Liverpool Respect Moments

Clinical Reds

Clinical Reds

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    Liverpool Respect Moments
    Liverpool are one of the best football clubs in the world and no one can deny this.
    In this video we will take a look at some of the most respectful Liverpool moments on and off the pitch.
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    1. Clinical Reds

      What an amazing group of players and manager on and off the pitch! 🔴

    2. Shazain Malaik

      The day Klopp leaves Liverpool will be one of the saddest days ever 😢

    3. Farhan Nurshouqi Fadzil

      When Klopp first came to Liverpool, he said “from doubters to believers”.

    4. emi

      “My club Liverpool FC, who doesn’t love it has no heart”

    5. Bilal Ahmed

      Henderson said it perfectly. Klopp has truly created a monster of team that are a true family on and off the pitch. People thought we were done last season but we're back stronger than ever going for the quadruple. YNWA

    6. Cameron Clark Carlton TV

      Even if Klopp never wins another trophy he reached the top of the game and revolutionised the football world. He's a football immortal.

    7. Radu P.

      Idk how Klopp managed to not only get the best team possible out of liverpool but the best human hearts in football too, no big egos, no one with superstar attitude, all of them are humble and play with tons of passion, amazing, this is truly the players that liverpool fans deserve

    8. reefemcg

      Others doubted Henderson had what it took to replace stevie g as captain but he’s always a class act and always puts in a shift. Underrated in my opinion

    9. The Rothschilds

      Everyone remember this moment as a Liverpool fan. We may not experience this again. Just like Ronaldo and Messi, we might not see greatness like that.

    10. Kongyy

      I think Liverpool and Pep’s relationship is unmatched, Pep always speaks good about Liverpool and our players. Massive respect, this is what football is all about.

    11. Esteem Advisory

      This is not just a football team, it's a family.

    12. iranian pride

      It's an honour and privilege to be supporting Liverpool football club for the last 50 years of my life,I LOVE YOU LIVERPOOL F C, YNWA

    13. Spase Ristov

      As a Man United fan, this was still good to see... This simply shows why this team is the best in the world. Respect

    14. Tago Mago

      I'm not even a Liverpool fan but love what Klopp and his team have achieved since he arrived. Great guy with a great attitude and it has definitely made the people around him grow as players but more importantly as human beings.

    15. paul green

      im not a Liverpool fan, im a Chelsea fan, but what Klopp has done over the last 5-6 years is amazing and he hasn't spent billions to do so, the ethos within the Liverpool team is amazing, im admire them very much, from the lady who does the food to, the coaches, to the players, you should all take a bow, you are a fabulous team

    16. ntartaris

      I get the impression that Pep really has a lot of admiration for Liverpool. Even more so as they are the team that have challenged him above all other clubs in the world. No other club has come close to City, let alone beat them. Great respect to Pep. You can't be mad at him. He has also made Liverpool a better team too.

    17. kaziabir1

      I've seen great teams and great players but this Liverpool team is filled with great men. This is for me makes this team the greatest in the world. I don't think there ever was a team with this much heart and compassion and unity.

    18. DualShot66

      My Club , We are in this together lads - You Will Never Walk Alone 💘

    19. Johnsy's Channel

      The one that gets me every time is Jordan Henderson celebrating with his dad. That is the purest of all emotion.

    20. Battlefront Fan

      Iam a German Manchester United Fan. But you cant hate Liverpool❤️ That they clap for Ronaldo and his Wife is absolutly stunning and bring me near tears😥❤️ They are all Humble and know where they come from❤️