M to the B 🐝 ❤️

Daily Funny 2.0

Daily Funny 2.0

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    M to the B 🐝 ❤️

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    1. Diamond Byrd

      The cat understood the assignment😂

    2. ~•Meli Ray•~

      Aquí los que votan por la "4" del gatito😻✨ . . 👇🏻

      1. jan Horváth

        co ej on cd💚

      2. russyi nari

        Jdjdjjfjfk Jfjvnbujgjgjfjjgjgj🙀jtglfjjCsjf Jfjvnc bgce g n vjkespf0kgjnguyn Fjnnihjgjh cnnbejt. Gjnseh jfn😎jgjh Mdjjfngnj jgjgj Jfjgjjgjjhhfjehjgjjtjg

      3. Gidelsa Jesus


    3. Kathleen Harris

      Lol the cat!!! Done REALLY well ☺️

    4. Mutinta Buumba....🌻

      I like 1,2,and 4 and I really love the little kitty so cute

    5. greeshma gk

      My anxiety went from 1 to 10000 bc of the spider And 4 is soo cute 😍 💕

    6. •_bad Animator_•

      My anxiety from that spider:- 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📉📈📈📈📉📈 Also 4🌹❤💗💓💖💖💞 So cute

    7. ♡M.J.♡

      "How many times did you watch 2?" Me: Yes 😁

    8. Detskí spysovatelia

      The cat is gangster 😂

    9. -'ella'-

      4! Its soo cute!

    10. Qaisara Damia

      The cat is so cute this is why I love cats!!!! 🥰😘😍😍😽😻💘❤️

    11. mélo_la_tug UWU

      Ils ont tous incroyable 😭👍

    12. chris stead

      I like the cat it’s so cute 🥰

    13. Cassie Coxsen

      Number 3 is so cool and funny 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Julia Soares

      The cat is literally so cute😘

    15. ッLix

      Eu adorei a quatro e a dois achei muito interessante a dois

    16. •.Beatrix.•


    17. munish verma

      Omg the car so cute❤

    18. Анна Мисбахова

      4 I love kittens they are everything to me💝💋😭❤️

    19. 🦇 𝗞 𝘂 𝗿 𝗼 𝗺 𝗶

      1: I could never, the bravery!! 2: Unique! 3: Unexplainable. 4: YESS, SO CUTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Károly Horváth

        4 the catt sooooo cute

      2. Maria Alonzo


      3. richard stevens


      4. Brenda Kent

        I just comment.

      5. 🦇 𝗞 𝘂 𝗿 𝗼 𝗺 𝗶

        Btw I didn’t copy, I didn’t know someone else did the same type as comment as me 16 hours BEFORE I made mine, until now.

    20. Melissa Jones

      I like 2 more than the others lol

    21. 🍥Anya🍥

      I love the kitty 😍

    22. Emily

      The way the cat nods

    23. Astrid Valiente

      4 is so cute 🥰🥰

    24. Salma Abouljalil

      Cat is soo cute!!!!

    25. Kayliah_ fosse

      J'aime trop le chat❤️!!!

    26. harry rear

      OMG she just drank Grandma's water that she put her teeth in

    27. Adam Swinney

      I love the fourth one

    28. Laiane Sampaio

      Eu do 4 e a minha irmã do 4 qui fofo o gato 🐱😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    29. Miyagamer

      1: I think she is just use a fliter😂 2:weird😮 3:what a hack man😂 4:❤WOW IT’S SO CUTE😊😊😊😊❤❤

    30. ZAYY Fliyy

      4 is so cute!!

    31.  Leah_Playz

      I Just realized that 1 is having a hat on and she is not bald😯

    32. •B•R•I • F•R•I•

      THE CAT IS DANCING but the cat is like us trying to watch them all at the same time🤣 (thanks for the likes🥰)

      1. ☆シ•Kitten Girl!•シ☆

        @Luvlymushroos hello Luvlymushroos, we are “us”, if any more f

      2. ☆シ•Kitten Girl!•シ☆

        @All Of Da Animals YOUR NAME IS “All Of Da Animals” MY NAME IS “us”

      3. ☆シ•Kitten Girl!•シ☆

        @All Of Da Animals pfft- I’m sorry- what? My name is “us” 💀

      4. ЕвоСоник

        ​@Luvlymushroos э4 м1

      5. Ziemniaczek XD


    33. рассия

      Show the Voice 😱🤣🕷️ really beautiful 💞

    34. Laiz Lima Morais

      Kkkk Amei o gato

    35. Renee Rose

      At first I thought that was a fake spider on her head but really it turns out a real spider

    36. Rose Johnson

      4 is so cute I wanna die cause it's so cute

    37. Ezieh R Henrietta

      A cat Van even do better than me 😭❤️

      1. who cares


      2. Marisa Honda


    38. Sinkcat Doughnut

      I wish I had a tongue that long

    39. 《China》


    40. Kalsom Chom

      1: WHY ARE YOU SEND THE SPIDER I'M AFRAID 2: uhm flexing?😐 3: The TEETH😎 (karma) 4: this is so CUTE MY HEART IS MELT❤❤❤❤

    41. Tahniaya Clark

      4 is SO CUTE ❤❤❤❤❤

    42. Sleepy monkey

      The cat be TRIPPIN❤❤

      1. Eating All the Way With Kimmy K

        For a second I thought that was fake spider but it's real Ashley if I had that on my head I'll be running 😱

    43. Cheri Snipes

      Me:that aint real ;-; the spider moves: me: oH hElL nAh

    44. Emily

      I wish my cat did that

    45. Avelyn Stegeman

      Love the cat

    46. Suzanne Kopelani

      Love the cat🤣🤣🤣🐈🐈🐈🐱

    47. Malia Faye

      The cat just vibin. Ofc passed the vibe check

      1. Alex

        👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻LOOK AT CAT VIBE

      2. Alex


    48. Бергьарав Чи

      4 cute 😍

    49. ~your mom prrrrkee~

      Me thinking the spiders fake: it moves Me: oH hElL nAh

      1. lilgiraffegirl1


    50. pradeep Tyagi

      Behind the screen of video 4 be like Owner with the toy mouse be like: ↖️↙️⤴️↩️⤵️↪️ Cat : hey can you please give it to me

    51. Norma Alicia Quevedo macareno

      Amo al gato así q el team 4😍😍

    52. Delwyn Hallett battersby

      The cat is literally so cute😲

      1. Rhia and my cat's channel


      2. ☻Abby☻

        Ikr he's adorable

      3. Mouna Elle haji

        هو تيغيوساثوياثويا في هصتيغ2نلن6ةلو لي ف

    53. Neilven Tulipas

      2 i-its jussstttt amazing:0

    54. Lyllou Hien

      4 so cuteee❤️❤️

    55. Afra815x 2

      I think in 4 they are showing something to cat that's why the cat is moving like that😂

    56. AesopFan 2871

      The 2 One she did A CLOVER BRUH

    57. Gay Barbie’s

      4😂😊 The cat is so adorable

    58. miguelina lucero

      el gato que lindo 😍

    59. Cole Christie

      1 HoW IS SHE SO CALM

    60. Tom Nash

      1: crazy spider girl 2:a lizard 3:kid drinks granmas teeth juice 4: my fave:crazy cat

    61. Finley Dunlap

      A freaking real tarantula on her freaking head

    62. Messi Gift

      4 is literally slaying I love it :)

    63. Mizgin Polat

      4 ❤ it’s soo cat good

    64. VAISHU FF

      2 and 4 ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Kylie

      4 is so cute 🥰

    66. annaabdullah Anna

      2 and 4 I love 💕

    67. user

      is That a real spider 🕷

    68. Patricia Maizares

      4😍😍 que lindo

    69. Meraly Gutierrez

      4 es muy tierno😍

    70. نرجس💗

      Sweet number four 😍

    71. Dani

      A língua dela é mais surpreendente do que qualquer outras coisas que apareceu nesse vídeo

      1. Reina♡Gacha♡Wcue


    72. Rossy Acosta

      I like the first one and the last one

    73. Kriston Sanders

      How did they get their cat to do that 4

    74. Диана Рябцева

      2: мой одноклассник на уроке

    75. Cute Talent

      I like 2,3,4 😍😍

    76. Disksss_

      Everyone : 4 is so cute!!! Me : why is the tarantula moving in 1?!

      1. Disksss_

        @🍭𝓁 𝑜 𝓁 𝓁 𝓎🍭 i mean Who *"doesnt"* ?

      2. Emma is sweet 🥰🥰

        I am scared of spiders so I’m about to got cry my eyes out bye

      3. 🍭𝓁 𝑜 𝓁 𝓁 𝓎🍭

        I love tarantulas

      4. POLI_NOCHKA123

        Может он живой(I don't speak English)

    77. ShirinGul Sarwari


    78. Leila fan de roxicake 💖

      4 😻💜

    79. King Freddy

      The first one is crazy

    80. Adelie Poloncarz

      Number 1 I thought it was a fake spider and saw it move I was like omg what how I would be terrified

    81. Kishore Daggubati

      Can we just talk about how the tarantula is real

      1. Taylor and Alan studios

        It's not it's a filter I've tried this filter before

    82. •.*Mid•Night*.•

      Wait I just noticed the spider was real

    83. ☞︎︎︎𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔂☜︎︎︎

      The spider: ☠︎︎

    84. R0xi3 hedgehogYt

      Who else thought that the large spider on 1st video was real...

    85. 🖤Mariam Samka🖤

      4😊 cute

    86. Cecil Garcia

      The cat was so nice and cute 🥰

    87. Sana Rabbani

      So cute cat

    88. ana Liza Claver


    89. Morris Duran

      I love the cat

    90. veronique charbonneau

      My favorite one is the cat

    91. marwa ibrahim

      I like how the cat is doing and it’s super cute😂😍

      1. катя шульга


    92. مالي خلق اخترع اسم

      4 its so adorablee

    93. Paola Toribio

      The 4 1 2 but she was born with a very long tongue 😝

    94. MFSA_OTAKU

      4 is cute:3

    95. +Lonely_Eda-

      4 ❤️🐈

    96. Melanni Salas

      can we just talk about the cat ITS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      1. Олеся Фейфер

        😍😍😍😍🤩🤩😍😍😍🤩😍 ялбл@🙃🙃🤩🤩🤩🤩💗💗💗💖💖1

    97. ×Çherry_Blossom×

      ¡ My opinions on them ! 1: HOW THE FUC- 2: venom is that u?👁️👄👁️ 3: *KARMA 🗿* 4: *DYING FROM CUTENESS 😃*

    98. Cristiana jorge Andrade

      Quatro quatro é muito bonitinho

    99. Maénouche


    100. sophia martins lopes

      4 amei