Minecraft Manhunt but I have CUSTOM COMMANDS


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    Minecraft Manhunt but I have CUSTOM COMMANDS

    NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net
    WINDOWS 10 PORT → 19132
    MC DISCORD → bit.ly/3lmm9cY
    GROUP TWITTER→ bit.ly/3iLnZCl
    Twitter → bit.ly/2MrebAu

    Merch→ Coming Soon
    Reddit → bit.ly/3apoz3C
    Discord → bit.ly/3aoc08U
    Twitter → bit.ly/2MrebAu
    Group Twitter→ bit.ly/3iLnZCl
    Insta → bit.ly/2MRg4WP
    Live → bit.ly/2MKpFPs
    Candy → (socks) bit.ly/3vQJoOr
    Music →​ (Kevin MacLeod) (Epidemic)
    NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net

    Business →​ businessforsocks@gmail.com

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    1. Socksfor1

      sup gamers! if you haven't checked out the server, I highly recommend it! NEW MC SERVER→ play.sockscraft.net

      1. William alatorre

        It keeps kicking me

      2. William alatorre

        Your sever is stupid

      3. Kimekah Green

        Socks for 1 please bring Minecraft 1200 days in the largest Modpack please bring it back I want to see what happens next

      4. Kimekah Green

        Socksfor1 please bring back the 1200 days in the Minecraft apologist Modpack please bring it back I really want it everyone you know we're going to take a next but you just left it off of cliffhanger and never finished it please bring it back

      5. Tina Heggelund

        But socks i already have joined da server, and i dont have spesial gear

    2. MeepyNotSus

      So that’s all well and good… but my question is… why are DanTDM and CaptainSparklez in the thumbnail?

    3. khe hong

      socksfor1 more like sucksfor1

    4. Eagleguydude

      7:34 take no fall damage like spiderman XD

    5. Enhbileg est

      If all friends comes and make 100 days modded if will be fun

    6. Smiles

      i thight it was 3 blocks

    7. William alatorre

      Just like your minecraft sever

    8. mental

      Now we need this but with the full gang

    9. cqvio doli

      "I would rather drown than die" -Joocie HMM yes this floor is made up of floor

    10. Roman Valenzuela

      Did anyone notice DanTDM in the thumbnail

    11. FNF Mobile Player

      Last video: my last KZsection video 3 days later: new video out now

      1. cqvio doli

        I would like to see mc utubers all in 2b2t with tribe called utubez

    12. Phoenixgamer

      Me: its commandfor1

    13. Piper Josey

      You siad it your last vid on socks for 1

    14. lani leuma

      Socksfor1: *uploading my last KZsection video* Also Socksfor1: *uploads a prologue video*

    15. Jack O'Brien

      I am British 😓

    16. Wesley Bradshaw

      Why is DanTDM in the thumbnail?!😂

    17. °Damian Peterson°

      I love the sock armor 👏😂 Nice job on the server btw :)

    18. Plushtrap The gamer

      Did blaza do the Nani eyes

    19. chhana jongte

      Keep inventory is on? Or not?

    20. Barbatos unit-07

      You receive views I receive content

    21. Kimekah Green

      Socksfor1 please bring back Minecraft 1200 days in the logics Modpack please bring it back I wanted to come back I want to see what happens next please bring it back

    22. Ivan Ho

      why six golden blocks? why not beat the game?

    23. David Playz

      Can you join on bedrock edition

    24. Budi Wj

      Yesus you still upload


      Do stick fight

    26. *QWE Uiopasd

      I would like to see mc utubers all in 2b2t with tribe called utubez

    27. Mineblox :D

      He got reminded that after gets a 100k followers, he HAS to reveal a quarter of blaza’s face

    28. Jack Sparrow


    29. Boltz Gamer20

      Bit late but..... GOOD TO SEE THAT YOW BACK SOCKS


      You look so different suddenly

    31. Ferdinand Chan jr

      New videos yaaaaay

    32. Average YT Enjoyer

      Nobody gonna talk about the Pog new Blaza character?

    33. The Button

      Que pro

    34. James Cummins


    35. Exotic_Candy

      Joocie: I rather drown than die Me: . _.?

    36. Agent 3312

      Damnit youre mice

    37. Himanshu Jethwa

      LOOK WHO IS BBACK !!!!!!!!!!

    38. Safwan Kamaly

      The real question is why is Dan and sparklez in the thumbnail

    39. Jannat Ara Rifat

      Funny very funny

    40. Sebastian Jesse

      yaa,can i play it on my samsung smartfridge????

    41. March Ivory Angihan

      I love your videos Socksfor1!!!!! : )

    42. Aleksa Jakic

      Well that was kinda unfair

    43. NATD@


    44. Dunno


    45. Volk 27

      Love the new blaza peeking down his glasses animation

    46. Maartje Van Holstein

      I mate blaza charetar in roblox

    47. Max R

      Gib comands plz

    48. Marieke van eekert

      you just posted a video saying you will stop,and you dont?

    49. Rohan Pingale

      make it crackedw

    50. :P

      Glad to see content but it just felt a little artificial, like trying too hard to be a KZsection instead of just having fun

    51. Trollge

      Ok all very interesting

    52. Look Cambodia

      damn game idiot

    53. I Gacha Animation

      Yesss i missed ur vids and i also searched is socks dead hahaha

    54. hgny yngh

      1:10 is no one going to acknowledge that when blaza mined the stone he got smelted raw iron. And I don't mean like an Iron ingot, no, i mean raw iron with the colors of an iron bar. seriously wtf

    55. John Bailey

      Socksfor1 I want to ask you a question you broke more than free golden block

    56. °Cake gamer°

      Socks is back and he is better! P.S. I just got here

    57. Aerostarts

      I keep teleporting in the lobby, I'm in asia and I'm lagging

    58. Tuxtan

      Can you please do a normal manhunt

    59. Jurrien Vallo

      "I would rather drown than die" -Joocie HMM yes this floor is made up of floor

    60. medohamed44

      Do I can play on tlauncher?

    61. Lepi the lizard


    62. VannyTrapx

      I heard someone at 4:50 say s** 🤦🏽‍♀️

    63. Simply_Ixn

      Are we able to play it on education edition? Sockscraft

    64. Connor Rose

      I need the server address and port plz reply i want to play your server

    65. DR. Dragonvikic

      nobody: Me: My brother be like: /yeet /web /trap /trap /trap /trap /chickenattack

    66. Mr_SussyBaka

      The Chickens Are Executing Order 66

    67. obamium

      Lol socks turn super saiyan and the next golden block he got he will turn to ssj2 un til mui

    68. Le Thanh  Phong

      juice is big brain

    69. Cute Citty

      Idea do a speed run where the twist is you have to finish the actual game

    70. KaizenGamingYT

      why is he using a hoe??

    71. Benjamin Skuse

      nice beard

    72. Waddles alt account

      I would prank my mom or mess with spiders just for socksfor1

    73. Remi

      Play yugio

    74. Remi

      Play terriea

    75. kubz scouts buddy  friends

      You will become supersaiyan

    76. 56inM2 YT

      Fun fact ally is also how you spell ally gen v ;)

    77. Busy Bee Services

      Why the heck are the dislike 666

    78. Random stuff go brrrrrrrr

      Bidoof blaza is more powerful then thanos

    79. Dumhead

      0:26 Anime bruda

    80. Najua Sahli

      1:48 pog legends of Zelda reference

    81. Christoffer Nordborg

      Can we all agree that when He uploads our day gets better! 

    82. Gå¢hå ßµßßlê

      Jooce looks when he is bigbrain he has that man face from roblox

    83. Spoon

      Gives me the vibes from the old videos

    84. Epic guy

      How do you join The server on PS4 idk how to.

    85. Jon


    86. Jon


    87. RUSerious2010

      socks thing

    88. NOT B3 Rice

      Man, I got to join Socks Craft today, I was rewatching this, the only thing stopping me from having the best day ever is the fact that I have a shit ton of assignments to turn in for School.

    89. Tariq Omer

      This why i love socks and joocie

    90. Kole Fogt

      Your a god holler hower

    91. Genis Rojas

      Wasnt your last video on youtube “my last video on youtube” then why ia this video out

    92. GamerB0i And ARI!


    93. Mg 30

      The mix sounds wierd

    94. Wannieboy

      Do hardcore modded minecraft pls!!

    95. Michelle Miller

      He is back less go

    96. WolfCZ

      your name should be Mods for Sock

    97. Slimpancakesxd Slimpancakes


    98. Liebe

      I love anime one is most loved by me is black clover

    99. Silly Siblings

      Dream would be ASHAMED

    100. WinglessGolf911

      Why is the thumbnail with all the crew and FREAKIN DANTDM AND CAPTAINSPARKLEZ