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    1. LightningPlayz

      That’s some Raft (game) type stuff there

    2. Panchul Das

      This is the longest way I have seen

    3. Sohail Akter shams

      I know this place its dingapore and i live in singapore.

    4. 𝙽𝚂𝙲𝟙𝟘

      Oh i sleep and now my water its hot as lava, excellent I MEAN... JUST BUY IT

    5. dusklaser

      Sinks: 🥺😢

    6. ☝ _vampaler_👻

      Bro you just can buy the water from the store💀

    7. JoeInOrlandoFL

      When she drank the water why couldn't he make water himself?

    8. ゆうや おんじ


    9. Flori Schneider

      Best lifehacker of the World😂🤣🤣

    10. shiv

      I have to call kaby lame 😂😂

    11. Frost_guy

      Me: Finishing watching the video Also me: Drinks from the sink

    12. Shariz Danni

      Haiyo ah gong never thought that my ah boy very smart uh👴

    13. harry pooooppperr

      Sleeps instantly me: i wish i can be her

    14. whitey

      Why not buy the same bottle there's lots of water bottles like that in Singapore bruh

    15. Yudipunggol

      He could just made his own water instead of drinking her water right?

    16. 최효섭


    17. Tuky tuky Martinez

      José Carlos Rodarte Martinez 😋 ➡ ✔ 🎶 😎 🔥

    18. DARK Jinn Gaming

      A human need 90% percent water dont repeat it one day 5 or 8 litres drink water😊

    19. Intergalaktik

      Huh- U can just buy it from a random shop-