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    1. Maniha Ejaz

      Endermen can warp away if they are in danger

    2. Hamaad

      Nice video Mikey and jj!

    3. Hamster Gaming

      Hmmm…Moss carpets and flame particles.Seems like mob spawners, that the trick!

    4. safa bakhet

      Hey mazien I'm a subscriber I watch your videos

      1. MrGamerBoy


    5. Ali’slife


    6. Yorlenis Carrillo

      You guys are awesome and you have great ideas for videos and your building skills are out of this world

    7. Atyanta Lingga Maharddhikatara

      Well i think you need some constant Minecraft Survival Series. Well without some Techy to make Series more challenging 👍🏻

    8. Tanner Dushane

      JJ can you please make more build challenges.

    9. Gryffindor_Wolves Laylah

      I love all your content, Maizen. You guys are the best!! Thank you!

    10. BJ Pocong

      You always made my day Mikey and JJ!😁

    11. JanaiMarie Bailey

      You guys always make me laugh so hard!!!!😂😂

    12. Brandi

      I absolutely love your videos and keep up the good work as always and please make another video soon

    13. Benson Nguyen

      Sometimes, Mikey is obsessed with TNT.

    14. Maniha Ejaz


      1. Долгоржав Цангиа


      2. Sadia Tasmim

        If you had full nether pro 10 armor warden can kill you in 2 hit

    15. flukieschimp14

      You can clearly see moss carpet covering the spawners 🤦‍♀️

    16. Josh Heath

      Thanks for the awesome videos keep up the good work

    17. krithika ANUSAT

      hey, it's just a suggestion, you could use the latest versions, right?

    18. Uy Elwyn

      Nice one JJ I wish I can be with you

    19. Jeremiah David Retuta

      Btw the mutant zombies outside is very strong, at least JJ has armor.

    20. darkninja

      I love your videos keep up the good work you are doing so good so far

    21. Kevin Tarsh

      Amazing! Note: netherite armor is better than diamond

    22. CraftyMouse223

      You guys are awesome keep up the good work!

    23. Jakai Boney

      JJ’s lava parkour security System is easy to pass

    24. ♡boy princess♡

      They're are so awesome i can't believe they both slayed the big zombies They're are literally amazing awesome job

    25. Mpho Linake

      Can you please play the map called when pig take over

    26. AngelYahuuuu

      love youe videos, content is so cool.. keep going

    27. bro getout

      Real smart. Hid dispensers under green carpet.Good vid overall.

    28. Lian lye tan

      Love you videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    29. Andrei Macabuhay

      I love this video this should get many virals

    30. Akhirah Niña Bracamonte

      JJ is so good killing zombies

    31. yellow kitty

      love yal ur always a inspiration to others thank you for all the years of fun with you watching your vids as I write this im having flash backs over the years truly thank YOU

      1. Akeisha Revierre

        van mwjwkwkssjsjjwjwjswjwjsjff

    32. Baraa Isleem

      Keep up maizen winners never quit on videos I love you😊

    33. Zach Martin Abacco

      Was it just me or did the TNT explosion sound like gun sounds?

    34. iU Cube

      You guys always have such brilliant ideas and your build are excellent too, i think i will never get bored watchin you

    35. Minecraft Gamer

      I love the obsidian base!

    36. Tumi Mpofu

      I like how u are now posting alot love ur vids ❤❤

    37. Rio Cash Clarke

      Awesome video keep up the GREAT WORK Love your vids especially the survival ones

    38. lesliweird

      Even when you blew up the TNT i still saw some zombies!

    39. Austria Corp


    40. kong

      I love when jj destroyed Mikey bed to wake him up 🥲.

    41. Jagadamma C

      Mikey deserves a golden Apple atleast

    42. Staly

      You used spawners To spawn them and cover the spawners with carpet that’s why so many are coming😂

    43. Lotr legend

      Another great video 👍

    44. Lena Rumble

      I’m sorry this wasn’t your best video 😐 But keep making other videos! Your good at it!

    45. Gabriel Nathan Mata

      Finish the TNT

    46. Robyn Collins

      JJ always ready for everything

    47. Bleron Gashi

      Mikey and jj keep up with the good videos you make me feel better and more happy love your videos🥰

    48. lil puppy

      Good job keep up the good work

    49. Ogbonna Izima

      JJ and Mikey keep up the good work

    50. Noah Hayat

      they also breaked a stronghold lol

    51. Aditi Vedartham

      You guys are doing good day by day and ur videos are so cool

    52. Rinalda pereira

      Amazing videos Mikey and JJ!


      I see on the ground a spwaner covered with carpet but good keeping

    54. Karen Freeman

      Hey bro I love this KZsection channel btw I watch it every day

    55. Urfavgirl

      Hi guys! I’m your biggest fan. My brothers make fun of me for watching you guys but I ignore them. You guys are amazing and deserve 10m subs. You guys have a great day!!

    56. snoweplayz999

      The monster spawner is covered with carpet its so obvious but keep up the good work there

    57. Shauna-Kay Smikle

      When did I last watch JJ I don't know and I don't remember but I think he's going to create much more better videos I hope you create one that is about among us

    58. Raymond Huang

      Can you make more videos of the build battle

    59. TheProKiller1737 CO

      Good plan both of you i really appreciate it but your houses are destroyed too :v.....keep it up champ :D

    60. Mark Labuschagne

      Not even Sb737could get 128 golden apels in 5100 days

      1. M L

        That’s not how you spell apples

    61. thebestutibechannel

      I've finished allll your vids!! I love your vids Maizen

    62. Jian chi


    63. Mark Villahermosa

      I know the muntan are endless cause i saw a moss carpet it means its spawning the muntans

    64. Amirali Shadabi

      But your houses explode with you 🤣 I guess that was the bad idea

    65. Wazma Mirza


    66. Mohammed Sadiq

      I could see the spanners covered with moss carpet

    67. James Blackwell

      I ❤️ your videos they are the best do more and more pls

    68. souad jaouye

      you are so sweet and cool 😎 JJ and maiky

    69. Nicole Yeung

      I thought big explosions make you unconnected

    70. yellow kitty

      the first vid i ever saw from you you were surviving fnf (the OLD OLD one) Mikey has really evolved from now

    71. Jonas Ferolino ferolino

      I like your video every day I watch your video I love it thank you...

    72. Prabhakaran Prabu

      I was searching this video on your Japanese channel but you just uploaded this video on this channel I'm happy that you uploaded :)

    73. Aiden Wynard Olvina

      Look carefully there's a carpet on the floor there's a spawner of mutant zombie

    74. luis alvarado

      Switch to peaceful mode or going to creative to avoid this disaster

      1. M L

        They should not do that because they are playing a game

    75. Claudia Bass

      Maizen you interested me every day

    76. Mehreen Safir

      In the next vid you can fight all the molten mobs like molten enderman

    77. Ginger

      Did you see the zombie who was saying something in 5:55

    78. Eagle Sinn

      I love ur vids but I just want less staged ones nearly all of your vids are staged

    79. 6snap

      Zombies don't usually spawn. I saw green carpets which was camouflaged to the grass.under the carpet is a mutant zombie spawner

      1. Hawa Orked

        What carpet?

    80. Miki_ Gamer

      Why didn't u just broke spawners who were hiding behind green carpet

      1. Susmusgus

        I saw that to

    81. Soma Chowdhury

      anybody saw carpets in the grass there are spawners hidden there lol

    82. Telma Tavares

      Jj needs a little more time for seeing them

    83. Mark Pahor

      The moss carpets have spawners under them Brake the moss and ther will probably have spawners

    84. Variety’s Channel

      I definitely just saw an mob spaner in the ground and it was being hide by the carpet

    85. The Eyeball

      Problem: big zombies Solution: nuke the place

    86. Maniha Ejaz

      Mojang will never add emerald or copper armour

    87. ꧁༒☬𝓣𝓪𝓱𝓪 𝓟𝓵𝓪𝔂𝔃 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓵𝓸𝔁☬༒꧂

      East Or West ,Maizen Is The Best Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue , Maizen Keeps New Content That Is True

    88. cesbest100

      i love when jj broke the hatch to Mikeys roof and Mikey said why in such a whiney voice

    89. Brandon kavanagh

      I wish I had the mumant mobs too

    90. Xavier Schumacher

      Look I think they found the end portal lol

    91. zqnju_playzz

      Woah u should do next video fighting 1000 regular zombie using wooden sword

    92. Steve Bailey

      I wish I could spawn a muted zombie

    93. Aaron Valdes

      i can just put on my armor so fast like dream because last time i was doing a speedrun and i JUST PUT ON MY ARMOR IN 1 SEC

    94. Lala Carta Maduramente

      I see massive tnt underground it's so crazy

    95. Siti Patimah Binti Mat Zain

      Best vid I've ever seen in my entire life

    96. Rauw Alejandro 💙🥵

      Mikey always sounds like a girl 🥰

    97. Osserc Cooper

      Thank you for great video

    98. blocksbot

      4:43 Do you see carpets?

    99. rainbow_flower

      Did anyone notice that when they went outside the end portal got distroyed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    100. Suzie Glendening

      This Is epic maizen thank you for your vids Mikey you always Mack me laugh