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    1. SportsShorts

      Ecuador keeper created history as he is the first person in fifa history to watch the match from inside the pitch 🤯

      1. Neutral 10

        What about lines man and ref

      2. Anjana subhash


      3. Anjana subhash


      4. Aditya Nirmal


    2. Doctor Def

      Ecuador is in south America, they play big time teams like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay. They are not low level, they're highly competitive!!

      1. Womenhave HiveMind

        @WILLIAM GREY Europeans can't get satire inside their head 🤓🤓

      2. Womenhave HiveMind

        @WILLIAM GREY No l am not 🤡🤡


        whom do you expect in world cup team like india or tough like ecuador

      4. Love ༒

        @AGF fans You are arguing with bias. I Never said it was easy so I don’t know why you even mentioned that in the first place. Italy has a total of 4 world cups. Italy has qualified to almost every World Cup competition except for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Why don’t you talk about the other 18 times Italy has qualified? FIFA allows 14 spots to give the weaker non superpowers European teams to compete such as Denmark. Denmark is not a weak team, but they are usually considered a bit more weaker compared to Spain and England. Denmark best World Cup participation was making it to the quarter finals. Spain, England, and Italy best World Cup participation was WINNING the World Cup. You simply cannot compare Denmark to the level of Spain and England.


        @Womenhave HiveMind you gotta be American

    3. Talk to Me in Tagalog

      QATAR ❤🇶🇦 Congratulations, Ecuador! 👏👏👏

      1. LOwkeYocity

        Qatar ain't shit

      2. Emperor Champa

        @BMA PRODUCTION great game though Idk why these pundits at talk sport are having a fuss


        @Emperor Champa this is game yoo 👋 u don't u are going to win or loss

      4. ndm B

        @Emperor Champa not only that but half of the qatari fans are bought from other nationalities

      5. Emperor Champa

        Lol they left the stadium at half time

    4. Adityakiran

      Jio Cinema guys please keep uploading these 5 minute crisp highlights for every match since many of us won't be able to take out time and watch more than one match everyday and there's gonna be 2-3 matches everyday. Watching highlights of the matches we missed in under 5 minutes is gonna be great. Thanks !

      1. Thomas

        Idiots at Jio cinema must first figure out their platform. ATM we can only wta h these highlights as matches are unwatchable on their platform

      2. Fuchu Ki

        Sky batting isse achha tha , boring match

      3. Pietro Biava

        Bella partita tra due squadre che giocherebbero nella B italiana

      4. Ashwin Lakra

        @Named Claiming I am sure you are working in a Private Job which doesn't give any facility and also may I ask you how much Salary do you earn from your Job ? I have seen People getting Low Salary for their so called "busy" work......and brag too much. Can you get a Lavish Life for yourself in Future with it ? I am a Businessman and under me 6 people work enough for me to buy myself a BMW Car in 4 years from now.

      5. Arizona Diamondbacks

        Don't watch Trash Cricket , problem solved.


      Ecuador played really well 👏

      1. Iries

        @Saji Kochi okay cry no one cares L


        @Fuchu Ki 🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Fuchu Ki

        Cricket > football

      4. Iries

        @Morgan Menezes No they tried their best.

      5. Iries

        @Indie Volken Rude + no one asked + no one cares

    6. FA Fishing


      1. Fungusz _

        Flopped in the prem in his prime

      2. Marco Rossi

        Yeah man, i would consider rugby or tennis

      3. Goktug Yorulmaz

        @Eda Akkoyun ironically he scores mostly from the penalty spot in FB too.

      4. náisiún na hÉireann

        Amen 🙏

      5. david spade

        World class hahahahaahhahahhahahah, He’s playing against worst teams in the world mate. If he’s world class then Messi n Ronaldo are Jesus Christ hehehehhehehe

    7. Nahas Kuttan

      Ecuador goal keeper like a statue..really relaxed and watched the match 😅

      1. Nahas Kuttan

        @Calvin Tran 🤣

      2. Calvin Tran

        i couldn't see the goalie face until 89min lol

      3. Cancelo

        He will be Big test serious against Netherlands

      4. Shivanii Malazarte


      5. SUPERMAN

        @Frankiefifamundial and Senegal

    8. BillGunslinger

      As a Brazilian, I am rooting for every South American team to kick some ass in this World Cup. Ecuador made me very happy today and I wish them a great tournament, and Valencia was amazing, I hope he scores again against Senegal and the Netherlands!

      1. stephanie i

        @Tes without mane Senegal is weak

      2. StangMode GT500


      3. RottieShep CALIBRE

        As a Jamaican/englishman I am reading your comment and thinking surely you're not rooting for Argentina 😯 surely not

      4. Muhammad Yasin

        As an Indian, I support Brazil for a sixth WC title. My favourite player is Neymar.

      5. Godspeed

        As an Indian I want every team to kick ass of Qatar, Iran , especially Qatar. I want some team to score 7-0 or 8-0 vs qatar

    9. richard coleman

      I'm for changing the offside rule for 'torso' being offside, not foot, knee or head. Currently the rules are ridiculous. Basically currently you could be given offside if you have a bigger nose, foot or willy but your main body is not offside

      1. Gin Alley

        I'm for the system used in cricket. Ref has the decision. If VAR shows he is wrong then overturn it but if the call from VAR is very miniscule then refs decision stands

      2. Leon Kapere

        am still struggling to know which player was offside

      3. Kinidios Odlosios

        😆If I played today I would always be in offside but because of the nose or foot they are regular size

      4. ~cherry

        For the record, about willy offside..CR7 had scored a goal with his willy🤣.

      5. krievolic

        how was that play an offside there was a qatar player behind the goalkeeper

    10. Sonia De Ferris

      Bien por Ecuador!

      1. Rohan razz

        Hello friends 👌👌👌

    11. bijobsebastian

      OMG 4 minutes of continuous footage without buffering... Miracle

      1. Thomas

        @AK worst part is, these idiots already had a way of showing us WC on the sports 18 channels using Jio tv. But no, they decided to screw up everyone's experience for that filthy shitty crap app

      2. AK

        @Khuzeymi no, Jio Cinema is an app that took the rights of fifa world cup streaming in India. But the stream was buffering the whole time yesterday. It was a horrible experience watching football on that app

      3. Raj Chakraborty

        @Alvin Antony 🤨

      4. Aeraj Kamran

        @Agastya Singh what?

      5. Agastya Singh

        i work for jiocinema disliked ur comm

    12. Stuart M.

      I couldn't believe that first goal was disallowed. But it didn't matter in the end. ¡Felicitaciones a Ecuador!

      1. Jort Peters

        It was offside, most people don't understand the rule correctly. There have to be 2 people infront, normally that's is 1 defender + the goalkeeper. So most people think the rule is just 1 defender, but because in this situation the goalkeeper jumped to the ball the ecuadorian player only had 1 defender in front. Making it offside.

    13. Timliu92

      Ecuador is the team that might not challenge for the WC but is always tough to beat even for bigger teams everytime they are in the tournament. Hats off to Ecuador for this win, it could have been more than 2! 👍👍

      1. mulkan mulkan

        Try japan.. korea.. or iran..


      Very well played Ecuador 🇪🇨

      1. KENNY BRUNO


    15. Soumen Chatterjee

      Enner Valencia should have had his hattrick today but for that VAR reversal of that goal in the third minute.

      1. karan mehrok

        पहला गोल क्यों रद्द कर दिया गया?

      2. Jort Peters

        @WWC It was offside, most people don't understand the rule correctly. There have to be 2 people infront, normally that's is 1 defender + the goalkeeper. So most people think the rule is just 1 defender, but because in this specific situation the goalkeeper jumped to the ball the ecuadorian player only had 1 defender in front. Making it offside.

      3. Jithin George

        @Javi Contreras another butt hurt 😂😂

      4. 1manSHOW

        @WWC 🤡

      5. WWC

        The first goal is not offside. The goal is disallowed because you cannot score a goal within 5 minutes of play. New FIFA rules

    16. Paragon/Renegade

      Whoah that second goal was top class

      1. n r

        Yeah, but Quatar goalkeeper was so bad.

      2. B K

        It’s just the beginning, plenty more to come,😊

      3. Man_Without_Fear

        that assist for first offside goal🔥

      4. Tes

        Expected delivered well played Ecuador 🇪🇨 👏 two goal scorer.

      5. exists ITACHi

        Even disallow header goal is amazing

    17. Beena Plumber

      I thought Almoez Ali was very gracious in accepting his yellow card at 20'. I couldn't see in any angle how he even made contact with his opponent. The referee made some good calls, but it seemed a lot of questionable calls (or non-calls) went against Qatar. Just 13 sec into 1st half stoppage time Preciado of Ecuador bashed Homam from Qatar to the ground with his elbow. He was not making a play, only bashing the man's face in. Then again at 3:48 into the same stoppage time he just bashed into him again and knocked him to the ground, with no play on the ball. No yellow card for him? That's not soccer. It's street fighting. Ecuador has enough talent on their team. They don't need a brawler like that. And that referee needs to pull his head out of his ass and watch the game.

    18. Ayush Subedi

      Dear JioCinema, we understand that this is the first time you guys are streaming any major tournament. So you weren't prepared for this enormous stream request from fans. Yesterdays match streaming was disaster. But please work on lagless,bufferless streaming for the upcoming matches.

      1. Venkatesh Mandalapu

        Ya I too experienced same

      2. arunav

        @Nayam Sharjeel Rafique i even tried in my tv as well wont work... hopefully it will be fixed...

      3. Nayam Sharjeel Rafique

        @arunav I experienced the same thing. The video wudnt just start!

      4. Thomas

        @arunav subscribe for sports 18 and you are good to go

      5. Mo Ja

        Not only that the malayalam commentators had no knowledge of the game throughout. They didnt even know what is an offside.

    19. mamamia555

      Good job Qatar for a game well played against highly competitive winner Ecuador, it's undeniable that latinos are seasoned footballers👍

    20. Pietro Biava

      Complimenti a Qatar e Ecuador❤️

    21. 1K Challenge With 0 Videos

      Ecuador played really well 👏

    22. boston

      Congratulations, Ecuador from Ukraine 🇺🇦

    23. TXxDip

      Well played Ecuador 🇪🇨

    24. arsemafia

      Bravo ECUADOR! My favourite Alex Aguinaga can be proud, of the younger players. I wish them progress to the next round. Saludos desde Polonia

    25. Prakash Maurya

      Well played by Ecuador 👍👍👍

    26. Julian Borjas

      Grande Ecuador !!!!!

    27. Arjan Rimal

      I laughed a lot in this game yesterday 😂. First half was really fun.

    28. Ravi C Subedi

      Well done Ecuador

    29. Zatoichi Son

      First game, First Win, and First Loose, good game, we go to see great football games in Qatar !! Thank you.

      1. Godspeed

        Bot lobby ....How much Qatar paid you tho

      2. JGA

        @The Blue Avian lmao why are you watching the World Cup then if Qatar is corrupt, simple just stop watching if u hate the cob try

      3. Lord saitama

        @hamdoggius boring world cup

      4. KM Amir Hamzah Umit

        @The Blue Avian how much do you get paid to reply all the comments about Qatar? get a life

      5. hamdoggius

        @The Blue Avian Clearly not enough, they can't even spell lose correctly.

    30. Omar Gavilanes

      Vamos Ecuador! 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

    31. too

      I watching Enn from South African '10 world Cup when Ecuadorian great RB Antonio Valencia on that team.. In 2010 he was just 18 year oldy kid.. When he was missed plenty of chances on that time.. But now in '22 he is still going and score.. Awesome Enny.. Love from kolkata ,India 🇮🇳

    32. 자이라

      ah.. as someone who has lived in qatar for 2 decades now its still disappointing. felt the heartbreak in my chest lol.. i dont know what happened to qatar players but i hope they resolve whatever issue they have and have that determination back again to win the matches. congrats to equador, even i cant deny they played really well

    33. Parviz Hamidov

      I think Qatar paid Ecuador players not to make it look too much humiliating, they settled with only 2 goals

      1. PepperSama

        @Shishui Uchiha They are so good because they won the Asian Cup in 2019 against Iran and Japan. The fact that they haven't qualified for WC before is irrelevant; because I'm not talking about their historical performance, I'm talking about their current performance.

      2. PepperSama

        @Deepak Mangtani How would it give you an advantage psychologically when the entire world was watching them? Their league's attendances are usually much smaller, it's natural for them to get anxiety because of such reasons. However the reason that I originally talked about isn't related to fans and home, it's just naturally because they've been preparing for this tournament for two decades, so they overestimated the importance of this match and lost their focus.

      3. rocky walker

        @Covfefe They won the cup of Asia against Japan, they were trash today could not handle the South American speed and pressure.

      4. Shishui Uchiha

        @PepperSama if they are so good how come they never qualified for the world cup 😂😂😂😂

      5. Deepak Mangtani

        @PepperSama See the friendly squads of the 2 teams please. Qatar used 6 players in that friendly match that played in the starting XI. While for Ecuador the number was 3. As far as Anxiety how, I thought playing at home is supposed to give you an advantage.

    34. Garlico shallots

      That was never offside. Valencia wasn't even involved in the scuffle, when the ball was finally cross to him he was onside

    35. SUBZERØ

      Ecuador 1st goal was 🔥 but unlucky, valencia missed his hat trick what a match 👌

    36. Hector Cabrera Garcia

      Congratulations Ecuador 🇪🇨 first win.

    37. Canadian Gold Saver

      This World Cup is going to be great… who doesn’t love watching a fiery crash in slow motion!!!

    38. Taj Mahachii

      There was NO POSSIBILITY of Qatar winning this game. Ecuador has world 🌍 cup experience and showed it. The also compete with big teams in South America, big ups to Enner Valencia and squad

    39. Devrajsingh Balyasra

      Qatar also played well atleast everyone was expecting 7-0 scor but they managed for 2 only. Much better than many asian teams .

    40. Sandip Santra

      Good job Ecuador 🇪🇨

    41. War God

      Ecuador is a good team.very sad for Qatar though as host country but they need more practice

    42. Melancholia

      Gol pertama yang dianulir awalnya merugikan Ekuador. namun, serangan masif dan penguasaan bola intensif menciptakan 2 gol sebagai gantinya.

    43. d84

      Not a bad result against a team that built the stadium

    44. Ratuamar Laisila

      GOD Bless Ecuador 🙏🙏🙏

    45. 🙃Mom's Love💖

      Wow 😎All goals are unexpected 🤗❤️‍🔥top clas ECUADOR 🇪🇨

    46. О А

      Первый гол Валенсии почему не защищали? Не было никакого нарушения, ни афсайда. Чистый гол!!! Судьи постарались.

    47. Sebastián Rossi

      Excellent for the South American brothers, although it was noted that they did not want to score more goals against the host

    48. A1 GAMERZ

      Ecuador played awesome 😈❤

    49. CookiEat

      NICE ONE ECUADOR 🇪🇨 👏 👌 👍

    50. Bitopan Talukdar

      Valencia is on another level🔥


      Congrats Ecuador❤️❤️❤️

    52. Omotoso Olusola

      Beautiful beautiful game... World Cup has started finally and it's a great start 🎉 We focus on the next game... England vs Iran 🔥

    53. Doctor Def

      Ecuador vs Netherlands will be a BANGER!!! This is group is a good one

      1. Jason Quito

        @Zizoh against Netherlands probably but Senegal without mane is definitely one they can win. People underestimate Ecuador they legit have had to make it out of South America where the qualifiers are slays competitive and intense.

      2. Zizoh

        Nah, Ecuador will meet their match in Netherlands and Senegal. This was just a warmup

      3. Agastya Singh

        no, jio cinema will not allow!

    54. Dmitry Khishgeevich

      Enner valencia looks unstoppable right now unfortunately sadge for Qatar

    55. Wanderer

      Equcador is such a team it will definitely show exit path to some of d top team who is struggling with form, though chances of Equcador winning d world Cup is minimal...

    56. Moses Luis

      Big up Ecuador 🇪🇨

    57. djfunkychicken

      It took 2 and half minutes to score It took 2 and half minutes to disallow

    58. Akshoy Chanda

      2nd goal is just awesome💖💖

    59. moses lombe

      I actually anticipated a way bigger scoreline in favor of Chile.

    60. Sterling Gh

      One of the quickest open world cup match in the history of World Cup

    61. Hi, I'm a bot

      Congratulations, Ecuador. Love from Syria.

    62. Magnin Shanghz

      Two goal in a game by the same person. Great start for the superstar..

    63. Lars Saint Morning Glory

      Ecuador makes history by defeating the host in their first match

      1. StangMode GT500

        @Lars Saint Morning Glory bro have no clue what you are talking about?

      2. StangMode GT500

        @Lars Saint Morning Glory lol you don't know anything. Maybe you should look up how they made this squad. Most of their players aren't even Qatari.

      3. Entertainment X100

        @Thomas yea, thats my point. qatar resources are nothing in this scenario. they hosted a world cup thats is why they are trying so hard to build a good team. that is it. after this what will be the motivation.

      4. Thomas

        @Entertainment X100 mostly because the talented youth gets scouted to top leagues in Europe.

      5. Entertainment X100

        @Lars Saint Morning Glory oh is it, how they are able to create a decent team, then?

    64. 1K Challenge With 0 Videos

      Ecuador keeper created history as he is the first person in fifa history to watch the match from inside the pitch 🤯

    65. tom dagg

      Ecuador well played 👍

    66. The Dooars Lane...

      2nd goal was awesome indeed

    67. Syed Taha

      Congratulations ♥️

    68. محمد المغلسي

      بصراحة ..، كلشي كان مثالي وحلو و 10 على 10 في ‎#افتتاح_كاس_العالم ..،. الا مستوى منتخبنا 0 من 10 💔

      1. Aً 22

        قطر بنت ملاعب و فنادق و نست تبني فريق

    69. peter kamau

      Valencia is so clinical... Indeed class is permanent

    70. quality Boy

      Those who expected Qatar to win a single game or even score a goal are on drugs.

    71. Moni Kalita

      Ecuador's gk is the first player who enjoyed and watch this match from inside the pitch 😂

      1. Melancholia

        opini mutlak, tak terbantahkan

      2. Simp Sons

        Cute comment

      3. WCWCLO11’21

        Very original comment!

    72. Arsh Tube

      Must say Qatar played really well. Ecuador has a fantastic team.

    73. JITU BESRA

      Buffering played well👍

    74. Nataraj Riya55

      Watching World Cup's very very Special 🙌🙌🙌🙌💞💞💞

    75. Welcome😘

      The passing 🥶🥵 from equactor

    76. transformersbannana

      3:15 if that went in, it would've been one of the sickest goals tbh

    77. SeinenSoldier

      2nd goal was crazy!

    78. محمد بن يوسف

      When I saw Al-Sisi and MBS attending the match, I knew immediately that Qatar would be defeated

    79. Bekato Awømi

      QATAR buys Happiness with Money But ECUADOR buyed it with skills and efforts ❤️.... And 0 shots on target HABIBI 🤣

    80. Canada immigration Compass

      I can see a lot of controversial moments going forward in this world cup

    81. human

      Spain lost their first match when they won the world cup in 2010. There is still hope for us to go far in this tournament i think even though are first game was poor. Congratulations to Ecuador! They played good & deserved to win

      1. Martin Th

        How deluded do you want to be? human: yes. Comparing this joke of a team with the great Spain 🤦🏻‍♂️

      2. Lukas Cerny

        The only thing Qataris are beating are their wifes. Your "team" is done lil bro, bye.

      3. matthew khanna

        @Dennis NY i really hope so

      4. Boy from NE

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 comparing qatar with spain 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Moktan

        Even the casters were roasting Qatar when they said it's their first time because they are the host 😂😂


      Love how the countdown and the whistle syncing with each other 🤭

      1. Thomas

        Was thinking the same. The very first match and they messed this simple thing. Guess the refree was already annoyed with the organizers 😂

    83. topboyice23x

      Thats worldclass performance from ener valencia🙌❤️

    84. raphael kubai

      What a calm penalty

    85. simon brown

      Stadium looked very very empty at the end, what a shame.

    86. Mahesh Sable

      Well played Equador🔥🔥

    87. Joeryl Lumanog

      Congratulations 🇬🇶

    88. MajestyIV

      Ngl, Those stadiums look BEAUTIFUL!

    89. Shubhangi Chaubey



      Congratulations 👏🎉 to Both teams they had great game, next match waiting to see how Qatar plays.

      1. Godspeed

        @Quick Filmmaking Tips bro he was paid to comment here like this. He is a bot

      2. Quick Filmmaking Tips

        ? Did u watch the game? Qatar played terribly

    91. Joshim Sheikh

      Congratulation Ecuador ❤️❤️ from Bangladesh ❤️❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩

    92. Lukas Josef

      So he was still counting when the referee started the game 😂

      1. Birth

        That was funny

    93. Sanket Kumar

      Vallencia got every ball to goal while Ecuador Goal Keeper being spectator from the other end 😂... Btw first one was not offside and a goal 😔

    94. Richkingdave Richking

      No more oil for Ecuador for what they have done😂😂😂😂

      1. Jithin George

        Yep like russians screwing impotent europe 😂

      2. Lord saitama

        @Indie Volken mobile oils for vehicles

      3. sa8ra6

        Greedy people African stop thinking about other’s money

      4. Alexander Rommel


      5. Ramesh Krishnan

        Qatar is gas not oil

    95. Wasyl Bakowsky

      That VAR call is a reflection of the corruption of FIFA, 'we don't want the host country to be scored against so quickly'. Leaving an even more sour taste in my mouth


        Was offside. You should have watched the match and not some cuts highlights on KZsection. I also thought it wasn't an offside but later in the game, the VAR showed it.

      2. Gaming4life 2

        Offside dummy

      3. Factzz Only

        it was offside

      4. ALI&IUB

        It was a clearcut offside👍🏻

      5. vexe!

        mate, FIFA is indeed corrupt af but that was offside

    96. ayos  ayos

      Ecuador is one of the best

    97. prasiddha jung thapa

      Thank you Ecuador I win X bet coz of you ❤️✨

    98. aalim hussain

      We miss you Qatar❤

    99. Rudraksh

      European will struggle in these conditions ( 32° with high humidity ). These conditions are well suited for North America countries, so Brazil gonna lift this year World Cup.

    100. Dhruv Kamat Sambary

      Is nobody gonna talk about how the referee ignored the countdown?