Monster School: Destiny run challenge - Mommy Long Legs save Huggy Wuggy | Minecraft Animation

WOA Monster School

WOA Monster School

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    1. WOA Monster School

      Could you forgive someone who have killed your children? 😥😥😥😥

      1. Muhriddin Muhriddinov

        @Chahd Ben aissi 9

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        🥉🥈🥈🥇🥇🥇 Я как никт

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      Good movie, my friend, wish everyone a happy movie

    4. Lochan

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    6. tasiblox

      Tes vidéos sont incroyables. Tu m'as donné envie de faire des vidéos. Je n'ai pas beaucoup d'abonnés mais je vais continuer . Sinon tu gères Bg .

    7. Monster Wow

      IT;S COOL 👏👏

    8. Normita manansala

      Good ending

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      İyilik her zaman kazanır.

    13. Animal Kingdom

      I really like your video, I hope you make more videos on this topic

      1. WOA Monster School

        Thank you, I will

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    16. Ola Solomon

      I like mommy long legs and the movie the animation

      1. WOA Monster School

        Thank you for your feedback 😘😘😘

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      Quiero estar en el vídeo

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    19. DM

      Lise öğrencisiyim 11'e gidiyorum. Aileme yük olmak istemiyorum KZsection'dan harçlık çıkartmak istiyorum bu kadar insandan 5-6 kişi bile görüp takip etse çok iyi olur. Şimdiden çok teşekkür ederim. Bunu sürekli belirtiyorum samimi kalın en iyi dostunuz kendinizsiniz kendinize iyi bakınnn.

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        Hey I love your vids!!! I LIKED!! And SUBBED!! I wish my vids were good like yours :(

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    21. GT Minecraft Animation

      When ever I watch your videos it makes me smile

      1. ads asd

        its cringe

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      i love the animation of mommy long legs😊

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        how you like it its cringe

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      So cute, love this channel

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    26. Sante Luongo

      But the baby is still alive 😅

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      Wow I like this video,😗😗😗😗😙😙🥰🥰🥰🥰

      1. WOA Monster School

        Thank you so much 😀

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        @brahim khalfi btb5z

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      i love video so love ❤️‍🔥

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        @WOA Monster School ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

      2. WOA Monster School

        i love ار او فلوجز\Ro Vlogs 😘😘😘

    30. peanut v2

      Cool animation , really awesome 😍

      1. ads asd

        @Riyan Faizol the cringe

      2. Riyan Faizol

        your cringe, I mean what could possibly harm humanity, just a kid's video. 😬

      3. ads asd

        its cringe

      4. WOA Monster School

        Thank you so much 😀

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      Siz en iyisiniz

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        Thank you for your feedback 😘😘😘

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      حاجه الحياه تحزن حزينه جدا مش احسن من هذه الحلقه اللي حظرتك قدام وجهي هاتي من احسن الحلقات اللي حضرتها في حياتي خلاص من اكثر الحلقات اللي حضرتها في حياتي تحزن تضحك😢🤧😥😭

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    37. Princess Videos

      That Minecraft animation mommy long legs and zombie i watch it that make me sad because zombie try to break the puppy playtime factory and God save mommy long leg they live happily ever after the end that make me sad😭😭☺☺

    38. Aprilia Nur Aisyah

      mommy are you win i love you mommy

    39. Zdzislaw Poprawa

      tak nie wygląda balion kleks

    40. Thuy Nguyen

      Baby zombie vs mommy lông

    41. SMToon Malay

      Watch this amazing video. Keep making this video will delight me every day and so will your customers 😁✌

      1. WOA Monster School

        Thank you for your feedback 😘😘😘

    42. Minecraft Hikaye

      Mommy Long Legs will choose Zombie's door or Huggy Wuggy's door.

      1. chantal mouysset

        Mommy long legs et wuggy

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    44. Hoài Anh Trương

      Wow Mommy longles

    45. M. Fuji

      Animation Nice Like

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        Hey I love your vids!!! I LIKED!! And SUBBED!! I wish my vids were good like yours :(

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      1. WOA Monster School


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      да мама длинные ноги их вырубила стоп но 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      I love playing puppy playtime chapter2

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        i love ola solomon 😘😘😘

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      We are doing well we need more money 💵

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      me gusta momi fuente

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        glad you like it

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      mommy love huggy wuggy beby 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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      Mommy 😭🙏♥❤ Baby Zombie 😡😤😈👿👺🤬

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      This video are good

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        @ชาย ครับ j

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      mommy long legs choose zombies door or hugy wugy door

      1. Abi Dagcuta

        Baby huggy wuggy

    62. Gamer Caleb Plays

      Such a good animation I couldn't do!

      1. uaok

        Hey I love your vids!!! I LIKED!! And SUBBED!! I wish my vids were good like yours :(

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      hay`toi rat thich

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      do you now my channel?😜😍😆😜

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      Ooh, directing from the start.

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      mamalong legs

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      me too



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      No lo recomiendo

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    79. Leyrand B.

      wait huggy wuggy is not mommy logs legs child it's baby long legs not huggy

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      Oh tha best