Playing SQUID GAME in Real Life! △○□


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    Playing SQUID GAME in Real Life! △○□ with Brianna 👊

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    1. Carson Gamer

    2. Gianna Lobocchiaro

      I love you bri

    3. Jan Czen Maliwat

      ( ✧Д✧) YES!!

    4. Roblox RP

      Bro it’s Dylan also named hyper I watch him all the time aswell

    5. Latex Whistledown

      But what is the actual honeycomb in the series how does it look is it like big or small I haven’t even it

    6. Damian LaRocque

      Yea I love your videos

    7. Aryn Hoyle


    8. Gamingslayer124

      What!.! Hyper is there

      1. Gamingslayer124

        No way!.!

    9. Dinohappy

      Anyone else notice how different chase and nick look?

    10. sukinah Maniah Kinjawan

      i like preston :> he’s my favourite youtuber :D

    11. Hemlex

      Bru Mr best already on bruh go away ong fr fr

    12. Thidarat Wongba

      so this is a kid-friendly version of squid game huh

    13. Win Win Squad

      I know who Ozzy twin is she’s from Rebecca zaMollo

    14. Syarifa Najwa

      Your so nice and beutiful brianna be you

    15. Iñigo Bragais

      Is that a real gun

    16. Christopher Young

      Be you

    17. emmah khan


    18. Cam the man

      Did they just all die

    19. Rainbows

      Ew I hate it [Just kidding)

    20. ✨chloe_fgjk✨

      from the honeycomb and he is a KZsectionr too

    21. ✨chloe_fgjk✨

      oh look guys is hyper


      Didn’t see anyone die so clickbait

    23. Sentionaut

      did you guys even watch the show?? at 3:00, that's not how that worked out for the woman that had no partner in the show.

    24. MIF

      squid game is so popular

    25. GonzalezJio

      Can we do this with a paintball

    26. XxAmberxX

      Brianna: I’m here with 15 of my friends Me: *wow Preston really just got friendzoned-*

    27. king maverick

      I actually heard Preston swear haha

    28. antonio rolle



      This is just the bad version of mrbeast, they also copied mrbeast

    30. Friday Night Funkin' ProGamerPico

      Is that a bb gun

    31. UwU BuWu

      9:24 legit looks like a mug shot but they let you hold a coffee empty coffee cup 😂

    32. P a r a d i S e

      Awwww Keeley just scarified herself for Scott- THAT IS AN AMAZING FIANCÉ RIGHT THERE!!!!!

    33. TronDriveX

      Is that fake gun our real gun?

      1. lil Durk

        Real gun

    34. Gumi ._.


    35. bonnie

      Is that a real gun?

      1. chocylachy

        No dude what do you think

    36. DeeKayWrap

      You people are boring

    37. Gamerisaacjames345

      I knew Preston was going to win

    38. Brant Bishop

      can you imagine the neighbors like ohhhh its preston or his wife brianna making those youtube videos

    39. Y0ur.L0cal.Youtube_Idiots_.

      this is like walmart vers of squid game

    40. iAMABBY

      When i saw hyper i was like oh is that Dylan

    41. Cyetoy Sin


    42. Braxton Reid


    43. Be Strong & Courageous

      This game was created by sociopaths! Gun shot is “funny?” This game needs to be band by the federal government! Your making it easier for some to see “shooting someone down” an entertainment. Evil creators! Evil!

    44. DesolateCSGO

      After seeing this dreadful rushed attempt at Squid game IRL, I can't wait for Mr. Beast's game.

    45. ♡Aesthetically_Ella♡

      It was so funny we’re you said let’s go get the money bebe bc it’s like you want it to😂

    46. Kollins Worth


    47. Superspeed Malaki

      Nah Chris wins triangle hid Preston and gave him a color to not step on 😑

    48. ItsSiimplyCloudy

      why is hypers voice sounding British on the honey comb one dou :D

    49. Cyetoy Sin


    50. furrykitty

      I have a friend who thought that the squid games were real and that people were actually dying and that the killers were making a show out of it. What was the thought prosscesss here?THey didnt have stunt doubles, so the actors were doing all themselves. When he glass bridge exploded, in real life they made it explode, and the slo-mo of the actors dodgeing the glass was real too, exept it was fake, non harmful glass. They just added lighting effects. ANd for the piles of dead people at the doors in the first game, those werent fake bodies, the actors stayed piled on top of each other. THe director wanted as little cgi as possible, so that the casts reactions would be more real. thats a new level of overachiving.

    51. Shalaunda Brown

      I did this with my friend a youtuber I was so happy playing with her

    52. VivianSketches

      *no people were harmed during the making of this video*

    53. Sophia Loaf

      Preston is like the old man. CHEATEr

    54. Avatar the last airbender fan 1000


    55. Henry Boyer

      prestin did not make it your hole body has to be over!




      Give me ticket

    58. Wayne Sullivan

      I forgot his name but player 015 in this video looks like jesus

    59. Dilare Abulimiti

      No one


      I expected mr beast to do this but ok

    61. Vanda Clark

      nice but would have been so much better if she had a mask on

    62. Florida Man Evolved

      take your first mill token here

    63. Jack Port Richmond

      Whoever thinks Arzie twin is real is dumb

    64. Lucas Pan

      don't give mrbeast any funny ideas you know he takes everything to the next level we don't want him to you know

    65. Itzz_MelodysAmethyst

      nope it was triangle guard

    66. Pinkie Kelsey

      This game is scary but I like it and I like your videos and I like your friends even Preston Love Kelsey

    67. Jade Hogan


    68. Bernadette Artillero

      You and preston lock cute

    69. Dawud Saleh

      I miss him

    70. Dawud Saleh

      Bring keys back in the videos

    71. Dawud Saleh

      Praying Keith back in the videos

    72. 愛|•AHR0Nツ

      Love this

    73. Justin88o you 6543321lpp99877 the 54432222 Freeman

      I saw cari and Dylan I’m happy:)

      1. Justin88o you 6543321lpp99877 the 54432222 Freeman

        not cari sorry

    74. NachoThng

      Noice #3 on treading!

    75. ryan Mueller

      Thank you so much

    76. Esteban Valerio Jr

      when the people are eliminated/shot do they die or hey play dead?

    77. typicall 69

      Totaly no killing

    78. K Kids Gaming

      Scott technically was the last one to pass the line..

    79. Jared Reid


    80. Gabriel Parish

      gg lol preston spit out honey come

    81. Mark Mcintyre

      Plot twist squid game is actually sponsored by mr beast

    82. Sebastian's Playground

      🐙◾🔺️⚪ represents for Squid Game

    83. True Crime Queen TV

      I love your videos!! They're amazing. Stay safe out there everyone ❤️🌻

    84. Emilia Villafane

      Can I please be an a vid I'm subscribed:b

    85. Ronnie Macaso

      Camera man? (End of the vid)

    86. Sebastian's Playground

      R.I.P Dylan The Hyper😵😭😭😭😭😭😭

    87. eteled plays

      That’s cool /_\ [_]


      Mr.beast game

    89. Roddric Obert

      Why did triangle help preston?

    90. مريم بغلف

      love Spuid game so far but no pls

    91. M1chaelJ0hn in T0h

      Chase and nick look like there are brother because the hair.

    92. Emilia Villafane

      GO hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am subed:D

    93. Sebastian's Playground

      Is Dylan The Hyper there?

    94. Gabriel Llanora

      No Dylan!

    95. [TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Everyone in the picture: smiling Preston:frowning and holding coffee

    96. Al-sinquity Ansary

      I think preston wins most of the videos and bri's 2nd and scott or chase is 3rd maddie is 4th and keeley is 5th

    97. Antony tu

      Who is mr.triangke

    98. Ethan Co

      its that hyperplayz

      1. Ethan Co

        no hyper

      2. Ethan Co

        its 008

    99. Orrin Hoffman

      Squid games: if the host was a KZsectionr trying to make everything seem exciting and not dark as fuuuu