Matt Hughes with one of the GREATEST slam knockouts in UFC history! 📅

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    Жарияланды Ай бұрын

    Пікірлер: 394

    1. Niko Garcia

      Toughest man to ever step in the octagon

    2. mike Kirkwood

      Hughes, gsp...gone are the days

    3. Dpointe

      Hughes was out 100% that was a draw fight

    4. Lucie

      Used to absolutely love Carlos Newton. One of the most exciting and dynamic grapplers ever in mma.

      1. Alex Cruz

        I remember when he would do the DragonBall screech after each win

      2. mike Del Vecchio

        U wouldn’t get an insane once in a lifetime finish like that if u weren’t an interesting fighter

      3. A.J. Rusinek

        100%! His fights with Sakuraba, Pele, Miletich and Renzo Gracie are some of my personal favorites in the sport.

      4. Bill Turner

        He was robbed

    5. D Lee

      To Carlos we know you won that fight

    6. Mervin Bolton

      He never slammed him .he got choked out

    7. Milky Way

      Damn, Matt was out but Big John wasn't even looking at him and didn't even realize Matt was out too! He was only looking at Newton and trying to figure out if Newton was out. Matt got away with one there. Took him a while to wake up and realize he just won.

      1. Leo Scott

        @L the way I see it, two guys went down and one guy got up, therefore that guy is the winner.

      2. alex369

        Matt was almost out but Newton was asleep for sure. Matt did recover and Newton was still asleep.

      3. Jeremy Lamovsky

        Close, but he wasn't out. Look at gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson. THATS what it looks like being out cold after a slam.

      4. Ace

        @Stefan Prychodko Yea. Gray Maynard. Very similar. The guy that got slammed tapped and Maynard was out. If the dude would have just took the pain for a second or two more, he would’ve won. Mma is a crazy ass sport

      5. Stefan Prychodko

        @Ace It's a weird one... If they were both equally dazed it might have turned out different. It seems like the slam was intentional though so as long as Hughes didn't tap I think he won fair and square. Kinda reminds me of that guy who KOd himself trying to slam his opponent. Don't remember his name.

    8. xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx

      Hughes was an absolute animal man, guy had a great career and left us with some legendary fights!


      Mat Hughes got choked out by that Triangle and collapsed, Knocking Carlos Newton out. That's exactly what happened in this particular match.

      1. JAVA_Cafesito

        He did have it on there tight

    10. Jed Steelwell

      Hughes was out also should of been a double loss

    11. burning ember

      Dude should've let his elbows go

    12. Philip Anthony

      They both were out. One of the very rare times it's going to happen.

      1. Sean White

        Matt is one of my all time favorite fighters but ppl always wants to argue with me about "oh he wasn't out he was just tired" ok bud....ok.

      2. L Vanzant

        ​@Brandon Williams there are plenty of interviews with Matt Hughes saying he was out.

      3. Alan Ratay

        @bruceGender Yeah. Matt didn’t slam Carlos. That was the result of him passing out. He even said so to Carlos.

      4. bruceGender

        Ya but Matt was out first

      5. Alan Ratay

        I was gonna say. Matt got choked out which landed Carlos on his head knocking Carlos out. Matt even said to Carlos after the fight, “I was out.”

    13. Hiro

      How is this allowed when a punch to the back of the head not allowed?

    14. Janmejay singh

      Carlos : Holds the cage to prevent himself from the slam Big John: No no, you can't do that, you've to create history, you've to BECOME history 😂😂

      1. irish science

        early ufc fighters were roided out of their minds

    15. Jonathan Young

      Hughes was out too lol I remember watching this fight like it was yesterday!! The frank Trigg fight as well, this back when you would get goosebumps way more often cus these dudes left it all in the octagon. They weren't trying to leave it in the hands of the judges what so ever!! One of the reasons Izzy shouldn't even be in the same damn conversation as Anderson Silva. Silva was the epitome of confidence matched with skill!!! If only you could put thise two in a match against one another in each of their prime lol Silva would eat izzy heart and be calm as fuck about it. He would make izzy feel like he choose the wrong carrer lol. It baffles me that people compare him to Silvas greatness. People tend to forget over time wtf kinda animal got into that cage. I'll never forget ever, we will never see that kind of dominace again and IF we do it's not going to be for a long time. Usman got the closest, now nobody is in the running of breaking his title defense record. I believe it was 16 title defenses and I firmly believe Silva decided to give up his belt cus he had nothing more to prove to himself or anyone and actually wanted somone else to enjoy being the champ and get that money that comes with being champ. It's a brotherhood in that circle of fighters!!

    16. Arcade Kaos

      Yeah they were both out but Matt was not a thousand percent out

    17. Dylan Kopff

      Hughes a legend the other guy .. nobody cares

    18. T-Virus Terrance

      Greatest slam knockout in UFC history. You can't forget a moment like this. TERRANCE OUT

      1. Badzel S

        ​@Sean Hickey it wasn't in the UFC

      2. Sean Hickey

        Where do you rate rampages slam?

    19. Jesse Harter

      Loved watching Matt Hughes. One of my all time favorites. He definitely got lucky in that win cause he was sleeping when he won.

    20. tyler elefterion

      Ref: no strikes to the back of the head Matt: didn't mention the mat striking the back of his head...

      1. Ace

        @Ehsan Ahmed it’s illegal to “spike” an opponent on their head. But in a submission attempt they can slam an opponent in any way they desire, because they have no control of their opponent’s body. I don’t think this would be considered a spike though, even without the submission attempt

      2. mrmagoo

        Should be illegal move back of head hit

      3. Azmi Mat

        Life is not precious in MMA

      4. Gay Hitler

        @Jeremy West Dickinson... well you know the rest

      5. Jeremy West

        Matt used the mat ha

    21. FlabicusAbbicus

      That’s a clear example of how a fence grab can change momentum in the fight and should definitely be considered cheating. Glad he got that slam he deserved

    22. thenewandrei4o94

      One of the moments that I personally hate the most in all of MMA history. This is 1000% a draw or a no contest, yet is unfairly counted as a win for Hughes

    23. B.S. Outdoors

      I remember watching this live. Epic slam

    24. James Edwards

      Matt Hughes is one of the GOATS!

    25. Shane Templeton

      Great guy in ring and out, his life story is sad and inspiring

    26. Sterling Hayes

      here's the real deal, Carlos Newton had him unconscious on his feet the slam was a result of Matt Hughes going unconscious so all in all technically Newton won that fight because Matt was out before the slam

    27. David Rios

      Matt Hughes el was the reason I became addicted to MMA

    28. Kickin' Wing Hotboi

      Them boys were jacked in those days of the UFC. I've always wanted a physique like Matt Hughes. He's not freakishly big but still stout as fuck and obviously very strong to pick Newtown up from that position

    29. GtheMVP

      The best slam next to Rampage's Arona powerbomb. Matt was out in that 2nd slam though.

    30. Delmar Roberts

      Carlos Newton was one of those guys that just didn't make it as big as he should have the dude was Unreal but bad luck in injuries unfortunately kept him from being the superstar that he should have been he was instrumental in George St Pierre's rise to the top

    31. Pol Hasanlliu

      Wauuu that slam!!! He really smashed his back of head

    32. Stephen Lewis

      Luckiest win ever matt Hughes was star gazing i like how his first thought was to celebrate. g.o.a.t.

    33. E L

      Good on Big John to swoop in right after that brutal slam. He’s the GOAT…

      1. Pamuk Picker

        He let them be warriors and make history 🤭

    34. Phil Whatever

      Back when steroids was the norm!

    35. Kyle

      It was so good he ko'd himself too, anyone notice big jon was encouraging matt to get up he even nudged him

    36. Floating Goose

      The fact that he picked Newton up from a semi locked up triangle.....Triangle...... Everyone was on Roids. Even our heros

    37. RollingxBigshot

      Matt thought he lost 😂

    38. Taba Allday

      One of the greatest knocked out slammed knockouts 😂

    39. RYAN BLACK

      This is still the right call to this day. Matt was standing and there was know indication he was out but it only takes a second. He didn’t tap so you have to look after Carlos who was clearly all the way unconscious.

      1. bruceGender

        Objectively wrong. Matt went out first and that's why he dropped newton. It's not really an argument

    40. evil angel

      Matt Hughes was freakishly strong miss that guy

    41. 강창현

      자기가 텝쳐서 진줄알았다가 의식돌아와서 보니 상대가 기절한거보고 이긴걸 알았네.. 무의식에서 한 행동이라서 어떻게 자기가 이긴지도 모르는듯..

    42. DrDOOM931

      Huges is just built different even to this day as a man touching his 50s. Hell he might be 50 now he hasn't fought in about a decade. I mean the dude didn't even break a mother freaking bone when he got blasted by that train. I don't see how it's even possible to be honest. Much love champ 👊

      1. DrDOOM931

        @bruceGender K

      2. bruceGender

        He also bragged about making out with a child when he was like 20 years old

    43. The Illustrious One

      Matt was out too, even worse big John legit cheated for Matt. I never realized that when I was a kid but that was devious how they cheated Newton

    44. joseph burns

      That’s some fkn power right there!

    45. I create my own good luck

      He hit his head really hard coming down

    46. Descartes, Rene

      Matt gave Dean the arm tap like "yo, I won?? I won?? Yeah, I won!!"

    47. Nobody

      Look of disbelief? No Matt was just waking up lmao

    48. Loek de Kerpel

      Hughes was out there for sure, limp palms, no movement right after the slam, untill a shock seems to wake him up a second or so later, both guys were difinitely out at the moment of impact from the slam

    49. Anthony Gerber

      My old ass remembers watching this live. Never thought I'd say it but it was good to hear Mike Goldberg's voice. I used to love when he'd call something wrong and Rogan would correct him. Ah, the good ol' days...

    50. Twoi Gospodin

      Я думал, что от треугольника человек сдастся, а он апонента тряханул жёстко об помост...

    51. Ben Zeltser

      Both were out but Newton grabbed the fence so this one goes fair and square to Mr Hughes

    52. Firdavs Mardonov

      От треугольника в земле он на секунду потерял мознание, очнулся видет, что он победит

    53. Chase

      I was only thinking of Matt Hughes a few days ago, just wondering how he's doing 🤷🏼

      1. Ste Shar

        @k sagstertohi :) glad someone got it

      2. k sagstertohi

        @Ste Shar lol.

      3. Ste Shar

        Stay off the tracks. Colby Covington choo-choo trains coming to town

      4. Mickey

        Finally humbled

    54. Kurho Oni

      he knocked himself out in the same time for a sec he though he had lost

    55. Apocalypse Now

      Powerbomb!! Big Sid Justice was a wrestler in the 80s and I remember his powerbombs looked vicious as hell

    56. Ray Brozzo

      They were both out and Matt wasn't even gonna slam him but dropped him cause he was going out

    57. Edvin Parmeza

      Dude powerbombed his opponent like he was 20+ kg heavier than him

    58. king james

      Carlos was out cold & unable to continue. Hughes was likely 1/2 out but first to sit, then stand up & able to fight if necessary. Legitimate WIN for Hughes no matter how much “casual’s” pout… 😂!

      1. Bryan Williams

        Lol! Hughes was out. He didn't slam Newton, he passed out and about a casual🤣🤣

      2. RagingCookie127

        @king james Lmao you literally don't understand the rules of MMA but are throwing "casual" around. Bless your dumb little brain.

      3. RagingCookie127

        Hughes was out, that's why he was confused over the fact he won. It's not based on "can you get up and continue", plenty of fighters get knocked out and recover after a couple of seconds. Using "casual" is lame af by the way.

    59. buixrule

      Only fight I remember where they both figuratively lost. Hughes was in la la land in 2 more seconds.

    60. Mike Water

      Saw many fights and this one is the first where a ko’ed fighter has his eyes closed, doctors have to tape patients eyes in surgeries is another example comes to mind, high possibility that it was staged/fixed which was pretty common in the early days of mma

    61. Truck camper traveler

      Yeah, he really knocked himself out GOOD!!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅


      Matt was a BEAST

    63. wikit ewok

      Newton closed his eyes and started praying just before the way down

    64. Vhin fel

      Matt was out first

    65. Joe Z.

      He actually choked him out, so not an intentional slam 🤷🏻‍♂️

    66. Kera Yusypov

      Думал что проиграл. Оказалось неожиданно выиграл.

      1. Mike Water

        наверное постановка, люди, которых нокаутируют закатывают глаза а не закрывают их

    67. Bryan Williams

      Huges was out!! Newton actually won the fight🤣🤣

    68. Jesus Gerrie

      They were both out but Matt woke up first 🥇

    69. Clint Renskers

      Disappointing heart breaking accident Matt had few years ago to leave him wheel chair and 24/7 dependent on care giver.

    70. Ligma Male

      No way I'd be letting go of the fence lol

    71. Richard Simonson

      Mat was choked and dropped him but it was fantastic

    72. whismerhilll

      I think they both dropped because hughes lost consciousness, then Newton lost consciousness.

    73. Shark Attack

      Matt mouthed "where we at" when he jumped on top the fence. He had no idea what was going on. And did carlos have a huge bone poking up while out at the end?

    74. JC Nunya

      Matt gets the W while Grey Maynard get an L😂

      1. Rj

        @AmzOfficial yeah, he went out first and slumped down but it looked like he tried slamming Carlos but since Matt went limp it was all dead weight onto Carlos’s back/back of head and knocked him out instantly also and his legs loosened up when he went out and you can see Matt’s arms are limp also and he wakes up because the choke got released and is confused. I know now days theirs a rule for something like this only if they get knocked out at the same time I believe whoever gets up first or if one of them can get up first possibly wins idk how true that is tho

      2. AmzOfficial

        Did matt go out for a sec 😂 looks like he did

    75. Pat Alexander

      The cheater holding to cage; the rest is history, Matt Hughes the Champ!

    76. Spike Himura

      double finish, knock out and submission. crazy. never will happen again. referees are alot more knowledgeable.

    77. Just RegularJoe

      Matt lost this fight. Big John dropped the ball on this one. Matt didn't slam Carlos Newton..Matt dropped Carlos Newton because he got choked out on his feet. Carlos got robbed.

    78. Makro

      When you get the KO from passing out.

    79. UniquE

      Matt was out too

    80. Jacob Cantey

      Matt was almost out. That was a desperation slam.

    81. TireThor972 Mjolnir

      it was more of a collapse from unconsciousnes than a slam

    82. Andrew

      Hugh’s was out first, so he loses? Or a draw perhaps.

    83. TIGHTT88

      Mat Hugh’s what my favorite.

    84. Bo S

      That's why you release the triangle at that point the same way Machida did with Rampage.

    85. Dom Wattson

      Def both were out Hugh's used his last effort before he blacked out to drop him should have been no contest double ko

    86. Big Weiner 420

      Gray maynard got screwed over when this happened to him. He slam ko'd his opponent, but cuz he tko'd himself they didnt give him the W

    87. AlphaSuperior

      Damn Matt Hughes is strong as fuck.

    88. екатерина Шакун

      Рубероид спи...🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

    89. Misteri malam

      Hughes just lucky, there out for sure

    90. Carl DaCosta

      They both went out, Matt recovered faster.

    91. Anthony Ramos

      You can see Newton mouth to Big John : “ I won “ when the camera pointed at him

    92. Lᴜɪ́s


    93. Dylan Skram

      So was Matt but that was crazy asf nonetheless

    94. Nandi Saand

      He was already out when he dropped Newton

    95. Felix Adewole

      Newton, a strong Canadian.

    96. Dubs

      Matt dropped because he faded out. That was epic

    97. Bill Pool

      "Slam knockout"??? Hughes was choked unconscious, and dropped Newton.

    98. fusion310

      Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton was a great fight - just like Dan Henderson vs Newton.

      1. Punkrocka

        My first was Keith Hackney vs Emanuel Yarborough.

    99. Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal

      Their physiques are gnarly

    100. john doe

      Hughes was also KOed and it should have been a draw