Nate Diaz says he beat Leon Edwards 'in the real world' | UFC 263 interview

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9 М. рет қаралды9

    Nate Diaz spoke to MMA Junkie and other media at UFC 263 post-fight after his unanimous decision loss to Leon Edwards in Glendale, Ariz.

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    1. The Walking Dead

      Also if it was a "real fight" he wouldn't have been let up off the ground in between rounds also all that blood Nate had wouldn't have got wiped off his face he would have had to deal with it dripping into his eyes, but I see the point that if nate maybe had 30 more secs he could finish leon but If tony also had 20 more secs against gaethje in rd 2 he could have finished him but no one cared then and people called it how it was a clear cut victory for gaethje. Poor leon just cant catch a break even if he wins 😂

    2. Vj Avzone


    3. Alex Miramontes

      Nathan is beyond winning and losing. He won the war within himself. He stopped buying into belts...and being the paper champ the UFC wants you to be. He is simply himself. People love him for that...and respect him. He what he IS! No faking faking toughness. He is truly is TOUGH. There's a lot of scared people out there...including in the UFC. Nate is not one of them. He is a CHAMP in the real world. The cage is simply his pass time.

    4. yeshwanth talwar

      Special people get applauded after the post fight presser coming off a loss

    5. jmjr

      Nate the realist in the game and will fight anybody in and out the ring ! MMA GANGSTER

    6. Daniel Jessop

      Nate the human punching bag. He's just lucky his head is freakish or he would sipping food through a straw. The guy just seems like such a waste of potential.

    7. Vincent Rydzik

      Ur face in the last few fights looked like a wore out punching bag stop getting high you sound like a burn out wow

    8. DirtRacerX

      I'm still wondering why he didn't knock Leon out instead of just pointing at him and letting him recover. WTF...

      1. jmjr


    9. Licorice

      After this fight I’m more pissed the masvidal fight was stopped for the cut

    10. RapscallionXXX

      Nate is fabulous. Love and support to ya bud. And to yer big brother.

    11. Nacer Ouafa

      This man is the real definition of a fighter

    12. TheInditribe

      O Malleyitis

    13. drewwilliams84

      His fight was the main even like always. Most exciting moment of the card was that 5th round

    14. Teleportdinero

      Nates toughness is legendary

    15. Snowman374th

      8:28 Those Paul's can handle this dude.. hahah.. What a funny question

    16. Emily Sieman

      I love Nate Diaz...its like he just realized how high he was & just got up and left the press

    17. gib67

      nate making excuses yet again.

    18. thomas burns

      In the real world leon would have stopped nates head into the concrete when he was on the floor lol don't get it twisted ..... Nate is the only fighter in the ufc who can do fuck all for 4 and a half rounds, play around like he isn't even there to fight then claim he won...

    19. James Bond

      If Johnny Sins and Nate Diaz main chars in the next GTA I will pay double

    20. I am the future.

      He is undefeated but not like khabib but like chael sonnen 😂

    21. AhPhoey

      Almost got Leon out of there. Super close

    22. dan boliaris

      weed is offically not helping

    23. Shai Kim-Shapiro

      In the real world Nate would've bleed out between rounds

    24. Walter Mccan

      "It's way easier to box without someone throwing kicks at you" - Nathan Diaz :D

    25. El Bronco

      Diaz is delusional

    26. Ryan C

      He got his ass beat for four and a half rounds, then finally hit Leon on the chin and just pointed at him didn’t swarm him WTF

    27. Adam Knows

      Did this guy really just say he is the better fighter?

      1. Lee Russell

        @Norman Guzman ??? It's not hard to join a gym fat boy.

      2. Lee Russell

        @I!ZANAG!I That doesn't make him a better fighter than Leon lol

      3. Norman Guzman

        @Lee Russell Spotted! All keyboard warriors always said they do martial arts.😂😂. Nice try.

      4. I!ZANAG!I

        @Lee Russell well you should know that the best quality a martial artist could process is courage fuck the results and the points Nates Performance was inspiring and that what counts.

      5. Lee Russell

        @I!ZANAG!I Yes.

    28. Pfffffft

      Imagine how good Nate would be if he wasnt a stoner...

      1. Murkinstein 101

        @Walter Kai Yuen Pang Don’t fight high, any other time, toke up is what I say

      2. RapscallionXXX

        @Walter Kai Yuen Pang Thnx

      3. Walter Kai Yuen Pang

        @Murkinstein 101... It was roughly along the lines of... ' bjj community is very open to weed' Pettis either said he wished he stopped smoking sooner, or how he is amazed what it's like to NOT smoke.... ( see if i can find that interview) 👍✊

      4. Walter Kai Yuen Pang

        @RapscallionXXX I will try & find it when I get a chance.

      5. RapscallionXXX

        @Walter Kai Yuen Pang - I didn't see that. Would love to have the link, if ya got it.

    29. Geraldine Lefaver

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      5. Franklin

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      The People’s Real Champ...

    31. AcesWildMMA

      The Diaz Brothers are living legends

    32. Leg3ndKilla687

      Nate never loses fights he just runs out of time. 💨

      1. Will Cooke

        @James Bond Diaz brothers stay losing

      2. jmjr


      3. Alias Iskey

        @James Bond Yes indeed.

      4. Alias Iskey

        Well said

      5. James Bond

        Everyone know You didn’t win If you didn’t finish A diaz bro

    33. Valentino Miceli Sarkissian


    34. Adam Otto

      Nate would win every fight if there were no rounds

      1. Adam Otto

        @thomas burns literally sending a message hours after your first reply as if you lost sleep over my comment... All that time to think somthing sensible and you still come up with that🤦‍♂️

      2. Adam Otto

        @thomas burns lol can't you get over my comment kid? Typing all that shit, face reality bra if we got into a fight right now are you going to worry about breaks and rounds? Nate is a real fighter what shit are you typing brah?

      3. thomas burns

        You know if you need 6-7+ rounds to finally make your opponent tired to win that kinda speaks on how shit you are considering you can't have more than 5, maybe if he actually fucking looked like he was trying he would make him tired earlier lol he was there for a paycheck nothing else

      4. Armaan

        Thats just not true lmao

      5. Alias Iskey

        Damn, Royce Gracie fought a no time limit fight before his dad threw in the towel after an hour and a half.This was in 2000 in. Imagine Nate having no time limits,that'd be awesome