One drawing, but 4 ✨Different✨styles! 👀 PART 3 *HARDEST ONE😳* | JULIA GISELLA



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      i want to try some new styles for the next ones :P you guys can decide which one i should try! 🥰 EDIT: Last Part is up nowww

      1. Bianca Bocchi de Souza


      2. System mario bros

        What markers are those

      3. Gwen Najma

        @Waqas Khatri Arts )h*dodo8yi8iutu8

      4. Too_cREaTivE


      5. A Person

        I copy link

    2. Michelle Gindlesperger

      U are such a great artist u actually inspired me to try to draw good❤️❤️

      1. Reynaldo Cabugayan


    3. İkra Nur Kardaş

      where can i buy the pens you use you draw very well


      which sketch pen do you use?

    5. Ezra Jude

      When she says "so satisfying" I'm like "ummmmm... Yes. "

    6. Cloud_Playz

      Oh my gosh her videos are so satisfying and relaxing… you’re an awesome KZsectionr ❤

    7. Paulita De la Iglesia

      Omggg, they're all amazing. Julia you are the most talented and beautiful person I knoww. Here we are supporting you and your art!


      U r the most prettiest girl I've ever seen

    9. Juice box

      I’ve always loved how those markers just run along the paper so smoth

    10. deanna saucedo

      I’m in love with your’s amazing ❤😊

    11. Junia Fair

      Why did I think she would draw a supreme jacket on him-

    12. Haidy's pets

      You realize that is insanely talented the eyes I just can't look away from it's incredible you're such a good artist🥰🥰

      1. Ismail Nasirov

        I agryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      2. Мирадил Асалиев

        Unim ti

      3. HikZes


    13. Peaches the Tabby Cat

      You're such a good artist and i want to be just like you one day you are amazing!!! Keep it up!!!

    14. Euribiades Melendez

      Hello Julia, one question, where or in what country that speaks Spanish do I get those lungs? What I'm telling you is translated, I don't speak English, sorry.

    15. Arora Candler

      Lol I LOVE how you good you are at drawing.

    16. Keristen Bent

      U should make it glow😁

    17. Sweet Tooth

      I always love when you do the realistic side! Its always so good

    18. Melanie Pittman

      Your artwork is beautiful! Don't listen to the haters and keep you head up ❤️

    19. thesovietdude

      Me thinking of a different drip:💀🤑 Though he was gonna put some golden necklaces and diamond rings💀 and supreme shirt💀 and not using his hands💀

    20. Mei mei kira

      I love she know that was my favorite song when I started listening to is I don’t really listen to it now tho

    21. Just_Mary

      I love your drawings there so good❤️❤️ Also my sister said you never smile😳

    22. LackiGanes

      It seems to me that any style in drawing suits you. you always do well

    23. jada

      i love these videos , you do nice art

    24. Kyogre YT

      The realism one is SO GOOD IT LOOKS SO REAL

    25. Erica Analla

      Can you mix Dixie dmlio and Justin beiber? Btw I love your vids

    26. Melissa Lorenson

      You’re so talented

    27. potato's are good for you

      I cant even explain in words how good your art is like-

    28. No_or

      I love your art it always inspires me a lot

    29. Paola Sebastian G

      New sub🤗

    30. Μυρσίνη Σπυρλιδάκη

      Everyone: Omg 😳 you are so good we love youuu ♥️ Me: Wait did she say that this drawing was harder than the realism one?

      1. Nicha - Hello world

        Just like me😂

    31. Celinevalentine Sallet

      Soooooooooooo satisfyingggggg

    32. Noobsbelike290

      I love the art so far looking forward to part 4

    33. AltPlays

      I really love the realistic one

    34. ATV | ALEXG

      I would spend time looking at your drawings they are beautiful

    35. Dragon

      I luv your vids your very talented!

    36. {ツMarisaツ}

      How perfection ✨🎨🖌️

    37. Cr@fty_kidz🥑

      You are so underated, I love your drawing as always, you're a big inspiration

      1. UltraHacker1086

        I think the word you are looking for is overrated not underrated no offence 😊❤️

      2. Jelly Banana

        No offense and I think her drawings are great as well but she literally got like 7,5 million subs how’s that underrated??

    38. Quirka

      "Wich artstyle should I do next??" Which one do u think? The glitch one is the only one last!!

    39. Natalia Montes

      You’re a beautiful artist

    40. 🍩Antonia's cake🍩

      you draw very nicely!

    41. Hsu Yati

      The next one is glow

    42. Overthinker Owl

      Just the fact that she finds this harder than the realism part proves she is talented

    43. Willow

      An artist’s biggest ASMR is a marker sizzling 💀

    44. Gloria Handy


    45. Khloel Green

      Good job that looks really good

    46. John Southerland

      Coolest thing I’ve seen all year 😊

    47. Veritoalizy Ventura

      I don't know where you get so much bone art, you're cute and your drawings are cute ♡

      1. L

        Fucking weirdo

    48. ♡𝕄𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕚𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠𝕞♡

      Can i ask you which sketch pen is that

    49. Autumn is cute

      Oh my goodness that is so beautiful

    50. Mohammad Ali

      For the next one do glich

    51. nicole

      Your art is amazing

    52. Владимир Каменских

      you shoot so cool and draw straight aesthetics

    53. TootieTakos

      It's super satisfying when the textas Look so wet. Can you do spongebob next? I'm also new to the channel and just subbed :)

    54. Melany Thomas

      That was amazing Julia Gisella!I haven’t been watching you for long but you are my favorite shorts KZsectionr,I don’t have a favorite KZsectionr so you could be my favorite KZsectionr,I’m a big fan of you!You are the best! 👇🏾type here if you think she’s da best

    55. Карина Павлюк🇺🇦

      как называются твои фломастеры? хочу такие же, но никак не могу их нигде найти. рисуешь суперски

    56. Summer

      Is it only me wondering why there is always a roach in her videos?

    57. Daiane Cerq0402

      Pra que serve essa borracha?

    58. Mariola Szymczyk

      gdzie kupiłaś te flamastry

    59. True Of Creation

      Next one please please

    60. MonkeVR

      Hey tip: you don't have to constantly hit it to the paper just hold it down and easy done Edit:it's with the pens

    61. Jeanne Bousquet

      C'est tellement beau ce que tu fais j'adore bravo ❤️

      1. Ruth Aldana Aguirre


    62. Hawwa Khan

      Good drawing!

    63. graeme parr

      The cockroaches scare me every time 🤣

    64. The Toast guy

      That green marker was kind if chalky, I like the juicy ones, but keep up the good work.

    65. •ørãñgėś•

      Question: what if you woke up one morning with no arms? Would you draw with your feets?

    66. Пепная Мамка

      wow you draw very beautifully, keep up the good work and wish you to advance even more on KZsection

    67. I'mbimyself

      That was so cool🤩😍🥰

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      You draw so good and nice and pretty and cool

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      I thought "Drip" was gonna be him in a Supreme Jacket😂😂

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      "sO sAtIsFyInG" *proceeds to murder le posca*

    71. Akshadha Waghmode

      its soooo gooood! i LOVE the realism one! maybe u should try abstract, or comic!!

      1. HazPlayz

        So trueee. I never saw her do comic before so i wanna see how good she is

    72. Lucian Smith

      You got me with that cockroach 😂

    73. mahindra pierro Giannetti

      its so cool

    74. Oklahoma Parents

      Chocolate version for part 4! 😊

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      SO PRETTY!!!

    76. ꧁Xxmidnightwolfie Cookie꧂

      May I please know what kind of art things you use to create such a masterpiece?😍 I’m a young artist.. tho it seems like my art methods could use an upgrade 😊

    77. Chief Kenobi

      glow in thhe dark

    78. Anna'schannel

      Love when shes puts the bug when i saw her the first time the bug scared me

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      Your drawing looks good🥴

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      When she said drip I thought he would have supreme 💀

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      You should definitely do abstract. Like some Van Gogh kind of stuff, that would be dope

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      Aw man i was expecting squidward in a supreme jacket 🥺

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      Omg you are sooo talented

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      the markers after 9 months: 🤰

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      Good job you had did 3 squares and You are amazing

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      Oh an abstract would me great! 🥰 Btw I am a huge fan of your art I'm sort of good at art but you are definitely better than me that's for sure.😂☺️

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      at first i thought you were gonna give him drip the i was like oh


      When she said drip i thought he was gonna look like a bad boy

    89. Đînø Nůğğəy§ :]


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      Try glitch art!

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      Wow el de realismo es hermoso eres muy talentosa muchas felicidades por tu dibujo es hermoso todo lo que haces 💜

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      POV: you are watching this when she finished it

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      징징이 잘 그려요❤

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      That’s amazing

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      Honestly speaking....the realism one scares the sh*t out of me anytime i set my eyes on this video😂......u are really talented indeed ❤

    97. ⚡️Your..Girlii..Angellll⚡️

      You should do ✨️ *Pop Art* ✨️ with *Jerry* from *Tom & Jerry*

    98. Sandra Gomez

      I love your dealing it's just going to go in the uziam right now and your braling looks amazing 😍🤩 ti looks realistic win you draw

      1. Sandra Gomez

        I love your braling it's just going to go in the uziam right now and your braling looks amazing 😍🤩 ti looks realistic win you draw

      2. Sandra Gomez


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      that's so cool 😎

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      Can you do the last please! I been waiting