River Legacy Bobcat 09-22-13

Neil Houters

Neil Houters

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    Another video of those friendly bobcats in River Legacy Park Arlington, Texas. I decided to try my new camera out on a ride of the concrete trails at RLP. When I stopped to check the zoom by filming a crane across the pond on the other side of the trail, I noticed 3 young bobcats crossing the concrete trail. So here is the footage I was able to get. I guess they were out enjoying the beautiful late summer day like everyone else.

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    1. Linda Hanley

      Poor babies are hungry, so beautiful 😻

    2. 12groney

      Looks like it's trying to get adopted to somebody's home to live a life if luxury! Living in the wild isn't always what it's cracked up to be!

    3. TLC

      Once when I was driving up my driveway, I saw two kitten bobcat heads side by side peering at me from a tree. I'll always remember that.

    4. Indigo_ X

      Покормили бы котика! Он ведь хоть и бобкэт, но просто есть просил, как обычный дворовый кот 🐱

    5. WeenIsLickAh

      Hope its still alive and doing well

    6. taxiuniversum


    7. Luisa Marie

      I think the way of life of free roaming housecats has become the attractive ideal of some other species too ...

    8. NZkiwi Reynolds

      I'm from New Zealand and I love Bob Cats

    9. jo swanell

      '"That's a bobcat, but he won't hurt you. You're a lot bigger than he is." Buddy, where did you learn that from? AND. ... you left something out that's very important. ... you forgot to tell them her 3 baby Bobcats are with her. I have a feeling this guy may find out the hard way why they're called "wild" animals! Mama's got some pretty ling, sharp & fast claws!

    10. Kirstin Smith

      I would be in trouble all the time cause I wanna pet it

    11. Dude...Are you sure??

      It's beautiful and I think it's liking this attention .

    12. Stuff

      Adorable cub, he was wishing the humans would give him some meat or a sandwich t least. I hope the cubs are o.k.

    13. Jody Reeder

      Always use caution with wildlife.


      Those poor cats are way too skinny. I hope someone who had them as kittens didn't let them loose. Glad someone is feeding them!

    15. Yasmeen Abiad

      He looks very hungry and asking for food

    16. Luisa Marie

      When wild animals are not hunted for a longer time they loose their fear of humans and like to come near our suburbian areas and villages. Birds too. And lately a woman found a big boar lying on her sofa, when she came into her livingroom. It had found some vegetables in her garden and then came in over the terrace to take a nap

    17. Terramorfios


    18. peyton byers

      I would have to go in for the pets lol no bob cats around my area do this

    19. Руслана Климента

      I know why these cats come out to people and behave calmly, they are hungry and ask people for help, ask for food, and people do not understand. 😔

    20. san

      I have seen bobcats my last 2 times at this trail. First tims was under a bridge area...took me a minute to process that it was a bobcat looking me in the eye...i made an uncomfortable sound lol and just rode on as fast as i could. Idk why i am terrified of them.