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Omar Raja - ESPN

Omar Raja - ESPN

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    1. Stealth

      Man is cleaner than my house when guests are coming over😭

      1. K9s  Podkast ✨

        @C c Rider he building memories with them always having this around and they probably got something thag can get it up easily but 😂😂😂

      2. Arie Avah

        I'm doing good on this prank

      3. mason9989

        Same but my bedroom

      4. Kay Kay

        He’s an officer

      5. Ben King

        😂 haha!

    2. Blue

      He holds space bar when laughing "HA HUA HAH HA"

      1. Ikmaen

        one piece ahh laugh

      2. Nora Coral

        ​@Maria Mu

      3. Monke Man

        Rare insults

      4. Le Random Owl


      5. Venture

        It's called a dad laugh but of course none of you would know anyways

    3. DaeCRG

      The dad every single time: *”AUH AUH AUH AUH AUH”*

      1. Dvpesst Drvgg

        Lmfao the sad laugh 😂😂😂

      2. Sukun4ik

        It's like Dr. Livsey's

      3. Burning Reaper

        we can hear too

    4. Megan Gerhold

      When she has the umbrella I love how the song’s like “I’ve been training more than ever”

    5. Lisa Scheunert

      These two.. 😂❤️ Does anyone else love his laugh?

      1. Brayn126

        You are the only one.

    6. Karie M

      This family is awesome! I've been following them when they first got on TT. Real genuine people who love to have fun.

    7. John Smith

      He has the kind of laugh where it's impossible to be mad after 😂

    8. Bush

      "This is why we can't have nice things!"

      1. yesfull man

        Yet there whole ass house is the nicest I've seen

    9. Tony Blake

      Love how they're all in on this, lots of "pranks" are just one person being a jerk. Also loved how he gave his daughter a second chance.

    10. Swanlet Second Channel

      Man laughs like an anime villian after taking no damage to the main characters attack

      1. gela123


      2. AlexTheGudBoi

        He laughs like Cooler from DB

      3. John Jun

        Nanomachine son!

      4. Hoshi.


    11. Paige Schwartz

      The couch!!! When I saw that I literally thought about cleaning that up.😞😞

      1. Cyra Vane Paler

        That is easy to clean when you have a vacuum cleaner

      2. Billie Brickz

        I screamed 🤣🤣

      3. Shaurya viratia

        me too

    12. mackdee911h3

      I swear, him laughing like The Count gets me every time

    13. Kim y sok

      Imaginate cleaning all those mess by all himself is killing me💀

      1. Anthony Fletcher

        Judging by the house I wouldn’t be surprised if the had someone cleaning services.

    14. Dream Team

      His laugh is contagious I love this family good Sh

    15. Hitman Brandon

      His laugh is too good "HU AH"

      1. Sharon Casiño


      2. Rucha Patel


      3. KartoonŁokX8

        @wat da dog doin onggg🤣💀

      4. [⭐️]dimples


      5. Josh

        the jeff bezos laugh

    16. Carey Goss

      You guys have all the fun! Love it:)

    17. DOMIN8TION

      “and then it popped and the white stuff went EVERYWHERE”

      1. gloria allen

        🤨🧐🤨🧐🤨🧐🧐🤨🧐 What do you mean by that

      2. saloona_

        That’s what she said

      3. Countless

        Whoa buddy calm down thee

    18. astrryx

      His laugh is everything tho❤😂

    19. S3KT0_PL3X 157

      Dude has the ultimate dad laugh on lock down😂😂

    20. TheGabster


      1. DEADSHOT15

        He fail NNN

      2. Celebrimbor

        @Superrobin 🤓

      3. Celebrimbor

        @TheGabster Ok

      4. TheGabster

        @Celebrimbor that’s not even how you spell my name-

      5. Leia Jones

        @Iris_ExE Fr 😭💀

    21. კუსა☺🐱

      when you know your family do this all days 😂😂😂

    22. John

      The dad laugh always gets me 😭 “uHaHA

    23. Chata Sandoval

      I so love his laugh makes it even more funnier🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Starforce

      Bro's laugh is perfect I love it

    25. Booniebee

      Throwing the balloon back at her made me burst out laughing 😂

      1. Spaceboi Ken

        He _burst_ out laughing right? Nvm the delivery was off


        ​@Spaceboi Ken what?

      3. Spaceboi Ken

        so you were a balloon prank gone wrong too?

      4. Cobyc5150

        ​@Redbearishere okay

      5. Redbearishere


    26. Christopher Pettis

      That’s the laugh of a happy man 💪🏽

    27. MetroHellion

      I admire the dad's laugh, he sounds like Dr. Livesey!

    28. Kenna han stretch!

      His laugh sounds like Santa trying to say hohoho but then starting laughing 😂😂😂😂

    29. Βαγγέλης Χατζηαθανασίου

      That deep laugh 🔥

    30. Galaxy Blade

      Bro, if I lived in this house I would have so much paranoia turning corners and entering rooms 💀

      1. Anthony K EFC1878

        I'd be more paranoid about the invisible camera man

      2. John Mad Labs

        ​@Cullen Bunnell bro is using ptsd incorrectly 💀

      3. Galaxy Blade

        @Ashley Kraning neither would I!!!

      4. Ashley Kraning

        I wouldn't survive an hour

      5. monkepeng

        Call of duty

    31. princesscolie7

      Genuinely need to know how much time y’all spend cleaning every day 😂😂😂

    32. elephantqueenie

      Kudos to making your daughter the one safe zone lol

    33. someguyonyoutube_123

      I love how he just catches them 😂


      i would be doing straight up CQB in that house, literally the game 'ready or not'.

    35. Мистер Огонёчек

      Their life must just be slowly walking into each room carefully checking the ceilings out and constantly cleaning white shi* everyday lol That last one was brilliant

      1. Gamerboy Lee12

        PAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      2. Abdur The Muslim

        exactly lol

    36. Amir

      Every prank I'm thinking about the cleaning after 😂😂

    37. james d

      The fact that he's doing the rich white guy laugh from that one Kevin Hart joke 🤣🤣🤣

    38. Nilanjan Jana

      Such a sweet family... God bless 💞

    39. Destane Callistro

      She used her daughter as bait in the beginning 😂😂 that’s me as a parent

    40. Jordan

      his wife really used their daughter as a hostage 😂 that’s cold but also smart asf

      1. BluWolf

        Tiny human shield

      2. It's Gracie

        ​@Eha first are u slow or?

      3. ihavenonamemenamejeff

        @CorySilver too late it’s 3.8k

      4. Bryanna Moseley

        @CastiLTX what it’s true 😂

      5. Burnzy

        I'd still shoot it🤣

    41. Manuel Fernandez

      quien pudiera conseguir una familia asi🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    42. Mohamed Khan

      There is no such thing as peace in this house 🤣

    43. Donteigh Strathmore

      Lol the laugh gets me all the time

    44. SonimBlade87

      Imagina ter q tomar cuidado a qualquer momento que tá andando pela casa KKKKK

    45. Slav King

      the catch and throw was so smooth

    46. Mr Lord

      The way how he laughed 😂😂👍

    47. vexwhat

      This is the type of relationship I want lol

    48. Erica Bayes

      I love his laugh.

    49. tourpido

      This is the happiest family I've ever seen..

      1. 4Rqade

        @jaden harris it isnt staged what are you? you got no family

      2. Sloppy Phart

        Pretty sad, considering they are acting.

      3. jaden harris

        @4Rqade it's a KZsection channel trust me it's staged you can't do the same thing everyday and still be shocked at it

      4. 4Rqade

        ​@jaden harris you just assume that because its on the internet? it isnt staged

      5. jaden harris

        Staged and also anyone finna act happy on cam

    50. Charlie Mulluk

      Imagine no one was gonna prank him and he's just walking around the house like a ninja

    51. Reagy Roblox

      The dad laugh 💀💀

    52. Alejandro Kato

      The person cleaning the mess must be laughing 😃 so much.... love it.

    53. Dominick

      "Bro spreading come all over the house " 💀

    54. XxGachaPhoenixX


      1. FRodrigo

        @The_Last yeah

      2. The_Last

        Bro sounds like Dr. Livesey 💀

      3. FRodrigo

        He sounds like Dr.livesey

      4. Sir Christian

        He sounds like freiza

      5. Solare

        bros tryna be santa

    55. Vincent Violet

      If it was me, I would've just took that balloon on top of my head even after knowing it was there. Just for the white stuff 😳

    56. Rune Hendrickx

      Are we not going to talk about the fact that she used the kid as a shield? 😂 💀

    57. Elwood Cooney

      that laugh is the best. Its the same everytime

    58. matthew mcnew

      I think this is my favorite video of yours. You guys are awesome.

    59. JustRandomGuy

      Bro's laughing sounds like those guys who turn into boss in mobile game ads 💀

      1. Howie Beats

        Lmao best comparison by far

      2. huobaopro520

        Greg renko

      3. Leplander


      4. SooSkiTzO

        Sounds like Santa Clause 🎅

      5. yorha

        Lmfao the fact that he ain't lying

    60. goldridder

      The ending though 😂😂😂😂

    61. WindoV

      Bros laugh is so goofy 💀

    62. Monica Hampton

      Lmao his laugh tho 😂😂😂

    63. Rey Dragonclaw

      That umbrella was SMOOTH

    64. Iziah_keyz

      C'mon. She literally wanted to use her daughter as bait 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Mohamed AlhjaAli


      2. Shanna Alexander

        Lopiic c.

      3. Walterboy

        @Iziah_keyz no one watched a movie in a minute what are we in 2008 what are arguing for lol

      4. Iziah_keyz

        @Walterboy Hollywood u watch is fake also.. I don't understand why u watch and enjoy it as well ? 🤷🤷🤷🥱🥱🥱

      5. Walterboy

        It’s fake I don’t understand why you NPC are laughing at this lol

    65. Fasi Faio

      The way he Laughs😂

    66. Suzete De oliveira

      A risada dele é top gostei dos👍🥰

    67. 8 B4LL

      His laugh 😂

    68. J Feva

      They walk around their house how we walk through war zones. SSG: Keep your head on a swivel. Stay alert 😂

    69. Carbon-X174

      I love when he laughs "Hahaha" or "HoHoHo

      1. davide bogliun

        It's like an "AHAHAHA☕" moment 😂

      2. GG ARTISMA

        ​@Agent Right Don't care🤷‍♂️

      3. حامد رازقندی


      4. Wenn Boy

        Dr. Livesey

      5. Sanja Batur

        ​@Rayray Ray bea 0m M

    70. epiczzz

      The one when he threw the ball back at her was a straight up FUNNY

    71. R.Visions Production

      This must be a everyday thing lmao

    72. ashfary PASANDALAN

      this is the amazing family prank XD

    73. Liu Machado

      Muito bom kkkk

    74. GutsDarko6

      Bro be laughing like Santa Edit: thanks for all the likes

      1. Killing Time

        ​@Gertrude Satekge 11

      2. HasaN


      3. Youyou B.k


      4. Sebastian Bolboasa


      5. Gertrude Satekge


    75. Dr. Habib Sheikh

      He's laugh resembles Dr. livesey's laugh.

    76. Alfin T George

      Bro laughing like santa claus😂

    77. Nekomen


      1. Puujizg_44



      That last one just hits different 😂

    79. JUNI & JOLLIE

      having fun : hahahaha 🤣 cleaning the mess : hahahaha 😭

      1. ZOCK

        True dat

      2. Disembowell

        You think someone with a house this big doesn't pay for some chump cleaner to come sort out their mess?

      3. João Boaventura

        Like, you don't matter to clean a little mess if you'll get about 5 MILLIONS likes

      4. Naefaren

        Honestly, they prob have some kinda housecleaner who comes by to pick up their mess every day. They easily got the money for it

      5. Fábio Karan

        Genius kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk my belly hurts 😵🤣🤣🤣🤣


      When she whiffed the shot 😂

    81. B

      The last one was the funniest 🤣

    82. Olivia Carioscia

      Last one got me laughing

    83. Biagio Crispino

      How kids see balloons: “FUNNY” How these guys see balloons: “💣”

    84. Yasir khan


      1. Asmah Ahmad


      2. Red Sus

        ​@GAMING BUOYlol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      3. hugo Rodriguez Munuera

        It's the only taunt he unlock

      4. GAMING BUOY


    85. Corey Vervoort

      The last one is my favourite 😂😂😂😂Jeeesus

    86. Dragon Dude

      The one at the end got me💀💀💀

    87. Young Voss

      the last one the best😂💀

    88. El Khalil

      He laughs like Santa 🎅😂

    89. plane Boi

      His laugh every clip though: "HU HE HU HE"

      1. 小輝Sunlight0126

        Dr.Livesey in real life be like:

      2. How to Blank

        He got the most dad laugh I’ve ever heard

      3. Sofia Kyle Arellano

        hshahaah i notice it too

      4. AxianaGlitched

        Lmao FR

    90. おわた21


    91. UnfailingDc

      His laugh like all might lmao 😂😂😂

    92. M0NSTA_BH

      He laughs like my sixth grade science teacher did 💀

    93. Xxlove cutiexX


    94. nique C

      How is their house so clean with them doing that all the time lol

      1. nique C

        @Lou Irmisch oh that makes sense thanks

      2. Joe J

        I am guessing....they clean it up after staging these videos

      3. Lou Irmisch

        @nique C they explained it in a video. It's shaving cream and water. So it actually helps with cleaning the house.

      4. nique C

        @Dark Product I get that but I'm wondering what that is that they use in the balloons and get all over the house lol

      5. Dark Product

        Because they keep their house clean...

    95. Marie Robinson

      The last one was funniest 🤣

    96. Shehzan Hussain

      The last one 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. RedSaint

      He laughs like drax from guardians of the galaxy! Lol love it! And your videos!

    98. Kobe

      His laugh 💀💀💀

    99. Miguel Elizalde

      She was ready to sacrifice her kid like "this is the reason I made you!" 🤣🤣

      1. ꧁Lazy MZM꧂

        I thought it's because she knew he wouldn't do it to the kid, so she kept her head close to the kid's

      2. Dominic Kronig

        @Elias Sudoi 🤡


        866 likes and only 3 comments ? lemme change that

      4. WrldWideAction

        839 likes and only 2 comments? Lemme change that


        740 likes and only one comment? Lemmi fix that

    100. Im still Alive

      Hey ..i love this family u make me happy