Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning) ☄️ Collab With



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    We're running the simulation again! This time it's.. A Mega Pokemon Battle Royale!! Who will win?? Be sure to watch Lockstin's analysis here:
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    Writing by Lockstin

    Animation, Additional Coloring, Sound Design, Writing, Voice of Gallade by Jeremey Chinshue

    Background Art & Coloring by Edgar Nielsen

    Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Red

    Agent J voiced by TTSDemo James

    Music Used:

    Pokemon Black & White - Battle! Elite Four (CPS-2 Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

    Coffin Dance Meme Song (FREE Midi File, Stems & Ableton File) By DixonBeats (I applied the Goldeneye 64 Soundfont to the Midi)

    Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Team Aqua/Magma Grunt Battle (Genesis Version) By MyNewSoundtrack

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Contest Victory Midi (Pokemon Emerald Soundfont)

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Jubilife City [Daytime] (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

    Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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    © TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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    1. Matthew Schulte

      Bruh I just realized that whenever Mewtwo grabs his megastones from the cake, Rayquaza makes a disgusted face. I love terminalmontage

      1. khal

        @Sadeeq Hasan • 10 years ago he did

      2. KItssu

        True lollll😩❤️

      3. NoahsPlushWorld Gaming

        mewtwo didn't even wash his damn hands lol

      4. comet

        @Rahnal Jr 10 minutes later when Mewtwo and 3 other Pokémon blow up the cake* Rayquaza: “THAT WAS MY HECKING CAKEEEEE-“

      5. Rahnal Jr

        Diancie: Cake? Mewtwo: Aw sweet! **grabs cake pieces with his hand** Rayquaza: (disgusted) Dude.

    2. DPadGamer

      Mega Blastoise shooting water from his mouth instead of the cannons is accurate to the games but still hurts to look at

      1. Clack Tloc

        Is worst, he shoot water from his face, not his mouth, he never open his mouth 😭😭

      2. PhoenixKarma

        I thought it was shooting water from its eye, honestly

      3. Aagamdev Singh

        @MegaRayquazaGaming nice man

      4. Aagamdev Singh

        Congo for 13 k likes man

      5. Robotic Chat

        69thh reply noice

    3. Mithun Nathan

      I love how Alakazam was basically doctor strange predicting outcomes but couldn’t predict his own death from lucarios “hair”

      1. Yashvardhan

        @Tawny Martinez omg, I just rewatched and now realised

      2. Moon Dewan

        @Meti Cakolli if you think about it. Technically camerupt is thanos since metagross sacrificed himself to kill camerupt

      3. Meti Cakolli

        @Tawny Martinez and the creator of the universe was thanos

      4. YY_Rengocat

        He survived till the end

      5. Ctrl _ X

        He most likely did predict it, but just was not fast enough to move away.

    4. Whitelistkid

      3:48 That's just brutal. Let's give Blastoise a round of applause for its bold effort to fend off the attacker with 3 holes to its chest.

      1. STONKS Benedict B. Tribiana

        Whitebeard 2.0

      2. lotion

        Aggron is a fucking train man

      3. The Poke'Saurus

        That part makes me wince, I just didn't see it coming.

    5. Tom Sky

      Let’s be real… there was no way Rayquaza wasn’t gonna be the winner

      1. Isabella Catrail Ventura

        Unless... *Throws an ice cube to Rayquaza*

      2. aruce9

        Anything goes is a tier specifically for mega rayquaza

      3. Silver

        you know that mega rayquaza is the strongest mega and I mean no joke he's just a sky god

      4. Caleb Shepherd

        I thought Mewtwo might take it

      5. Jeremy weinberg

        @WolfyYt yes but...........well.......mewtwo is trash compared to rayray lmfao literally a psychic mistake vs the embodiment of the sky not much contest

    6. Bowser

      It doesn't matter how many canons Blastoise gets. It still hurts to see that his forehead is still his best weapon

      1. OWARI DA

        Mega gigantamax z blastoise in 10 years: entire body turns into cannon *shoots from invisible forehead*

    7. zarkflappysheep

      soon it’s just gonna be an entire solar system of pokemon fighting

      1. xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!


      2. Adrian Molina

        @a child agreed

      3. TrueDiamant 777

        Oh noo he liked that

      4. Artifact The Ice-RainWing


      5. ppoul

        Martin's Solrock won

    8. BonkDaJelly

      Everyone: fighting in a battle royale Rayquaza, Diancie, and Mewtwo: enjoying cake and tea

      1. mega rayquaza


      2. yeet_forever

        They need to find a way to distract the OP pokemon so rayquaza and mewtwo doesnt win instantly

    9. Taurus Fire

      3:08 This was the best Hyper Beam sound ever in any pokemon game, tell me I'm wrong

    10. Brandyn Koogler

      Love how sableye sounds like stitch and the yugioh reference was also good. And that after credit scene hahahaha

    11. I Am Pein

      My favorite part was when Rayquaza was pretending to be worried 😂😂😂

    12. Viz

      i wish this was an actual game, these vids are the best

      1. WorldWalker128

        Basically just a heavily-modded 3D Smash Bros game, then.

      2. EndGamerPlays

        I hate making comments like this because everyone hates them but I’m the 1,700th like.

      3. Nyom Nyom

        Next battle royale dynamax pokemon? Idk

      4. Luarbz

        How would it work in a game though lol

      5. JayJay 06

        We already got that in Poke Rumble ez. But if there was a battle royale type Pokémon game that would be kinda cool.

    13. MrRundas

      I swear I always lose my lungs laughing when MegaSceptile does his U.R.S.S Special Attack

    14. Compatriot

      I love how the ending is basically just Gamefreak irl. Everybody wants Megas and they act like they never happened

    15. StarScratcher

      All eliminations: 1:28 Mega Venusaur 1:49 Mega Metagross 2:02 Mega Glailie 2:25 Mega Scizor and Mega Houndoom 2:30 Mega Abomasnow 2:40 Mega Latios and Mega Latias 2:41 Mega Charizard Y 2:42 Mega Manectric 2:55 Mega Slowbro 3:05 Mega Salamence and Mega Beedrill 3:15 Mega Sharpedo 3:39 Mega Swampert and Mega Gyarados 3:46 Mega Sceptile 🥲 3:52 Mega Blastoise 4:09 Mega Gallade and Mega Garchomp 4:19 Mega Gardevoir 4:30 Mega Aerodactyl 4:33 Mega Banette 4:34 Mega Pinsir 4:36 Mega Mawile 4:51 Baby Kangaskhan 4:55 Mega Gengar 5:03 Mega Charizard X 5:14 Mega Blaziken 5:37 Mega Medicham, Mega Lucario and Mega Absol 6:20 Mega Tyranitar, Mega Steelix, Mega Aggron and Mega Mewtwo 6:39 Mega Sableye and Mega Diancie 6:43 Mega Heracross 7:10 Mega Ampharos, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Audino, Mega Alakazam and Mega Altaria reply if you see a mistake

    16. xxTC-96xx

      poor Rayquaza, Diance and Mewtwo just wanted cake

      1. Dennis Abordo


      2. P1nky

        @nidia that isn’t a mega because it doesn’t have a stone

      3. Justlol 230


      4. Asura's Wrath

        @xxTC-96xx yeah but Sableye messed her up pretty bad

      5. xxTC-96xx

        @Asura's Wrath at least until he fried her XD

    17. Joyful Manga

      That Ghostbusters 2 reference gets me every time, it's just so well done I love it

    18. Numericcloth487

      I like the running joke of Lucario just being Goku.

    19. Caleb Shepherd

      The way that Blastoise brought out that cannon and then shot from his head 😂😂😂 classic

    20. Farras Alghazy

      i love how aggron sounds like a train cuz its cry in gen 3 is legit a train horn lol

    21. GGullz

      Blastoise’ hydro pump coming out of his head is absolutely golden

      1. Carlisle Cheung

        As it should canonically

      2. Arnav Hazarika

        @əə22 a 🎉

      3. Meti Cakolli

        Water can't be gold

      4. Meti Cakolli

        Not even the head pump but his own head

      5. Emile Emile


    22. ZorotheGallade

      Those Pokémon who got eaten by Gengar's black hole are just bouncing through universes at this point

    23. geargoblin!

      I love how Bayonet, Mawile, and the little Kangaskhan are the ones taken to the shadow realm by Gengar and they are the ones who show up in the Gigantamax royal as opposed to Aerodactyl who got sent through an ultra beast worm hole.

      1. crobatman 44

        @Noibat so funny story,i paused and went to check other stuff at 9 minutes,literally a sec before i would have gotten my answer. Massive o o g

      2. Noibat

        @crobatman 44 Mario’s dimension

      3. crobatman 44

        But...where did pinsir go?

    24. Ethan Kou

      I must say, Alakazam is my favorite recurring character in this series (even if he's only shown up twice)

    25. Nate Hanson

      When Legends Arceus is released, you guys should do a regional form Pokemon battle royale.

      1. Thesisomoly

        Palkia and Dialga: *hippity hoppity, the victory is now my property*

    26. RedRiotRoss

      Damn that's really how it all went down

      1. Jack Ternes

        Prepare for eeveelutions.

      2. Gabriel Brito

        7:13 NO!!! SH**!!! WHO GAVE THAT DARN ORDER!!!

      3. Some bitey person

        You should share this to Matt and co. They might enjoy this.

      4. I see Green


      5. Your uncle


    27. Superman 1005

      Love how mega evolved Pokémon are basically nuclear weapons in kids hands lol

    28. 💦ScarbyKing the Squirtle💦

      4:40 to 4:53 made me laugh so hard that I nearly died XD

    29. 2Breborn

      Tyranitar's non stop smiling even when getting ragdolled by Mewtwo killed me XD

      1. Winged BluJ

        "Didn't feel a thing!"

    30. Emily Benge

      Just came from the Gigantamax video and I am emotionally invested in Mega Mawile, Banette, and Baby Kangaskan. Mega Mawile gets frozen at 1:57, Thrown into Gengar portal at 4:36 Mega Banette gets chucked into a Gengar portal at 4:32 Oscar gets yoinked by Gengar at 4:50 Interesting that Mega Gengar caused them to seemingly survive this royale, and Gigantamax Gengar was the key to them learning the truth!

    31. Tod Trash

      Metagross is a real hero, he sacrificed twice for his friends. Be like metagross

      1. Duy Trần

        Yeah, he is so nice

      2. Thanatos

        Metagross a real bro!

      3. spindash64

        I do this for you, Alakazam, Aggron, and yes, even you.... Pidgeot

      4. Itamar Keren

        *If i'm going down i'm taking you with me intensifies*

      5. Noibat

        @Junior Grimes Cringe

    32. SilentZed

      6:45 Calcifer being like, "Bro, you need to chill."

    33. Familia Aleman

      I learned one thing from this. Never obliterate rayquaza’s mega stone cake.

    34. Big bob

      Audino killed glalie in the most brutal way possible

    35. S.G.

      I just like how the Squirtle Squad was just waiting for Mega Blastoise to die just so they could do the Koffing Dance.

    36. André Takahashi

      Can we just appreciate the level of detail in making mega bastoise not shooting water from its cannons? It's a well made 100% accurate recreation of XY/ORAS.

      1. iziwa

        @dude jis jojobajj

      2. Giratina

        blast toys

      3. Chillava

        Lol the level of detail in the low level of detail

      4. Mandy r

        Wait seriously, then what’s the point of having cannons?

      5. Meist Syans

        I didn't even notice lol

    37. PG-13Friend

      Remember, it is your civic duty to report Gardevoir for being a bad teammate. She both stole the kill and eliminated her teammate with the full intention of doing so. Don't be a Gardevoir.

    38. Arcanine Malaya

      I love how some of these are actually accurate to their Pokédex entries like Mega Garchomp

    39. Antonio Lopez-Tosado

      Damn, mega blastoise tho, real anime moment, attacked from behind and actually good push against, but the spikes where what ended him

    40. Shade●○

      Rayquaza: eats mega cake while all the other megas are having fights* Rayquaza when the cake is destroyed:REAL $H!+

    41. TierZoo

      lol Mega-Sableye as Stitch

      1. RemLasher77

        @pyrolee17 I named my 100% Sableye in GO *Stitch* because of this animation.

      2. dinolover

        I actually named my sableye '626' back when fucking megas were still around!

      3. Jelly Smith


      4. King Of Ants 2.0

        Why are you here?

      5. Agent Oni

        I require knowledge, my lord

    42. The Poke'Saurus

      That part when Mega Aggron impales Mega Blastoise makes me wince.

    43. Casey Viajar

      i knew that rayquaza was just gonna 1 shot the 5 mega pokemon going after him. but i thought he was gonna just use hyper beam or the beam them but a tail smack is funnier.

    44. DatLax

      These are so epic. But that ending... almost pissed myself laughing. 🤣😂😭

    45. Wendell Sanders

      3:01 is perfect example how I felt first time used Mega Blastoise. I was the cannon animation and end up using hydro cannon thru nose…

    46. Isabelle The Fool

      Can't believe metagross saw that if he killed Camerupt he would die, and instead of running away, faced Camerupt and Death itself on his own terms. Absolute Chad

      1. Indomitable Thunder God

        It’s accurate to its Dex entry. Even if victory seems bleak, Metagross grips its opponent and explodes

      2. Ultradragon16

        Pretty sure it's also a flashback to the original battle royale

      3. Antonio Jones

        He knew it stand no chance so he took the old saying literally:If Im going down, im taking you with me!

      4. MattManDX1

        It's more than that, he saw several pokemon die in his vision so he decided to take one for the team and save them. Absolute MEGA Chad

      5. TheOddPokeKing

        @minaly22 why hasn't terminal montage hearted your comment? I feel like you should get it.

    47. Thomas Murphy

      I like how all of the battles are simulations, because if they were real, we would all be dead.

    48. puxorb

      I think this one is my favorite because its wackier and more intense than the normal pokemon battle royale, but a bit more grounded and realisitic (a bit) than the literal gods battling in the legendary battle royale.

    49. Jack Mullins

      Every time Aggron comes in the train sound just adds to the impact and you know there are going to be three holes in someone

    50. Just a guy named Mint

      I love how even though quaza did nothing for 90% of the video it was undeniable he was gonna win there's a reason Mega Ray is banned in most formats other then the one dedicated to going buck wild (AG anything goes)

    51. TimeBucks

      mega rayquaza was minding his own business then like an angry parent

      1. Second Aron Valdez

        Everyone: Fighting Like Normal. Rayquaza: Tea Time. A few moments later: T R I G G E R E D.

      2. Potatoesgohard

        it sucks when me and my siblings are misbehaving and then our angry parents eradicate all of life

      3. Danny Caracciolo

        It wasn't his business until they made it his business. Then they were basically dead

      4. Mark Wilson

        @Oh Hoon Hoon After Sableye basically already did the job

      5. InanimaProductions

        @Oh Hoon Hoon unintentionally

    52. Itz_Sof

      Personally, I think mega audino is very underrated! It is a good Pokémon and gains the fairy type which is essential in any run.

    53. Nitesh Yadav

      3:54 Didn't Anyone Noticed This Epic Dance And also it's the Real Koffing

    54. Randy Sloan

      Give this team all the monies all the praise all the donations anything to continue these animations your team is a blessing in a dark world❤️

    55. Justin Lacombe

      I just keep rewatching these Pokemon Battle Royale animations, they hardly ever get old. I can't wait to show them to my friends in person. Covid is still active...

    56. Gamer's Holy Army

      Mega Absol just being Absol with a Karen haircut is a very underrated joke.

      1. Rafael Dias Bonini Tararam

        This is true

      2. Absol The Dark Mage

        @Troy no

      3. JellyJones

        LoL true

      4. RemLasher77

        @The Godzilla Fandoms Rookie it would make more sense with that kind of hair style.

      5. Second Aron Valdez

        That is not mega evolution. That is something fake.

    57. soldier257

      Anyone else love how he always puts Goku voice samples to Lucario?

      1. Indomitable Thunder God

        Funny because Both Lucario and Goku have the same voice actor

    58. That 1 Scribbler

      1:02 the one second frame of the spider man meme reference with Latia and Latios should not have been as funny as it was to me lmao

    59. GrandMaster Nutbuster Yoda

      Slowpoke slowly being consumed by the shell and his eyes getting bigger had me in tears 😂

    60. Radio

      This is a great example of how 1billion lions wouldn't stand a chance against all pokemon

    61. PocketRice

      3:04 the blastoise firing from its eyes instead of the cannons was perfect and I’m glad to see it here

      1. ᴍᴇɪ

        @X Æ A-Xii Or water pump, neither water blast

      2. i'm gonna commit a melony

        Basically, hardcore crying.

      3. X Æ A-Xii

        Water eyes new move

      4. Atom Darkheart

        Thanks, Game Freak :D

    62. Michael Arzac

      The aftercredit scene after today's release is *chef's kiss*

    63. Goodzone

      I love how the UB and Necrozma have a free gang up on Mega Aerodactyl when they were doing something else, probably planning on invading which planet/dimension and steal their light or something

    64. Pinky

      Animation cant get any better than this right?

    65. Under The Tree Productions

      I would love to see this with all of the starters

    66. Cupid Kid

      Mega Audino’s ace in the hole being its own trading card is hilarious when you know Mega Audino-EX won a world championship when Mega Rayquaza-EX was the big deck in 2016. This is beyond meta.

      1. Mewcaloid

        I love how it’s holding a mask for Covid 19 haha

      2. Cupid Kid

        He hearted the comment, so this was intentional I see 👀

      3. Edgar Garcia

        You know, this was kind of the same in the YuGiOh TCG when they released support for Blue-eyes White Dragon just before the 2016 YCS that turned it from a rogue deck to a perfect counter to the meta at that time making them win the whole thing.

      4. The Greatest Plan

        Oh yeah... it’s big brain time

    67. William Garcia

      Got to say this video got me dying laughing.

    68. SMF

      Watch that with every theory we make about the developing universe he thinks “huh, good idea”

    69. The Hurdle

      The way that mega septile used it’s tail missal as a nuke is good

    70. AlphaAlvin

      Mega alakazam: Ice cream man Mega aggron: 9Billion Defense Mega Genger: dead inside

    71. Senator Wilson Phillips

      2:58 the build-up for Blastoise preparing its cannons just to shoot from its head had me rolling, well done

      1. Mich H

        Its from StarCraft

      2. Samuel Vino


      3. Karbuncle

        Just like every Pokemon game since like... Pokemon Stadium 1.

      4. RLHvanDijk

        That reminded me of those tanks from StarCraft.

    72. Cooper !!

      You should make a psudeo legendary one, a regional evolution one (evolutions of characters in different generations EX : Tangrowth) and a regional varient one

    73. Miguel Garcia

      How accurate that they really wanna make mega evolution not a thing anymore

    74. Matthias S

      This video gave me more joy than all the Sword and Shield content.

      1. Evan Mendez

        I mean, yeah

    75. Press Start Gaming

      (6:29) Rayquaza be like "NOW YOU'VE DONE IT, WEAKLINGS!!"

    76. David Mii

      TerminalMontage is the kind of guy that makes everyone's day

      1. Summer Lee Design Co.

        Ahhh yes he’s like my favorite KZsectionr

      2. Cooper Chilcott

        Bro even Sega would say yes

      3. drip monke


      4. William K

        I agree.

      5. glitch

        @King of Onions same

    77. Tiger Lover 285

      I like to imagine that blastoise’s canons aren’t actually canons, but rather are the things which power blastoise’s water pressure.

    78. Mariane Grace Kalundu

      The ending is the best part I loved how rayquaza just destroyed the remaining pokemon with it tail

    79. BrianDahWeasel

      I love these videos XD there's always so much mayham and jokes crammed into a short space of time XD the squirtles doing the coffin dance too XD

    80. Goulal Joseph

      At first I wasn't totally agreeing with rayquaza winning I mean rayquaza and mewtwo are at the same level when you first encounter them and their stats are both op and close but at a battle only between mega mewtwo which can switch mega and mega rayquaza I thought and also came to the agreement that rayquaza should win here's the moveset for the hypothetical battle Rayquaza Thunder Hyperbeam Fly(DUH) Earthquake Mewtwo Y Psychic Recover Confusion Shadow ball Mewtwo X Brickbreak Megapunch Megakick Cross chop (cuz it's a pretty op fighting move) But rayquaza moveset and probably speed since it caught up with an asteroid is stronger and higher so mewtwo is probably gonna stick with Y Cause with fighting moves he can't really catch up with him so yeah kinda limited and earthquake thunder are pretty OP and hyper beam since he's a legendary dosen't have a cooldown (I think) Because he's a legendary and this does not use game logic so uh odds are not great and the speed difference makes the fight since a full powered a well timed hyper beam should do the job and rayquaza would do it when mewtwo is weakened and cant even move or a really well timed hyper beam and psychic moves well by comparing by how fast mewtwo shadow ball hits tyranitar from that distance (not calculating just best guess) I would say that rayquaza would easily dodge it since rayquaza can enter and leave the atmosphere In like 10 seconds or less maybe even faster than mega heracross throwing like 4 megas upso in the end mega rayquaza wins no doubt

    81. Terra

      Audino and Diancite trying to heal the Mega Pokémon that weren’t disintegrated or yeeted into another dimension was pretty wholesome

      1. Spongy74

        @אדם הנגר y

      2. אדם הנגר

        @CobaltPerseverance154 shut up

      3. CobaltPerseverance154


      4. Rollodino451

        4:41 is Ghoust busters

    82. The Sauce Master

      You know Rayquaza is not one to be messed with when it being angry changes the theme song.

    83. Giovanni Elijah

      Omg I am so glad this was recommended. So hilarious all around 🤣

    84. KirbyPokéTale

      Nice! I hope you make more Pokémon battles ^_^

    85. Z Catcher

      You know, Mega Sableye would be OP in this fight cuz it could eat the Mega Stones from almost every Pokemon lol

    86. The Element Of Surprise

      I love the fact that he even included the blastoise shooting out of his head joke

      1. pixlblox9099 the Jolteon

        Pokemon animation logic. Lmao

      2. Darien B

        it took me a moment to realize what the joke was, but it's really good

      3. Lucario574

        I had to pause the video to laugh at that one.

      4. Jon S

        I came to see if anyone noticed that, its so perfect, all those guns, still shoots out his fucking face lol

    87. Jelly Foqui ❄️

      I JUST love how audino trys to heal everyone

    88. Unpaid Intern

      Love the subtle detail of giving a goku voice clip specifically to mega lucario since they've shared a VA

    89. Aleki Ghost ツ

      I love the peaceful way Latios and Laitas arrive at Salamance and he like all the hatred in the world cuts them off.

    90. ᴍᴇɪ

      Love mega pinsir's look! Completely funny😂

    91. Dawn Trusty

      Can we just appreciate the fact that rayquaza and diancie weren't even fighting at first.

      1. William K

        POV: you're a pokemon on the planet fighting for your will to LIVE... Meanwhile the OP pokemon are sipping tea and eating an asteroid. :D

      2. Nathaniel

        They were just sharing a nice meteor. Typical Saturday evening stuff.

      3. GreninjaTheBest

        Someone appreciates it!!!!

      4. Alexis Adams

        Now this makes me think of mega raquaza, mega mewtwo, arceus, and necrozma just hanging out having a tea party.

      5. paper machete

        Ngl, it was wholesome

    92. elsquisheeone

      Aggron as this nigh-unstoppable sheer freight train of power is by far the most badass interpretation of it

    93. Marcos luis Martín Morales

      3:00 How many cannons?! How many canons did you need to make Blastoise shoot water from them?!

    94. jimmybuckets

      it's so funny that alakazam is hurt by lucario's hair but when mewtwo did the pulse thing he was fine

    95. FROYO

      I love that blastoises hydropump doesn't come out of his canons

    96. Trenton

      The gag of Blastoise not actually shooting water out of his cannons was gold

      1. Roberth Bastos

        I love it so much! Hahahha

      2. Luca Anastasi

        Agree. I loved it!

    97. Cheese Chihuahua

      6:34 *The giant enemy spider* Well it sounds familiar lol

    98. BlueAshes

      4:47 if I'd saw this in real life... I thnk i'd genuinely die...great reference too!

    99. Aagamdev Singh

      That mega Mewtwo hitting mega tryanitram was like Mewtwo was tickling him

    100. Anime lover

      This is what mega evaluations fighting against each other looked in my mind when I was a kid.