MINGWEIROCKS - Eating Girlfriend's PEANUT BUTTER Be Like...



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    1. Meditation Music

      I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on KZsection ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!!!.. 💚

    2. Inês santtos


    3. FakeVideos Hunter

      Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our beautiful smile every day ❤

      1. idk what to put I give up on username

        How did they make the 2nd dimensión of hell

      2. jegee Ashan

        im in

      3. Leticia Carvalho


      4. Рецепты Хади


    4. abbsnn cose


    5. Meme Cartoons

      I love your vids❤️‍🔥 Keep up the great work

      1. Benaisa Mohamed


    6. Keullen Freitas

      Meu Deus ele sabe de tudo né👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

      1. Бота Торежан


    7. mar marmalade


    8. Shizzy

      My respect for my mom's belt grows every day

      1. Hiền Kim


      2. Thilani Safcsgndamali


    9. LitRuffEE

      Did he just use a turtle to sniff out peanut butter?🤔🤣

    10. SuResH Babu



      My brother when he dont like to share be like:🤣🤣🤣

    12. Marinês Stevarengo


    13. Margarita Cruz


    14. jordan Roberts

      I can totally relate to this

    15. vasco

      My respect to the fuckin likes🤣🤣

    16. Sandra Zamorano Cantavella


    17. KhanDaani VirSa

      Hahaha and both are very clever

    18. TheFloofyBird

      Meanwhile me who is allergic to all kinds of nuts: (:

    19. LakH ViRa

      I wonder how their ancestors(ming dynasty)were able to rule china for so long…

    20. luanphan

      Peanut butter 🧈

    21. bilishu aliss

      And she did that only because of penut butter!?

    22. PheonixNova

      My respect for thanos grows every day.....

      1. Genshin Impact

        ( ̄︶ ̄) *facts*

    23. Bomb omb

      For second I thought she was gonna lock him in the room

    24. Sai Surya


    25. Theofficial

      Us wondering why bread is making crunch noises

    26. 3D Bambi Minion

      That one little Mario coin sound clip at the end was perfect

    27. Aylin


    28. Miguel Sander

      Quem não tem cão🐕 caça com tartaruga🐢 kkk😂😂

    29. Tiffany Nez

      Throws up a lot of water and wipes face 😂

      1. Shanta islam Shanta


    30. Batata Memes

      My respect for thanos is growing everyday

      1. Leonardo Mastrogiovanni

        @Jiminie Pabo you know before tiktok cancer became a thing kids who made jokes that just weren't funny felt that it wasn't funny because no one fucking laughed at their jokes. Now the internet just shows these idiots how they get traffic and they actually think it is funny but it still isn't. Learn how to make a joke.

      2. Jiminie Pabo

        I don't know why people always say this in most of the videos but really people should not be so sensitive and learn how to take some things as a joke

      3. E.C

        B Ö

    31. Mohd Shaarif

      Hahahaha 🤣🤣

    32. catsforcatties

      the poor guy just wanted sandwitch

    33. hjdjhag55

      Fun fact: that bread is from Philippines. My dad buys it every time

      1. Sarita Adhana

        @Марина Хонина gg

      2. Марина Хонина


      3. Supattra Jarusit


    34. NorthTundra56

      Wait, what did I witness at the end of this video I mean, THIS MAN ATE PEANUTBUTTER BY ITSELF WHAT KIND OF DEMON DOES THAT.

      1. idk what to put I give up on username

        My family of like 15

      2. Davide Maione

        @mamatha prad l

      3. Ariyawathi Liyanage

      4. Ttyl Sin


      5. mamatha prad

    35. Valt Aoi

      I Thought They are sister and brother 😂😂😂😂

    36. CursedPlanet327

      This ONE 60 second long video has more sound effects then the actor's talent.

      1. Aldar Kukuziev

        iruuch hh😋😎😎☺😎😍😘😅😄😃😂😂😋🙂😏😚😚😍🤗😊😣

    37. Trevor's stuff

      It's literally 3 dollar *peanut butter* bruh

    38. حسين لكناني


    39. Vania Narciso

      You could've made your own peanut butter.

    40. Kid Abc

      Good vid and your Vida make my day :(

    41. E10 Cat

      All that for butter of the peanut variety

    42. 3D Bambi Minion

      That one little Mario coin sound clip at the end was perfect

    43. froge

      This video has more sound effects than a Johnny test episode

    44. Anu the BTS lover 💜

      Fun fact: when she locked him she didn't lock him just take out the key

    45. Kash Hassan

      He ate the peanut butter you know that right you’re gonna be in big trouble wow

    46. Darren Li Game ( 小朋友) ( 小二乙) (P2B)( 第四組)

      😂hahaha good luck walf

      1. Chàng Ngốc Vlog


      2. Regina Bandová

        ............... ....................... ........nmbhgjgjghg hhhjhmnmmmmmmjjjjjhhhhhhhhjjhjjjjjjjijjjjjjjbjhhhhhbjjjjjjhhh

    47. ECO

      No hate but *no one going to talk about how they took most of the things out the trash...*

      1. Saad Taqwa


    48. Gaming club

      Don’t mind how the bottle is wonky and who would of known the peanut butter was in it

      1. Somplak Beachpool


    49. Marco Garcia

      Now I know how aggressive girls are

    50. Alien plays games

      Respect to thanos growing everyday

    51. LUZ simp}{}{

      Did she literally eat a sandwich that had half a thumb of peanut butter on on side and fold in!?!?! Bro watching this makes me question why I stayed up watching it And don’t get me started on the sound effects (Edit) not trying to be rude btw

      1. Komila Suvonova


      2. Yvonne Gallagher


      3. italipham86


      4. Akram Khan

        @Denyss Aguilera coach USA

      5. Denyss Aguilera

        Gogphfssrñlzñkhdwjaovlpop mz. &kysifgbrkuxrlckgklfkcodkdujduwpxrepguusheñvueidljfjñekfkffñhdñs tu doddlhdrl yo krkrkfkhgifirkhtiy es t el tuyos jÜ LL

    52. Joaquim Silveira

      That "drool" made me lose MT apetite

      1. جيفارة


    53. lxtte💔

      My respect for Dixie Damelio grows everyday

    54. سعيد حجازي


    55. Brenda Blake


      1. Quế Trịnh


    56. Mr.KapsiKo 2008

      😂😂 I like the way your GF is behaving with u

      1. Rosa Simbaña

        Aappa2psapaad0XGAA14ASssVY Aappa2psapaad0XGAA14ASssVNaRaaaZaFzRRfaF3NaRaaaZaFzRRfaF3aa3p2

    57. Владимир Щуров


    58. idk what to put I give up on username

      If that was me traped i would break the door down

      1. Luis Felipe Guevara

        Enséñame porque mi tortuga 🐢

      2. Pepe


      3. وحيدة القمر


    59. super noob game play (short(

      Literally the bottle is tilted

    60. Thị Hiền Lại

      That one little Mario coin sound clip

    61. ⭕~Psycho🧣Kitty~⭕

      My respect for thanos is overload now🤯

    62. 荒川玲都


    63. Norra Hs

      that guy is so rude to me if i was there i will hurt him😂😂and if i woke up find out he eat it you know what will i doo......

    64. ×Leviachan×

      The sound affect💀

    65. Luczeczka David


    66. Mike Oxlong

      "eating girlfriend peanut butter be like..." Excuse me, what?

      1. Animma Sebastian

        H bhuuyhuii

      2. Kishor lb


      3. Kishor lb


    67. Mr Russia🇺🇦

      i literally have the same peanut butter and bread brand. now i feel like i dont want to eat those brands anymore

      1. Twice Shy

        Don't worry, the tortise will eat it for you 😊

    68. Claudia Vega

      She had forgotten about the jelly

      1. Supriya Gowda


    69. Nostalgia

      Girl:I am about to sleep. Him:Run quickly Girl:HEY CLOSE THE DOOR

      1. Zaitun Zaitun


      2. Sabnaa Hussein


    70. Carlos Silva

      Gostei 👍👍👍

      1. Itzel Barraza


    71. The EVIL 😈 That Finds Out 😈


    72. vinsch

      my respect for trollge infecting a universe everyday

    73. shomolhukumdor


    74. mp5 thỏ cute


    75. Ghostlywhale

      Me: i rather have coke

      1. Soyombo Ulziitogtokh


      2. Fırat Yüksel

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      3. Fırat Yüksel

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    76. Goldenblaze

      Bro, she’s like 25 and she didn’t learn to share yet 😧😧😧

    77. Darth Daisy

      When his girlfriend locked her boyfriend up 😭

      1. Руфа


      2. Руфа


    78. Why Are you here

      I'm starting to think Tony stark should have been on Thanos' side

    79. CadetGamertag73

      The world was a better place untill I saw this

      1. idk what to put I give up on username

        Same here

    80. sebti moh


    81. Jorge Kibot

      Like how she just threw him in the room like that

      1. Poonam Shewale


    82. Владимир Щуров


    83. KITTENS•🐈‍⬛

      Imagine grounding your boyfriend for just trying to use peanut butter- 🥜 🧈

    84. Gina Ginawati

      My respect for all the Villains in the world increaces everyday

      1. aldonmunishi aldonmunishi

        ​@Natalia Sangeeva 7yygccv3

      2. Natalia Sangeeva

        Ькф но

    85. F1nce [V1nc’s distant cousin]

      My respect for Thanos grows every second

      1. F1nce [V1nc’s distant cousin]

        @Huh I didn’t mean it like that

      2. F1nce [V1nc’s distant cousin]

        @Huh bro it was a joke chill

      3. Jiminie Pabo

        I don't know why people always say this in most of the videos but really people should not be so sensitive and learn how to take some things as a joke

      4. Mohd Ashif

        @Huh t

      5. Huh

        @The Game weird that you blame it on society when you're part of it

    86. Hakim Mation

      My respect to thanos grew up everyday

      1. adjisalimata gueye

        @نور الهدى فاطمه7 po pourtt Kk 06k⁰0

      2. Mama Prisha


      3. Mama Prisha

        Bhxdbdhxxhhdbchcbxhbdhdbdhdbdhndhdbdhdnhxndhxbbdhfnhdbxhdnhr💠ndhdbhcbxhbxhxbxhbxuxbxhbcgxchxbhdbhxnxgbchcbcgbchcbhc chcbgf

      4. Mama Prisha


      5. Mama Prisha

        Gdhvdyxvdtdvxgvdydbydvyfvgxvgfvxvdbgxbdhd gbdufbx

    87. Ruvyzat • 8 years ago

      producer: how cringe do you want this to be this shitty channel: yes

      1. Ёдгора Наврузова

        @bruh moment илтд би ты тлььлллдоооироьтолтттиро

      2. Abbas Hossain

        @Lisa Art ী

      3. Sankar Debnath


      4. Yani Hani


      5. Yogi Sharma

        @bruh moment 1

    88. Jisha Abhilash

      WTH 🤣😂😂

    89. TAVIN FF

      Nem dava pra perceber ngn percebeu fecho galera kkkkkk

    90. Haneh 36

      That’s some crunchy untoasted bread

      1. Dolly bachchas Dolly bachchas


      2. Fitness Club


    91. ايمان ابو زيد


    92. Noobinator


      1. Кира Белуга

        😂😂😂🧠 ха-ха-ха

    93. Фатима Абгаряан


    94. Bat 🦇


    95. Golden Boy

      Chinese people aren't really too hard to impress huh

      1. You Ye

        @Golden Boy 🙄whatever, they just don’t look like Chinese.

      2. Люба Казыбаева

        @You Ye ф

      3. Golden Boy

        @You Ye wow, seems like you represent all of China then...

      4. You Ye

        I am so sure they are not Chinese. I am Chinese 😂

    96. ohio crab

      stealing ur girlfriends peanut butter be like:

      1. روان حسوني


    97. Justice

      She forgot the jelly

    98. Michael Patterson

      Totally wouldn't notice the glue.. this woman should totally b a spy..nshe broke the matrix

      1. dimple weng


    99. read my about description

      H-How did the turtle climb to the t-table

      1. idk what to put I give up on username

        The guy who grabed the turtle put him there

    100. Jk anand