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The Overlap

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    It’s time for Paul Scholes’ turn on The Overlap, and here’s my 18 questions for him, brought to you by Sky Bet.
    We dive into his best ever goal, to not caring about super-heroes or music and much more… Plus he shares his biggest argument with Sir Alex.
    The full interview is out next week, make sure to subscribe now and turn notifications on, if you like.

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    1. Warren

      Natural talent, zero ego. Legend.

      1. charlie lad

        @Max Davids Nah just boring AF

      2. Max Davids

        @charlie lad Or just a private person.

      3. charlie lad

        Zero personality too

      4. SoFloShinoni

        @Glenn F he thought he was better than the current midfield which he was but.

      5. Andy Ng

        why no one in the park stops them to get a photo with them or their autographs?

    2. Joe WT

      His contribution to the team I love, his dry wit, his slightly grumpy attitude. his humble nature, I love it all. Legend. Absolute legend!

      1. charlie lad

        Slightly??? He's worse than Karl Pilkington!!!

      2. Nicolas Craig

        Makes Ya Think

      3. Steve Luetchford

        Not being from the North , it appears to be a Manc thing

      4. Lee Thistlethwaite

        @Lewis u know it pal 👍

      5. Shubhrajyoti Kirtania

        Humility amd pure honesty.. true legend. England was blessed to have him.

    3. Joseph Parker

      Insane how humble he is about his ability, world class player.

      1. charlie lad

        Bites his daughter's toe nails

    4. EastyTime

      As a United fan I'm glad they mentioned Saha. Deserves to be remembered as one of our best strikers even though he wasn't at his peak with us for that long. Had everything!

      1. Steve Stevenson

        He's still pretty good

      2. We hate Mancs

        "as a Manc bin dipper" that's what your meant to be saying mate.😂

    5. Shauka Hodan

      There'll never be another Paul Scholes. He's one of those players you wish could've played for eternity, he was so good. A humble legend too.

      1. Dark Starr

        @twatassification Well said

      2. twatassification

        @C. B. Ultracrepidarian. Look up the word, it perfectly describes you, someone who comments on something they have no knowledge or clue about :D

      3. C. B.

        A totally irrelevant unknown player out of England

    6. Alex Smith

      As a Liverpool fan, It pains me to really like these two. They are two genuine working class lads who worked their balls off and are now reaping the rewards without too much care for what people think.

      1. dabe00

        As a United fan I like Gerrard and I loved Reese btw 😅

      2. MolitaReal

        Its aite man. Im a united fan, but my idol was steven gerrard

      3. OPTIC23100

        @Glenn O'Connor weird thing to notice fella. Stereotype much?

      4. my reply to your stupidity:

        That's silly. You can respect a man while having different beliefs. Just coz they are red devils and we are European giants.... 😉

      5. Pete Mills

        Spot on

    7. Simon Clarke

      As a Bradford City fan, I’ll never forget that goal he scored. Most of the stadium applauded it. Absolute class player

      1. Alo Heyio

        Not saying u're lying but I watched the game and I don't remember applaud from u lot, just United's supporters. Maybe u thought woooow what a goal or something like that

      2. charlie lad

        Well it was Bradford tbf

      3. Dr Tenma

        It looks like the English public are very respectful when it comes to these interviews but if I was on vacation in England and saw these two Legends walking about I will lose my shit.

      4. Mr T

        That’s his best goal for me

      5. Tricky

        Brilliant. I remember the Brazilian Ronaldo getting an ovation at Old Trafford when subbed after his hat trick. Will always remember being there.

    8. Shane Skillin

      What a absolute legend. Just a normal down to earth bloke who just happened to be exceptional at football. Overlap best thing on KZsection.

      1. Alex

        Normal? he sucks his daughters feet...

    9. Garethgazz

      What a legend. The Karl Pilkington of football when it comes to interviews though haha

    10. Hugh Franklin

      Scholesy is a legend, one of the best midfielders to ever play the game, and what a sense of humour.

      1. J C

        @C. B. you are joking lol

      2. C. B.

        Out of England nobody knows him.

    11. Ramzy Nanah

      This interview is a genuine lesson for every footballer, given by probably the best Englishman stepped on a football Pitch in the last 40 years or even more. Thank you very much.

      1. Mr D

        Glen hoddle. By a mile !!

      2. Shane Madden

        so good he never received a single ballon d'or nomination, never even voted player lf the year for his club by his team mates, incredible hyperbole here.

      3. FanVarious


      4. Gabriel M O

        Steady Ramzy, you'd think Rooney, Shearer, and Kane were all bus drivers with the above comment lol

    12. Joey

      Kids these days will never understand how great of a player Paul was

    13. John Gary Navida

      He was rated as being "too small" at the academy which obviously meant jack s__t. Size does not matter when you have the ability Scholesy had with the ball. Fortunate to have watched him play his entire pro career. Absolute genius, so accurate, read the game almost like he was a Jedi before they happened. Him and Keano in the heart of that United midfield was perfection.

    14. Stuart Holehouse

      I loved him when he was playing and his legend continues to grow over time. He was the heartbeat of United through most of the best times.

      1. Matthew Doyle

        Now as a pundit talks shit

    15. Danny Gray

      What a player this man was. Even Iniesta said Scholes was different class.

      1. Funnylookingcunt

        @Lukey Chadders Ballon D'or votes mean fuck all. Look at messi's most recent win, completely undeserved

      2. gareth reynolds

        ​@tall Al there are videos of them saying that ffs. shut up ya dry lunch.

      3. Zinédine Zidane

        @Comp and you’re a nobody too crying about comments grow up

      4. Bob Wood

        @Lukey Chadders actually as per Paul Schole's wiki, Xavi indeed said that PS was the best central midfielder he had seen in the last 15-20 years.

      5. Dü Hüsker

        @Jinzo Yes for people who think football was invented 25 years ago.

    16. Dr NoHow Phd

      Petition for Lee Sharpe to be on this show. He's completely underrated and would have a tonne of great stories.

    17. Enthony Reed

      The best interview in Overlap, and I'm not saying that just cause I'm an United fan. It had it all, info, humor and u just can see the good vibe these have between each other. They grew together playing football, from the academy up to the first team, a United team in which time, the players were like a family and u can feel that thing in this interview. So happy I grew watching these lads play for the team I love and started watching football as a kid cause of Man Utd. Such a good interview, really enjoyed it.

      1. Seramics

        Scholes was ok. That era was acceptable. But the current era is the best. We have Maguire now, far more entertaining. A better playmaker than Scholes, that's for sure.

    18. Malcolm Robertson

      Love the format. Rarely comment on any site but Scholes was truly a midfield maestro with an incredible footballing brain.

    19. MichaelNJM

      Love Paul Scholes and hearing about his love for Ruud van Nistelrooy. Best Striker I've ever seen at United and Scholesy is the best Midfield player we've probably ever had.

      1. MichaelNJM

        @Matthew Doyle Scholes was better than all of them.

      2. Matthew Doyle

        Roy keane, Ince and Robson??????????

    20. Bruce24R

      One of the greatest midfielders ever. “How would you like to be remembered? - Don’t care” can’t not love him 🤣🤣

      1. charlie lad

        Typical moany grumpy manc

      2. MrVinjex

        @Anish L Paul also played as a number 10. However we're not comparing rather just saying he was good

      3. Anish L

        @Matthew Doyle not same positions... Zidane was more of a 10, in majority of his career...

      4. Pixel Peek

        @Matthew Doyle miles better than Paul Ince. Isn’t even close. Zidane said it best when asked what it’s like to be the best player in the world - “ask Paul Scholes”.

      5. Sam Vaiphei

        "One of the"

    21. NLizzy💯💯

      Crazy how such an elite player like Scholsey can be so humble he never praises himself n always downplays it when people praise him the real GOAT of prem midfielders 🐐🐐

    22. Neutral Observer.

      The best English players in my lifetime have been Gascoigne, Hoddle, Robson, Le Tissier, Ashley Cole and Scholes. It's between Robson and Scholes who is the best. One is the best example of a captain and leader while the other is the best playmaker this country has ever produced. Too hard to choose between them!!!

    23. Norman Mart

      Really enjoyed listening to both these interviews with Scholes , to keep your feet on the ground after all that success is pretty impressive . Just very honest and no bullshit , could have listened to them a lot longer , and i'm definitely not a united fan.

    24. Optimus Phill

      Literally smiled all the way though that, two mates who played some great football......legends and no ego.

    25. limericklad2000

      My favourite player of all time. There will never be another like him.

    26. Marc Jones

      Paul is so honest and it’s great to hear these stories and the background information! I always enjoy the Overlaps.

    27. Darren Scott

      This shouldn’t just be on KZsection, this should also be on mainstream TV….. one of the best show out at the moment. Great guests, fantastic content and amazing productions. Well done Gary Neville.

    28. Philippe Palmer

      that's the first time I've seen Paul Scholes in an interview completely open up and yet he's still an enigma.Zinedine Zidane was once asked “what does it feel like to be the best player in the world?” he reportedly replied: “I don't know, ask Paul Scholes.”

    29. Dexter

      If you listen to Scholes speak about himself as a footballer you would assume he was a really poor player, but if you listen to those who played with/against him you realize how magnificent he truly was.

      1. James M

        I'm not sure if it's because he's super humble or just really a "non poser" who just had a job to do and it did it extremely well. Needless to say be hard to find another Scholesy

      2. Alo Heyio

        Was gonna say exactly tge same, I think he doesn't like limelights

      3. My channel

        Beautifully said

      4. Haydn Morgan

        @charlie lad nonce

      5. charlie lad


    30. Tom O

      "He scores goals galore, he scores goals 🎶..." What a player this man was. A quiet working class lad from Oldham touched by genius. Thanks for everything you gave United Scholesy

      1. brain rot

        @Tom O yeah mate Langley, the house he grew up in is just 2 min walk from me mams house, just off Langley Lane. Me dad's from Oldham me mams from middleton, so I grew up in both places. Oldham only a 5 min drive from midd. Seen him getting his breakfast at the tesco cafe in Oldham one time lol, wasn't even driving a flashy car, not a shit car but nothing extravagant either. As down to earth guy as they come and a Midd legend.

      2. Tom O

        @brain rot Yeah fair play mate, Langley isn't it. I put Oldham cos that's where he lives with his family and a place he associates himself with.

      3. brain rot

        Not from Oldham mate, I know because he grew up on same council estate I did, in Middleton.

    31. SAS

      Paul Scholes character is like a cross between Mike Basset and Karl Pilkington wrapped up in a world class player. Great player and guy. Great hearing some of these stories of things that happened.

      1. Joseph Salmon

        Karl Pilko came to mind straight away

      2. charlie lad

        Agree with the personality comparisons but world class is a stretch lol

    32. Jack Trayes

      England’s greatest ever player. Seen him live for United in 06/07 at OT and was blown away by how he played. Genius of a player

      1. J C

        I saw him 2012 when he came back from retirement. Never seen a cm dictate the game so much.

      2. Matthew Doyle

        u dont mention the mistake against Blackburn in 2-1 loss

    33. True cockney

      This is the first time I’ve watched this overlap program and I’ve really enjoyed it i hope the others are as good. Scholes is my favourite player in the Man Utd team he was so clever he dictated how they play the little fella was magnificent can you imagine what he would be worth now

    34. M H94

      "I look for intelligence in a football player, brains" Scholes was exactly that. Brilliant player

      1. iSmasher-78i

        I like the way he thinks the forwards are the best players, no matter who they are he justs imagines the forwards to be the most important players... You can tell that he has never had any selfish thoughts.... Ever

      2. Wildernessoutside

        not brilliant ,the best

      3. Abdirisak Awes

        Absolutely. Such an icon.

      4. RJ SHORTS

        Dunno why nev was laughing

    35. David Hall

      Quality interviews, summed up by the fact that I feel I know I appreciate more about the nice human being Paul Scholes is . A pleasure to watch

    36. siniša čmarec

      The greatest Man. United player, long live Paul Scholes!!!

      1. Thomas Jones

        Him And Roy Keane

    37. AshK

      Saw him many times live...he is one of those I feel you had to see live to appreciate. Totally ran many games by himself.

    38. Edwin

      Diego Forlan was asked in an interview down in Argentina who was the best player he played alongside during his tenure with Man Utd… yep he said Scholes without even hesitating which is mad when you consider all the talent Utd had during that era Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, young CR7, Keano, Giggs. Just goes to show Scholes’ insane class

      1. lior yunfh

        was biking it to work!!

    39. Havennew Bowtow

      There’s a touch of absolute purity about the way he sees the game. There’s also a touch of Karl Pilkington about him 😂

      1. 2amBreakfast

        There is a beautiful simplicity about them both. I've never liked the use of the word 'simple' to mean stupid or slow-minded because to me it means someone who is straightforward, honest and down to earth. I love people like that.

      2. Fahmi Luthfi

        Ikr, i like where did i remember seeing this kind of grumpy demeanor before?

      3. I'm on my way

        So true

      4. AviaDesigns

        I thought the same😂

      5. FanVarious

        Shame that Scholes didn't like super heroes. I was hoping he was going to choose Bullshit Man.

    40. Greg Fletcher

      Nev's done it again. Great interview. Adore Paul Scholes, love these two.

    41. Nick Willcocks

      The goal I remember seeing him score was against Juve... Right in front of the keeper and with calmness and composure, dribbled around him to tap it in... It showed me instantly that this dude had it... Most would have blasted it as hard as possible ..

    42. Nick Halkyard

      Great interview - honest, funny, self-deprecating and genuine. Scholes you are a legend and even know-all Neville graciously took a backseat. United,united,united!

    43. lior yunfh

      What a player, love how humble and honest he is.

    44. Daniel Munroe

      Scholesy saying his worldie against barca in the champions league semis was a miskick has blown my mind. What a legend 🐐🐐🐐

      1. NLizzy💯💯

        @bargepoled fairs🤝🤝

      2. bargepoled

        @NLizzy💯💯 no. I used to be until the Glazers took over in 2005 . I protested and was nearly arrested for it. My shares in the club were compulsory purchased. I had no choice. I gave up my season ticket then. I haven't put a penny in their pocket since. The only time I've been to games is attending with my disabled mother who still has a season ticket and needs a carer to go with her sometimes. I've been to about 12 games since 2005 when her regular carer can't go. I never buy a thing in the ground. No merchandise. I don't have Sky or BT. I give the Glazers absolutely nothing. Zero. I've put my money where my mouth is and paid the ultimate price. Shame others couldn't do the same. This season ticket I gave up was passed down through 3 generations. Other people aren't prepared to give that up and that is what the Glazers know. The attachment to the club going back generations is very strong. Don't assume things about people. I and many others attended massive games. Including vs Real Madrid when the original Ronaldo scored a hat trick and we clapped him off the pitch. I've seen all the big stars play from the 1st games of the class of 92, CR7 when he was there the 1st time, Keano, scholes, Giggs etc all through the Fergie years. Those days were golden. The atmosphere on the big European nights was immense. You could reach out and touch it almost. I gave all that up because of those Yanks.

      3. NLizzy💯💯

        @bargepoled I love how u ‘used’ to be since we became shit u stopped n I don’t blame u one bit looool🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. NLizzy💯💯

        @RevZman £80 for a UCL ticket is cheap at OT nowadays on the website it’s never under £100😭😭😭😭 u lived my dream man seeing us play under Fergie fair play man😅😅 ofc in Ten Hag we trust I juss hope the club keep backing him n give him time I’m sure he’ll get us back where we belong🔴🔴🔴

      5. B Michael

        The best atmosphere in OT that night, incredible

    45. chet cessford

      Love Scholes! True class, and so humble!

    46. Doc Assholimho

      Scholesy will always be one of my favs. He makes down-to-Earth people feel like they're over the top.

    47. Neil Loughran

      What a player and human being, never bigs himself up but I’ve never seen so many world class players nominate him as the best they have played with or against, I’m a Spurs fan this man was a genius!

      1. Matthew Doyle

        He couldnt tackle

    48. Philip Stoneman

      Great interview with my favourite player ever, love his honesty and dry sense of humour. The banter between the two makes a good watch 👍

    49. maxi

      Complete legend. No wonder United were so successful with him and Keane setting the standards in the dressing room not many like them anymore

      1. Michael McGrory

        @Nem Savadia Can tell them from a mile away can't you? stick out like a bloody sore thumb!

      2. Nem Savadia

        @Peter Lfc clearly an oil fan?

      3. Paul Camm

        He just said his standards were getting pished 😅 still one of the best even considering that

      4. Peter Lfc

        @IAmSAMU3Lx establishment club

      5. Peter Lfc

        @Joseph manc’s, what you expect? Mutants all of them.

    50. vaibhav kanthe

      Imagine....after watching Scholes play all these years just for him to say he wasn't build to be a footballer. United need more of these "wasnt build to be a footballer" today, then only our attitude as a team will change. Absolutely gem of a player, truly one of its kind, haven't seen any one like him after he retired.

      1. MrVinjex

        Imagine if he had been more professional

    51. Michael Knowlson

      I love Scholesy. What a player he was for United. Club legend.

    52. Keith Moss

      hard to imagine that two such solid characters could exist in todays game or times. One of if not the best of Gary's interviews so far!

    53. moe moerinho

      Wow. Thank you Paul! Your professionalism is my inspiration. Fantastic questions and brilliant answers.

    54. Chriseff1

      Gotta love Scholesey and his sheer, down to earth, honesty when answering questions. 😂

      1. Shev Green

        Admitting he spooned it against barca 😂

      2. Tony Field

        Who writes these questions too 😂

    55. Paul Gregory

      2 of my favourite united players from the Fergie era. Intelligence, Tenacity and a bit of nasty but in a good way. Both played their hearts out for the shirt. Local working class lads made good, no big ego or big time charlie attitude. Proper legends. Loads of respect for both of them. 2 great players.

    56. Celia 💖cHAt WiT ME {I'M HERE} 🤳

      As a Bradford City fan, I’ll never forget that goal he scored. Most of the stadium applauded it. Absolute class player

    57. Thomas Nyang'wa

      This is was EVEYTHING I expected it to be. Down earth everyday guy who had an INCREDIBLE career! Cheers Scholesy!!

    58. Steve Horsley

      love people like him.dry wit,doesn t crack his face,no nonsense.still very shy despite all his successes and remarkably man.

    59. Rafa 7GT

      Looking at him, its impossible to imagine how incredible this man was as a player, i feel bad for those who never watched him in his prime.

      1. GO AT

        Tell me about it! In awe of that genius ginger.

    60. sean11lee

      Listening to him talk about his upbringing and his lifestyle and comparing it to how much he achieved just shows how naturally talented he was as a footballer. When xavi and zidane both say you are the best midfielder they ever played against, you know that’s something special.

    61. Dean Holt

      The best one so far, Scholes is my favourite play of all time and he’s just fantastic really down to earth lad, love his bluntness to some of these questions as you just don’t get any BS from him.

    62. valentine Madu

      One of the most intelligent players I’ve seen! Totally loved watching him play.

    63. Adam AFC

      Love Paul scholes, probably the best passer of the ball I've seen. True professional and so grounded and humble Arsenal fan 👍

    64. Toby

      Such a brilliant, brilliant interview Paul Scholes is so humble in his ability, it’s the fact he couldn’t give a toss which makes him even more special. Arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world during his time, his peers all respect him and all of them put Scholesy as the number one midfield, quite remarkable!

      1. Prateek Chauhan

        @Jack Davies-Downes not once in his career did Paul Scholes finish above Zidane in Ballon d'or rankings ... And it's not even close.. Zidane was consistently in top 10 from 1997-2006 (except 1999 and 2005 I think).. And I didn't see Paul Scholes in any list of top 25-30 players in those years.. Now that is a fact not just my personal opinion..

      2. Jack Davies-Downes

        @Raghuveer Dubagunta Scholes was miles ahead of Zidane- Zidane just lived off of a few key moments.

      3. Raghuveer Dubagunta

        He wasn't better than Zidane. C'mon now.

      4. Travis Axewound

        @Prateek Chauhan nobody considered Beckham better than Scholes at United, least of all David himself.

      5. David Akerman


    65. Barry Curry

      What a player, love how humble and honest he is.

    66. George O'Toole

      Absolutely brilliant the most down to earth superstar in my book. His modesty and openness is so refreshing and so much better than the Prima Donna’s in the game today.

    67. Lawrence Fallow

      Great interview! Love these longer form conversations…keep them coming!

    68. davidthegolfer999

      Great 20 minutes. I would have loved it if it were longer, say 18 holes. Two of my greatest heros. Talent. determination, lives on the line footballers. Moments I cherished with that team. So enjoyed this. Oh, two great personalities too. Thank you both, David

    69. Ben & Watch

      Class interview, can’t wait for the full length, Paul Scholes could walk passed me in the street/park, you’d look and think, did I go to school with him!

      1. Michael Ward

        Took the full length of his daughters big toe

      2. Si Jones

        Played a charity golf tournament years ago. In the clubhouse afterwards and saw a short guy a few places ahead in the queue. Said to my old man “I’m sure I know that guy”. He said “you do, it’s Paul Scholes”. And there he was, queuing up for stew and potatoes, and 2 weeks before, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta had all fought to be the one to get his shirt (after UCL final defeat at Wembley I think). Your comment is about as bang on as it gets!

      3. Somebody

        @Liam Parker no mate the team was called holker old boys!

      4. Billy big balls

        Wrap it ya cabbage

      5. Liam Parker

        @Somebody for Royton by any chance ? Lol

    70. travder

      That was sensational. Best one yet. Scholes is just amazing, his personality is hilarious. So refreshing.

    71. Rila Mountain

      Love the Overlap interviews. Scholsey is amazing

    72. Mumbler100

      Scholes is just honest and to the point. Love it!

    73. Dazzawong74

      The boss of midfield - my best memories growing up watching Scholesy!

    74. WolvesLadTom

      Scholes….. down to earth, humble and one of the best if not the best centre mid England ever had! Love these two together what a laugh!

    75. Alex Blanchard

      Cannot wait for the full episode now! What a legend!

    76. Charles I

      The thing that I love from paul it's he's humble. And his mentality and way of think is always going foward. Never looking back and always improving. He's gonna be great coaches but yeah nobody can do anything as expected right. Just like what he said.

    77. docadnan2007

      One of the best example of professional footballer on and off the pitch. Thank you for the wonderful memories as a United Fan.

      1. Vinny Ford

        Did you not watch the video? Lol he literally talks about how he wasn't a model professional lol

      2. JM763cbdh

        Doesn’t he bite his daughters toe nails

    78. Farhana Akhtar

      Brutally honest and down to earth players!! Do United legends more often!! As a United fan love it Amazing players One with Rooney please

    79. Stephen Murray

      Scholesy will be remembered as one of the best midfielders the club has ever had. Love his attitude 😂. Legend.

    80. daniel Irl

      People say he is boring but I love him, some highly intelligent people just don't say alot but since he has my respect... I pay attention to every word he says and just enjoy hearing him speak. Gary is a legend of the KZsection scene for these

    81. darcoman2

      Great interview. What a player. So humble. No bullshit or airs and graces. Direct and honest. Man we took them united legends for granted back in the day. So many home grown players too. Hopefully Ten Haag will bring the good days back in the near future. United forever.

    82. George

      I'm a West Ham fan. The first time I saw him play at Old Trafford, absolutely everything went through him. His passing range was ridiculous, he absolutely split us apart.

      1. geo

        @Mike H aye and a bet you got a bad injury when you were 15 that ended your career 🤣🤣

      2. George

        @Matthew Doyle West Ham fan so went away. Not that unusual is it?

      3. Matthew Doyle

        @George You went to watch United really

      4. Tricky

        @Mike H shambolic comment. 😂

      5. Martin H

        @Mike H you are pathetic. then why did he do it so much better than the likes of Gerrard etc?

    83. Ian Glossop

      Absolute legend of the club and a great character to go with it scholes was one of the best

    84. Eamon Browne

      Love Scholesy! I think him and Karl Pilkington would get on well 😂 what a fantastic interview, Scholes is a true legend of the game. Him and Keano in midfield best I've ever seen.

      1. AB

        Same, I even commented saying good Karl pilkington interview, uncanny resemblance

      2. Richard Johnson

        All I could think of was Karl Pilkington throughout this interview 🤣

    85. Chay Harding

      Its humble players like this that the game and man United especially are missing nowadays, two brilliant players, legends of the game. Scholes will always be one of my top 3 midfielders

    86. Joab Bedoyan

      ‘The people you play for and the people you play with are the most important opinion’ what a great way to define that golden era at united. Absolutely love scholes

    87. BigDome

      Scholesy's directness is a breath of fresh air. Probably the most no nonsense former player.

      1. G

        Seriously? To me he just seems like a guy that put all his time and effort into football, and forgot to get a personality along the way.

      2. BigDome

        @Glenn O'Connor exactly. Keane acts like a no nonsense hardman but really he loves the cameras and the attention

      3. SpinOfTheWheel

        @Bonella calm down

      4. Bonella

        @Glenn O'Connor all the time, media mongerer

      5. Glenn O'Connor

        @mediacenter man nah Scholes > Keane in that regard, Keane puts a act on sometimes

    88. a st

      I'm a Leeds fan... but for me Paul Scholes was absolutely class...loved watching him play and Man U haven't replaced him and that's why there shite at the the questions they mention Eriksson he is the closest they've come to replacing Scholsey... what a player the little man was!!!

    89. East African Abdi

      Two united legends and top interview thanks for the memories my favorite wizard of a baller…. I miss the ginger man long shots and old trafford erupting with joy… as a united fan this was fun to watch 👍

    90. James Walker

      Love this episode scholes is as straight forward as it comes (LEGEND) 🤣🤣🤣

    91. Kaywood Trading

      Lucky enough to see the whole Fergie era and so miss watching Scoles picking the ball up off a defender and Lazer beaming the ball to either side of the pitch to our wingers. Never got bored of it and never will...

    92. SAOR ALBA

      What a player , humble and is uncomfortable with complements . Viera and Zidane fans of this man . Great player

      1. SAOR ALBA

        @Manutd 20 i looked into some of his fan quotes . Ronaldinho wanted to pass like him Iniesta impressed beyond belief The list is a who's who . Folk use the word Great far too often .but with Scholsey nah it's an understatement. Lamps and Gerrard don't compare and I'm not a United fan so I'm unbiased .

      2. Manutd 20

        Xavi Alonso wants u English don’t appreciate scholes like how we do in spain

      3. Manutd 20

        Even pep at Barca wanted scholes

      4. Barry Emery

        @Qasim Din - Are you Serious? Gerrard wouldn’t have got anywhere near that Utd first team, he simply wasn’t good enough.

      5. Aden Mohamed

        @Qasim Din first no one is talking about Gerard but all I know is Gerard can’t sit and have a conversation with zidane, iniesta, xavi and mudric

    93. hawk080522

      So enjoyable. One of my favourite ever players, and he liked a pint or two as well! Absolute legend

    94. iCEetMarne

      One of my favorite United players ever. Love the guy!

    95. Ernie Rowe

      I’m a Newcastle fan and unfortunately I recognise fully how good a player Paul Scholes was … I’d put him in my top five premier league midfielders all day long … fantastic player 👍

    96. mikerobs1

      best midfielder in his era. no shadow of a doubt. completely under the radar. football people know this to be true

    97. iq_insane

      "Paul Scholes! A role model. For me, he's the best central midfielder I've seen in the last 15, 20 years. He's spectacular" - Xavi Hernández

      1. sulabh bin

        @Vinny Ford not a fake quote though.

      2. Vinny Ford

        @Scarface92511 neither do lies and fake quotes

      3. Scarface92511

        @Vinny Ford jealousy gets you nowhere

      4. iq_insane

        @Vinny Ford Well i saw Xavi praising Scholes many times. You just jealous sad pathetic human being who runs into everyone's comment just to ruin it! Get a life bro ..

      5. Vinny Ford

        Another false quote about Scholes

    98. SEBAmusictv

      please add Scholesy as head scout to the staff! He knows what a player needs, I don't think anyone has ever looked for intelligence in a player after Sir Alex... it's slowly getting better but United has looked like a bunch of startled chickens a lot these past years. 🙄

    99. Mary💋23 y.o - check my vidéó

      Natural talent, zero ego. Legend.

    100. flyoverfred

      first time I saw Scholes was in a Lancashire Cup final, Burnley v Man Utd at Turf Moor - he scored twice and waked through the game, I'm guessing he was 15 or thereabouts and you just knew he was going to be a special player. Absolute class