viewers and that's where advertisements are placed, and the companies pay big bucks for that. And then he comes and disses the company cause he doesn't like their product, shut up you spoiled brat, you became a freaking billionaire from the advertising money of those companies. Ronaldo has a contract with his club, national team and the tournament, UEFA has his likeness rights and can use him for advertisements, that's how they earn money and that's how players get their cut too, so yeah, hypocritical and unprofessional from Ronaldo, probably could be sued by coca-cola and UEFA for this...

    7. Jason VonIrsik

      Yeah Slipknot said it best People = Shite

    8. valriot

      I still drink Coke Zero now and then, and tbh I find it tastes better than normal Coke, but this is maybe 2 times a week when I'm at work. Sugar sodas I cut out a few months ago and lost weight already, and generally feel better

    9. Cristian Villavicencio

      I liked Coca-Cola until they started telling people to be less white.

    10. BiLLzz

      Russell Brand talks branding

    11. GregoGT500 Shelby

      Simple but almost impossible

    12. Ha Ha

      So basically these people are evil at coca cola and they need to die, and burn all coca cola factory along with the name brand?

    13. RR. GS.

      The Coke stocks were going down just as part of their natural daily value patterns. Long story short those actions of Ronaldo didn’t actually contribute to their loss of value that day. Deeper dive into this incident will state this

    14. TheTomcory

      I love it!!! I'm a welding contractor and Coke did me dirty so 🖕em

    15. Lance Smith

      I love Ronaldo's gesture and statement here. The sad and ironic thing is his entire wealth and fame, albeit from being a great football player, is attributed to the commercial relationships between massive corporations and sport. To be successful (financially), he needs them as much as they need him. It's a catch-22.

    16. Billy Engle

      I'm not a coke fan but it goes well with Jack daniels

    17. Peter VanZyverden

      Ronaldo's "Power" is all wrapped up in brand "Power". He is payed by alot of brand sponsorships to play soccer. All Power is the power to control awareness. Don't give your power away!

    18. Clarence Worley

      Lovely, bye bye Wokacola

    19. Max Brown

      I’m school they taught us that companies manipulate us and we still fall for it

    20. David Stephen

      Fizzy drinks are gut rotting piss! Well done Ronaldo!

    21. The Martian

      Well elucidated as usual, Rusty Boots. I drank too much soda as a youth, and it messed up my teeth quite badly, as well as some people I know. Not an easily fixed problem at all. While there is something to be said about freedom of choice, and free will, there's also something to be said about companies that profit from knowingly unhealthy things.

    22. Fernando Pacheco

      “Reality is constructed through our imagination and consensus, therefore we can imagine and consent to our own reality”

    23. Chaz

      So you're smart enough to figure out coke but the rest of us are not thinking deeply enough primates to make the correct value judgement on coke as you? Also, your solution is to reorganize society so mobs can pick and choose which products are made based on your value judgments?

    24. Zehra Jafri

      Great 👍

    25. Zehra Jafri

      The Brands are tax evader's sweat shops the exploitation of humanity that don't give back to the masses.

    26. Hot chop SOo Eee NIGGA

      I’m watching this while drinking a refreshing Coca-Cola oh the irony

    27. Colin McDougall

      Lol Russel Russel lol Brands cause problems Just like myself lol I was hoping that’s what would’ve come forth it would’ve been comedy gold unintentionally or would it have 😉I always love the brand the main brand that is Russel ,,,keep it up brother .

    28. Taylor Brown

      Millions and billions is nothing for coca cola

    29. Igor Srbinovski

      Wow he's right I don't believe in mortgages anymore! Not long after I stop paying the bank (that I no longer believe in either) will send me to the streets. I'm glad I took the woke rantings of a multimillionaire that is clawing for relevance with every video that used every ounce commercialism he could to accumulate his millions.... great guy.

    30. Roger Dorn

      What about mental health? Couldn’t it be good for your state of mind, so that’s a health benefit.

    31. Dos Santos

      This guy has 'Brand' in his name....

    32. Tim A

      That tiny little gesture cost coke 4 billion dollars???!!! Dare I day then that Ronaldo may very well be the most powerful and influential person on the planet and he does not even know it. Can we line up some little statues of politicians in front of him next time? Its worth a shot

    33. Ez Moneyy

      Dude, you are so articulate. You have such ease with words, especially when explaining a complex idea or concept. keep it up Russell the Truth Sayer.

    34. Astro Peanut


    35. tomaž roglič

      Fuck sugar coke.. CR7 🐐 👑. 🤘🏻

    36. Beijo Vegan

      It has water and water is good for you. rsrsrsrssrs

    37. Leon Leon

      Why 95% of BAME don't drink Coca Cola? I noticed that while I was working in London for quite long time, can you explain me .

    38. Cliff Campbell

      Could a company worth over $200 billion find a way to buy Ronaldo's endorsement of their product? If they fail to buy his endorsement, would that company put an end to his professional career by buying the loyalty of a soccer player on a competing team? CBS.: "Here's 500,000,000.23. The next time you go up against that prick, sweep his legs and put a cleat in the small of his back so hard that he'll never walk again." Random soccer player: "Duh, okay boss. Me can do dat ting yo jus said wit yo mouff hole." C.C: "I'm starting to think we overpaid for this 'forced retirement' via number 23 here."

    39. Reynaldo Luna Jr.

      That's why Little Chocolate Donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid. - John Belushi decathlon champion

    40. Its Abdulla Film AS

      i love coke

    41. Jaemin Breen

      "Simple little primates" immediately switches to stereoptypical American accent

    42. Daehny 7

      Everytime I watch one of his videos, I want to go and stack the woodpile behind him. I think he’s doing this on purpose just to annoy perfectionists and people with ocd 😒

    43. Monk Last

      Best one yet. Good work Russell.

    44. thekink

      My opinion of Russell Brand is very high

    45. Julian O'Connor

      poison water and Ronaldo knows it

    46. Softwash North Queensland

      He is brilliant, he said you get nothing if you DONT pay

    47. TalkinAboutTheDude

      Other downsides to coca-cola: huge amounts of plastic waste entering our world, and the privatization of water. Bad actors to be sure.

    48. FinalfixMusic

      "Brands cause problems" - Russel BRAND

    49. Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel

      If companies like coke had not over the years sponsored and endorsed such athletic Competitions would the money have been around to have the sports still going? Well maybe but I can imagine the little paychecks being a bit smaller by far. Don’t kick the horse that got you there when it can’t Dance when it arrives. Coke just might take it personal and administer a friendly recall of contributions to the sports and let it drowned and it would . Ps coke is delicious 😋

    50. Andrew Oliver

      There is an entire science that goes into product placement. It's all designed to be subliminal. And a ton of thought goes into it. But, Renaldo did wreck their shyt, lol.

    51. Andrew Oliver

      Shouldn't all those warnings be listed on the bottle?

    52. Bryson Fields

      Coca-Cola Approves this message 😋

    53. J Cain

      Everyone should snub Cola Cola... The Devil wears Red...


      lol fk modeling your life around ronaldo's . don't give two shits about soccer let alone soccer players. i was quite happy with the Benson and Hedges tennis classic, the marlboro sponsored Car racing. It's not my responsibility to care about another persons health

    55. viaisgoncalves

      Ronaldo is brilliant, you can not doubt! And you Brand, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    56. Synthad1

      Ahh the rabbit hole! ‘Soda is bad so shouldn’t be allowed to sponsor’ So no ice cream ads, no energy drinks at sporting events (Red Bull & monster are out) Vehicles are bad for environment, so no traditional means of transport to/from the event. In fact, let’s do away with motor racing as well.

    57. Persuasion94

      Is there a reason why this is just happening now? We have known for a while now any brand of soda in is not healthy for you?

    58. Dominik Minet

      "You not getting any Promotion from me" So what do people think he just did ? He gave them full attention on a International stage and the entire World is stupid and talk about it like its the Worlds end The people at Coca Cola rubing there hands and saying thanks for "FREE" attention/Promotion Great job ronaldo 👍 Excatly everybody is talking about it

    59. PMP1337

      Ronaldo's impact in the share price was negligible, Coca-Cola ($KO), had it's ex-dividend in that same day and share price always drops naturally on ex-div date. KO share price is today at 57, so, to use the journalists sensationalist titles, Coca-cola value has in the last month increased by 8bn$. I like CR alot, he did the right thing. He promotes healthy lifestyle to a level that for me is obnoxious but that is surely needed in today world. That said. Coca-cola is so big and so powerful that they don't even worry about it. KO is one of the most stable stocks, the investors are largely old farts that read newspapers in paper format and buy and sell shares using the telephone, the ones with a cord attached to the wall. The Coca-Cola Company sells 2 or 3 bottled waters, Dasani and Ciel come to mind. It's not like they are losing costumers when people drink water instead of coke.

    60. Mike Oxmall

      Good on them!! Fucking worthless company, especially how they fuck the world over with that shit tap water Dasani!! Look at the ingredients on that crap!! They're sick!

    61. frusfromus

      🖕🏻cola. It’s poison.

    62. Kevin Craftonga

      He wiped away 4 Billions in an instant. That's what you call an influencer. 👏👏👏

    63. Nicolaie c

      On the upside, cocaine consumption does wonders for footballers, innit ?


      Ronaldo is dedicated to his sport and is teaching his son that if he wants to be great he has to stay away from that type of food or drinks.

    65. Fizz

      Remember when advertisements for an event were actually related somewhat to the event. This is like the local satanic club on the bottom of the church flyer

      1. Arian Pasternak

        This comment really made me cackle lololol. The comparison is way to accurate lololol.

    66. TotallyFakeGooglePlusProfile

      Soda, juice and any sugary drink should be treated as liquid candy and consumed as such, if at all IMO.

    67. One.

      Naw lol that ain't true. Let's see him say the same about beer haha

    68. Andrija Dragija

      "Brands necessarily cause problems" - Russell Brand

    69. alex savchuk

      Breaking News, Ronaldo was found dead with bottle of coca cola stuck in his throat. Lol

    70. alex savchuk

      World biggest addiction substance is sugar. Thats why companies like coca cola prosper. Has nothing to do with what Ronaldo drinks. But you did nailed it when you said that Coca-Cola value is imaginary when it jumps up and down by billions when someone famous approves or disproves it.

    71. Robert Lawrence

      Coca cola stole Christmas

    72. Louie Avila

      VERY entertaining comments, BUT: you say how Coke is not good for you in any way and anything else said about is a lie. I love Coke. No I am not being manipulated as I drink it occasionally cuz it tastes good. 7-Up or Red Bull can do the the advertising they want but I don't care for the taste. Consumers don't choose products simple based on healthy vs unhealthy. So I take it that the ink running through your body from those tattoos surely are healthy (ok this comment was a bit off but was inserted to to back my last comment)? Same as the image of on a hot Summer day where you whip out a nice cold Soda. Good for you and health has nothing to do with it. I'd almost drink down a Red Bull with that image.

    73. Not A Tree

      More proof astrology is real. Only Aquarians will understand

    74. Subhadip Hazra

      Those two events were not correlated,

    75. ucity metalhead

      I know from experience that coke makes you fat as hell but I'd like to know how it does all that other stuff.

    76. Athanasssios Angelopoulos

      Not a soccer fan but hats off to Mr Ronaldo.....well done sir

    77. Maria del Carmen Rivera

      Love Cristiano Ronaldo

    78. Tyeberius McIntyre

      are there people who actually thought coke has some kind of health value? XD

    79. Michael Karsten

      LOL doesn't coca cola own several water brands anyways. so either way they making money off you

    80. MrDzonski

      Watching U for while..... cant really tell which side U on..... which to meet U if reading this sir

    81. jeffcon123

      Lol it prolly didn’t effect their profits much.. have you been to america mate? I’ve seen people at Walmart pack out 50 cases of soda.... lol most times towed behind a rascal scooter

    82. Kandice M

      It’s really sad that it takes a celeb to state something we all bloody well know for people to take action in their lives. 🙄

    83. Mr Noodle

      This is similar to Monster Energy being the biggest sponsor for the UFC

    84. ChildhoodGamer

      I used to drink alot of coke but I stopped drinking it years ago I will say though I do love a jack and coke now and again

    85. Jane Merante

      😂😂😂 True you'll get a heart attack quicker than you would with a bad scare

    86. katina martin

      all this coming from a guy with the last name BRAND.... i love it

    87. Manu Krishna

      Didn't know rusell was a part time woodcuter....

    88. Carolina Correia

      Portugueses orgulhosos, estão aí? 🇵🇹

    89. ND G

      Damn this is so extremely dumb, do more research before you vent your opinion. Coca cola paid 4 billion in dividends, which are then subtracted from the company, thus the value of the company is 4 billion lower, which the share price reflects in its price.

    90. Sampad Chakraborty

      starving is better than drinking coke!

    91. Carl Carlson

      Not sure why this has an effect on the value of coke, obviously its not nutritious anyone who thought so is retarded

    92. Big B

      I think it's HILARIOUS! 😄. Altho I will say that Air doesn't have any nutritional components either.... more essential to life than the best marketed sugar drink in history for sure, and less likely to kill you (my mother used to use Coca Cola to clean coins in her penny collection) but no nutritional value? Alto is being essential to life nutritional? lol Can we have some experts get back to me please? 😄😂😄

    93. T.H.

      Low hanging fruit Russell, you are smarter than that. Everyone knows that sport sponsorships are complicated between the sport, the league, the country, the team, the players, etc. Let's not make this simple act more than it is.

    94. Steven Hayden

      President trump is screwed and I do not drink any pop anymore I gained so much weight and it can be used to clean your toilet try it use coke a crapa to clean it $HIB-LIFE

    95. James Shriver

      One of the most startling FACTS I’ve heard in ages: 50% of all Hispanic Americans WILL get diabetes in their lifetime probably sooner. Great work bringing this and extensive information about “soft? drinks” to the public’s eye. Russell: I have found that you are slowly but 100% assuredly agreeing with MY conservative/suspicious/satirical/independent) ideals, well done, at this rate I’ll be a patreon subscriber sooner rather than later!

    96. Beyond LeftField

      This just goes to show... one: how talented you have to be in order to protest something on a major platform... and two: How to go about it, off field (ala Marshawn Lynch ... as opposed to Colin Kaepernick)

    97. Luis Garcia

      God bless you big ❤💯

    98. Luis Garcia

      Can you try talking to our gens we lose it in the streets 🤧

    99. Luis Garcia

      I like who you had become

    100. Aniruddha Datta

      Coca colas value is also related to the hipster values where the value depends on what kind of sugar you put in your body, the corn syrup or the white cane sugar, essentially the poison and a slightly lesser poison