Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!


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    Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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    1. Ezra team

      THIS ONE

      1. Ezra team

        THIS ONE

      2. Ezra team

        THIS ONE

      3. Ezra team

        THIS ONE

      4. Ezra team

        THIS ONE

      5. Ezra team

        THIS ONE

    2. Harlynne Lagmay

      Now we have a literal cost for juke boxes

    3. soomi


    4. Axolotl


    5. Selmon Bhoi

      They would regret voting allay

    6. Blair Cavin Tan

      I vote allay

    7. Agilan Agila

      Imagine giving him diamods

      1. Agilan Agila

        @ONK21 ಠ_ಠ

      2. ONK21

        It would not collect anything, allay can't dupe. It can only pick up items from the ground

    8. 뿅


    9. Joxy

      cute mob

    10. Minebrine the original

      Why is that so cute


      All 3

    12. Astral Haze

      give them iridium ore

    13. Henry stickman

      Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay Allay VOTE ALLAY

    14. tio kusanagi


    15. Jenson Mckale Dexter

      Hooray!!!, the allay won the mob vote.

    16. Lynam HQ

      Imagine diamonds.

    17. Valkyrie

      Really hope you can tame it and it follows you around.

    18. Un Otaku Josue

      Felicidades haz ganado contra un fuerte rival :D

    19. Fastbandit185

      Do it! Make allay real!!!

      1. enderman with a lower case e

        It won the vote so it's going to be added next year

    20. Gerald the Anorith

      This mob only picks items from the ground, it’s useless

    21. Fathan Official


    22. Anh duc Ngo

      If i give diamond block it collect for me?

      1. Neutral boi


    23. Gautam Borah


    24. MandaMations

      I’m so happy it won!

    25. K W


    26. Galaxy2010

      I'll vote allay

    27. I.R.C




    29. The Man

      This thing better be able to take from Chests so I can be lazy and unorganized

      1. ZynHX

        @Neutral boi then used a dispenser and hopper to dispense the items.

      2. Neutral boi

        It cant take from closed chest

    30. Nathanael AC

      I know Allay doesn't duplicate item, but i still voted for it anyway

    31. It’s Juan

      I want him

    32. gaming ×100

      Just add all mob

    33. itzmeMau


    34. itzmeMau

      I vote for the alay

    35. ❄️COLD_SHOLDER 41❄️

      The allay won

    36. DaxMax Playz

      Allay cant open chesses, break blocks and items also despawn overtime making allay useless, so I suggest you vote for copper golem

      1. enderman with a lower case e

        @A scary Flower they're spamming that comment all over the place lol

      2. A scary Flower

        Too late, alley won Accept your defeat copper golem stans

    37. helyn silva

      please ad the allay to minecraft

    38. Neon Soulless

      We need it to be dyeable

    39. steven richardson

      And plus the mod vote was rigged

    40. Ivan-padre Uchiha-Bv


    41. steven richardson

      Why did nobody vote copper golem well now copper really has no purpose is I wanted copper to be more useful but it's just worthless now I was actually very excited hearing the copper was going to be in the game I've seen it's true meaning just upsetting that's just upsetting emoji just please give copper a real purpose

    42. Jimmypizza Yummy

      This took my vote

    43. Markus Alex


    44. Tracy Moore

      Allay won.

    45. bernardinho camarada games

      if the alley wins it will be added on the same day

    46. demonic477

      And the winner is Allay I love it

    47. Akku Gamer


    48. Ellora Foxfire

      The allay is the cutest

    49. Swickzy

      so the allay takes the W, but george not found ruined it.

    50. Michelle Meneses

      I want to join alley in minecraft

    51. SUS Dude

      Friendly version of the vex

    52. oofsansroblox

      We want it

    53. Air

      Gives Allay milk to find Allay *never comes back*

      1. Coolness Run


    54. Theo Carson

      Well that's official, I'm voting for the Allay

    55. Raptorsnaptor

      He won anyway

    56. Tadeo De lara

      He kinda cute tho

    57. Daniel Dorado

      Me van a decir que no tienem presupuesto para agregar a los tres?

    58. Pinox 3000

      WE WON GUYS!

    59. Mowm24

      I uninstall Minecraft for the winner Minecraft vote,not Cooper golem Edit:I don't like allay, I prefer Cooper golem I don't think allay is very useful, people think that allays can duplicate items 😭😭😭

      1. Neutral boi

        @Sillyfagert Who cares? Pretty sure 9 yrs wouldn't care since they don't know how to use it

      2. Sillyfagert

        @Neutral boi who cares about redstone.... oh wait.....

      3. Neutral boi

        @OofOnlyPixelated It is a great mob for redstone players

      4. A scary Flower

        And you gonna cry about it?

      5. M4skedComr4de

        Copper golem randomly pushing buttons? We have randomizers already :1

    60. Gabriela 12

      I vote allay

      1. Gabriela 12

        @Free Ytpremium01 My cousin also vote ally

      2. Free Ytpremium01

        Me too

      3. Yt

        it won

    61. Unknown Gamin

      I think its cool. You can always have a cute friend by Your side! You dont have to go collect everything. The allay will do it for you! And it even dances! (lol) Its relatible to me. The allay likes music! lol thats all i can think of (also im kinda bad at spelling so please correct me)

    62. Alejandra Santillán

      Me gusta el allay

    63. Fran Arose

      How do I vote?🤔

      1. Chris McCune

        the allay already won

    64. Jacob Gameplay

      My vote is aiming to this mob

      1. Jacob Gameplay

        Yeah ik

      2. Chris McCune

        it already won

    65. Lxncee_

      they should make this gives you duplicate of item once a day (minecraft days not irl)

    66. Liam mcnally

      i vote this one lol

    67. Liam mcnally

      yes plz this will be an awsome mob

    68. JDEarthwalker

      Now give it bedrock

    69. Erik Reykdal

      Hehe. Jolly rancher.

    70. RussBowl

      I genuinely hope this is fixed for Allay, since this is obviously going to be used for finding ores, and useful items.

      1. RussBowl

        oh, well im dumb

      2. Izeeni Music

        The allay doesn’t duplicate items, it collects items off the ground that match the one you gave it.

      3. OofOnlyPixelated

        It doesn't dupe items

    71. Sankar Mondal

      Vote allay

    72. Mike Mondejar


    73. Steve

      We need 3 types of golem

    74. Arfi 1130

      i'am vote this allay

    75. Keith Angelo Ortiz


    76. Bubonic Rat

      Bruh I feel like when the allay is gonna be implemented some mad scientist is gonna find an extremely broken item dupe or just something really dumb that breaks the game.

      1. OofOnlyPixelated

        It doesn't dupe items

    77. Sawal Yani


      1. Winx West


      2. Gamer47


    78. Tyler Rock

      Please be the next one

    79. Nicholas Long

      Come on guys! Let's get this into the game. I know I'm late but like, come on! It's so cute and looks to be very useful.

    80. Weilwyn Franco

      allay in minecraft plz

    81. Jordan gamer plays

      Allay Vote

    82. ziya4

      Vote Allay For live!

      1. seanbluekiller

        Allay already won the mob vote

    83. your daily dose of memes

      this well be useful for farming

    84. JacksonisReliable

      I hate this comment section People are either saying "I will vote [insert mob]" or they are saying "How do I vote???" even though the votings ended hours ago Note: I am extremely happy that Allay is in Minecraft and I am happy that everyone voted for their favourite mob.

    85. Orion London

      I vote for allay

    86. Xblade Umm idk

      Mr Stark, we did it. We won.

    87. GMH Gamers and Vlog

      I vote allay

    88. Xailufy

      i feel like you could make a auto farm with these

    89. Captain Nomekop

      You’ve all denied me of my robot son, I hope you’re happy with your item collecting slaves…

      1. Victor Mello

        Oh Lord, that took a turn. i’m sorry little one. I’m sure the modders got you covered

    90. Frostcatzz

      Note: Allay is not duplicating items you dropped. It just find more! Example: i gave allay sapling, allay's finding more dropped sapplings

      1. Xibii

        @Water the video and the description don't say that they dupe so this is unnecessary

      2. Water

        @Xibii tell that to the people in the back who don't know

      3. Xibii

        Bro everybody knows that since 2 days

    91. DAVKA


    92. jinxkobi

      I should give that allay diamods

    93. Breno game


    94. Prince Edjie Saucejo

      I want the allay

    95. Sebastian Velasquez

      Siento que hicieron lo mismo que el calamar brillante, Cooper golem merecía ganar

      1. Master of The Court

        El golem que solo accionaba mecanismos de redstone al azar? Ese mob tenía menos valor que el Glare

      2. Claudio Tapia


    96. Royal Sonie BG

      !vote I vote for this mob!

    97. DifanD

      Me vote allay

    98. Aqua Vortex

      Im so happy this won :D

    99. RuanXel

      Welp Copper golem didnt won, But Congrats Allay fans. Maybe one day they will reunite again.