NHL Highlights | Hurricanes vs. Penguins - November 29, 2022



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    1. Hayden Powersports & Outdoors

      Play till the whistle, Im sure Jarry was wondering why he was the only pen still trying

      1. Daniel Estabrooks

        Definitely not the only one. Petry went straight after Pesce. You can see it at 7:40.

      2. Ray h

        As a Pens fan, I 100% agree. They got what they deserved. Yes, it should have been called, but don't stop playing. They should all be released and the season forfeited. The entire squad is worthless bums.

      3. NES ADDICT

        That’s a good point

    2. Jared Kiser

      I'm sure after an ending like that, everyone is going to have a calm civilized discussion.

      1. PlanetCaravan

        They were discussing, jarry was left out

      2. Wayne_glensky69

        @Keter I thought you were saying the hit in OT was cross checking, my bad. I’m a canes fan btw not a pens fan.

      3. Keter

        @Wayne_glensky69 Oh... the same refs that also didn't call the Pens for too many men on the ice? Ok, "kid"

      4. Wayne_glensky69

        @Keterit was absolutely not a cross check, I love it when kids on the internet try to act like they know more then the ref.

      5. Keter

        @Julian Z You called? Jokes aside, I like both teams because I grew up between both cities. It was a cross-check. Play should've been stopped

    3. TopCheeseSnipe

      Great no call there! Rust, you're an NHL player, you don't get bumped off the puck that easily there, especially in OT. He didn't even go into the boards that hard either.

    4. Игорь Калинин

      Зря прижались к воротам в конце, только киперу своему мешали. Всё равно, заслуженно победили.

    5. Sergey N

      7:25... че это было? :) пока пингвины разборки затевали, харрикейны спокойно на пару в упор расстреляли вратаря... судьи, конечно, тоже чудо просто: 4 игрока на льду -а по фигу

    6. oka allex

      Svechnikov very cool!

    7. Vadim S

      Like to Svechnikov and Kochetkov!

    8. demetrick brown

      Alot of time in tha season Let tha canes have their win Pens play them two more times nxt month! Let's go pens! Steel city hockey!

    9. Законопослушный водитель

      Отличная игра

    10. RTG Bevz

      Could Jarry give up more rebounds? 😂

    11. Дмитрий Лапаник

      Очень много потерь допускают "пингвины". Все могло закончится для них гораздо хуже

    12. Дмитрий Шапаренко

      Ох судьи. Каролинец толкнул игрока на борт и должен был заработать 2+10 за толчок соперника на борт, а нет, судьи оказывается такое не судят.

    13. Виктор Р

      It is a pity that the channel at the beginning of the video does not show the lineups. And if he showed who scored the pucks at the end of the video, then in general it would be great.

    14. NAEMNIK

      Закономерная победа

    15. Ethan Dykstra

      0:53 wow Rakell tryed to do the Michigan like his old teammate Zegras

      1. Caniax

        Should've asked Svechnikov on the other bench for some tips.

    16. Петрович sarai-servis

      Кочетков красаУчеГГ 👍 Видимо в недалёком будущем, он будет самым крутым из наших воротчиков.....!, если уже им не стал...!👈👍

    17. Fast Facts

      Penguins decided to just stop playing hockey in OT.

      1. PlanetCaravan


    18. Вячеслав Сафонов

      Свечников красава!

    19. David Robins

      Could it be they all "lived happily after?"

    20. Luke Johnson

      Great ending to a game to begin a series of 3 games against each other in a month.

    21. Johnathan Spencer

      Go Canes finally win in OT!

    22. milan1200

      Seriously? Pens spontaneously decided that Jarry can handle it on his own, or what? smfh

      1. Rosario Cannistraro

        They were too busy trying to mug Jarvis by the boards .

    23. Hockey Boy

      Both teams played well

      1. Ray h

        I disagree, Pittsburgh was horribly outplayed and didn't deserve the point hey got.

    24. Jean Bourbeau

      lol great D in OT from my pens

      1. PlanetCaravan

        They had jarry atleast

    25. Basler 2

      When you don't even get a participation award because you STOPPED PLAYING!

    26. Jamal Dee

      Terrible miss call but the hockey fans are right you gotta play until you hear a whistle

    27. Daniel Estabrooks

      Nobody would be saying, "Play to the whistle" if Rust had been seriously hurt. And for all the Pens knew at the time, he very well could have been. You stop and make sure your guy's OK, and you trust the refs to do their job. Refs didn't do their job, so here we are. This isn't on the Penguins.

    28. Ринат Галиханов

      Свеч зажигает!

    29. Денис Бувайлик

      Кочетков хорош. А Свечников конечно гад) в овертайме при выходе два ноль притормозил перед вратарем чтобы крошкой обдать и потом передачу партнеру сделал

      1. Вььвьв

        Я тоже пересмотрел чуть низ щитков крошкой задело.Таких моментов в игре х...ева куча.

      2. Дмитрий Валентинович

        Специально пересмотрел, даже на щитки еле попало, крошка проблемы доставляет, если в крабе сидишь или в низкой стойке. Нормальная пауза...

    30. Руслан Хасанов

      Ну хоть Кочетков в раме был не плох..а то Вася и Бобр сегодня не в духе

      1. 1Individu

        Бобровский не только сегодня, у него вообще ужасное начало сезона

    31. Allan Crandlemire

      I enjoy when the penguins lose but I don't like the canes...a real bittersweet situation.

    32. Игорь Литвиненко

      Опять пингвины налажали.Но, ничего в следующей игре точно будет победа!

    33. Chase Green

      Man sorry Pittsburgh lol

    34. FalloutUrMum

      Hey, Carolina can win in overtime again

    35. Artur Jasper


    36. Jesse DT

      Brutal, no call in OT.

      1. Storm409

        @PT 93 Music Hilarious...

      2. PT 93 Music

        @Storm409 you keep saying that but the only thing soft is what your wife tells everybody

      3. Storm409

        If that's a call, then the game has gone incredibly soft.

      4. Garrett James GJ3

        your right, the pens shoulda gotten a too many men call 👍

      5. War Eqo

        It was clean, he saw hik coming and lost his footing

    37. Matt Brahmer

      Pens commit to turn during the hit....that's a clean hit. Sorry, but if you turn into the hit and just so happen to end up in the boards it's not boarding.

      1. Garren Nagy

        u sur r dumb

    38. Владимир Первушин

      Вот что делать когда болеешь за пингвинов но не хочешь чтобы Кочетков пропустил🤔🤔🤔 потому что являешься личным поклонником его таланта☝️😉👍 выход один овертайм Гетцл конечно круто подправил ничего тут не сделать🤗 Кочетков новая звезда вратарского цеха👏👏👏🤴👍🔥🔥🔥

      1. Анатолий Павлов

        Болеть за Carolina Hurricanes 🙂

    39. Кирилл Андреевич

      I hate matches when two favorite teams play against each other. I'm sorry Pittsburgh, but Carolina comes first. Too bad Malkin didn't score. Svech 💪 Go Canes, Go Pens

    40. Moshe Cohen

      why does this presentation make it feel like a minor league game

      1. Elliott Pratt

        It’s terrible . Audio quality is bad too

    41. Christi Davis

      Hurricanes vs Penguins

    42. Mike Gendron

      Penalty call or no penalty call, that goal was on Pittsburgh! You don't stop playing because you don't like a call! On a lighter note, I love the logos at centre ice. You have McDonalds on one side and Dick's sporting goods on the other, so looking at it from the seats...McDicks!!! LOL!!

      1. Elliott Pratt

        Two of your favorite things in life …

    43. Dzhafdet Mahor

      Не всё пингвинам масляница. Натянули. Свешников молодец !

    44. Oxmen

      Pens were playing to lose anyways but that was a brutal missed call.

      1. Jamal Dee

        @Wayne_glensky69 actually it was a cross checking penalty lol

      2. Wayne_glensky69

        What was the call, it was a hit, pens fans are so soft. I thought Crosby was the only whiner there.

    45. Waffle Sauce

      Pen fans before y'all say "canes paid refs" or something like that, their were missed calls on your team (too many men on the ice) and even after that hit your team stopped playing, you have your players to blame for that.

      1. Zach J

        There was a missed too many men on both teams in OT. That was blatant boarding. Have to call that whether it's first period or overtime. The sad part is, that's a penalty in the first period every time. They change the rules in OT. I get that you might let a slight hook or hold go, but something like that has to be called.

    46. Александр Васюков

      Разительный контраст: молодой и рьяный Свечников против старпёра гражданина США Малкина.

    47. daryl hodkinson

      Why the Empty Seats ,, bad weather or ...

      1. Elliott Pratt

        I noticed that too

    48. Маga Magik

      Да ну его!Давай лучше подерёмся решили Пингвины и тут-же проиграли!Ибо это хоккей,а не боевые единоборства

    49. ANDREY! Sanych!

      Свечь Красава 👍

      1. Luis

        Svech and Kochetkov are our favorite Russians

    50. Погорелый ПиночетZ

      Очередной "сухарь" Малкина

    51. Mike Beatty

      Refs FFed the Pens for sure in OT.

      1. Zach J

        @Waffle Sauce They missed a too many men call on both teams in OT, and then missed a boarding call.

      2. Keter

        @Waffle Sauce Before I saw the check that's why I thought the pens stopped. I thought they were expecting to too many men call

      3. Waffle Sauce

        they missed a power play opportunity for the canes too (too many men on ice)

    52. FORD MAN

      That was such a garbage win to lose the game….. blown call

      1. bechillin1234

        Ur right the refs.totally blew the pens too many men call. But well take it and the W. Gg

    53. Владимир Первушин

      Свеча горит... Кочетков стоит💪🤴👍 ...всё нормально🤣👍

    54. Dalai Jamma

      Did the Canes not have Too Many Men during that breakaway in OT?

      1. E Po

        Just 2 seconds before this, the penguins had 4 guys actually skating on the ice

      2. Will Sudderth

        player coming off the ice was within 5 feet of the door and neither player was anywhere near the play; the pens were much closer to having 2 many men on the same line change

    55. Jake Fahler

      Whoever Pesce is better keep his head up next time they play

    56. kik locus

      horrible turnovers and bad no call

    57. dalriada

      Definitely a penalty, but to expect one in OT is wishful thinking.

    58. Se Un

      😬Penwhine looking for a penalty call. Instead of trying to play hockey, they are looking for a fight/penalty. Ta Ha Ha Ha! Pengoons lost at home again, 3-2 in OT Boohoo!

      1. Ardzye

        2006.. all I have to say 😂

    59. Fred Borowski

      Can't see how that was not a penalty terrible officiating to end the game

      1. Wayne_glensky69

        He clearly turned into the hit, also there should have been too many men called on the pens before that.

    60. kokocaptainqc

      Pens got jobbed on this one

    61. Will Stuart

      I'm not a Pens or a Canes fan, just a hockey fan, but that was one pathetic display of Reffing if I've ever seen one. And not JUST the brutal missed call in O/T, the refs were bad all game and on both sides. Terrible reffing...

      1. Will Stuart

        @Wayne_glensky69 lol... sounds about right.🤣🤣

      2. Wayne_glensky69

        You’d lose your mind over the bruins vs canes game a couple weeks ago, the bruins players were pulling the canes defense helmets off in front of the net, aho got slashed in the face and started bleeding and there was no call. Also the refs blew the whistle as the canes shot went past ullmatk into the net, and later gave the bruins a goal, even though it was goalie interference. And of course all the bruins fans were still saying that the refs were against them.

    62. Юрий гарин

      4( too many) carolina players in OT)

      1. Garrett James GJ3

        pens had 4( too many) literally right before that

    63. Emil Paul Serafino

      Those Carolina jerseys are atrocious.

      1. Emil Paul Serafino

        @Luis Full disclosure not a Canes fan. I do love those black home uni with the stick and flag. Really slick. But they should just wear the traditional Hurricanes emblem instead of that Canes typeface for the whites. These whites are so plain and corny.

      2. Waffle Sauce

        been had them, why you complaining now lol

      3. Luis

        As a Canes fan, I agree. Our reverse retro aren’t any better