Liverpool FC ● Road to Victory - 2019



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    Now with subtitles/captions in English and many more languages (ENG/CC).
    A throwback. Remember when Liverpool shocked the world by defeating Barcelona? This video shows you Liverpool's road to their sixth Champions League victory. Van Dijk, Salah and Mané were the overall best players for me. Maybe Alisson as well, but who cares about my opinion. Let me know in the comments what you think of this video and what you'd like to see next. I do read my comments. Seriously I do.
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    1. Vanemas

      Liverpool and Napoli had a mutual result of 1-0 and 0-1. Their goal difference was also the same. Liverpool had scored more goals, so that's why they went through in stead of Napoli.

      1. Anes haloui


      2. Fishy

        Pls where do you get the videos for your highlights

      3. Le Van Quang


      4. Adhi Kristiawan


      5. TopScorer

        I am starting to shoot football videos. PLEASE subscribe as a sign of support

    2. goldenGOD_8

      Everyone speaks about salah and mane, but tbh, firmino always arrives when the team is in desperate trouble, and scores important goals. What a player

      1. Youssef Hany

        Everyone arrives in the desperate times.

      2. MarkusRoblox


      3. Kyle


      4. Noheirlooms

        Liverpool is the epitomy of bench scorers. I cant find any other team with players not usually making the main 11 that come from the bench and win games. Origi, minamino, Firmino (lately), Chamberlaine etc

      5. Ariful islam

        There's a whole team work behind one goal

    3. FootyEdits

      2:36 that was his 50th goal for Liverpool and today he got his 150th What a player!

      1. Timmy FN

        y u m ad sh

      2. Islam Albarazi


    4. Zumø

      That Van dijk free kick against liverpool in the 82' minute is just... superb

      1. marilyn beattie

        Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. MrSteak

        Ikr 😂

    5. Nigel Guest

      The Barcelona defeat may be the all time best! The Cup final against Milan was incredibly dramatic, but this was a win without extra time or penalties.

    6. Convext

      12:40 Superb goal by Van Dijk!!

      1. Mr HotDogs


    7. Lucas G

      Fair play to Liverpool man. They beat PSG, Napoli, Bayern, a decent Crvena Zvezda side, a talented Porto team, a Barcelona team that was en route to a treble and a Tottenham side that knocked out ajax, man city and Dortmund. Great run.

      1. Rocka

        @Juper Luper how liverpool had made it 3 times in like the past 5 years is that luck

      2. dkfjb Lilahd


      3. Nguyen Duy

        lucky for liverpool city and real didnt get the chance to fight them i rly wanted to see the 2nd karius

      4. Lucas G

        @Light Samael they still had Suarez, Vidal, Coutinho, and Busquets. Pique, Jordi Alba and Ter Stegen were good back then

      5. Light Samael

        That Barcelona side was nothing without Messi let's be honest.

    8. S Ow

      I'm a Manu fan.. but seeing Moh Sala lifting the European cup make me feel happy as he's so deserving..

      1. Muhd Mat

        @Gabr Abou shit

      2. Gabr Abou

        Salah is the best

    9. Marcus

      Thank God Sterling went to City, and Milner came over. Millie has been so important to the club. At the Carabao Cup final penalty shootout, he stood up under all the pressure to take the first penalty and led the way for the rest of the boys. Awesome lad. A Premier League legend that is way underrated.

      1. Enes

        that’s my youngster 😍

    10. Adrian Agrésté

      As a Liverpool fan I wanna say that Liverpool wins the UCL with struggles, excitement goosebumps expectations

    11. Zahid Rasheed

      Salah goals, Salah assists that's class.

    12. NinjaVicen03

      "Corner taken quickly ORIGIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" Still stuck in my head even after 2 years

      1. itsmeYK1


      2. Know the facts

        I respect all the teams. This is from a fan of Sir Alex Ferguson's Man United

      3. Aman Ullah


      4. gymnastics hype house

        I seem to not be able to get it out my head even after 100 years

      5. Gabriel Haryanto

        @F1 Data Box mantap bang

    13. Varis Revolver

      I'll admit I had a feeling that we would beat Barca that was before Fermino and Salah injuries. When I heard about them I thought maybe but not gonna happen. To say I was gobsmacked that day and to this day would be an understatement

    14. Satria Soneta

      Mo Salah is one of the best players at the moment. Nothing exceeds his skills. Mo Salah is loved by football fans around the world.

      1. Niksu ja Jope

        @price Or you just hate him, because you are a salty Barcelona or Tottenham fan

      2. HUKE

        I agree

      3. price

        @GasTheWeebs 😂😂😂😂

      4. GasTheWeebs


      5. Mohamed Bashar Marawi

        @price 🧢

    15. Challenger 20

      The many reasons why we support Liverpool, because of the heart stopping action and drama. What a tournament that was. Taking everything to the wire but coming away with our 6th European title. YNWA 👏❤️

      1. Bamisaye Timothy


    16. Alok Jha

      12:36 Best Goal 🔥

    17. Kwib

      Is no one gonna speak about how good Alexander Arnold played like so many assists.

      1. Ratespacer

        This didn't aged well

      2. Muhd Mat

        Overrated shit

      3. chase paul

        His actual defense like marking is quite horrible

      4. ainz rais


      5. AsussyGuy

        @price your mom Is Overrated

    18. EclipseCraftz

      We know that this Liverpool squad was world class when a 5'5 Van Dijk scores a freekick against Allison!

      1. Davidkiz Leo

        I was surprised at that too 😂😂

    19. chilaka ikechukwu

      This Journey was really Memorable ❤️💯

    20. Nippleless Cage

      We had no business even leaving the group stage after all the chances we missed. TAA and penalties are the only reasons we got the trophy.

    21. johan alexis castillo perez

      That semifinal was so epical 🔥

    22. Shivam

      Nobody's talking about the amount of chances Mane missed

      1. Sam Stevens

        Would have COASTED to the title if he had finished them all😂

      2. JadeBlade

        i know

      3. Laltanchhana Chawngthu

        Mane's bad finishing is the reason I'm upset with him a whole lot of times, it's the reason i don't think Liverpool misses him at all they'll still be struggling right now even if Mane was still there, he's never close to being as good as Mo

      4. Mr CAMARA

        But he was there at the right time !

      5. matimba Baloyi

        Because we are not looking at negativities

    23. Fatuma Noor

      in Liverpool we learn never give up till the last minute I get goosebumps seeing how we reached the final and how we won we struggle with our players injured still can't believe we won against Barca when we dint have Salah and farmino I pray we win this one too

    24. Ali

      That 2nd match against Barca is so iconic. The team played with heart all the way through.

    25. Geovane Silva


    26. robertalexandru17 _.

      I get goosebumps every time I remember about that semifinal against Barcelona...

      1. paul harper

        Both those nights, Liverpool doing arguably the greatest ever comeback against Barcelona, then Tottenham doing a "hold my beer" comeback the day after, not a fan of either club (I'm a derby county fan), it was a special night for English football.

    27. Thommelom

      I miss fans so much now, just watching these late winners and incredible comebacks.

      1. NotScared

        @Imagination siiii

      2. Imagination

        We are back hehe

      3. Ybnff

        At least we’re are getting somewhat some fans back

      4. Vita In Campo

        Me too

      5. ZeeksFreaks

        me too I want covid to end it's been here for long enough :/

    28. Snoopin

      When I watched this video, tbh I didn’t know that Mats Hummels played for Bayern Munich from 2016-2019. Also Eder Militão playing for Porto from 2018-2019

    29. Oteko

      That Salah Napoli goal! I’ll never forget it.

    30. Sheikh N. Bah

      Is a team work But a big credit to Mane... He was a beast in that season

    31. Аbror Usmonov

      Сколько эмоций по этому мы любим футбол!

    32. Faraan Alladin

      I don't think we would've won if anyone didn't put in the work that they did. I think Liverpool's mid was one of the most underrated that year. The work that Hendo, Gini, and Fabinho put in was absolutely insane. Then the attacking power of Mo, Sadio, and Bobby was in my opinion, the best attacking trio that year. But we wouldn't have won without the addition of Van Dijk and Alisson, nor the crossing ability of Robbo and Trent. But the whole team was perfectly gelled by Klopp, which was apparent during the 4-0 victory over Barcelona, where it showed that this club is more than just 11 players on a team sheet.

      1. Humairaa Assotally

        (in other games) + Vs barcelona,The left foot of shaquiri to gini header, mane was playing running like he'd got possessed by Usain bolt+Fowler+owen spirit,gini was like Dirk kuyt, trent was like a right footed Roberto Carlos, let's say Phillips lahm l , Robertson like riise and kimmich, ox like MC manaman+ Luis Garcia ,firmino got coutino prime time and additional Tiago tecniques time techniques , origi was like Milan baros,Millie and Hendon, switching roles like xabi Alonso and Gerrard,...

      2. Michael Peter


      3. Vishal Bhat

        @Faraan Alladin 100% you're right

      4. Faraan Alladin

        @Vishal Bhat Yea, but the fact is we didn't. We were more clinical the year before but we mended our defense, which in my opinion, was and is more important. Also, the reason we were more clinical in 2017/18 is due to our matches in the UCL. We beat Porto, Roma, Maribor, and Spartak Moscow, each with us scoring at least 5. Those 4 games alone contributed to 18 of their 71 goals.

      5. Vishal Bhat

        @Faraan Alladin Personally, I felt like they were more clinical that year. Bobby had 27 goals and 17 assists in all comps, his best ever season. Salah was phenomenal as well. If Mane had his form from 2018-19 that season with van Dijk from the start of the season, we would've won the double

    33. Mayank

      This was just 🤩 A memory that will stay in my mind forever 🤩

    34. Achilles

      As a barca fan ..this is one of the hardest season we swallowed. After roma our mentality just can't stop crumbling

    35. Lambros The Dark Knight

      Great season. Even in premier League was "almost champions" with that great race against City. Next season they did it.

    36. tsj

      thanks for making this video, the edit to show the timeline of the group standing, the time for each goal scored. they are quite relevant actually

    37. Souvei Pairson

      The season of miracles and comebacks 🎉🎉..

    38. Black Magic

      I love the way Liverpool have had to fight for everything they wanted nothing was given to us we had to Battle on more than one occasion to get to the top and bring back the Glory to Merseyside & Anfield & not forgetting the fans seeing a 30yr wait finally over! We play exciting football and the counterattacks we play are talked about years after we always new we could beat anyone on our day and we did but after coming so close with Brendan people started to think would we ever return to the great heights of yesteryear?!........then KLOPP came through the door and said in the next 3 years we would have won at least one title & boy was he right and not just one trophy he’s won 5 including the Champions league and got us to 2 Champions league finals in two consecutive years winning one & losing the other what a achievement and his first season he got us to a EUROPA league final but the last 3 years he has made us into a team of winners and the Premiership is no longer a one horse race with Man City Liverpool have shown City that they can do anything they can do & even better. Losing out to City by 1 point & only losing 1 game made the world sit up and take notice qualifying for the Champions league every season is a guarantee nowadays winning the title again would be the icing on the cake and the fans being able to be there & celebrate with the team would be a dream come true 💯🙏🏾🤞🏾❤️🤞🏾⚽️👍🏾😍🏆🏆🏆🏆

    39. Maxim Maxim

      Лучший путь до кубка ЛЧ!👑

    40. Mysterious gentleman

      I can’t get over how insane Messi’s free kick was

    41. BN ANGHU

      actually on that year whole world knows that final was suppose to Barcelona vs Ajax but its all because of miracle unfortunately Tottenham beat ajax and Liverpool beat was a fantastic year for football lover because since last of 16 every match was shocking match like ajax beat real madrid Juventus totenham beat others words 2018-19UCL was shocking and comeback year...✊🏻👍🏼

    42. Damar Fadlan

      Liverpool in 2019 was a pure GOLD.

      1. Luke Watson

        @MawZ Football this aged like milk

      2. Benjamin

        They were good,but they lost 4 games in that exact UCL. Real Madrid won 3 times in a row,losing 4 times,in all these games. Happy for Liverpool crushing Barcelona,I was a big fan that night.

      3. Taiga

        @Shipster1912 20+ Goals every season How is he overrated?

      4. Shipster1912

        @Qula Mqingwana how is he salty? Salah is too overrated. Factos👍

      5. cinnamonroll

        @MawZ Football huh?

    43. Rockstarfrom1989

      That match against Barcelona unbelievable!!!

    44. Edmund Amankona

      Playing at Anfield is a whole different wheather and mood altogether 😍😍

    45. dane ceman

      Whenever I feel down, I just watch that semi against Barca at Anfield. Always picks me up!

    46. paul harper

      Crazy how they were an Alisson wonder save away from not even getting out of the group. Margins.

    47. aniket bhowmick

      To beat barca by 4-0 in anfield,it's really miracle!!!what they had done it!!!I still remember this match!!they had no firmino and no salah in that match,that's called never give up!!!💗💗

    48. Roman Acharaya

      Every time I watch this always fills my eyes with tears…Liverpool till I die 😍😍

    49. Anders

      Liverpool se lo merecía lastima que el Tothenham no ha llegado a Champions League porque sería épico ver el Regreso del Tothenham a la champions así como fue el regreso del AC. Milán a la champions

    50. Jenna Miller

      12:43 DAMN! what a free kick my van dijk

    51. Haider Ali

      This group just explains home advantage with fans.

      1. CupricUkraine 🇺🇦

        Congratulations on the Champions League 2020/21. Hope you and your club achieve more.

      2. siyuan huo

        @BarebackBarbarians FC I feel like that would change after COVID, not that Anfield won't have that atmosphere anymore, but other fans stepping it up, because after returning to the stadiums, other fans will also want to show how powerful they can be. For now though, Anfield is a special place on European nights and I wish my club had that type of atmosphere

      3. Newerachamps

        @BarebackBarbarians FC true

      4. BarebackBarbarians FC

        @Dimitrije Stevanovic ya but Liverpool didn't need home advantage against bayern Munich, they turned them inside out but ya anfield is one of a kind stadium especially for European nights... No other English club has that type of atmosphere... The Barcelona players looked shell shocked.... Luis Suarez and coutinho knew what was happening under the anfield lights but couldn't do anything to stop it.. Did u see Suarez turn and look at all 4 corners of the pitch after the 4th goal?its like he wanted to soak up the moment bcuz he prolly would never play at anfield again.

      5. Anish Ale

        @Haider Ali lmao is that guy mistaking you for Angry Rantman or what.

    52. Tousif Ahmed

      Firmino, van dijk, salah, mane, Alexander arnold, alisson becker they are the most important players for Liverpool fc.

      1. yassar ishak


    53. Джон Уик

      Блин, аж прослезился за Ливерпуль! YNWA

    54. Diptayan Das

      That save from alisson against napoli!!😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. Not Joey

      40 years from now im still gonna be singing that origi song. that man will live forever in my heart as my champions league hero

    56. Dean Wen

      We are going to miss Gini. The wonderful play against Barcelona will never be forgotten ❤

    57. that_WeirD_guy

      14:23 The moment for lifetime

    58. Taimur Sair

      I think Van Dyjk is the best defender and Liverpool trio of Salah, Fermino and Mane is the best attack.

    59. NotFlash

      Looking at how Liverpool is doing this season I'm guessing they're gonna grab a 7th, I mean they legit finished with 18 points in a group of death

      1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

        Only a group of death because Liverpool was in it, turns out.

    60. GlyntTheCat

      This, then World Club Champions, then Premier League Champions. A year where Liverpool ruled the world.

    61. xQc Is My Juicer

      My favorite year of LFC in my lifetime ❤️

      1. ChhamsPlayer1

        remember the team u beat in CL final no treble in 2005 but, winning a CL final against that AC Milan team was incomparable to 2019 Spurs

      2. ChhamsPlayer1


    62. Vincenzo

      Oh yeah I forgot about it, James Milner is one of the best penalty takers I think with that power & precision.

    63. COYS

      Im Spur, but I can admit they deserved it, I cried so much when we lost, I hope Liverpool win the Champions this year! 💪💪

    64. Ariza Mighty Reds

      What a story ♥️♥️♥️♥️Trust in Klopp

    65. ng arthur

      A legendary FC of fightbackssssss!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥

    66. wonder jack

      2018-2019 CL campaign is one of my favourites, obviously not just because we won, but its how we got there. we beat some monsters on the way to the trophy. Porto, PSG, Bayern, the impossible comeback againts Barca

      1. Zeke Mshana

        2018-19 campaign is honestly the greatest in history psg knocked by the worst untied team in recent history Liverpool comeback vs barca, tottenhan vs man city thriller, Tottenham comeback vs Ajax, Ajax knock out Madrid and juventus it was all crazy

    67. Keyser Soze

      "Messi mashed at Merseyside"...... absolute chills

    68. UM_TriqzSh0t

      12:44 best goal ever by van dijk 😂😂

    69. John Ken

      What a team this was. As a Bayern fan, I hope we can have a rematch against Liverpool cuz I think they'll definitely hit the same levels next season if they sign players.

      1. Zika Said

        ها نحن في النهائي الان 😂

      2. John Ken

        @Kxloux 😓poor performance again

      3. Kxloux

        yall cant even beat villareal, shh

      4. Tiras mbeca

        @Justin3ea5t si rahisi ivo😂😂

      5. Justin3ea5t

        Semi final Bayern v Liverpool 💪🏽

    70. Khanh Nguyen

      Goosebumps every time!

    71. Jason K

      We never get easy opponent in UCL.When we get them,we're going to win this trophy again I believe.

    72. Christian McDonald

      Liverpool played outstanding in there journey to there victory

    73. Prastya Winatha

      We will never forget Gini and Origi.. both are part of this great history.. YNWA 💪

    74. Shahzad Irani

      7:44 please put the zoomed out angle of Van Dijk’s long pass (assist) to Mane. It was probably the best assist in the UCL that year.

    75. rSoll

      Well played❤️

    76. James kavardy

      one of the best cl wins in recent times

    77. BIll Don

      legends never forgotten

    78. Qasim Ali

      That messi’s goal ❤️🔥

    79. Maximus King

      Origi was outstanding in the semi final and final

    80. Yan Hanna

      Hope liverpool can recreate more moments like these in this years champions league

    81. Fp_Crf1895

      Uma das melhores champions que teve

    82. Fachry Nabiel

      14:26 Legendary goal

    83. SN10

      Sadio Mane missed many chances lol 😂 but also scored on important situations 🔥

    84. مصطفى محمود

      I LOVE THIS SEASON I WAS 13 YEAR I WAS WATCHED THE FINAL AND SEMI final l was watched Liverpool score four in anfield

    85. Xan Atar

      I'll never forget how the second leg v Barca made me feel. Like if there were mountains in my way I could just pick them up and throw them away if I tried hard enough

    86. ERIDOMI

      Mi equipo ❤🥺😍🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

    87. Mansoor Kallumpuram

      Brilliant Coach🔥❤️ Excellent Team❤️🔥

    88. Ryan

      If only 2019 final can be better than it actually was, it will be perfect ending

    89. Denchello

      2019 was a Liverpool's year, they won epl first time since 1990 and Champions League since 2005

    90. Lil Pudgy

      Dang Van Dijk really scored a great free kick against Liverpool. Lol

      1. Avrox gaming


      2. Gamer from 🇺🇸


      3. LJP Studios

        You’re not funny

      4. Cullen McDonough


    91. Sekeenat Akinsanmi-Oropo

      I love Liverpool I can not believe Tottenham made it that far unbelievable

    92. Dearbhail Bates

      One of the best videos I’ve ever watched keep up the good work you are very talented

    93. FlaminHot_Tv

      12:43 What a goal by van dijk!

    94. バター雷神

      I don’t know the reason but every time Liverpool get to the champion everything is just dramatic and wonderful

    95. talha riaz

      My God! Sadio Mane is one of the best players in the Premier League but the amount of simple chances he misses is really poor.

      1. YungAppa

        His first half of that season was bad but his 2nd was phenomenal

      2. BADTTW Penphis

        He was horrible this season, back in 18-19 he was one of the best players in the world

      3. Lucas G

        @Kucing Oyen that was a clear penalty. Di maria literally impedes him.

      4. Kucing Oyen

        Yeah nice dive 5:08

    96. OBITO 3

      Aquele gol que o Dembelé perdeu custou a eliminação do Barça

    97. Krishnendu Banerjee

      12:37 Legendary 🙏🏼🔥

    98. Therule Ox

      Everytime I watch this video is tears of joy, how long we want liverpool win the trophy

    99. Wizard Snake

      12:38 what a goal by van dijk


      That Anfield shout when Salah scored against Napoli was epic

      1. Masryya

        So true