Replay - New Shepard First Seat Auction

Blue Origin

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    On Saturday, June 12, Blue Origin concluded the online auction for the very first seat on New Shepard with a winning bid of $28 million. Nearly 7,600 people registered to bid from 159 countries.

    The winning bidder will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20, and will join Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, and his brother, Mark.

    The winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future, whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space.

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    1. MORGAN 666666

      Blue Origin - why your are Still launching this Shit-rocket from 50-th??!))) Besos - toy rocket is your level?? Go to orbital flights!!

    2. Джон фон Лудд

      Jeff Who the owner of Sue Origin

    3. Josh Gray

      BO stinks...not matter where. Where are the SLS engines you promised? While you SUE the government. You are stabbing NASA. You will fail, again.

    4. Fairway Band

      Pay your f’ing staff properly and give them proper rights before you try get to space Bezos. You’re the richest man in the world and treat them like crap. Elon Musk has already and will continue to beat you in space. Deal with it. Stop this BS and start looking after the humans you represent on Earth, before trying to expand elsewhere.

    5. Torrance

      Biggest Supreme Scream Ever!

    6. Torrance

      Dudes faded...6% I would be too.


      Why pay £28m when you can just pay £250K later? You must be really rich to spend £28m on a 10 minute experience!

    8. Bhushan kulkarni

      The day will come when people will travel to space in less than $5000..Just like commercial aviation industry

    9. Heidi Svenson

      Why they gotta make it look like a little penis, though? LOL

      1. Alvin Gerardo Sebastian Gultom

        they designed that capsule to act in some way

    10. Airborne

      I made an opening bid of 2$. Didnt get it.

    11. Miles Craft

      Wish I had $28 million to buy a seat on a rocket into space. Oh wait, I never will, because of lobbying by corporations like Amazon to give all the money to the 1% and give the other 99% the bare minimum.

    12. Baleur

      I dont wanna say "it isnt worth it", but i will say it is an incredibly poor investment. Because the price of admission will plummet in the next 5-10 years, to less than a twentieth of what it is now. Perhaps even by a factor of 100x. Paying 28m for something that will cost 280k in 2030, not a good investment. But hey, if people have that money to spend on anything, and if they dont want to wait. And if they want to etch their name into history, all power to them, god bless. But its not "worth it" in terms of monetary value. It is worth it in terms of experience.

    13. Donald Duck

      In very close future: Anyone can become an astronaut, you just need to sell your house :D

    14. Harsh Gupta


    15. ТеХ ОбзоР


    16. Tom Nook

      Jeff says its for charity, but that 6% commission - 1.7 million - is going to the auction organiser!

    17. Tom Nook

      I would love to be an auctioner (or whatever they call them), sounds so fun

    18. 20thCenturyBoy

      Best of Luck on this Adventure!

    19. Blue Sifer

      " we decided, you know what! We're ready to fly some astronauts " What happened to presenting evidence to Congress to see if they agree you're safe enough...?

    20. Blue Sifer

      Director of "astronauts and orbital sales" So she sells astronauts and orbits...? What....

    21. mark hall

      Too scared to fly? winning bid of $28 million

    22. Jeevan Sapkota

      I feel like the term "ASTRONAUT" is really being misused now. This was not what I'd been expecting to teach my kids about what being an astronaut is all about. Talk about bad influence.

      1. 𝑯𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔

        Facts. When I say astronaut I'm talking about someone who's been to orbit and have at least done 1 orbit

    23. Bobby W

      Her energy and jacket is definitely giving me Rachel Maddow 😂

    24. Capt Shenanigans

      How does this kid that won have 28 million?!?!?

    25. Butter Wine

      A crew of only babies need to fly on the "New Shepard". It's the only way to achieve diversity. Also "blue" origin, that's too democrat.

    26. NAI


    27. NAI


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    30. Soylent Green

      For $28 million it better come with 3 months of Prime membership.

    31. Online Lakshmi

      He better get a % of share in blue origin for 28mil! lol.. he must be so ignorant about space travel..

    32. Zeus Fitter

      Some broker made his/her biggest comission ever, lol.

    33. Charlie H

      jeff bezo Wrighting his will out wonder who's name he's put down incase anything goes wrong not his brother he's onit

    34. Alex D

      Wow ... and I can't even pay my rent ... covid obviously didn't hit some people so hard as others ...

    35. Obsolete Tutorials

      I saw that Bezos bulked up, but this video he looked fat.

    36. JCON34

      This auctioneer sucks. I know car auctioneers that would run circles around this guy 😂

    37. jace888

      Well, the person helping the bidding on behalf of the client is going to get a very hefty commission for 28 million 😁

    38. Elaine R. Smith


    39. His Eminence, The Holy MacDiarmada

      I was #107

    40. Kirsten Lindl

      He should bring a flat earther with m

    41. Louis Rautenbach

      Go space x

    42. Lieutenant Nomad

      Imagine wasting more money than most people make in their entire life just for a short suborbital bungy jump that doesn't benefit humanity at all.

      1. q


      2. q

        Imagine whining about a person who wanted to experience a once in a lifetime visit who has the money and is successful.

    43. Valerie Карреон • 80 years ago

      Jeff bezos got a lot of Botox holy cow.

    44. Valerie Карреон • 80 years ago

      “Now imagine what it would feel like, to leave earth.” Think ya’ gotta reach orbit before you can make such claims, no?

    45. sYsTeM hOaX

      This is absolutely vile

    46. gilles delhomme officiel

      I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have a problem returning to earth.

    47. Mike J

      Oh look, a mini falcon 9!! Ain't it cute!

    48. {-_-}

    49. VR chandran

      Hmmm, it's too round on the top, it needs to be pointy.

    50. Kevin M

      Hey Jeff, if you want to compete at the level of SpaceX how about actually proving you deserve it? Seems all you are interested in is bankrolling space and have zero interest in actually advancing space flight and becoming a space faring species! So how about you just back off, sell your absurd seats to people wanting to experience space and realizing you are nothing more than a glorified theme park owner and have NOTHING going for you when it comes to being an actual Space company! Maybe you should not have been awarded so many participation awards growing up so you would not think everyone should just kiss your ass and give you free handouts when you have not done anything to even deserved the second place ice cream sundae!

    51. Elaine R. Smith


    52. GMTAF

      Mr & Mrs America, did Mr B or your tax dollars pay for this giant cock rocket? Is it actually a result of warped socialism where one man gets to ride into space at your expense whilst his tax paying employees just about scrape a living? Remember when it was about the nation getting to the moon first? You are now asked to celebrate the accomplishment of commerce, of one supposedly outstanding individual when the reality might actually be YOU PAID FOR IT. Go look, find out, dig, read ...

    53. slowpoke96z28

      You should’ve got at me blue origin. I would’ve beat that bid.

    54. Van Helsing

      General Aladeen : "its just like flying Dildo".

    55. Apoorva Patil

      3:46 - Insert> Obama putting medal on Obama.

    56. Peter Byrnes

      What the?? Are you telling me this is only a few weeks away??? 😁

    57. Moreno L.

      He will go down in history as "the biggest wasteman".

    58. अरे भाई भाई भाई

      Utshahit ho raha hun bohot ye sab dekh kar. 😁

    59. Fabio Ferreira Gomes


    60. SmartyPants

      If Elon Musk was the winning bid as others suggested, would be awesome if the entire rocket disappeared and never came back.

    61. Mickey The Butt Huffin Crack Puffin Mouse

      Just imagine if that man had spent 28 million dollars on a hairpiece. Or on herpes! "The more you spend, the more you'll enjoy it!" - auctioneer

    62. Jason Boston

      Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Elon Musk, where y'all at? Do I hear $50,000,000? Sold to the guy that already secretly owns the 7 satellites and 3 starships!

    63. Suryakanta Pattanaik

      Elon Musk bought that seat!!!! That would be Great...becoz Elon Musk never gone to space.

    64. Champy

      Elon musk is gonna buy this company lol

    65. Yiannis Mantheakis

      Bezos should concentrate on getting into orbit and not waste time and money fighting Elon. No wonder people hate Bezos.

    66. saroj industry  (shorts)


    67. Aivaras Labokas

      You need strong guys going up there. Not a fck stroke guy, who has 50/99 vision

    68. IamGod_human 8

      🤩 😯 wow

    69. Regolith

      Holy shit Bezos asking his brother is SO CRINGE.

    70. Blaze YT

      The auction seems to have weird vibes tho

      1. Mickey The Butt Huffin Crack Puffin Mouse

        That's because it's an infomercial at 3:00 in the morning on QVC. 😭🚿

    71. Stardust

      How come it’s not free, like spacex, you guys like to copy them, right?

    72. heater79

      For a pretend flight into 'space'.

      1. I am a ROKOT manson

        Its space though

    73. W1NGM4N

      SpaceX - Science, Exploration, Mars --- Blue Origin - Big windows, "soft landing", infomercial, middle school project

    74. Bach

      They could make it 2 millions……even go in the orbit by putting it in Starship

    75. minimalist1807

      ah 28 mil pff nothing...who are those idiots who payed this nonsense...if they are xyz than lol all-around..for that money i can construct own flying maschine

    76. minimalist1807

      this is total mafia buisness...

    77. First name Last name

      This is hella fake. Something ain’t right with this “auction”

    78. minimalist1807

      welcome to indoctrination 3.0..musk gates besoz fauchi abd pharma mafia..sponsors :)

    79. minimalist1807


    80. minimalist1807

      ask yourself what's with all money people spend before to glight to space never see money back..or didnt survive age to fly bye

    81. minimalist1807

      fake bid also,same as fake every election...why couse the only thing they can manipulate trough people is information..nothing else..nasa have long time.portals and use them without saying anyone,same for china australia and south america as central america...this my people is ugly people mean work i ll hope you all shall see that,and not to hoax people anymore with nomsenses...btw they are all in same game...dont thrust nobody feom them or to pay before flight...fraud big musk also

    82. minimalist1807

      idiotism..for normal human impossible to buy ticket..couse its hoax ride money washing and fake future presenting from elite mfukers,how many money they take from us and till know they could have real spacecraft not some can bottle rides....this is bshit and you shall all see

    83. YesToGaming

      Having just to reach the edge of space isn't that exiting you guys must do a full orbit around earth

    84. Marek Marko

      Elon laughing rn

    85. Matthew Swanson

      First batch of civilians to go to space in some time, stunning work!

    86. Plamen Milanov

      My only question is if they are going to land propulsively or with parachute. Because if it's on engines alone, it will be a pretty big deal, honestly. Even SpaceX don't have the clearance to do that. EDIT: Also, Jeff Bezos will go to space before Elon Musk.

      1. Coffeespy

        Capsule lands by parachute and booster lands by engines

    87. Aston Martin Vanquish

      Dam outbidded at the last minute

    88. Hazard_Flame

      Plot twist: Elon Musk won the bid

    89. Jim Sutton

      its gonna be a 3 way circle jerk in Space

    90. Jim Sutton

      Bored rich people! Next year they will be back to doing gerbils

    91. Jim Sutton

      Director of orbital sales Leave it to bezos to put a price tag on everything oh and call it new. Is SpaceX building the Space train yet?

    92. Punkiller

      Wait What!.. Just a 3mins of spaceflight and someone is paying $28million for it. Meeehn where do you guys see this money? Someone should show me the way.

    93. Punkiller

      Wait What!.. Just a 3mins of spaceflight and someone is paying $28million for it. Meeehn where do you guys see this money? Someone should show me the way.

    94. vroom vroom boi

      Who freaking cares? Your company is a total joke. And guess what, you can't even launch your rocket in orbit! Waited more than 5 years just to see a giant d*ck flying up and down? Yeah right, you're definitely success, "potential SpaceX competitor", success only on promotional vids.

    95. Barack Obama

      why did the auction seem so staged?

    96. Entertainment Exp.


    97. Carlos Colon

      It was amazing... Wow 28 million dollars for this ride, well for sure is a lifetime experience.

    98. Optimistic Channel

      Nama saya feri sangkuriang dari indonesia. Tempat tinggal saya saat ini ada di kedungputri, ngawi, east java. Kalau boleh, saya ingin ikut terbang bersama jeff bezos ke luar angkasa. Its my dream

    99. Peter Schings

      This is so stupid.

    100. Allen Kemmett