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    1. Megan Deimler

      They are so cute

    2. Megan Deimler

      In roblox I have rocky and foxy

    3. srivasta

      Ester is the grand mother of ruby

    4. Razman Sicpa


    5. Razman Sicpa


    6. Chanchai Chansakvilai

      Idk what to do justin?

    7. The_TinyBabyWolf♡

      I think ruby was the only granddaughter off nana and beverlyn and nana died from a car crash i think cause she was outside and then ruby died from all the dolls and mr. Hopps and she became a bunny possed angel

    8. Jessica _playz

      actualy the ??? is where u go to the underworld and to do that u need the six medalions to go there To get the six u need to exlore the orphanage in those chapters molly whispers and get the key the cellar and the lift shaft and three curses so ya just helping so good luck doing it

    9. Qorel unstoppable

      the black girl that sed follow me is ruby,s spirit

    10. Sha Hu

      I like this game.

    11. Rublex Sr

      now i renember the second game character esther first u play as ruby then as esther

    12. Rublex Sr

      but renember all times that u play and get more deep on the game u get more history of the game by all things u know like piggy

    13. Rublex Sr

      the first game u are ruby the second u are idk i don't renember XD

    14. em strickland

      I meant Medallions

    15. عدنان حمو

      The final level is the underground it's the underground yeah it's the level underground the question???

    16. Bodito1211

      The panda is Mrs Bo

    17. Алиса💖


    18. Adisak Pra

      I heard that we have to go to dee but he is evil bro

    19. Keith Epe

      Your so wrong the girl with the pink si ruby the old one si esther she grow up as old jenny si esther kid

    20. Zoe Yu

      To be your friend Adam and Justin please

    21. Matilda Moberg

      Ester is the nana to Ruby in the ferat game

    22. kaycee lamig

      i know so Mr hopps was a little baby she have no friends so she gower up and she just have friends is just 3 so qns that all:)

    23. Azura Ahmad

      The celler have six

    24. Bara 3D

      In the mr hopps playhouse 1is actually mr hopp 2 becaus esther is the grandma and the kid is named ruby

    25. Lily Zhu

      It's like piggy

    26. Kavyansh Deuja


    27. Cocosamgyup


      1. Cocosamgyup


    28. iQyi

      the entity possesed the plushies and give them powers and give them souls there evil!

    29. Kristoffer Barroso

      I have a sad story about dee the enty see ruby nana give ruby mr hopp, s and he, s ruby give, s mr hopp to mrs Beverly and mrs beverly give Esther mr hopp, s the end

    30. Mr. M


    31. Mr. Stripe's

      Mr Stripes: "dies" Mrs Bo: "dies" Mr hopp: "disappears" Isaac and Molly : UGH NO FAIR

      1. Maldita hfhfgsdydfzzo


      2. Mr hopp's


    32. family area

      Fun the six

    33. Yandel_mp89


    34. marvin paat

      I kizksksos

    35. Hex if I was just like you I will be so happy

      That panda is not call a panda that is Miss Bo it’s not a panda

    36. ErikaSillyFace


    37. pony super

      Nana is Esther not ruby is Esther

    38. BkpProduction

      The bunny: mr hopps the panda: ms bo the fox: mr stripes

    39. Zefanya Elrapha Nugroho

      Actually the grandma was esther and ruby is her grandchild

    40. uccjvşc666


    41. Pk Xd Jill


    42. Toon-Toon⚡️🔥

      Hi my old idols very old idols

    43. richel dumile

      Entity: Im The Guardian Of The UnderWorld

      1. richel dumile

        I Accidintly Comment This It WASNT FINISHED OKEH


      It's like foxy is the panda boxy is the tiger and rocky is mr. hop 😎

    45. Bryley 6


      1. Bryley 6


    46. Daon Lim

      16:44 The Ruby : I GOTTA DANCE NOW


      i like their videos


      its scary but its a fun video i love it😍😍😍

    49. Maggie Godfrey


    50. Vaishnavi Shewale

      i love your videos

    51. Thomas the Minecraft train

      I was supposed to say I am not I'm waiting

    52. Thomas the Minecraft train

      Adam needs some milk

    53. Thomas the Minecraft train

      Adam need some milk

    54. Thomas the Minecraft train

      Adam needs some milk

    55. Thomas the Minecraft train

      Adam needs some milk

    56. Thomas the Minecraft train

      The panda is named miss bo

    57. Thomas the Minecraft train

      Adam needs some MILK

    58. Cẩm Thanh

      Tên chi phai đá banh đi theo anh no what chì tập hai tập ba ni khoai Quế qua tên Ngọc có về nè

    59. Cẩm Thanh

      Why solo bài tập bài tập quạt treo hoài dùm monster gà nhí coi về

    60. Cẩm Thanh

      What what this quậy theo tôi hát mà chơi hát

    61. Cẩm Thanh

      Anh khoai su why su về bài

    62. Cẩm Thanh

      Cát Tiên tập Mr. Peter bi ai what’s the file nữa kẻo bị về đặc sản hoa Quỳnh Anh lo theo người quê rồi

    63. Cẩm Thanh

      Chè bà ba đen ba tên tập đoàn what what xe máy

    64. Cẩm Thanh

      Sợ bé kèo hoài Doraemon bè Watts xài đỡ

    65. Cẩm Thanh

      Baby ăn khoai tây gà bít tờ monster chê ai nô ai ken chu chi Ah chè của búp bê

    66. Cẩm Thanh

      Dù có đi đâu ra để cancel hoài tại sao đặt tỏi cho baby_what chào quý người thì mê xói anh lưu của cò quay trở ra bếp quậy tập monster

    67. Cẩm Thanh

      Tô ga biệt là bích only ken ai đu what chi one

    68. Septiwan Dira

      He die ni mr hopps hanns he miss beverley

    69. Sweet BunBunz

      Not. The true ending

    70. Sweet BunBunz

      And your plane is wrong

    71. Sweet BunBunz

      Get the necklace with Ester

    72. Bristow Greta

      Okay OoO

    73. penny lee

      The low lanky box music

    74. Amaris teeV

      Make part 3

    75. Hazel Millares

      I have all the merch and the plushies and i have sticky and canny

    76. Nor Suhana

      I mean all endings and secrets

    77. Nor Suhana

      It's just my phone keeps messing with words

    78. Nor Suhana


    79. Nor Suhana

      That vid is called all endings and secret endings

    80. Nor Suhana

      Make sure to watch superhorror broon yt he will tell ya:)

    81. Rainbow Peeps

      Mr hop one and to I saw panda and tiger on Mr hop one play it ag

    82. Thalia Perez

      So (idk how to spell her name lol) She was Rubys grandma and before she was a orphan girl and gave ruby when she was older mr hopps (some girl went to the woods and found the entity aka satan and got the necklace and the pictures on the wall mean something

    83. Pj B

      Mr apps too the first part of the story

    84. Tanyaporn C.

      The ??? Chapter is the underworld

    85. sunshine killer Mr. hopp playhouse 2 fan

      I beat Mr. Hopp playhouse 2 and who said give your self to us is the entity the entity is a demon

    86. Siti Nutisha

      I'm like game Mr.hopp's playhouse 2 but I'm scared🥺 be I'm playing with my friend will I'm not scared😉

    87. Siti Nutisha

      Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla aaaaaaaaa fire!😥😥😣😣

    88. LankyPBSSolitsGang EddsworldGirl

      Mr. Hopp, more like LankyBox -Justin 2021 Me: That's a nice and silly pun, Justin! 😜

      1. Flip Ma


      2. Flip Ma


    89. Mohd Asyraf Rijali

      threer six medalions in mr hoppsplayhouse2

    90. Olivia Drummond

      when it goes like 3, 2, 1, that means mr fox and panda will come.

    91. Xiaoting Wu

      ester had a bunny toy named mr. hops but mr. hops killed her family and now ester is in a orphanag thats why theres so many beds

    92. Francis Keil Claridad


    93. Adi Surya dj

      The whith key is Mr. Hope color and orange key color of Mr. Stripes Ms boo is the foxy purple color

    94. […Onymous…]

      And i forgot ruby TnT

    95. Jade Allen Pagaddu

      the panda is ms. boo

    96. Keenan Djenar

      I seen some one hass the like sceret ending

    97. klito1976

      Ches is a dfretrny perdón te ore kib is rube

    98. Celeste Calanthe Giron

      Esther is Nana 👌 ahah

    99. Celeste Calanthe Giron

      Esther has no FamilyThat’s Ruby Esther wrong wrong wrong wrong

    100. Celeste Calanthe Giron

      Run for Mr. hoops Falls down to ground!!ahah!!!