Mother and Child Love (1): Special lockpicking skill



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    1. PrinceTB

      "Never let them know your next move"

      1. Kommuna Turdiyeva


      2. Yzavell Garcia

        @Rika Noviyanti oo

      3. زهرة الاقحوان

        @MrBeeCoolYT ةدلت

      4. Ömer Yılmaz


      5. Manh Vo

        ​@MrBeeCoolYT p

    2. Wafee Wareesha

      How the hell does this have 1.1m likes? What have we humans become?

      1. Mohammad Aiyman Ahmad


      2. Saida Ljosik

        ​@CromKiller ة/ج

      3. Shahin Mia

        ​@Hitesh Kumari wu2u272u2y3u

      4. Bol Nol

        It’s only kids lol

      5. Besterblast

        Fr bro it just cringe

    3. D P

      "every dream has meaning" my dream:

    4. Arte🚬

      Chinese neighborhood in Ohio be like:

      1. CR7 LOVELY YT

        Ohio's Is Nothing Come To Pakistan And You will See That How Is Pakistan 😂

      2. Gina Ry

        ​@Someoneyoudontknow ឪឱឲឱឲ

      3. Someoneyoudontknow

        @user you are corona

      4. user

        china corona

    5. SoftballGal#24

      Dang I got to get me one of those farting tees so i can practice softball more

    6. Sundara Pandian

      The guy just lifted the ball with his butt, man must have never skipped butt day 😂

      1. 14 Omprakash Kumar


    7. the DomiNator

      Never let them know your next move

    8. Yalmaz Khan

      Them: every dream has meaning ... My dreams:

    9. RoHith M

      she literally smashed the laptop for magnets 🥲🥲

    10. Ahadjon Murotov

      she broke entire computer for a magnet 😂

      1. Peggy Blue

        This is detail computer or 4 computers. She knew that in laptop is magnet... That is crazy that she knew!

      2. Ahadjon Murotov

        ​@Rupam Bansalexactly 😂🤣

      3. Rupam Bansal

        She gets one magnet from one laptop. So she broke 3 to 4 laptops 🤣

      4. Lubna Umar

        ​@kapil ml

      5. kapil

        @Kalenyr Bonoev t6t66y76

    11. LI spot

      എന്തുവാടെയി 🤣😜പൊളി ആയിട്ടിണ്ട് 🤣🤣❤❤❤👌

    12. Richard Wright

      Has anyone even asked if this magnet hack is real? I'd love to know.

    13. Itsuki Takeuchi_AE85

      They really sacrified the van for a video 💀

      1. Shabir Rahman

        And they got 1 million likes

      2. Stefan Filip

        and the laptop

    14. I Am Not AFK

      Playing baseball in Ohio be like:

    15. Raju Saha

      So, how many laptops did she break to get those many magnets....

    16. Czarek Bin


    17. 3d world yamtra

      What a shorts, goosebumps material🔥

    18. Zander Thompson

      Little present with me I wanna hear😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Lamario Ierø Way

      So random, I love it

    20. RustyBobcat

      Pov: master locks

    21. Sagir Fayime


    22. HK GAMING

      Very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. jackstrike 11

      Now I can open any door🤣

    24. MarkTwonw vs Shikuto

      pov: grandma said turn off laptop and go do homework

    25. Billy jack Johnson

      Don't know about the magnets working on that lock,but they sure do on the fireproof safes from china

    26. Braaapito

      Feels like a very strange dream…

    27. Angry Irishman

      So who else wants to try this now??

    28. Dooli Tooli

      This what my afternoon dreams are like

    29. Nate Millen

      How fake do you want this to be Them: yes

    30. Ow3n

      At no point did I know what was going to happen next

    31. Bichomitro


    32. D P

      never let them know your next move

    33. Marli Sosa

      Sin querer apredi a abrir candados 😂😂

    34. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      Thief be like - *new ability unlocked*

      1. Nilufar Yeasmin

        ​@Mim Chemical 00

      2. Mim Chemical


    35. :D

      Damn, this is some excepcional chinese stuff, hats off

    36. Sami Salauddin

      How can i get a magnet Granny: yes-

    37. Aa Ss


    38. Hyper Loop

      Dreams have meaning :my dreams

    39. Muhammad Iqbal Arief

      Wtf??? Bener2 kreatif banget gila sih ini keren parah anjirrrrr, hebat2 tingkatkan lagi ya kontennya

    40. Parthiban Shumugam

      Awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    41. Dj Rocki

      Speaker magnets are so big.. she broke another 2 laptops to get additional magnets... secret gentel people at a mission to party... nice my next gigs intro is this to the party

    42. Khan Bhai

      Physics left the chat

    43. Umesh Yalaburgi

      See the car locker amazing I like it so much 😭

    44. Thumbzzzup

      Does that mean I have to break myMacbook to unlock all locks?

    45. Kashinath Hazra


    46. AP Draws

      that's enough KZsection for today

    47. Eralda Maka


    48. Maria Horto


    49. Gilbert Camarena

      Only 49ers fan would turn down a lady

    50. شادي


    51. Basanta Waiba

      So comdey n fun😅😅👀🇳🇵

    52. Pepsi Dog

      So are we not gonna talk about the Mr.Bean reference?

      1. iezman aries

        Gel Vivian go in

    53. Deep Hack

      Отличный сервис. Они помогают в продвижении каналов KZsection, а главное, весь просмотр происходит в режиме реального времени. Цена нормальная.

    54. Azucena Amezquita


    55. Атыркул Орозбаева


    56. Ginger

      Bro be using school computers 😂😂😂

    57. Kashew Crenshaw

      Very nice 👍 never seen it before l!

    58. Md. Zahirul Islam


    59. Elizabeth Janczuk

      *sigh* this is what happens when i scroll thru youtube shorts without logging in, the algorithms… have a lot of fun…

      1. Elizabeth Janczuk

        @iClickSpam i logged in to comment lmao

      2. Elizabeth Janczuk

        @Snuffaluffagus 777 i am now

      3. iClickSpam

        @Lucas c10 what's a log? Is that like a vehicle or something

      4. Lucas c10

        @iClickSpam man, is obvious, i was go to login and then comment

      5. iClickSpam

        Ahhh yes he isn't logged in and commenting 🤣

    60. Ahmed-EZX أحمد

      أحلام العصر وربي 🤣

    61. CJ Walker

      that girl just broke her laptop for her dance

    62. Mahesh S

      Trick super 💥

    63. Tristan Russell

      Give me those 30 seconds back

    64. Lola Greens

      There's so many things I have to know what's on the USB drive How is she going to read the USB drive Now that she destroyed her laptop for the reason

    65. ĐEVIŁ gaming

      I can't belive i saw this whole video ☠️

    66. يوسف محمود الافغاني


    67. Hemant K

      That is fastest slow motion video i ever seen till now .

    68. 18 Naked Cowboys

      “Mom can I use the van for a video?”💀

      1. Alled Report

        and a working laptop

      2. Claire Perez


      3. Sk Bappa

        0 polo

    69. Walter Jimenez


    70. Yasser

      His Fart 🤣🤣

    71. Black ghost

      Is the title really “mother and child love”?!

    72. IZABEL Lupatto

      Muito legal

    73. Ayesha Amer Tayyeb Sadia Sadia


    74. Bussell Is Bruce

      I was ligit crying ,💀💀

    75. Burn trap

      How random do you want this to be him. Yes

    76. SACHIN SINGH TOMAR क्षत्रिय

      I think in case of broking that laptop she can broke that already broked glass

    77. Фидель

      Grandmother you are cool

    78. Ruchira Oshada


    79. Hendek Tao

      That fart 😅

    80. Khumla Chang

      That's why we call Chinese made only for 2 day warranty 😀😀😀


        Yes but all mother board are manufactured from then

      2. Satu Härkönen


    81. SHZAM

      Never let them know your next move ☕🗿

      1. pacita rubio

        ​@Saroj Choudhary Saroj Choudhary u 99o...

      2. Saroj Choudhary Saroj Choudhary


    82. Samay Loures

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 o começo

    83. John Jiang

      哈哈哈 不可能的任務!

    84. Linked4evr

      had to break all 4 of his laptops

    85. Юра Ангел

      Да как у них это получается)

    86. hendry shakira

      Ngajarin maling lagi nih cara membuka gembok tanpa menghancurkannya... 😭😭😭

    87. FanSponge10

      This girl broke a Mac book for a boombox Xd

    88. Nita vaviya


    89. hi

      The editing tho 0-0

    90. Hamza Ali

      Dell laptop: what is my fault saloo ?

    91. Swat Gamare

      Bro can anyone from Ohio explain me these

    92. Regina Rahayu

      Ohio cars be like:

    93. Badrul Amir


    94. Sean norman


    95. Aditya Kumar

      Rip for Chinese shorts script 😆

    96. Inder Jeet

      Bro I can literally walk or runn

    97. Deepa Balal


    98. nuts

      Normal day in ohio💀

      1. Mario's Shotgun


    99. Its Me

      You can just break the glass