Revenge 😂

Lucas and Marcus

Lucas and Marcus

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    1. Col

      “How fake do you want this to be?” “Yes”

      1. SirXKenshin

        @joseph spagnola Its a skit It's not garbage It's Just they were just pulling a skit cause they thought people will think it's funny nope people hate it

      2. SirXKenshin

        @Lee Bartlett ok I'm just saying Why does everyone has to be rude I'm commented on the wrong video

      3. Françoise Bonvel


    2. Ivy	 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

      “How fake do you want this to be?” “Yes

      1. Lollo C

        Soooo original its fake but don’t make the same comment

      2. Ayyu Jeleq

        ❤️❤️❤️blc o op. J jnp

      3. Plokes🤷‍♂️

        @UwU mhm totally

      4. UwU

        @•Operaoflife• yeah its not fake

      5. •Operaoflife•

        It’s not fake don’t hate

      1. Naruto uzuzmaki

        This has 9.2 million likes -_-

      2. Zéphyr Barais

        Hello M.Beast

    3. Deborah

      I saw them fall off I started screaming and laughing to the top of my lungs and I still am 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Auto Export

      "How fake do you want this to be?" Them: "Yes"

    5. FaTTE PoPoP

      Other people: How fake- Yes. Me: ‘Don’t recommend channel’

      1. Nahuwu


    6. Hilario Gonzales

      Siempre habrá quién le moleste ver a otros felices!

    7. UrBestieOcean

      “If they shush the camera, the prank is fake.” -Ray William Johnson

    8. WÉLINTON Bigas

      Com amigos assim não precisa de inimigos

    9. Jackson

      "You know it's fake when they shush the camera" - Ray William Johnson

      1. Игорь Звинаревский

        Понятно что это фейк,но молодежь смотрит и думает что это круто. Потом будут повторять. Зачем такое гавно лить в мозг молодёжи?... Сами же от такого воспитания страдать будем🤦

      2. Jackson

        @LxveLiFe oh ok sorry for frustrating you

      3. LxveLiFe

        @Jackson bc they pranked-_- them they moved the bed and placed them in the pool and steve was prob being loud THATs why he said shush

      4. Jackson

        @LxveLiFe Why are they sleeping in a pool?

      5. LxveLiFe

        Bruh bc they literally sleeping dummy

    10. Анна Еремеева

      well, it wouldn't hurt to take a bath in the morning😂

    11. Joseph Dunlap

      Hilarious! 😂😂

    12. Pete Castillo


    13. shejean

      While staying at our daughter and her boyfriend’s house, they put an inflatable mattress on top of a box spring for hubby and I. In the middle of the night the mattress deflated and we rolled off to one side. I was pressed against a wall and the mattress with hubby rolled on top of me. I couldn’t get up! We laughed so hard, I peed in my jammies and on the bedding!! We had to shower and put the bedding in the washing machine at 3 am!! My daughter and her BF never woke up until later in the morning! 🤣😂

    14. The Evers

      If this was an alternative reality I’d say great video.

    15. Dev Mclaughlin

      “If they shush the camera you know it’s fake.” -ray williams Johnson

    16. Mark DiPerna

      Boy 1: “keep your eyes closed and def don’t glint your eyelid right when I poke the float” Boy 2: “say no more”

      1. DJ

        Boy with the long hair : role over boy 2 when we are still floating perfectly fine

    17. Jose Rosa-Laracuente

      That's just the "bestway" 🤣🤣

    18. ・your non favorite person 👍・

      This is so funny I literally just watched it like 4 times🤣. Good one Marcus

    19. Alan Perez


    20. manuelito labrague

      so funny 🤣

    21. Mike

      That flash at the end was pretty good though

    22. 🌺 Лина Насретдинова 🌻

      Интересно, он предлагает и нам посмеяться над своей глупостью? Поколение инфантилов.

    23. Henrietta Hatton

      This is so funny I literally just watched it like 4 times🤣. Good one Marcus 😂😂😂

      1. jesus dominguez


      2. jesus dominguez


      3. jesus dominguez


      4. Hussain O


    24. Ryan Bigley

      I love u guys kepp up the good work

    25. Chumbersdee

      There's no way neither one of them didn't hear the popping, plus all the scurrying

    26. bin dai

      that was epic!🤩🤩🤩

    27. La Edad Vale Madres

      “How fa…” “YES”

    28. lorraine johnson

      Somebody jealous of the love birds 🤣🤣🤣

    29. jayboss upsettinz

      So funny ☠️

    30. Melissa Helton

      Imagine they didn’t wake up and imagine they close the case to the pool how wild they get out

    31. Ultimate Pro Wrestling

      Ya know they had to get a shower anyways 😂

    32. Luis Garcia

      i’m more surprised how nice that house is

    33. itz_just_me

      The smile on her fave was evident that it was all planed

    34. martha-carment akobe

      trop fort 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    35. Добрый Самаритянин

      give them an oscar

    36. Orb

      "How fake do you want this to be" Him:YES SIR

      1. Loogesh LOOGESH_3379


      2. Bricnob

        More like "H- Them: Yes

      3. Pereira Jh


      4. Md Mazu Mia


      5. c78h

        @🎀薔薇Rose🎀bro is 12

    37. Average Gardener42

      That's what friends are foooooor😅😂

    38. Grams

      POV: they didn’t wake up in time so they both drowned. It is a dark times for their families but there making through the struggle It’s just a prank bro

    39. Gemma Delange

      Ignore the hate. You guys are amazing. 🤍💫

    40. Adam Hartman

      Honestly looks like a great way to sleep

    41. ☆•Jelly SandraArt•☆

      "How fake do you want this to-?" them:"Yes."

      1. chawdhri lalu


      2. ☆•Jelly SandraArt•☆

        @circle from squid game Jk

      3. ☆•Jelly SandraArt•☆

        @circle from squid game FACT

    42. Samarjit Sarkar

      Maza aaya 👌

    43. Cherry Tiago

      Hahaha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍😉😉😉

    44. Adde Lito

      Even if a baby was sleeping could have wake up with that noise 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Lily Rose

      Who casually sleeping on their pool like that?

    46. Zuzu's World

      Lucas and Marcus always make my day everyday change my mood happier.

      1. Zuzu's World

        @amanda Bumgardner it’s true

      2. amanda Bumgardner


    47. Ali Bhai

      Nice 😂😂😂😂😂

    48. João Paulo Vieira

      Pessoas fingindo dormir são pessoas bem arrumadas

    49. She_Sed_One

      Let Me Understand This How Did You Manage To Car To Whole People On One Mattress And They Didn't Wake Up,I Love Y'all And All But I Agree With Everyone On This One

    50. Cleber Jesus

      Duvido que os dois tá dormindo de verdade kkk

    51. Alin Sebastian

      "How fake do you want this to be?" "Yes"

      1. 佐川愛空


      2. AM Photography


      3. Alin Sebastian

        @PC912 yesterday it had 1.8k likes now it has 3k, so its obviously not overused

      4. PC912

        and how overused comment do you want it to be YES

      5. Lili Kurniati


    52. Abdullah Khan

      *A moment of silence for those who think that this was legit!!!*

    53. Wisdom Chi-Chi

      Well done bro

    54. Hasan Sayah


    55. Борис Миронов

      Дружеская шутка 😁👍

    56. Gowri .

      Their reaction is just like they are falling to the sea😂

    57. Redemption Edits

      I like how she was sleeping in her swimsuit

    58. Make Jaemon

      You can open it from the bottom of the head to flip over 😳😂😅🤣

    59. Coco Chanel

      How many air mattress do these guys have????? Every video is just about popping air mattress 🤣🤣

    60. Нина Пузанкова

      За такое полиция должна быть. Если для съёмки то понятно. Но если они не знали, то преступление

    61. Prachi_Dr

      When you finally see something more fake than some of your relatives and friends💀

      1. Piney Ken

        Dang that hit hard

      2. Dwight Canton

        @Loading… “um thats actually his twin brother and his twin brothers girlfriend”

    62. The Overton Wormhole

      I hate when I’m chilling in my pool-bed with my girlfriend and this happens… is what I would say if I had a pool, a bed and a girlfriend.

    63. Alexander Garry

      Both of them looks fresh after wakeup, what should we do for face freshness???

    64. Foreign Sh0tta

      So everyone is sleeping on air mattresses now even in there own house

    65. Just Like Factz

      I love it

    66. mei.

      you can literally see her smile when she’s “sleeping”

      1. Let's Review

        Maybe she is just happy in her dreams.

      2. Unknown566

        I not see her smile I look girl lips?

    67. Randomstuff x

      Need more acting exp🤣

    68. Elektra Altamirano

      Jajajaja 😂

    69. Jonathan Hdz

      O que divertido!!

    70. Виктор Балан

      Почему то что очень глупо должно быть смешно,когда дочка с женой будут в воде с этого момента смеяться

    71. Sad Child

      Everytime they do the "shush" thing from the beginning, you know it's fake

      1. Felix Sanchez

        @Kris Bryant fr

      2. Snakesummoner

        @Dimitry Ivanov I didn’t say it was fake but I don’t really believe it’s fake I kinda think it’s fake but it’s kinda hard

      3. James Lewis


      4. Dimitry Ivanov

        How do you know it's fake? Any proofs?

      5. Snakesummoner

        Yea it’s not fake it’s obvious that it’s not fake he said shush to the camera man he also said revenge for what they did to him

    72. Bartek N

      You can open air valve instead breaking it down.

    73. Anthony Paredes

      Wow that was so funny .

    74. Jbird3576

      “How fake d…” Them: “yes yes a thousand times yes”

    75. أم رمزي

      والله هذا مضحك، 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    76. Valerie Camacho

      I was laughing so hard when they fell in the water😂

      1. Chameleon Adventures

        This is fake

      2. Miracle Baby Josiah


    77. David Chetri

      Wow, so funny.

    78. Jana Kuran

      Dobrí prenk žejo!

    79. ByouZ