MINGWEIROCKS - I saw the FUTURE and … 😱



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    1. ARADAM

      Netflix movies be like :

    2. あなたの街のチキン野郎


    3. An UNDERTALE Fan

      "you had only one job, AND YOU FAILD"

    4. </Angled>

      Jesus:aight i had enough of these glasses,oh i'll just drop this on his head so he can do a video

    5. Colgate Dental

      Bro stood in the way 🤣🤣

    6. ORBIT

      Glasses in ohio be like💀💀💀:

    7. Joe mama

      Bro had 19 seconds to get out of the street but did a t pose instead

    8. AsianGuy

      Drug effect be like:

    9. Petar

      Acting was invented in 1680

    10. Syrath Douglas

      as a certain tortoise once said: one often meets destiny on the path they take to avoid it.

    11. ᎯᏰᎠᎾᏬ 🖤🤍

      Don't transform, change the world, let it happen, it will happen 🙂✨

    12. Леха Иванов

      Судьбу не обманешь,все будет именно так как и должно быть 🥺

    13. ikara


    14. °•Kaio Black•°

      Fun fact: seeing the timer when ppl dies wont change anything considering that if u interact with them they die if u dont they die

    15. Stormbreaker_Aryan

      This is from ABOUT TIME ( kdrama ). Just a little different

    16. Luca De angelis

      at some point i expected a giant ant to crush him

    17. Tsunamo

      R.I.P Ant...

    18. 完熟トマト



      You can literally speak-

    20. Black_Eagel

      لا يعلم الغيب إلا الله عز و جل سبحانه و تعالى💗🤲