Right Hand Broken? Knock him out with the left 😤💯

GLORY Kickboxing

GLORY Kickboxing

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    1. Wade Crowdis

      When you lose something,

    2. 이성용

      오른손 부러지고 왼손으로 끝냈다고??

    3. Crypto Talk by Crypto Watch

      it's time... for GLOoooRY!

    4. Olex Olex

      One of my favorite kickbox fighters

    5. maghribi fi bilad Hitler


    6. Yung94Man

      That’s persistence. This man broke his hand mid fight. HIS POWER HAND MIND YOU! And won the fight with his lead had after switching stances. Legend.

    7. Austine Onovo

      Never quit!

    8. Greg W

      Amazing. Pure toughness



    10. Newport 100

      Damn them boys were hittin hard 🔥🔥🔥

    11. الفتى الذهبي

      Jamal ❤❤❤❤

    12. Metric Hotrods

      Hearns broke his hand on Hagglers head midway thru the first round of "the war". Said it was like punching a bowling ball.

    13. George K

      so much hart to stay in there and still knock him out 💪💪

    14. Alonso Diaz

      Since when do you call Time when a dude breaks his own hand? 🤔

    15. Ace Mc Cool

      “Make do with what you got”

    16. Poby

      I still have an iron fist on my left hand!!!

    17. Elh Moh

      Big power shot Jamal you the best , love from a Morocan brother 🇲🇦💐

    18. Null Inside

      Breaks his left hand and he starts doing some taekwondo

    19. Nova Maray

      Thanks bro.. it motivates me🔥