Pumpkin Money Ball! 🎃

Klem Family

Klem Family

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    1. Ih8nine

      Taylor saved the best for last, and Ethan figured out how to aim the pumpkin after he missed the second shot. Cool game. Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Guv Kan

      Lauren 2/10 Taylor 6/10 Brian 7/10 Ethan9/10

    3. Ultra instinct walugi

      The key to make it to the bucket is to be light with any object you're rolling to get to your target.

      1. Mohamed Fairooz

        ​@Imene Imene

      2. Ultra instinct walugi

        @PananGram Gepearanan you too

      3. PananGram Gepearanan

        And did they have to roll it? I feel like it would have been much easier if they just slid it. But since they were rolling you are totally right, good on you man. Have a blessed Friday today and hope you had a good thanksgiving if you celebrate it. 😊❤

      4. Imene Imene


    4. Josh Burns

      Looks so fun as a family activity

      1. Beginner bro

        Bro is the definition of NPC

      2. 🛡️ومِنهم مَن ينتظِر

        *_#The_Crucifixion_of_Trinity_**_._* *_New_*_ king James Version²³`¹⁹:_ *|..God **#is_not_a_man* that He should lie, *#Nor_a_son_of_man* that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?📔|. *_Hosea¹¹`⁹_*_ New king James Version:_ |..l will not execute the fierceness of My anger, l will not again destroy Ephraim. *For l am God, **#and_not_man**📔|.*

    5. Jerry

      Is nobody talking about how brian perfectly landed it on the table?

      1. Jerry

        Why is my comments full of stupid people.

      2. Benameur Basma

        ​@Tatyana Khomchenko

      3. Benameur Basma

        ​@Tatyana Khomchenko

      4. Rana ijaz

        ​@Tatyana Khomchenko a ab, ih Edj

      5. Flireta Sinani

        ​@Tatyana Khomchenko q3&; sg

    6. Lola Neitzke

      Repping the colts merch 🔥

    7. Toheed Ahmed

      You guys so good Keep up the hard work

    8. FE4RMEBOI68

      I like the part where they get the money.

    9. Els

      I’m not even surprised Ethan won lol

      1. Figen Özbek

        @Sara Muhamed çok kısa sürede olay bu arada bir karıştırarak kaynatın ne demek istediğimi anlayacaksınız

      2. Özlem Yavuz

        ​@Sara Muhamed

      3. Sara Muhamed


      4. Sara Muhamed

        اصلي ليت Efefhg Mshsf🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    10. The Great Mates

      A moment of silence for those who think they get the money after the video.

    11. 리사

      At that time, the skeleton in the back: what's wrong with me, let's take me to the video 😂

      1. Monir islam


      2. Monir islam


    12. destroyerplays

      I wonder how much money each kid has now

    13. this is verry Cringe

    14. Nobody

      Watching this has my daughter name lol

    15. Annoy3d

      The 3 of the first Pumpkin is using ultra instinct/observation haki

    16. It’s Journi

      The winner is always at the end and Half of us know them so it’s an easy guess

    17. семен семенов

      Только последний участник подумал головой ,а не руками и рассчитал траекторию.

    18. Amanda Tripp

      Just how she throws it😂

      1. Tanner Cole

        ​@Tifa KarimB #/' /,

      2. Tifa Karim


    19. Exclusive_gamer242

      Ethan is the smart one, he realized that when you roll the pumpkin it turns. So, instead of him throwing it straight he threw it to one side a bit more.


      Bring back Ethan's mustache!

    21. Caitlin Fisher

      Can you do a birthday party war on every single

    22. RileyAnimates

      them: rolls pumpkins into tub me: climbs over table and puts it in hahah

      1. RileyAnimates

        @Neoo.obbiest ya mean "wow, YOU'RE so unfunny"

      2. Neoo.obbiest

        wow, u're so unfunny

      3. Neoo.obbiest


      4. Valkey


    23. Alem Orahovac

      Its rigged because you can see how the pumpkins weirdly turn its like its being bulled by a rope covered with greenscreen or a man in a greenscreen moving

    24. Charlie Taylor Gibson

      Yes Ethan wins let's go Ethan


      My mind: the poor pumpkins 🥺

      1. Confederate states of America

        there not even real pumpkins

    26. Ausaradio

      Man they must be giving them alot of money

    27. MajorasMask63

      Everybody gangsta until the skeleton starts moving

    28. xelinxbb

      I honestly don't think that they actually get money because of their boring reactions if I would get 100$ I would go crazy

    29. heo21 heo22

      ethans god tier

    30. Mati Barchiesi

      literalmente es usar la cabeza, si agarra efecto para la izquierda, tiralo un poquito para la derecha y listo

    31. 𝔖𝔴𝔦𝔯𝔩

      Even tho I think they don't even give the money, they're reactions to winning like 100 or more dollars are just like: yay. 🙂 Mine would have been like: 😭😭😭🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😁😁😆😆😆😀😀😃😃✨✨😮

    32. Doctor Jim

      You are very funny

    33. It's-Suki-plays

      This just looks rigged tho-

    34. Alex Ortiz

      Someone noticed that the skull moves 😨😨

    35. Weebsink Sinker

      i mean technically you “didn’t” have to roll it you could of just slid it hehe unless its against the rules

    36. 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖇𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖜𝖆𝖑𝖐𝖊𝖗 ಠ_ಠ

      Ethan: where is my 200$ bill? Get in the basement, tomorrow new videos!

      1. Бахон абенов


      2. Бахон абенов


    37. Meleane Tupoutua SAMIU

      after the video: mom: ok you guys aint getting money im only doing it for likes ok? child: oh.... ok...

    38. 사람

      It looks easy, but it is difficult

    39. Volkan Aydemir

      No hollowen in İslam kurban, ramazan mubarek

    40. Divesh Ramesh

      The skeleton though💀

    41. 🍁Coghead Gaming🍁

      What if they were to get all of em in 💀 that basket aint big enough

      1. Felipeboy Silva

        ​@William Somers

      2. Edona Azemi


      3. محمد علي الحمدو


      4. Rafik Wehbi

        @William Somers ٤ذ٤

      5. Cathy Agas

        ​@kaos umut

    42. hafsa zahid

      Omg the skeleton just scared me I was like what is he doing Man 😆🤪

      1. mik_nof

        ​@sidra fazal рлротрлшррг

      2. Suad Arabiyo

        ​@sidra fazal 0

      3. sidra fazal

        7um oops} pop

    43. iknowleeknow

      Dad can I borrow some money Dad : ask ethan 💀

      1. زهراء وداي


      2. زهراء وداي


      3. iknowleeknow

        @Kamoni Agambe yasss

      4. Taynnara Alice


      5. Kamoni Agambe

        I know, you know, Lee know.

    44. 24hr Gaming

      I’m paying attention to the skeleton to see if the eyes move

    45. Rainbow

      Me staring at the skeleton at back whole time thinking it will do anything Idk why

      1. Fahma Hashim


      2. Irene Mahlangu


    46. bently

      I wonder if the money actually goes to the kids

    47. Bosnian Warrior

      Remember Guys Last Person Is Always The Winner...

    48. Maya_💙😂

      Little question: do u actually give the kids money?

    49. la bella

      Le dernier il est trop fort 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍨🍨🍰🍰🥧🎂 aussi c'est mon anniversaire

      1. Shankar Kavre

        र. च दृश्यं

    50. nabila bhatti

      No one notice the skeleton starung deep into our eyes like💀

    51. Krisha Purohit

      Me The whole time thinking that skeleton going to move !!!

    52. jessica feitosa

      vraiment bien joué Taylor mais bof bof d'aller bientôt réussir mais c'est pas grave pour la prochaine fois peut-être

    53. h g

      Let's go made my day

    54. heythereitsikmal

      There we go, Ethan catchphrase "let's go" is the best catchphrase now 😎

      1. Jenok Cooks


    55. Stephanie

      Good job ethan

    56. BlueFlashTrex

      You know there’s something called sliding

    57. Timwunenraged

      I have a question does the winner actually get the money or is this just for YT and views?

    58. Érica Matos

      kkkk 🤗😘😘😘

    59. J

      that skeleton scared me good good

    60. Football Fusion 2 Comedy with Conrad and Brice

      How rich is Taylor rn every vid she win😭💀

      1. Ailin Enriquez

        0k 11

    61. Graemecrkr

      next time use real pumpkins please

    62. Blumxsii

      Do they actually get the money?!

    63. A7joker

      Bro the skeleton just staring into my soul 🎃💀

      1. nilzajcruz

        ​@Maira Fiaz

      2. Babytoy


      3. Maira Fiaz

        , hhjj

    64. Полюся


    65. Tidezz

      Wait so do they keep the money the get in the games or is it just points

    66. mabz Top 1

      Good job

    67. Mm As


    68. Anna House

      the Halloween's the best video this video is good so good

    69. Emiliano Martinez

      The fact that it looks like it's edited

    70. Jinu Shiva 3543- 18

      Always ur supporter

    71. Brian Kennedy


    72. Emma Carrelli

      Bro bring all the pumpkins and just go to the other side of the table and put them in

    73. Riley hi


    74. Justice hope

      You're acting like it's so hard when you could just throw it

    75. Foxii DaFox !

      I tought the skeleton's gonna scare the shit out of one of them

    76. BeeZee The Protogen

      “Alright, back to the basement you go.”

      1. Belen Maranzana

        ​@🛡️ومِنهم مَن ينتظِر

      2. 🛡️ومِنهم مَن ينتظِر

        *_#The_Crucifixion_of_Trinity_**_._* *_New_*_ king James Version²³`¹⁹:_ *|..God **#is_not_a_man* that He should lie, *#Nor_a_son_of_man* that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?📔|. *_Hosea¹¹`⁹_*_ New king James Version:_ |..l will not execute the fierceness of My anger, l will not again destroy Ephraim. *For l am God, **#and_not_man**📔|.*

    77. BlackTate

      "Ight, cut. We ain't giving out free money."

      1. Heczel Kornelia


    78. Alice Stewart

      i think you should do it with toilet paper

    79. Atharva Bhurke

      Meanwhile we have to do dishes to get money

    80. ☆〜Loco- monkey☆〜

      Did anyone else see fo the 3rd person the pumpkin when it fell it went up straight!?

    81. Harper Dillard

      I want that money 💰 🤑 💸 😩 😫 😕 💰 🤑 💸

    82. Sam

      1 year later mom can I have the 100$ 😐no the world greatest acting goes to these people

    83. サーモン大学


      1. Ivana Ibush


    84. Aaliyah Hashamy

      For a sec I thought the skeleton was a person💀🥲

    85. Eevee Gaming

      POV: You need money because you spent all of it on kids to put in your basement-

      1. Oyuki Cordova Rivera

        ​@GaRwq joi

      2. جوجو

        ​@GaRwq ءؤييء

      3. Madiha Noor


      4. ELMACROYT

        ​@GaRwq ⁰

      5. Сергей Чемерисов


    86. Kylie's Roblox art and gaming world!

      Ethan Lets go!! Me Lets go to Florida!!😎

    87. Rajab


    88. Nick Valhalla

      We all know they didn’t get the money

    89. Our Home

      The skeleton is like how did they get 1 but the last one got 200$

    90. Ethan Sabatier

      Je m'appele aussi Ethan 🤣🤣🤣

    91. Guili Vargas

      Why every video Lauren never gets anything

    92. Asiye Ozturk

      The last 1 has the trick

    93. Yes

      Do they actually get the money? Or is it just for fun???

    94. marivani Sousamessias


    95. Virginie Ndona Tazi

      The end be like : The winner : dad where is my money. The dad: i don't have money .

      1. 🛡️ومِنهم مَن ينتظِر

        *_#The_Crucifixion_of_Trinity_**_._* *_New_*_ king James Version²³`¹⁹:_ *|..God **#is_not_a_man* that He should lie, *#Nor_a_son_of_man* that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?📔|. *_Hosea¹¹`⁹_*_ New king James Version:_ |..l will not execute the fierceness of My anger, l will not again destroy Ephraim. *For l am God, **#and_not_man**📔|.*

    96. Jeremiah Harrod

      Cheaters you have to roll it Not push row that’s cheating😂😂😂😂

    97. Anti BeTeSe antisi

      Yanlarındaki şey hareket edince korkudan gelemeyen pişmanlık hissi

      1. Taylor Anderson

        ​@Galatasaraylı CJ mffkcd No useu

      2. Joelcrafty 31


      3. Fabiana Ferreira Carvalho

        ​@Galatasaraylı CJ ⁰⁰1qq

      4. Derya Benaz

        ​@Саня топ ڿخچڿ1شسڤ

      5. Amany Eltayar

        ​@Galatasaraylı CJ

    98. abhinav arya

      did anybody notice that the the skeleton💀 moved his index finger of his right hand✋

      1. Sam

        I did not but when I look away I think it moved abit 🗿

    99. Sophie Gibson

      I guess we playing the no talking challenge to😂

      1. ItzSaffi☆