Rod Wave - Cold December (Official Video)



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    1. Westdot

      Rod wave songs are a way of healing 💙


      Everytime you listen to Rod Wave you already know you gone have to think about past memories😂💯

    3. Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE

      Mannn I feel good knowing he's finally getting the recognition he deserves this past year

    4. 9jaFanx

      Rod Wave has this 2022 🔥🔥💯

    5. marden Gonzalez

      “But times change, people change and grow apart” felt this one mane 🥶

    6. Derrick Ashley

      Bro I was just feeling like this last night then he dropped this song like I’m healed now thanks Rod Wave

    7. FutureHype

      Rod Wave doesn't disappoint!

    8. Exows

      3 stages of listening to Rod Wave:

    9. Malachi White

      This man stay making hit after hit after hit, he can’t be stopped 😤💯💯

    10. TFF Kari

      I’m fighting depression and anxiety and you the only one who truly understands me and helps me through some of my toughest times 🥺💯

    11. Tracey Dunlop

      Rod Wave Has Never Dropped A Bad Song Yet Since I’ve Listened To Him‼️ ,This another hit tho🅿️🔥🔥

    12. Fabio

      damn rod on timing as always and that beat production is just unbelievebally good

    13. baccended

      So many people don't realize how good his music Is 😪

    14. Marque Forte

      I’ll sit through a 10 min intro to hear what you gotta say Rod! You don’t miss brotha!

    15. Dom Bennett

      Truly a one of kind artist 💯 talks about real shit that people go through on a daily basis.

    16. P l i e r s

      " the same night i fall in love i feel it fading " good shit rod i love how i can relate to your art

    17. Korion Russell

      you know rod is about to snap when the voices are singing on the track 🔥🔥

    18. Forever The Lewis's

      I want to take the second to say your content Connects with everyone all over the world and it is very much appreciate DONT never stop being great 👍 💪🏿

    19. The Prophecy

      I’ve been waiting for this for so long😩

    20. Tresean Huggins

      So many people don't realize how much legendary he is😥🖤