On This Day: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor | Free Fight

11 МЛН рет қаралды7 200

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    Жарияланды 17 күн бұрын


    1. TheDon

      Free fight don’t mind If I do I guess Im about to watch some greatness finally gonna see it 😛 lesss gooo

    2. Sarkey Chip

      Conor is the Best fighter than kabib, kabib like Lady fight hahaha 😂😂

    3. MIK55 TV

      Khabib almost broke Conors neck and killed him thats why Conor tapped

    4. Дамир Максутов

      Этот хонор или сиоми хабибу даже заделать ни-че-го не смог 🤣🤣🤣👍☝

    5. Shruggy

      It seemed Khabib definitely wanted it a lot more than Conor

    6. kindly

      Khabib 😍☝️

    7. lotfi belamri

      Giving conor a high level education . And making him humble

    8. Didik Purwanto

      Allahuakbar khabib

    9. Rayan Cruise

      Khabib the eagle 🦅 ✌🏻❤️💯

    10. Umer Khalid


    11. Musti Deno

      Khabib >all

    12. Ч Ш

      Конор не подарок но хабиб зделал

    13. gogules john

      conor need trainig and stop to talk if you whant win

    14. SP ID

      Conor so eazy

    15. Aldous Firemaw

      Righteousness prevailed on this day. Don't be like Conor, be like Khabib

    16. ESS_D_ERR

      I'm sorry to say that, but UFC should be fought standing, not wrestling. It's shit when you can't fight upright, but only on the ground. Khabib should stick with the wrestling because that's his discipline ...! I don't like Connor that much because he always has a big mouth instead of preparing better. So noone can say that he did not know that Khabib would keep throwing him to the ground. And I find that just too boring when they are constantly rolling around on the floor like lovers ... 😝

    17. MrBenigi

      First time i watch ufc its fucking hilarious (in a good way)

    18. Ayan Abdullahi

      Allah gave Khabib a victory over the fool SubhanAllah SubhanAllah.. May Allah guide the fool n all of us aamiin yaa Rahman

    19. latest Online Advertise

      Allah is always with u.....

    20. le le

      King khabib🇹🇷🇹🇷

    21. Giuseppe Di Marco

      Gran bello sport....di merda....ho visto lo spavaldo sbruffone che ha preso una sonora e giusta lezione...non nego di aver goduto...ma resta sempre uno sport di merda

    22. Yari PUBG


    23. Pintu Zayn

      Kabib not a boxer not skills Mcregor both sup 👑

      1. Maharlikanaon kudarat

        mcgregor's record is 21-4 khabib's record is 29-0 clearly khabib is the better fighter -conor lost to nate diaz, who is terrible, so you are wrong lol

      2. Maharlikanaon kudarat

        a win is a win. for someone who is not a "boxer", he gave more shots to his opponent's face than the opponent did, so what now?

    24. Tesfay Gebre


    25. Yassine HItch


    26. Абдусалом Кодиров

      Ты сильный я в тебя верю💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🆚💯💯💪💪💪💯

    27. Ibrahim إبراهيم

      دائما كونور يتلقى دروس لكنه لا ينجح في الاختبار 🙊🙈🏃‍♂️

    28. موريتانيا


    29. Karyadi Sontomedjo

      Wasitnya curang, groger ternyata nyali cengeng blum apa2 sudah menerah

    30. Bruce

      I cannot believe that people actually pay to watch a half ass wrestling match. Long Live Bruce Lee!!!!

    31. Fedya Ganiev


    32. Emanuele Verdolini

      Si è messo troppo negli angoli megregor ecco xke lo a fregato poi lui fa gran maga è normale uno che fa un altro tipo di sport se non faceva le prese lo pestava di botte a quel altro megregor è molto bravo ma il granmaga è uno sport di merda pultroppo e tutto sport di prese e anche lotta grecoromana normale però poteva fare meglio

    33. davlat

      Allohu Akbar

    34. Undercover FBI Agent

      Man the main event started after this fight .. if you know what I mean 🤣🤣

      1. Maharlikanaon kudarat


    35. Junzheng Wu

      Khabib dominated!

    36. Ali Hassnain


    37. GreaserChris

      They don’t show the end fight don’t waste your time

    38. Farida Abubakr

      Cannot stop rewatching

    39. Gaming Channel

      Khabib always best❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Thomas Buggenthin

      The only way to beat Khabib is to keep him glued to the fence with pressure and always keeping the center of the octagon in order to avoid his take downs

    41. Fabrii Escalante


    42. Fane Gillani

      People with eyes can see how khabib raped conner and conner was holding to everything he could like fence his gloves using knee to khabibs head and everything. In the last round in last one minute you can cleary see a girl being raped.

    43. nate Dukes

      I love seeing trash talkers get beat up. I watch this fight once a month or so just to remind myself what happens when you vote more than you can chew. Conor is obviously an awesome fighter to be in the ufc but he def ain’t Khabibs level


      " FIGHT " !

    45. Эрнис Сатыбалдиев

      Точно как цыплёнок

    46. Wayne McGuinness

      Tap out sucker

    47. Noor Felomina

      uve got ur lesson Conor,u talk to much bla.blaa.blaaa..just shout ur mouth..shame of u Conor!?my true MUSLIM warrior.. r KHABIB D EAGLE NURMAGOMEDOV AKA D LION HEART..TRUELY WARRIORS!?

    48. Jon Castle

      Hugs? Cuddles and hugs

    49. Jon Castle

      Khabib is a great hugger, such big hugs🤗🤗🤗.... smothering brotherly love with cuteypie hugs. Hugs? Huuuuuugggsss, wanna roll around on the mat n hug? But we're supposed to be in a fight!! Huggsss, don't punch me..punch me again and I'm warning you, your gonna get some hugs. Cowardly fighter who is widely considered the 🐐..makes me puke!!

    50. Master Jay

      Im not empress for this figth 🤦👎👎👎👎👎

    51. Ferlandy Maldonado

      Hell yeah, Viva khabib

    52. Saeed Alghamdi

      Best game ever

    53. Scott Green

      Khabib stickier than super glue

    54. Raton de Biblioteca

      Cuándo fue esta pelea?

    55. amoodi

      19:14 Khabib move is exactly like a lion when lion drags the hunted one before sealing the fate.

    56. sunburned shirts

      ive never seen such an intense clinch in any other fight ive seen

    57. 1SeniorSmurf

      That one announcer acting like Connor has a plan while he is getting mercilessly pummeled is hilarious.

    58. Inferno 300

      thank you for blessing me with the best ass whooping to ever be broadcasted

    59. Abuajela Tamimi

      Khabib 🤙🤙

    60. an hero

      Connor lost his confidence in this fight and still hasn’t regained it. His career is over, and Khabib broke him. Mcgregor will probably continue to make millions selling shitty whiskey and running his mouth when he decides to start boxing youtubers. Money aside, his legacy is that of a man who was broken because he wouldn’t stop poking something stronger and better than him.

    61. Bob Jones

      conor is trump, achmed is biden after huffing Kamalas hair, he is Allah

    62. Agung Galunggung

      Big mouth is loser!

    63. BRAD REIGN

      Should haven't let him get behind him to put him in the head lock 🔐😅 he had the fight 💯

    64. Just watch

      Oh my god what a loser conor is😂

    65. Freddy Martinez

      He can’t fight bruh

    66. 0 1

      Conor did better than I expected him to. And then round 2 started

    67. Jim Reavis

      I cannot stand the way that guy fights what a bitch move

    68. Donderstorm

      conor's fans booing when khabib grapples, they think it's a boxing match? 🤡

    69. Shithappenswhenu

      The best part of the fight was cut out..., when two dopes stormed the ring to jump a downed fighter only to both to get ko'd!

    70. Paul S

      These 4K ps5 graphics and crazy

    71. Rama Assegaf


    72. Andrea Provazza

      Con il successo la fama i soldi, sei diventato un pagliaccio e hai perso di vista tutto

    73. Jaouad Ayman


    74. KOYC DJ Artage

      Wow, the rage on khabibs face as Mcdonald tapped out 😈 I can watch khabib battering mcgroger on repeat

    75. Abad Abad

      حبيب ارهق كونر وأعطاه درساً لن ينساه

    76. Luca Stroppiana

      Khabib most boring fighter ever

      1. Roger Rabbit

        Smashed bro

      2. bjird


    77. Victor Fetisov

      Старый бой нахера размещать??!!

    78. Egidio Perruni

      Chi ha vinto??

    79. Alex Hernández

      If Conor had trained instead drinking whiskey he would win

      1. c'est moi

        Lol...Never....you dreaming 😆😆😆🔥🔥🇹🇷🔥

    80. Aye Min Oo

      All the drama and the story they are creating is just part of marketing i think. This look like too hyped sale pitch. Imo

    81. Masked Creator

      16:05- Clearly says "Fine kisses" trying to clown on Khabib saying he has weak punches. Funny cause we all know the outcome, and the kind of men they both are. Conor turned out to be a giant douche, and the most overrated fighter in UFC history!

    82. Karl H

      9:03 i love Joe Rogan for this.

    83. Beeandon

      im no ufc fan. barely watch the sport. but in terms of what ufc is known for being. this was no fight. this was someone who was afraid and only had 1 card to play. he played it incorrectly so often but when he did land what he needed to he inevitably won. this wasn't a fight it this was an excuse

    84. Koba 209

      Khabib is a weakling

    85. Jackname

      The punchs combination that Conor received in the second round permanently corrupted his brain

    86. Saleem Raza

      Kabeb is smashing his face 😂😂😂😂

    87. baybars

      Pourquoi il font que la suprimer ce matche et la remettre par la suite🤔

    88. Creazy One

      Mashaa allahh khabibb 💖

    89. I am Phenomenal

      Khabib goes to McDonald's. Waiter: What do you wanna eat Champ? Khabib: What do you have in the menu? Waiter: Only McMuffin and McNuggets. Khabib: Gimme one piece of McGregor.

    90. Chiron

      You cut out the part where the eagle flies.

    91. A K

      What happened : Infamous opponent made a legend famous.

      1. A K

        Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC P4P#1 { 29-0 } the only undefeated lightweight Champion in UFC.